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thesmokinggun.com Florida man will cop to mutilating wifes lover with scissors... 2021-02-23
thesmokinggun.com New Blood Alcohol Record By Motorist... 2021-02-22
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Woman repeatedly stabbed her sister with EpiPen... 2021-02-12
thesmokinggun.com Cops hunting for umbilical cord thief! 2021-02-11
thesmokinggun.com Man busted for indecent exposure told cops he was protesting for civil rights... 2021-02-09
thesmokinggun.com Woman sues man who shot her in back with AR-15 for tearing down one of his Nazi flags... 2021-02-02
thesmokinggun.com Woman, 65, behind anti-Biden graffiti spree, cops say... 2021-01-29
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Man who stole ambulance caught in JACK IN THE BOX drive-thru... 2021-01-22
thesmokinggun.com Man wearing Dont Do Drugs t-shirt arrested for meth... 2021-01-15
thesmokinggun.com Feds catche Arkansas man who stole mail from Pelosi office... 2021-01-08
thesmokinggun.com Man who jumped into House chamber from visitors gallery is Idaho marketing exec... 2021-01-07
thesmokinggun.com Looter who stole Pelosis lectern is IDd as Florida man... 2021-01-07
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Accused drug dealer claimed he was giving meth out for free, not selling it... 2020-12-22
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Woman batters sister with Christmas decorations... 2020-12-17
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Mall Santa arrested for exposing himself to coworker... 2020-12-09
thesmokinggun.com Maskless BEST BUY patron coughed, spit on Geek Squad counter after denied service... 2020-12-07
thesmokinggun.com Bald man busted for disturbance at hair salon... 2020-12-03
thesmokinggun.com Pump & Dump: Rapper who endorsed Trump never registered to vote... 2020-11-13
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Woman posed as FBI agent to get free CHICK-FIL-A... 2020-11-10
thesmokinggun.com Man busted for using sex toy in adult novelty store... 2020-11-06
thesmokinggun.com http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/florida/uber-driver-attack-620871 2020-10-28
thesmokinggun.com Bodycam footage shows police quizzing costumed comedian... 2020-10-22
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Man battered girlfriend with pumpkin... 2020-10-20
thesmokinggun.com COPS: BBQ joint owner beat man suspected of scathing authoring YELP reviews... 2020-10-14
thesmokinggun.com Man knifed cousin during argument over almond milk... 2020-09-30
thesmokinggun.com DETAILS: POLICE REPORT... 2020-09-28
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Man broke into bank, only stole hand sanitizer... 2020-08-06
thesmokinggun.com Couple charged with hate crime for vandalizing Black Lives Matter mural outside California courthouse... 2020-07-07
thesmokinggun.com Woman, man busted for brawling over one-way aisles at thrift store... 2020-06-11
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Woman arrested for assaulting boyfriend with hamburger... 2020-06-05
thesmokinggun.com Rapper busted after video calls for murder of all police... 2020-06-03
thesmokinggun.com Woman arrested for spitting on groceries... 2020-05-26
thesmokinggun.com BACK TO NORMAL: Couple caught having sex on vacant New York City subway platform... 2020-05-21
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Thieves wore watermelons on head as disguise... 2020-05-18
thesmokinggun.com Teens arrested for pandemic pranks at WALMART... 2020-05-11
thesmokinggun.com Woman busted for lewd acts during video call with jailed boyfriend... 2020-05-01
thesmokinggun.com Paramedic arrested for coughing on store cashier... 2020-04-08
thesmokinggun.com DOLLAR TREE cashier battered after social distancing beef... 2020-04-06
thesmokinggun.com New Jersey man, 100, busted for breaking rules... 2020-04-02
thesmokinggun.com New Jersey man, 99, busted for violating states emergency rules... 2020-04-01
thesmokinggun.com Felony charge for woman who coughed in paramedics face and shouted, I have coronavirus... 2020-03-22
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Man Arrested For Vile Cow Manure Battery... 2020-02-27
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Man forced woman to watch ROOTS so she could better understand her racism... 2020-02-18
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Woman, 68, repeatedly tased husband, 73, after he asked for separation... 2020-02-04
thesmokinggun.com Postal worker rented storage unit to hold 5,000 pieces of undelivered mail... 2020-01-30
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Yoga instructor punched, kicked man for using phone during ONCE UPON TIME IN HOLLYWOOD screening... 2020-01-13
thesmokinggun.com GRUBHUB driver attacks BURGER KING workers when order not ready for pickup... 2019-12-29
thesmokinggun.com Man arrested for lewd act in WALMART toy section... 2019-12-16
thesmokinggun.com Dead man found in alligators mouth actually died of meth overdose, autopsy reveals... 2019-12-12
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Drunken men pummeled each other during argument over sitcom HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER... 2019-12-12
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Argument Over Impeachment Turned Violent... 2019-12-09
thesmokinggun.com Man charged for having sex with stuffed animals at TARGET... 2019-12-06
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Man Punches MCDONALDS Workers Over Wrong Order... 2019-12-05
thesmokinggun.com Ex-con jailed on grand theft burrito charge... 2019-11-25
thesmokinggun.com Reckless driver told cops he was speeding home after cheating on wife... 2019-11-12
thesmokinggun.com Sex offender groped Princess Ariel character at Disney World... 2019-11-06
thesmokinggun.com Man arrested on 10th DUI charge... 2019-10-30
thesmokinggun.com http://thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/texas-crucifix-attack-521094 2019-10-28
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Man had sex with stuffed animals on floor of TARGET... 2019-10-23
thesmokinggun.com Segway rider arrested on DUI charge... 2019-10-21
thesmokinggun.com Man jailed for squirting neighbor in face with urine-filled water pistol... 2019-10-09
thesmokinggun.com Woman arrested after asking cops to test purity of her meth... 2019-10-04
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Burglar used drone to scope out targets before break-ins... 2019-10-03
thesmokinggun.com Cops hunt Speedo-clad perv haunting Kent State sorority... 2019-10-03
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Woman put meth in bean dip served to co-workers... 2019-09-27
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Girl left alone in car while mother danced at strip club... 2019-09-20
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Nursing aide tried to perform sex act on male patient getting annual physical... 2019-09-19
thesmokinggun.com Teen sets apartment on fire trying to burn love letters from ex... 2019-09-18
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Handcuffed suspects caught having sex in rear of police car... 2019-09-16
thesmokinggun.com Man dressed in Captain America costume caught burglarizing home... 2019-09-13
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Captain America Caught Trying To Burglarize Property... 2019-09-13
thesmokinggun.com DEA: Mexican illegal used smuggled phone to run drug trafficking ring from Ohio jail... 2019-09-12
thesmokinggun.com Inmate douses prosecutor with urine in courtroom... 2019-09-06
thesmokinggun.com SCHOOLS BACK: Boys charged with putting semen, urine in food served to their teachers... 2019-09-03
thesmokinggun.com Claim to be wrongly accused! 2019-08-21
thesmokinggun.com Castration Goes Wrong, Amateur Surgeon Arrested... 2019-08-21
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Woman Torched Mans Home After 4 AM Booty Call Fizzled... 2019-08-19
thesmokinggun.com Police: Motorist was playing POKEMAN GO on 8 phones simultaneously... 2019-08-14
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Couple Caught Having Sex In Car Parked In Police HQ Lot... 2019-08-10
thesmokinggun.com Man reports Glock stolen during weekend-long orgy at home... 2019-08-09
thesmokinggun.com Woman fired shots at plane spraying for mosquitoes, thought was drone... 2019-08-08
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Woman Denies Owning Meth In Body Cavity... 2019-08-02
thesmokinggun.com Audience member assaults comedian during open mic show in San Francisco... 2019-07-31
thesmokinggun.com Unsealed Michael Cohen search warrants detail efforts to muzzle Trump sex accusers... 2019-07-18
thesmokinggun.com Man tied up wifes lover, cut off penis, deputies say... 2019-07-17
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Colombian drug smuggler had cocaine hidden under towering toupee... 2019-07-16
thesmokinggun.com How he groomed, abused his Number One girl... 2019-07-15
thesmokinggun.com Strip Club Patron Left Two Kids Home Alone... 2019-07-14
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Woman knifed boyfriend because he was too tired to have sex... 2019-07-11
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Inmate mailed postcard to second inmate soliciting murder of third inmate... 2019-07-10
thesmokinggun.com Minutes after release, man busted trying to steal cars from jail parking lot... 2019-07-03
thesmokinggun.com http://thesmokinggun.com/documents/stupid/arrested-for-mcdonalds-condiment-battery-719052 2019-07-01
thesmokinggun.com Teen scalded BURGER KING worker with coffee after drive-thru dispute... 2019-06-30
thesmokinggun.com Woman sexually tortured bound man incapacitated by date-rape drug... 2019-06-24
thesmokinggun.com Man posed as UBER driver to kidnap drunken women... 2019-06-24
thesmokinggun.com WALMART greeter, 75, walloped by irate customer... 2019-06-20
thesmokinggun.com Doctor charged with reusing rectal sensors inserted in patients... 2019-06-12
thesmokinggun.com Con wearing COKE shirt arrested for selling crack... 2019-06-11
thesmokinggun.com Man found with coke on nose denies was his... 2019-06-10
thesmokinggun.com Woman Stabbed Self Three Times Because Tired Of Living In Trumps Country... 2019-06-06
thesmokinggun.com Pregnant MCDONALDS manager assaulted in McChicken rage... 2019-06-04
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Man arrested for covering sleeping girlfriend in ketchup... 2019-06-04
thesmokinggun.com 11-foot alligator breaks into Florida home through kitchen window... 2019-05-31
thesmokinggun.com FALLEN EMPIRE: With seal lifted, police release hundreds of pages of reports in Jussie Smollett case... 2019-05-30
thesmokinggun.com NIGHTMARE: Man lifts toilet seat and is bitten by python snake rising from bowl... 2019-05-29
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Woman Fired Gun Over Oral Denial... 2019-05-23
thesmokinggun.com Crepe Caper: Students investigated for adding bodily fluids to food served to teachers... 2019-05-20
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Womans false rape claim led to innocent mans death... 2019-05-19
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Female suspect had seven syringes hidden in body cavity... 2019-05-10
thesmokinggun.com http://thesmokinggun.com/documents/stupid/baptismal-font-plea-038529 2019-05-07
thesmokinggun.com Couple caught having sex on sidewalk in front of Key West police HQ... 2019-05-03
thesmokinggun.com Man busted after Geek Squad workers find child porn on his gravy covered computer... 2019-05-02
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Man Flushed Kins Cremated Remains... 2019-05-01
thesmokinggun.com CAUGHT: Mother-daughter duo fly drone into Florida prison; Drop off tobacco... 2019-04-26
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Suspect groped jail technician while being fingerprinted... 2019-04-19
thesmokinggun.com http://thesmokinggun.com/buster/donald-trump/mueller-redactions-738952 2019-04-18
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Couple Forces Day Laborer To Have Sex At Gunpoint... 2019-04-17
thesmokinggun.com Woman trashes burger joint over lack of chocolate ice cream... 2019-04-16
thesmokinggun.com Naked women lead cops on high-speed chase... 2019-04-11
thesmokinggun.com Man admits ghost did not plant meth in home... 2019-04-04
thesmokinggun.com Men shoot each other with rifle to test bulletproof vest... 2019-04-03
thesmokinggun.com Drag bank robber busted after undergoing cosmetic procedure... 2019-04-02
thesmokinggun.com Probation for INSTAGRAM model recorded kicking, stomping on tiny dog... 2019-03-28
thesmokinggun.com Unsatisfied customer busted for pelting pizzeria owner with slices... 2019-03-25
thesmokinggun.com Gun charge filed against man who shot himself in the penis... 2019-03-18
thesmokinggun.com Man named Sober arrested for DUI... 2019-03-13
thesmokinggun.com http://thesmokinggun.com/documents/college/kimmel-college-scam-268539 2019-03-12
thesmokinggun.com ARREST REPORT... 2019-03-11
thesmokinggun.com Customer storms TACO BELL, makes own pizza... 2019-03-08
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Teen spiked stepdads drinks with cattle tranquilizer... 2019-03-06
thesmokinggun.com Criminal charge possible for man who accidentally shot self in genitals... 2019-03-01
thesmokinggun.com Cop arrested couple perform sex acts in rear of squad car... 2019-02-25
thesmokinggun.com Disturbing details... 2019-02-22
thesmokinggun.com Cops tussle with prowler in gorilla costume after home break-in... 2019-02-21
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Man battered girlfriend with burrito... 2019-02-12
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Husband opens fire after wife tryst in hot tub with friend... 2019-02-05
thesmokinggun.com http://thesmokinggun.com/documents/florida/pork-chop-battery-780129 2019-02-04
thesmokinggun.com Cops: Pill thief thought he stole opioids, but actually took over-the-counter laxatives... 2019-01-28
thesmokinggun.com SNAP: Tripping Teen Goes On School Groping Spree... 2019-01-24
thesmokinggun.com Suspect, 21, had never fired a gun! 2019-01-16
thesmokinggun.com Man Denies Ownership Of Syringes Found In Rectum During Strip Search... 2019-01-07
thesmokinggun.com COPS: Son Arrested For Pizza Attack On Father... 2019-01-04
thesmokinggun.com SMOKING GUN 2018-12-21
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