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thehour.com Should the rich pay for the pandemic? Argentina thinks so. Other countries are taking a look... 2021-02-19
thehour.com PORN KING 2021-02-10
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/lifestyle/travel/article/Without-vaccination-you-may-not-make-it-there-15939830.php 2021-02-10
thehour.com Military struggles to answer how many extremists in ranks... 2021-02-09
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Justice-Department-drops-lawsuit-against-Melania-15934938.php 2021-02-09
thehour.com Applications for second passports rise sharply... 2021-02-04
thehour.com Frances vaccine delays symbolize national decline for some... 2021-01-30
thehour.com Virginia officials on edge as pro-gun caravans to converge on Richmond Monday... 2021-01-16
thehour.com Inspectors general of several federal agencies open sweeping review... 2021-01-15
thehour.com UPDATE: Supreme Courts Breyer faces renewed calls to retire... 2021-01-09
thehour.com Rioter who posed at Pelosi desk prepared for violent death... 2021-01-07
thehour.com If pardons self now, hell be walking into trap... 2021-01-06
thehour.com Worst year ever? Historians weigh in... 2020-12-30
thehour.com APPLE supplier accused of using forced labor in China... 2020-12-29
thehour.com Country musics pandemic year: Frustration, backlash and sad ending... 2020-12-28
thehour.com Pandemic, unrest fuel biggest National Guard mobilization since WWII... 2020-12-24
thehour.com PAPER: Craziest, creepiest year for financial markets in half century... 2020-12-23
thehour.com Every December, FROMMERS publishes best places list. This year will be different... 2020-12-19
thehour.com Biden launches quiet effort to tame Senate... 2020-12-16
thehour.com New poll is warning sign for Republicans in Georgia... 2020-12-15
thehour.com DC claims Proud Boys sparked clashes during rally... 2020-12-14
thehour.com CDC director allegedly ordered deletion of email that sought to interfere with guidance... 2020-12-10
thehour.com Man with manifesto threatened to detonate bomb inside Dem headquarters... 2020-12-10
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/As-Pence-names-which-astronauts-will-go-to-the-15789422.php 2020-12-09
thehour.com Woman sick with covid for 9 months: Worried will be permanent... 2020-12-09
thehour.com CIA psychological profiler who labeled him dangerous dies of virus... 2020-12-05
thehour.com Stock market soaring to new heights. But most Americans arent along for ride... 2020-12-04
thehour.com Israel may be headed for new elections -- again... 2020-12-02
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/opinion/article/Rapid-development-of-a-vaccine-won-t-help-much-if-15762533.php 2020-11-30
thehour.com Founders didnt prepare for president who refuses to step down, historians say... 2020-11-21
thehour.com FINAL DAYS: Donald suffers twin defeats in bid to overturn his defeat... 2020-11-20
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/More-than-130-Secret-Service-officers-are-said-to-15725004.php 2020-11-13
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/U-S-again-breaks-single-day-record-for-new-covid-15708694.php 2020-11-06
thehour.com Anxious and divided... 2020-11-06
thehour.com Oz has almost eliminated! 2020-11-05
thehour.com NC Republican Cawthorn, 25, will be youngest member of Congress... 2020-11-04
thehour.com Trump focuses on his base... 2020-11-01
thehour.com NASA new rocket most powerful ever. But software has officials worried... 2020-10-31
thehour.com In this high-tech horror film, boogeyman terrorizes via app... 2020-10-28
thehour.com Stop doing that, or this interview will end: How the smackdown took over cable news in 2020... 2020-10-27
thehour.com Police brace for riots... 2020-10-24
thehour.com No longer afraid of retaliation, app developers join forces to criticize APPLE... 2020-10-22
thehour.com IRAN POSES AS PROUD BOYS 2020-10-21
thehour.com Threatening emails to Demc voters spark investigations in Florida and Alaska... 2020-10-20
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/ISIS-attacks-surge-even-as-Trump-boasts-of-a-15657048.php 2020-10-18
thehour.com Trust in science wanes, another casualty of pandemic... 2020-10-11
thehour.com Pennsylvania emerges as tipping-point battleground... 2020-10-10
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/lifestyle/travel/article/Airlines-testing-app-to-verify-travelers-15629028.php 2020-10-07
thehour.com NFLs virus issues worsen, as players on three teams test positive... 2020-10-07
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/GOP-plunged-into-crisis-as-Trump-abruptly-ends-15629452.php 2020-10-07
thehour.com Blow to ailing airlines and transit systems... 2020-10-06
thehour.com STEPHEN MILLER INFECTED 2020-10-06
thehour.com Covid recession most unequal in modern U.S. history... 2020-09-30
thehour.com BALZ: A dispiriting first faceoff -- and an insult to America... 2020-09-30
thehour.com Early surge of Democratic mail voting sparks worry inside GOP... 2020-09-29
thehour.com Flynn faces showdown before judge over DOJ bid to drop prosecution... 2020-09-29
thehour.com LINDSEY ON THE ROPES... 2020-09-28
thehour.com White men backing Trump say they cant be swayed... 2020-09-27
thehour.com Airlines face worst crisis since 9/11 as bailout funding ends... 2020-09-27
thehour.com Downtown DC damage permanent? 2020-09-26
thehour.com When can we travel to Europe again? 2020-09-24
thehour.com MCCONNELL PUSHES BACK 2020-09-24
thehour.com Dems largely powerless to stop GOP from confirming court choice... 2020-09-21
thehour.com Brain on barbells: Can strength training improve mood? 2020-09-02
thehour.com Behind Pence deference: Ambition... 2020-08-24
thehour.com 52 DAYS UNTIL FIRST DEBATE... 2020-08-07
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/NASA-seeks-to-keep-momentum-going-after-successes-15455827.php 2020-08-03
thehour.com Used Unmarked Vehicles To Grab Protesters Off Streets... 2020-07-18
thehour.com Trump the victim: President complains in private... 2020-07-10
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/High-court-Chief-justice-hospitalized-last-month-15392894.php 2020-07-07
thehour.com OVERSEES TRUMP PROBES 2020-06-20
thehour.com These patients have been ill -- for more than 60 days! 2020-06-11
thehour.com Soccer superstar stuns China with call for ouster of Communist Party... 2020-06-05
thehour.com Are we on brink of revolution? 2020-06-04
thehour.com Congressman recorded at protest: If I didnt have primary, I wouldnt care... 2020-06-02
thehour.com CDC chief defends failure to spot early coronavirus spread in USA... 2020-05-29
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Tropical-Storm-Bertha-forms-near-South-Carolina-15297464.php 2020-05-27
thehour.com Kentucky gov blames GOP for protest with hanging effigy... 2020-05-27
thehour.com Frustrated and struggling, New Yorkers contemplate abandoning city they love... 2020-05-26
thehour.com 24 states still have uncontrolled spread... 2020-05-22
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/business/article/Asian-American-doctors-and-nurses-are-fighting-15281758.php 2020-05-19
thehour.com NFL will have positive cases in bid to play season amid pandemic... 2020-05-19
thehour.com Tourists, residents hesitant to return to New Orleans... 2020-05-17
thehour.com Under fire, President drops Mar-a-Lago dock plan -- for now... 2020-05-12
thehour.com White House aides rattled after infections strike inner circle... 2020-05-09
thehour.com President flouts virus protocols... 2020-05-08
thehour.com Officials say Iran attempted hack of Israels water system... 2020-05-08
thehour.com Trump valet tests positive, causing West Wing scramble... 2020-05-07
thehour.com Trump tightens grip on virus info as he pushes to restart economy... 2020-05-07
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/business/article/Hispanics-are-almost-twice-as-likely-as-whites-to-15252271.php 2020-05-06
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Arizona-halts-work-of-experts-predicting-a-later-15252336.php 2020-05-06
thehour.com To protect no-fail mission, U.S. military unit moves into mountain bunker... 2020-05-05
thehour.com National Weather Service working to revolutionize severe storm warnings... 2020-05-03
thehour.com Presented with grim internal polling... 2020-04-29
thehour.com One in six nursing homes report outbreak... 2020-04-29
thehour.com Quarantine fatigue continues... 2020-04-28
thehour.com Companies use of thermal cameras sparks worries about civil liberties... 2020-04-27
thehour.com TECH GIANTS GET BIGGER AND BIGGER! 2020-04-27
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Reopening-of-America-accelerates-as-states-15226336.php 2020-04-25
thehour.com Mysterious blood-clotting complication killing patients... 2020-04-22
thehour.com Michigan Gov. Whitmer is rising star for Dems and target for Republicans... 2020-04-18
thehour.com CDC, FEMA have created plan to reopen America. Heres what it says... 2020-04-14
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Reopening-U-S-economy-by-May-1-may-be-15195921.php 2020-04-12
thehour.com EASTER REBELLION: Florida pastor, others flout stay-home orders... 2020-04-12
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Trump-removes-inspector-general-who-was-to-15184570.php 2020-04-07
thehour.com AUSTRIA EASING LOCKDOWN 2020-04-06
thehour.com EVERYONE WEAR MASK! 2020-04-02
thehour.com FAUCI GETS THREATS 2020-04-01
thehour.com New Orleans police jailing people for minor offenses as city becomes hot spot... 2020-04-01
thehour.com Promised drive-through testing sites havent materialized... 2020-03-27
thehour.com American deaths top 1,000, amid incomplete reporting... 2020-03-26
thehour.com Brazils Bolsonaro: Its just a little cold... 2020-03-25
thehour.com Florida Gov. derides those bringing the virus from hot zone... 2020-03-24
thehour.com FAUCI AND TRUMP CLASH 2020-03-23
thehour.com ECONOMY DETERIORATING FAST 2020-03-20
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Intelligence-officials-early-alarms-about-15147137.php 2020-03-20
thehour.com Virus killing far more men than women... 2020-03-20
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/White-House-coronavirus-plan-aims-to-send-2-000-15140061.php 2020-03-18
thehour.com COSTA: Some Republicans remain skeptical of pandemic... 2020-03-17
thehour.com Psychologists science-based tips for emotional resilience... 2020-03-16
thehour.com CASINOS WANT BAILOUT! 2020-03-16
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Ten-minutes-at-the-teleprompter-Inside-Trump-s-15127772.php 2020-03-12
thehour.com Looks to beef up his campaign team... 2020-03-11
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/business/article/Trump-urged-Mnuchin-to-pressure-Fed-s-Powell-on-15124246.php 2020-03-11
thehour.com Secret Service faces unique challenge of protecting president from exposure... 2020-03-10
thehour.com STUDY: Common artificial sweetener might be making you fatter and sicker... 2020-03-10
thehour.com Unprecedented challenges loom over 2020 elections... 2020-03-09
thehour.com Close call threatens to upend Trumps routine... 2020-03-08
thehour.com Officials clash over passenger tracking... 2020-03-02
thehour.com Smiley responds to six PBS employees accounts... 2020-03-02
thehour.com Rumors and chaos in Alabama point to big problems... 2020-03-01
thehour.com Inside White Houses frantic attempts to minimize crisis... 2020-02-29
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Trump-plays-down-coronavirus-health-and-economic-15093869.php 2020-02-28
thehour.com ICE has run facial-recognition searches on millions of Maryland drivers... 2020-02-26
thehour.com White House struggles to contain public alarm... 2020-02-25
thehour.com REVOLUTION ON LEFT 2020-02-23
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Confusion-mounts-over-China-s-counting-methods-as-15071671.php 2020-02-20
thehour.com ILL WALK IF YOU KEEP TWEETING! 2020-02-18
thehour.com Campaigns warn of chaos ahead of Nevada caucuses... 2020-02-17
thehour.com 44 Americans on cruise ship in Japan get virus... 2020-02-16
thehour.com FLEXES EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY... 2020-02-13
thehour.com Amid gang peril, a Mexican village arms its children... 2020-02-08
thehour.com Bloomberg seizes on turmoil to make his mark with voters... 2020-02-06
thehour.com GEORGE CONWAY: Defense is just one big lie... 2020-01-30
thehour.com Sanders rifts may help Trump, Dems fear... 2020-01-21
thehour.com BERNING! 2020-01-12
thehour.com Dems sharpen differences as Iowa looms... 2020-01-01
thehour.com How we survive the surveillance apocalypse... 2020-01-01
thehour.com Expect tumultuous 2020 in Middle East... 2020-01-01
thehour.com Crossfire Hurricane Turns Tornado... 2019-12-09
thehour.com Trumps defense of Kingdom grows more isolated... 2019-12-08
thehour.com Consequential choice -- limited or broad articles... 2019-12-07
thehour.com Guards strip-search 8-year-old girl visiting her father... 2019-12-06
thehour.com Clinton strategist Mark Penn giving Oval Office advice... 2019-11-26
thehour.com Radio station disputes hosts story of firing... 2019-11-18
thehour.com IRS whistleblower case advances... 2019-11-18
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Democrats-fear-a-long-primary-slog-could-drag-14841782.php 2019-11-17
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Far-right-agitators-roil-the-conservative-14840848.php 2019-11-17
thehour.com In Saudi Arabia, TWITTER becomes more useful to repressors than the repressed... 2019-11-17
thehour.com Obama tells candidates to ease off talk of revolution... 2019-11-15
thehour.com Ex-TWITTER employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia... 2019-11-06
thehour.com The lonely battle of the last Republican lawmaker from Northern Virginia... 2019-11-02
thehour.com Living in parallel-universes... 2019-10-23
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/We-have-no-idea-who-is-paying-Rudy-Giuliani-14506916.php 2019-10-10
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/lifestyle/article/Matt-Drudge-played-a-major-role-in-the-Clinton-14473330.php 2019-09-27
thehour.com Giuliani engaged parade of Ukrainian prosecutors... 2019-09-27
thehour.com Why knowing Roman history key to preserving Americas future... 2019-09-17
thehour.com TROUBLES: WASH POST shuts commuter newspaper... 2019-09-11
thehour.com Uproar in weather community... 2019-09-07
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/business/article/New-York-announces-antitrust-investigation-into-14418637.php 2019-09-06
thehour.com Boris threatens to purge rebel party members as Brexit battle heats up... 2019-09-02
thehour.com Germanys far right is set to challenge Merkel grip in upcoming elections... 2019-08-30
thehour.com WHITE HOUSE MULLS PAYROLL TAX CUT 2019-08-19
thehour.com Hes 26 years old but still sees pediatrician: Young adults dont move on... 2019-08-18
thehour.com Netanyahu appears poised to block Omar, Tlaib from entering Israel... 2019-08-15
thehour.com Paramount and paranoid: Chinas Xi faces crisis of confidence... 2019-08-03
thehour.com https://www.thehour.com/news/article/She-is-no-kook-Religion-writer-defends-14269693.php 2019-07-31
thehour.com GEORGE: I denied that Trump was a racist. Not anymore... 2019-07-15
thehour.com In Texas, allegiance to Beto vanishing... 2019-07-13
thehour.com Salvos of insults stoke tensions with Iran... 2019-06-25
thehour.com Biden 2020 campaign decision: Quietly agonizing as months go by... 2019-02-14
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