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studyfinds.org STUDY: Corona Pushing Americans To Want MORE Govt Involvement In Their Lives... 2020-10-23
studyfinds.org Breakthrough Skin Test Detects Early Signs Of Parkinsons With Accuracy... 2020-10-22
studyfinds.org Aliens Watching? 1,000 Solar Systems Have Perfect Angle To See Life On Earth... 2020-10-22
studyfinds.org STUDY: Mouthwash, Baby Shampoo Deactivate In Seconds... 2020-10-20
studyfinds.org STUDY: Sugar, High Fructose Intake May Trigger ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Aggressive Behavior... 2020-10-18
studyfinds.org What Keeps COVID From Spreading? Empathy... 2020-10-17
studyfinds.org Golden Meat: Scientists Create Healthier Beef... 2020-10-16
studyfinds.org STUDY: Watching Nature Shows On TV Cures Sadness, Boredom... 2020-10-15
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/brain-wired-junk-food/ 2020-10-10
studyfinds.org Rare Bird With Both Male, Female Characteristics Stuns Experts... 2020-10-08
studyfinds.org STUDY: Which Political Party Is Really Better For Economy? 2020-10-08
studyfinds.org 4 In 10 Planning Virtual Thanksgiving; 30% Will Take Guests Temps... 2020-10-07
studyfinds.org Off Switch May Reverse Vision Loss... 2020-10-07
studyfinds.org Breakthrough Cancer Breath Test Shows High Level Of Accuracy... 2020-10-05
studyfinds.org Two-Thirds Say Bad Sex Relationship Deal Breaker... 2020-10-05
studyfinds.org Fecal Transplant Fountain Of Youth? 2020-10-03
studyfinds.org Scientists Discover New Form Of Dementia... 2020-10-02
studyfinds.org STUDY: May Drain Testosterone In Men... 2020-09-30
studyfinds.org STUDY: Dementia Tied To Personality; Anxious, Moody People At Greatest Risk... 2020-09-30
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Average Parent Has Math, Science Skills Of 6th Grader... 2020-09-29
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/narcissism-linked-to-politics/ 2020-09-28
studyfinds.org Covid Weakening? Viral Loads Decline; Less Severe Cases, Lower Death Rate... 2020-09-27
studyfinds.org Radiation Leakage From 5G May Throw Off Weather Satellites; Incorrect Forecasts... 2020-09-25
studyfinds.org Men 62% More Likely To Die... 2020-09-24
studyfinds.org STUDY: Financial Success Can Lead To Loneliness... 2020-09-23
studyfinds.org STUDY: Average American Recorded By Security Cameras 238 Times Each Week! 2020-09-23
studyfinds.org STUDY: Loneliness Linked To Diabetes... 2020-09-20
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Average Worker Experiences Burnout -- By 32! 2020-09-19
studyfinds.org First Study Shows COVID Transmission From Animals To Humans... 2020-09-18
studyfinds.org STUDY: People Happier Spending Time With Friends Than Spouse... 2020-09-18
studyfinds.org Groundbreaking Study Discovers Honeybee Venom Kills Breast Cancer Cells In Mins... 2020-09-02
studyfinds.org Scientists Find Best Place On Earth To See Stars... 2020-08-04
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/scared-for-school-parents-homeschooling-kids-covid-19/ 2020-08-03
studyfinds.org Patients At Higher Risk Of Psychiatric Disorders... 2020-07-14
studyfinds.org 6 In 10 Adults More Tired Than Ever... 2020-07-13
studyfinds.org Multitasking, technology causing more to become forgetful... 2020-07-13
studyfinds.org Bats may have started coronavirus. Could they be key to ending it? 2020-07-10
studyfinds.org Self-Isolation Could RAISE Vulnerability... 2020-07-09
studyfinds.org Common Asthma Drug Shows Strong Promise As Alzheimers Treatment.... 2020-07-08
studyfinds.org Blue Spaces Cure Blues: Walking Along Waterfront Improves Mood... 2020-07-08
studyfinds.org Farm Animals May Be Key To Forecasting Earthquakes... 2020-07-07
studyfinds.org Land Of The Worried: 83% Of Americans Very Stressed Over Nations Future... 2020-06-19
studyfinds.org 3D Tissues To Be Printed Directly Into Human Body... 2020-06-18
studyfinds.org STUDY: Lonely People Have Disconnected Patterns of Brain Activity... 2020-06-18
studyfinds.org STUDY: Vegetarians More Introverted Than Meat Eaters... 2020-06-18
studyfinds.org Coughs, Sneezes Fill Bystanders With Fear... 2020-06-16
studyfinds.org First Ever Underwater WiFi System... 2020-06-15
studyfinds.org COVID-19, Civil Unrest Could Trigger Mass Migration... 2020-06-13
studyfinds.org STUDY: Spontaneity Key To Happiness? 2020-06-13
studyfinds.org Political Polarization Peaking... 2020-06-12
studyfinds.org Do Good, Live Longer: Volunteering May Add Years To Lifespan... 2020-06-12
studyfinds.org STUDY: Happiness May Protect Against Deadly Gut Infections... 2020-06-10
studyfinds.org STUDY: Playing Hard To Get Really Works... 2020-06-09
studyfinds.org STUDY: 4 In 10 Adults Worldwide Living With Gastrointestinal Disorder... 2020-06-08
studyfinds.org Scientists Grow Miniature Human Livers From Stem Cells... 2020-06-04
studyfinds.org STUDY: 76% Of COVID-19 Patients Improve After Blood Plasma Transfusions... 2020-06-03
studyfinds.org STUDY: Popular Antidepressants Linked To Violent Crimes... 2020-06-03
studyfinds.org Handheld UV Light Devices May Soon Be As Common As Phone, Wallet... 2020-06-02
studyfinds.org STUDY: Dogs Really Will Come To Rescue Of Owners In Distress! 2020-06-02
studyfinds.org Scientists Discover Skinny Gene... 2020-05-30
studyfinds.org Average American Has Packed On 5 Pounds... 2020-05-26
studyfinds.org Silver Lining: 43% Say Theyve Changed For The Better Thanks To Lockdown... 2020-05-23
studyfinds.org STUDY: Isolation Raises Risk Of Death From ANY Cause By 50%... 2020-05-22
studyfinds.org Patients Experiencing Delirium, PTSD; Constant Worry Over Virus... 2020-05-21
studyfinds.org Intelligent Life On Other Planets? Odds Say Its Good Bet... 2020-05-21
studyfinds.org Ruff Years: Canines Go Through Teenage Angst Just Like Humans... 2020-05-20
studyfinds.org Slight Breeze Can Carry Coronavirus 18 Feet In Seconds! 2020-05-20
studyfinds.org STUDY: People Happier Making Major Life Decisions On Coin Flip... 2020-05-20
studyfinds.org SHOCK POLL: 82% WANT MONTHLY STIMULUS CHECKS... 2020-05-19
studyfinds.org 20% of Americans Infected By End Of Year? 2020-05-19
studyfinds.org Americans Raiding Retirement Savings... 2020-05-18
studyfinds.org Digital Overload: Average Adult Will Spend 34 Years Of Life Staring At Screens! 2020-05-16
studyfinds.org Sleep Divorces On Rise: 35% Of Couples Want Separate Beds... 2020-05-15
studyfinds.org Dazed & Confused: Average Person Forgets What Day It Is 5 Times Per Week... 2020-05-14
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 57 Is Age You Officially Become Old... 2020-05-11
studyfinds.org Vitamin D Key To Surviving? 2020-05-08
studyfinds.org Monday Is the New Weekend; Quarantined Households Binge on TV... 2020-05-07
studyfinds.org Computer Chip Placed In Mans Brain Restores Sense Of Touch After Paralysis... 2020-05-06
studyfinds.org New Normal: 72% Wash Hands -- After Every Time Use Phone... 2020-05-06
studyfinds.org 1 In 6 Unsure Theyll Ever Be Comfortable In Public Again... 2020-05-01
studyfinds.org 1 IN 4 AT BREAKING POINT 2020-04-28
studyfinds.org STUDY: 10% Of Americans Think U.S. Govt Created Coronavirus... 2020-04-27
studyfinds.org CASHED OUT: 84% Of Americans Already Want Another Stimulus Check... 2020-04-22
studyfinds.org LOS ANGELES CASES 55X HIGHER? 2020-04-21
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 4 In 5 Parents Say Families Closer Than Ever; Quarter Adults Say Sex Life Never Better! 2020-04-21
studyfinds.org STUDY: Regular Exercise Can Keep Coronavirus From Turning Deadly... 2020-04-17
studyfinds.org Crohns Cure: Crapsules Made From Freeze-Dried Fecal Matter Taken Orally... 2020-04-16
studyfinds.org Pandemic Exhaustion: Coronavirus Affecting Sleep For 77% Of Americans... 2020-04-16
studyfinds.org Binge Nation: Average American Streaming 8 Hours Of Content Per Day! 2020-04-15
studyfinds.org STUDY: More You Walk, Less Likely Youll Die... 2020-04-14
studyfinds.org Scientists: Abundance Of Natural Light, Fresh Air Keys To Keeping Virus Out... 2020-04-13
studyfinds.org Researchers Successfully Repair Stroke-Damaged Brains Of Rats Using Human Skin Cells... 2020-04-09
studyfinds.org Easter: 56% Who Went To Church Last Year Say Theyll Still Go This Year! 2020-04-08
studyfinds.org STUDY: Air Pollution May Play Role In Italys High Death Rate... 2020-04-07
studyfinds.org POLL: 73% SAY TRUMP SHOULD WEAR MASK... 2020-04-07
studyfinds.org Survey: 3 In 5 Adults Using Time Inside For Self-Improvement... 2020-04-06
studyfinds.org Quarter Americans Have No Emergency Savings... 2020-04-03
studyfinds.org Study Refutes Claims Ibuprofen Unsafe... 2020-03-31
studyfinds.org Doctors Warn Virus Persists 8 Days -- After Symptoms Disappear! 2020-03-30
studyfinds.org Bright Side: Coronavirus Bringing Communities Closer Together... 2020-03-24
studyfinds.org Entirely Natural Origins Through Evolution... 2020-03-18
studyfinds.org 1 In 5 Americans Expect Theyll Catch Coronavirus... 2020-03-16
studyfinds.org STUDY: Being Stubborn, Rigid May Protect Against Alzheimers... 2020-03-14
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/grief-in-the-wild-baboon-mothers-carry-their-dead-infants-for-up-to-10-days/ 2020-03-11
studyfinds.org STUDY: 30 Minute Daily Walk Dramatically Cuts Risk Of Death... 2020-03-08
studyfinds.org STUDY: Low-Carb Diet May Turn Back Clock On Aging Brain... 2020-03-06
studyfinds.org STUDY: Session In Sauna Works Out Heart Just As Much As Exercise.. 2020-03-05
studyfinds.org Two-Thirds Would Turn Down Free Cruise... 2020-03-04
studyfinds.org REPORT: Opioid Crisis Much Worse Than Believed... 2020-03-03
studyfinds.org Generation H(elpless)? Many Millennials Cant Change Light Bulb... 2020-03-03
studyfinds.org Astronomers Detect Largest Explosion In Universe Since Big Bang! 2020-03-02
studyfinds.org Scientists Discover Second Type Of Schizophrenia... 2020-03-01
studyfinds.org Want Longer, Healthier Life? Eat Less, Study Suggests... 2020-02-28
studyfinds.org Plot Twist? Study Concludes Edgar Allen Poe Likely Didnt Kill Self... 2020-02-25
studyfinds.org Key To Curing Cancerous Brain Tumors -- Could Be Dogs... 2020-02-24
studyfinds.org STUDY: Shorter Men More Likely To Develop Dementia... 2020-02-23
studyfinds.org SURVEY: People Who Nap More Productive, Happier... 2020-02-21
studyfinds.org STUDY: Splitting Up More Painful Than Ever Before Thanks To Social Media... 2020-02-18
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Adults Over 55 Happier, Less Stressed Than Millennials... 2020-02-18
studyfinds.org Monogamous Bird Models Importance Of Loving Family, Close Friends... 2020-02-16
studyfinds.org Scientists Discover Surprising Weapon In Fight Against Brain Tumors: Ebola... 2020-02-14
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 7 In 10 Americans Hide Unhealthy Eating Habits... 2020-02-13
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/what-are-the-most-common-nightmares-that-people-have/ 2020-02-11
studyfinds.org Parents Now Giving Babies Outlandish Names --To Stand Out On Social Media! 2020-02-11
studyfinds.org War On Sitting: Educators Urged To Let Students Stand Up, Walk Around During Class... 2020-02-10
studyfinds.org STUDY: Seniors With Active Social Lives Live Longer... 2020-02-06
studyfinds.org Humans Born Kind? Researchers Prove Altruistic Behavior Begins In Infancy... 2020-02-04
studyfinds.org SURVEY: More People Excited About Parties For Food, Not Game... 2020-02-02
studyfinds.org STUDY: American Households Waste THIRD Of Their Food... 2020-01-27
studyfinds.org Modern Family: Parent Spends Just 5 Hours Face-To-Face With Kids Per Week! 2020-01-25
studyfinds.org First Pain Treatment Using Human Stem Cells A Success... 2020-01-24
studyfinds.org STUDY: Half Of Adults Consider Themselves Lonely... 2020-01-24
studyfinds.org SNAKES COULD BE SOURCE 2020-01-23
studyfinds.org STUDY: Average American Now Sleeping Just 5.5 Hours Each Night... 2020-01-20
studyfinds.org DOCTOR: Loneliness Rivals Smoking, Obesity In Impact On Shortening Longevity... 2020-01-19
studyfinds.org STUDY: Parrots Naturally Exhibit Kindness, Selfless Behavior; Intelligence Comparable To Apes, Dolphins... 2020-01-14
studyfinds.org STUDY: Losing Single Night Of Sleep Raises Alzheimers Risk... 2020-01-13
studyfinds.org Could A Pill Replace Exercise? 2020-01-13
studyfinds.org STUDY: Human Body Temperature Has Decreased... 2020-01-10
studyfinds.org Beard Bravado: 75% Of Men Feel More Confident With Facial Hair... 2020-01-08
studyfinds.org STUDY: Online DNA Services Vulnerable To Genetic Hacking... 2020-01-07
studyfinds.org Workaholism Epidemic: 4 In 10 Adults Cant Stop... 2020-01-06
studyfinds.org 2 In 5 Adults Cant Fix Single Household Problem Without GOOGLE... 2020-01-04
studyfinds.org STUDY: Having Plant On Office Desk Reduces Stress... 2020-01-03
studyfinds.org Alzheimers Vaccine Almost Ready For Human Testing... 2020-01-01
studyfinds.org STUDY: Candidates Attractiveness Plays Significant Role In Voters Decisions... 2019-12-31
studyfinds.org STUDY: Deep Sleep Rewires Brain To Eliminate Anxiety... 2019-12-31
studyfinds.org Half Of Americans Had Best Sex Of Their Lives In 2019! 2019-12-30
studyfinds.org Fountain Of Youth Drug? Organ-Transplant Medication May Slow Skin Aging... 2019-12-27
studyfinds.org 3 In 4 People Arent Friends With Any Of Their Neighbors... 2019-12-27
studyfinds.org STUDY: Excess Belly Fat Worsens Ability To Think... 2019-12-23
studyfinds.org STUDY: Giant Tortoises Highly Intelligent, Have Strong Memory... 2019-12-16
studyfinds.org STUDY: ANY Amount Of Running Significantly Lowers Risk Of Dying From ANY Cause... 2019-12-16
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/digital-deception-9-in-10-americans-have-been-victimized-by-an-online-scam/ 2019-12-13
studyfinds.org Long Naps Raise Risk Of Stroke... 2019-12-12
studyfinds.org Paradigm Shift: 3 in 4 Believe Natural Remedies Safer Than Prescriptions... 2019-12-12
studyfinds.org STUDY: Even Minimal Alcohol Use Raises Cancer Risk... 2019-12-11
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 8 In 10 Say Politics Biggest Source Of Stress In Life... 2019-12-11
studyfinds.org STUDY: Play Sports For Sharper Mind... 2019-12-09
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Average Adult Wakes Up On Wrong Side Of Bed 300 Days A Year! 2019-12-06
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Average Person Cant Last 4 Hours With Family Over Holidays... 2019-12-05
studyfinds.org STUDY: Birth Control Pills May Shrink Womens Brains... 2019-12-04
studyfinds.org STUDY: Average Person Will Watch 78,000 Hours Of TV... 2019-12-03
studyfinds.org STUDY: Children Read More In Presence Of Dogs... 2019-12-03
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Average Person Feels Too Old To Work Out Regularly At 41... 2019-12-02
studyfinds.org STUDY: Nightmares Prepare Brain For Real Anxiety-Provoking Situations... 2019-11-29
studyfinds.org STUDY: Caffeine, Xanax Found In Most Blood Used For Transfusions... 2019-11-27
studyfinds.org Small Gestures, Big Impact: Feeling Loved Increases Well-Being... 2019-11-26
studyfinds.org STUDY: Americans Growing Tired Of Traditional Thanksgiving Meals, Open To Alternative... 2019-11-25
studyfinds.org Physics Explains Why Time Flies As We Age... 2019-11-21
studyfinds.org Isolation Epidemic? One In Five Lonely On Friday Nights... 2019-11-21
studyfinds.org Smartphones Covered In Bacteria, Dirtier Than Bathroom! 2019-11-20
studyfinds.org STUDY: Ketogenic Diet May Subdue Flu... 2019-11-18
studyfinds.org STUDY: Quality Of Friendships, Not Quantity, Linked To Well-Being... 2019-11-18
studyfinds.org STUDY: Putting On Game Face Improves Performance... 2019-11-15
studyfinds.org STUDY: Falling Asleep, Staying Asleep Increasingly Rare... 2019-11-14
studyfinds.org STUDY Anthrax A Powerful Weapon -- In Fight Against Cancer? 2019-11-13
studyfinds.org STUDY: Meditate To Make Fewer Mistakes... 2019-11-12
studyfinds.org STUDY: Happiness Most Dominant Human Expression... 2019-11-11
studyfinds.org STUDY: Majority Of Children Battling Anxiety Symptoms... 2019-11-06
studyfinds.org STUDY: Daylight Saving Time Has Long-Term Harmful Effects On Brain... 2019-11-06
studyfinds.org STUDY: People Really Will Say Anything To Get Laid... 2019-11-05
studyfinds.org Inferiority Complex: 8 In 10 Millennials Believe They Arent Good Enough... 2019-11-04
studyfinds.org Third Of Americans Battle Burnout Every Week... 2019-11-01
studyfinds.org Early Retirement Speeds Up Cognitive Decline... 2019-10-30
studyfinds.org Americans Have Ample Free Time -- Waste On Screens... 2019-10-29
studyfinds.org CBD Interest Surpasses Nearly All Other Health Products... 2019-10-28
studyfinds.org Alarming Survey Finds Children Often Begging Parents To Put Phones Away... 2019-10-25
studyfinds.org Revolutionary New Treatment May Reverse Celiacs... 2019-10-23
studyfinds.org WIRED GENERATION: Screen Time Linked To Greater Caffeine, Sugar Consumption... 2019-10-23
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Life Least Fun At Age 45... 2019-10-18
studyfinds.org STUDY: Relaxation Techniques Cause Many To Feel Worse! 2019-10-17
studyfinds.org Pain & Loneliness: Arthritis Linked To Social Isolation... 2019-10-16
studyfinds.org Phones In Bed Taking Toll On Relationships... 2019-10-14
studyfinds.org BURN OUT: 4 In 10 Close To Breaking Point At Work... 2019-10-11
studyfinds.org STUDY: Low IQ Linked To Greater Risk Of Suicide... 2019-10-10
studyfinds.org NERVOUS NATION: 1 In 5 Americans Believe They Have Anxiety Disorder... 2019-10-10
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Average American Hasnt Made New Friend In 5 Years... 2019-10-09
studyfinds.org Quarter Of Americans Have Never Eaten Vegetables! 2019-10-08
studyfinds.org STUDY: Drinking 3 Cups Of Coffee, Tea Daily Can Trigger Migraines... 2019-10-07
studyfinds.org STUDY: Millennials Brains Shrink After Income Drops... 2019-10-04
studyfinds.org STUDY: People Living Near Coast Happier; Fewer Mental Health Disorders... 2019-10-01
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/a-nation-divided-u-s-politics-taking-physical-emotional-toll-on-americans/ 2019-09-27
studyfinds.org STUDY: Hospital Workers Hand-Washing Helps 2019-09-22
studyfinds.org STUDY: Hand Sanitizer Not Effective Against Flu; Takes 4 Mins Rubbing To Kill... 2019-09-20
studyfinds.org Average American Spends $7,400 Over Budget Annually... 2019-09-18
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 3 In 5 Americans Cant Name Single Local Congress Member... 2019-09-16
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/generation-rx-u-s-children-being-prescribed-off-label-meds-at-increasing-rates-study-finds/ 2019-09-16
studyfinds.org STUDY: Third Of Families Sit In Silence While Eating Dinner... 2019-09-13
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 1 In 5 Americans Cant Name Single Branch Of Govt... 2019-09-13
studyfinds.org MYSTERY: Supermassive Black Hole At Center Of Galaxy Getting Hungrier... 2019-09-12
studyfinds.org STUDY: Spending Time With Friends Lowers Dementia Risk... 2019-09-12
studyfinds.org STUDY: Teens Who Abstain From Dating Happier, Have Better Social Skills... 2019-09-10
studyfinds.org Physically Fit People Have Sharper Brains... 2019-09-10
studyfinds.org STUDY: Financial Stress Making 2 In 5 Young Americans Sick... 2019-09-09
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Alarming Number Of Seniors Go Entire Week Without Talking To Anyone... 2019-09-07
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Third Of Parents Say Favorite Child -- Is Pet! 2019-09-06
studyfinds.org STUDY: Lack Of Economically-Attractive Men To Blame For Decline In Marriage Rates... 2019-09-05
studyfinds.org Mouthwash Hinders Benefits Of Exercise? 2019-09-05
studyfinds.org STUDY: Patience Thresholds Lower Than Ever Before... 2019-09-03
studyfinds.org Skinny Genes Coming Soon? Scientists Reduce Fat Storage Using CRISPR... 2019-09-02
studyfinds.org STUDY: Key To Happiness -- How Close Live To Nature... 2019-08-31
studyfinds.org Told You So! Women Remember Events Better Than Men... 2019-08-30
studyfinds.org Just One Night Of Poor Sleep Changes DNA Behavior? 2019-08-30
studyfinds.org STUDY: Marriage Wards Off Dementia... 2019-08-29
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Americans Believe Ideal Age For President Is 48... 2019-08-27
studyfinds.org Pollution Linked To Psychiatric Disorders? 2019-08-26
studyfinds.org STUDY: Sound Of Dog Whimpering Makes Humans Feel As Sad As Baby Crying... 2019-08-22
studyfinds.org STUDY: Fake News Can Create False Memories... 2019-08-21
studyfinds.org STUDY: Athletes Perform Better Under Angry, Negative Coaches... 2019-08-19
studyfinds.org STUDY: Elderly More Often Scammed By Relatives Than Strangers... 2019-08-17
studyfinds.org STUDY: Amateur Investors Better Off Picking Stocks At Random... 2019-08-16
studyfinds.org STUDY: Veterinarians At High Risk Of Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts... 2019-08-15
studyfinds.org STUDY: Popular ADHD Drugs Change Structure Of Kids Brains... 2019-08-14
studyfinds.org EAT APPLES, DRINK TEA FOR LONGER LIFE... 2019-08-14
studyfinds.org STUDY: Areas With More Fast Food Restaurants Report More Heart Attacks... 2019-08-13
studyfinds.org STUDY: Alarming Rise In Teens Who Need Glasses; Excessive Screen Time Blamed... 2019-08-12
studyfinds.org AMERICA: Rise In Doomsday Prepping; Mainstream Culture Of Fear... 2019-08-10
studyfinds.org STUDY: Optimistic People Sleep Better, Longer... 2019-08-08
studyfinds.org STUDY: Erectile Dysfunction Linked To Poor Work Productivity... 2019-08-07
studyfinds.org STUDY: Staring At Seagulls Could Save Lunch... 2019-08-07
studyfinds.org STUDY: Smartphone Games Better For Stress Relief Than Mindfulness Apps... 2019-08-05
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 1 In 4 Lie About Finances To Love Interests... 2019-08-03
studyfinds.org STUDY: Fish May Hold Secret To Limb Regeneration -- In Humans... 2019-08-02
studyfinds.org Cherry Juice Strengthens Memory? 2019-08-02
studyfinds.org STUDY: Dating App Addiction Fueled By Loneliness, Social Anxiety... 2019-08-01
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/hacked-highways-connected-cars-could-gridlock-entire-cities/ 2019-07-30
studyfinds.org Startling Study Reveals Majority Of Packaged Food Ultra-Processed... 2019-07-29
studyfinds.org STUDY: Dropping F-Bomb Increases Pain Tolerance By Third... 2019-07-18
studyfinds.org A.I. Solves Rubik Cube In Fraction of Second... 2019-07-16
studyfinds.org STUDY: Petting Dog, Cat For 10 Mins Lowers Stress Levels... 2019-07-16
studyfinds.org STUDY: Insects Battle Chronic Pain After Injury... 2019-07-14
studyfinds.org STUDY: Eating Nuts Key to Mental Sharpness... 2019-07-12
studyfinds.org STUDY: Views Of Greenery From Home, Work Reduce Cravings For Food, Alcohol... 2019-07-12
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/big-pharma-fail-no-evidence-of-added-benefit-in-most-new-drugs-study-finds/ 2019-07-11
studyfinds.org STUDY: Psychiatric Diagnoses Are Scientifically Meaningless... 2019-07-09
studyfinds.org STUDY: Nice Guys Finish First! Research Shows Finding Kind Partner More Important Than Compatibility... 2019-07-07
studyfinds.org STUDY: Short Bouts Of Exercise Make Smarter... 2019-07-05
studyfinds.org Half Of Dog Owners Turn To Canines Over Family For Emotional Support... 2019-07-02
studyfinds.org New Study Sheds Light On Tired, Overworked Nurses: 1 in 8 Takes Meds... 2019-07-01
studyfinds.org Shock Survey: 45% Of Americans Doubt Safety Of Vaccines! 2019-06-25
studyfinds.org STUDY: Vitamin D Supplements Have NO Impact On Heart Health, Dont Lower Risk For Disease; Researchers Surprised... 2019-06-24
studyfinds.org Third Of Women Admit Dating For Free Meals... 2019-06-21
studyfinds.org STUDY: Dogs Detect Lung Cancer In Blood With 97% Accuracy... 2019-06-20
studyfinds.org Fountain Of Youth Unlocked? Blood Protein... 2019-06-17
studyfinds.org STUDY: Millennials Face Most Hardships... 2019-06-13
studyfinds.org SURVEY: Third Of Adults Still Sleep With Childhood Comfort Object... 2019-06-12
studyfinds.org STUDY: Army Soldiers Have Worse Heart Health Then Civilians... 2019-06-06
studyfinds.org STUDY: Cold, Unsupportive Mother Linked To Early Aging, Disease... 2019-05-31
studyfinds.org STUDY: Poor Sleep Makes People Lonely, Anti-Social... 2019-05-20
studyfinds.org STUDY: Many Dems Exaggerated Mental Distress After 16 Election... 2019-05-17
studyfinds.org STUDY: Anger Worse For Physical Health Than Sadness... 2019-05-13
studyfinds.org STUDY: How Much Coffee Too Much? 6 Cups In Day Bad For Heart... 2019-05-11
studyfinds.org Average Person Mired In Boredom 131 Days A Year... 2019-05-08
studyfinds.org STUDY: Strong Sense Of Oneness Linked To Greater Life Satisfaction... 2019-05-06
studyfinds.org Terrorist Organizations Increasingly Recruiting Women... 2019-04-30
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 2 In 5 Doctors Suffer From Emotional Distress; 4 In 5 Risk Burnout... 2019-04-27
studyfinds.org STUDY: Seeing God -- Even Under Influence -- Provides Lasting Mental Benefits... 2019-04-26
studyfinds.org https://www.studyfinds.org/study-checking-email-less-often-more-productive-workday-managers/ 2019-04-25
studyfinds.org Half Schizophrenia Cases Misdiagnosed; Just Anxiety... 2019-04-25
studyfinds.org STUDY: Happy Wife, Longer Life! 2019-04-24
studyfinds.org STUDY: Physician Burnout Jumps Dramatically; Half Frustrated... 2019-04-22
studyfinds.org STUDY: 1 In 5 Children Suffers From Mental Health Disorder... 2019-04-20
studyfinds.org STUDY: Key To Happiness? Smiling... 2019-04-12
studyfinds.org SURVEY: 3 In 10 Americans Stuck In Sexual Dry Spell -- For Year! 2019-04-10
studyfinds.org Avg Person Has Just 4 Hours, 26 Minutes Free Time -- Per WEEK! 2019-04-06
studyfinds.org STUDY: No Such Thing As Sugar Rush... 2019-04-05
studyfinds.org STUDY: Gorillas Gather Around, Groom Bodies Of Deceased... 2019-04-04
studyfinds.org STUDY: Using Multiple Digital Devices At Same Time Impairs Self-Control... 2019-04-03
studyfinds.org Technoference From Smartphones Making More Tired, Less Productive... 2019-03-26
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