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stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/opinion/article/Australia-is-showing-the-U-S-how-to-regulate-15969612.php 2021-02-22
stamfordadvocate.com Rained debris at least a mile wide! 2021-02-21
stamfordadvocate.com In court, Navalny caged and angry but far from silent... 2021-02-20
stamfordadvocate.com In Russian court, Navalny caged and angry but far from silent... 2021-02-20
stamfordadvocate.com TSA reports back-to back days of more than 1 million travelers over Presidents Day weekend... 2021-02-16
stamfordadvocate.com Wall Street regulators signal tougher approach to industry after GameStop frenzy... 2021-02-14
stamfordadvocate.com REVEALED: Was Trump really horrified by Capitol attack? 2021-02-09
stamfordadvocate.com Some countries ban rivals vaccines... 2021-02-03
stamfordadvocate.com Woman charged in riot said she wanted to shoot Pelosi in the friggin brain... 2021-01-30
stamfordadvocate.com Even with pardon, Bannon not off hook... 2021-01-29
stamfordadvocate.com Hawaii wants tourists. Tourists want Hawaii. But rules are complicated... 2021-01-29
stamfordadvocate.com FEDS: Actions by Proud Boy at Capitol show planning, determination, and coordination... 2021-01-29
stamfordadvocate.com Tough task in filling media jobs at the top... 2021-01-27
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Rep-Marjorie-Taylor-Greene-endorsed-the-15900565.php 2021-01-26
stamfordadvocate.com Mexicos pandemic policy: No police. No curfews. No fines. No regrets... 2021-01-26
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Brady-reaches-another-Super-Bowl-as-Buccaneers-15894749.php 2021-01-24
stamfordadvocate.com FBI to probe PARLER? 2021-01-21
stamfordadvocate.com Extends clemency to sports gamblers and rappers... 2021-01-20
stamfordadvocate.com 36 HOURS 2021-01-18
stamfordadvocate.com Pompeo clings to Trumps legacy with eye toward inheriting MAGA base... 2021-01-18
stamfordadvocate.com Biden to propose major immigration legislation this week... 2021-01-18
stamfordadvocate.com Misinformation dropped dramatically week after TWITTER banned Trump... 2021-01-16
stamfordadvocate.com State leaders say volatile mix of groups could challenge law enforcement... 2021-01-16
stamfordadvocate.com Sandberg deflects blame for Capitol riot even as new evidence shows it played a pivotal role... 2021-01-13
stamfordadvocate.com The president as pariah: Torrent of retribution... 2021-01-13
stamfordadvocate.com QANON reshaped Trumps party and radicalized believers. Capitol siege may just be start... 2021-01-13
stamfordadvocate.com FBI report warned of war at Capitol, contradicting claims there was no indication of looming violence... 2021-01-12
stamfordadvocate.com Pelosi says staff hid under table for hours... 2021-01-11
stamfordadvocate.com Backup was denied, Capitol Police chief says... 2021-01-11
stamfordadvocate.com Pre-Nazi Germany tells us fight to save America just beginning... 2021-01-09
stamfordadvocate.com Journalists were attacked, threatened and detained during the Capitol siege... 2021-01-09
stamfordadvocate.com BALZ: End coming swiftly and with stinging rebukes... 2021-01-09
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Airlines-airports-in-Washington-area-tighten-15853107.php 2021-01-07
stamfordadvocate.com The framers would have seen traitors... 2021-01-07
stamfordadvocate.com The senators who were expelled after refusing to accept Lincolns election... 2021-01-05
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/More-GOP-senators-vow-to-challenge-Biden-s-win-15842072.php 2021-01-02
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/There-really-was-a-war-on-Christmas-Mr-15824044.php 2020-12-23
stamfordadvocate.com Tens of billions in special interest tax giveaways! 2020-12-22
stamfordadvocate.com Israeli govt on verge of collapse... Developing... 2020-12-22
stamfordadvocate.com TRUMP DOWNPLAYS HACK, RUSSIA ROLE 2020-12-19
stamfordadvocate.com Rich people cut the line... 2020-12-18
stamfordadvocate.com Pompeo quarantine day after State Dept party... 2020-12-16
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Biden-speaks-on-power-of-democracy-in-counter-to-15801745.php 2020-12-14
stamfordadvocate.com Tensions flare... 2020-12-12
stamfordadvocate.com FDA seeks to reassure public on safety... 2020-12-12
stamfordadvocate.com AGs latest gambit failed... 2020-12-11
stamfordadvocate.com Donald asks PA House speaker for help overturning election... 2020-12-07
stamfordadvocate.com BIDEN BRINGS BACK ESTABLISHMENT 2020-11-24
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Tesla-updates-systems-after-hackers-said-they-15749161.php 2020-11-23
stamfordadvocate.com Detroit had MORE vote errors in 2016 when Trump won by narrow margin. He didnt object then... 2020-11-23
stamfordadvocate.com WASH POST SUNDAY: Donald privately plots his next act... 2020-11-21
stamfordadvocate.com Businesses race to battle back new restrictions ... 2020-11-16
stamfordadvocate.com FLASHBACK: Republicans were ready to accept election results a lot faster in 2016... 2020-11-13
stamfordadvocate.com GSA official in charge of handing transition resources isnt budging... 2020-11-08
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/U-S-breaks-record-for-daily-new-cases-again-as-15710179.php 2020-11-07
stamfordadvocate.com DRAMA: USPS disregards court order to conduct ballot sweeps in 12 postal districts after more than 300,000 ballots cannot be tr 2020-11-03
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Trump-adviser-pleads-for-more-aggressive-action-15695855.php 2020-11-02
stamfordadvocate.com Trump is consistent: Theres no issue he wont take both sides on! 2020-10-29
stamfordadvocate.com TRUMP TEAM HUNTS HUNTER... 2020-10-14
stamfordadvocate.com TWITTER suspends fake Black pro-Trump accounts... 2020-10-14
stamfordadvocate.com Virus spread in White House with culture of invincibility... 2020-10-02
stamfordadvocate.com BUMP: Baffling debate strategy was to tweet out loud for 90 minutes! 2020-09-30
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/opinion/article/I-played-Trump-in-Clinton-s-debate-prep-Here-s-15597287.php 2020-09-25
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Wildfire-danger-in-West-to-escalate-as-intense-15590810.php 2020-09-23
stamfordadvocate.com Tortured logic from media about replacing Ginsburg.. 2020-09-20
stamfordadvocate.com WHITE HOUSE PUSHES BACK ON PRESIDENTS SIS... 2020-08-24
stamfordadvocate.com House candidate selling anti-China face masks. Asian Americans say they incite racism... 2020-08-06
stamfordadvocate.com Dems demand U.S. Postal Service reverse rules slowing delivery... 2020-08-05
stamfordadvocate.com Advice from a woman who survived 1918 flu, cancer and covid-19! 2020-08-03
stamfordadvocate.com Silicon Valley getting tougher on President and his supporters over hate ... 2020-07-10
stamfordadvocate.com Growing chorus pushes for renewed shutdown orders... 2020-07-09
stamfordadvocate.com Trump could lose and not leave. But Cabinet members who try to help face prison... 2020-07-09
stamfordadvocate.com Republicans look into holding their convention outdoors... 2020-07-09
stamfordadvocate.com Residents worry situation will get much worse... 2020-07-07
stamfordadvocate.com Says he ordered slower coronavirus testing... 2020-06-20
stamfordadvocate.com In countries keeping virus at bay, experts watch US cases with alarm... 2020-06-19
stamfordadvocate.com Police detain armed militia members after man is shot at Albuquerque demonstration... 2020-06-16
stamfordadvocate.com Inspectors general warn administration blocking scrutiny of bailouts... 2020-06-15
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Trump-chides-Biden-critics-question-his-own-15342144.php 2020-06-15
stamfordadvocate.com Republicans fear weakened standing jeopardizes party... 2020-06-10
stamfordadvocate.com AMAZONFACEBOOKGOOGLE Push Back Antitrust Regulators... 2020-06-10
stamfordadvocate.com VIRUS SPIKE FOR SUMMER 2020-06-09
stamfordadvocate.com Romney, marching with evangelicals, joins protests in DC... 2020-06-07
stamfordadvocate.com TRUMPS BATTLE WITH DC MAYOR INTENSIFIES... 2020-06-06
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/business/article/The-May-jobs-report-had-misclassification-error-15320999.php 2020-06-05
stamfordadvocate.com TRUMP V. TWITTER 2020-05-26
stamfordadvocate.com Biden says he wont raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000... 2020-05-22
stamfordadvocate.com EXODUS: New Yorkers snapping up CT homes as they flee city; Tidal wave... 2020-05-20
stamfordadvocate.com New Jersey gym owners cited after reopening live on FOX & FRIENDS... 2020-05-18
stamfordadvocate.com Mixed outcome? 2020-05-12
stamfordadvocate.com FACEBOOK gears up for Washington war... 2020-05-12
stamfordadvocate.com Bartering is back: When life gives you lemons, trade them for neighbors hand sanitizer... 2020-05-11
stamfordadvocate.com Glitches, awkwardness and blank screens mar Bidens virtual Tampa rally... 2020-05-07
stamfordadvocate.com Virus divide reflected in two New Mexico mayors. One asked for lockdown. The other defied orders... 2020-05-06
stamfordadvocate.com Conspiracy theories run rampant when people feel helpless... 2020-05-05
stamfordadvocate.com Trump cheers on governors as they ignore White House guidelines in race to reopen... 2020-05-04
stamfordadvocate.com Trump campaign split on how to attack Biden... 2020-05-02
stamfordadvocate.com U.S. deaths soared in early weeks of pandemic, far exceeding number attributed to covid-19... 2020-04-27
stamfordadvocate.com Nursing home infections surge in DC metro area... 2020-04-26
stamfordadvocate.com White House tried to move a reporter to back of the press room, but she refused. Then Trump walked out... 2020-04-25
stamfordadvocate.com Experts worry quarantine fatigue is starting... 2020-04-25
stamfordadvocate.com Hard-hit restaurants, gyms battling insurers... 2020-04-22
stamfordadvocate.com Under Trump, coronavirus scientists can speak -- as long as they toe line... 2020-04-22
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/entertainment/article/Drudge-draws-Trump-s-ire-in-split-between-15214006.php 2020-04-20
stamfordadvocate.com Record government and corporate debt risks tipping point... 2020-04-18
stamfordadvocate.com Testing outcry mounts... 2020-04-16
stamfordadvocate.com Leaders seize new powers, dangers grow for democracy... 2020-04-12
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/business/article/U-S-airlines-want-a-50-billion-bailout-They-15182769.php 2020-04-06
stamfordadvocate.com BALZ: Once again, government is caught unprepared... 2020-04-04
stamfordadvocate.com DC MAYOR: 1 IN 7 COULD BE INFECTED 2020-04-03
stamfordadvocate.com WASH POST PAGE ONE FRIDAY: Trump sows uncertainty and seeks to cast blame... 2020-04-02
stamfordadvocate.com NYC BRACES FOR PEAK 2020-04-01
stamfordadvocate.com Florida Keys closed to visitors... 2020-03-27
stamfordadvocate.com Politicians jockeying for covid-19 tests find proximity to Trump is fastest route... 2020-03-25
stamfordadvocate.com Italys death toll feeds fear of what lies ahead in Europe and USA... 2020-03-21
stamfordadvocate.com Much of life comes to standstill as countries shut themselves off from rest of world... 2020-03-20
stamfordadvocate.com Fed begins pumping municipal bonds... 2020-03-20
stamfordadvocate.com Lag ignites political uproar... 2020-03-12
stamfordadvocate.com Israel seals itself off from international travel... 2020-03-10
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Italy-s-coronavirus-lockdown-upends-the-most-15119948.php 2020-03-10
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Trump-struggles-to-calm-nation-after-days-of-15118445.php 2020-03-09
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Biden-s-shorter-speeches-give-fewer-chances-for-15118385.php 2020-03-09
stamfordadvocate.com TAX CUTS TO EASE PAIN? 2020-03-06
stamfordadvocate.com AMY, PETE ENDORSE JOE... 2020-03-02
stamfordadvocate.com WEST COAST ON ALERT... 2020-02-29
stamfordadvocate.com I have the coronavirus. So far, it isnt that bad... 2020-02-28
stamfordadvocate.com Independents outnumber registered Republicans for first time... 2020-02-28
stamfordadvocate.com Tests Barr with more tweets... 2020-02-19
stamfordadvocate.com Has constitutional power to intervene in Roger Stones case... 2020-02-19
stamfordadvocate.com Trump declares himself chief law enforcement officer... 2020-02-18
stamfordadvocate.com Barrs internal reviews and re-investigations feed resentment, suspicion inside Justice Department... 2020-02-15
stamfordadvocate.com Americans say current economy is best since 1990s... 2020-02-10
stamfordadvocate.com In Iowas Obama-Trump counties, Dems didnt turn out... 2020-02-09
stamfordadvocate.com Sanders and Buttigieg battle in NH... 2020-02-09
stamfordadvocate.com COSTA: Trumps resilience causes Dems to sound alarm... 2020-02-08
stamfordadvocate.com Cipollone was camera-shy everyman before trial made him famous... 2020-01-30
stamfordadvocate.com DECISIONS LOOM 2020-01-29
stamfordadvocate.com Jury hears defense cite accusers email saying I love you years after alleged rape... 2020-01-22
stamfordadvocate.com BOLTON CLIFFHANGER 2020-01-14
stamfordadvocate.com The Republican case for Biden... 2020-01-13
stamfordadvocate.com Disaster after disaster... 2020-01-11
stamfordadvocate.com Trump campaign turns Iran attack into massive FACEBOOK ad blitz... 2020-01-08
stamfordadvocate.com Could America re-start draft? 2020-01-04
stamfordadvocate.com COMEY: The four stages of being attacked by Donald Trump... 2019-12-30
stamfordadvocate.com CHRISTIANITY TODAY EDITOR IN CHIEF RETIRING... 2019-12-21
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/entertainment/article/The-biggest-disaster-of-the-decade-A-roundup-14922951.php 2019-12-20
stamfordadvocate.com Winners and losers... 2019-12-19
stamfordadvocate.com Three-month battle tested political will of both parties... 2019-12-18
stamfordadvocate.com Merry Christmas, youre being impeached... 2019-12-17
stamfordadvocate.com Tweet gave journalist a seizure. His case brings new meaning to idea of online assault... 2019-12-16
stamfordadvocate.com Trump returns to Pennsylvania, rallying for repeat win... 2019-12-10
stamfordadvocate.com POLL: Bloomberg widely unpopular following campaign launch... 2019-12-10
stamfordadvocate.com Booed off field by angry fans; Questions stacking up... 2019-12-09
stamfordadvocate.com RUDY IN THE SHADOWS 2019-12-08
stamfordadvocate.com Investigation broadens... 2019-12-07
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Spotlight-shifts-to-the-House-Judiciary-Committee-14880920.php 2019-12-04
stamfordadvocate.com Dem presidential campaign has produced confusion rather than clarity... 2019-11-30
stamfordadvocate.com From The IRISHMAN to Mister Rogers, what it means to be a man is getting real... 2019-11-29
stamfordadvocate.com FAA aims to reset standards for plane seats, but tests are disputed... 2019-11-28
stamfordadvocate.com Giuliani was in talks to be paid by Ukraines top prosecutor as they together sought damaging info on Dems... 2019-11-27
stamfordadvocate.com Jareds new assignment: Overseeing construction of border wall... 2019-11-25
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Immigration-jails-in-Trump-era-are-packed-but-14842052.php 2019-11-17
stamfordadvocate.com Aides counseling Trump not to fire Mulvaney... 2019-11-12
stamfordadvocate.com White House at war with itself even as it fights inquiry... 2019-11-11
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Anonymous-author-s-Warning-portrays-a-14818890.php 2019-11-07
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Bolton-willing-to-defy-White-House-and-testify-in-14817238.php 2019-11-07
stamfordadvocate.com Any Sane Adult 2020... 2019-11-05
stamfordadvocate.com WASH POST: Pure, brazen contempt for Congress on full display... 2019-11-04
stamfordadvocate.com Sprint to Feb. 3 caucuses... 2019-11-02
stamfordadvocate.com FACEBOOK reports record revenue... 2019-10-30
stamfordadvocate.com BALZ: Americans hate partisanship, but theyre more partisan than they were... 2019-10-26
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Democrats-see-weak-spots-in-their-own-2020-14554735.php 2019-10-22
stamfordadvocate.com BALZ: Dems wonder which of their candidates can beat him... 2019-10-19
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/entertainment/article/Megyn-Kelly-seems-ready-to-for-her-TV-comeback-14542632.php 2019-10-17
stamfordadvocate.com National security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy before and after Trump call... 2019-10-10
stamfordadvocate.com How exercise keeps CBS anchor Norah ODonnell sane... 2019-10-07
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/entertainment/article/Journalist-says-a-CBP-officer-withheld-his-14493931.php 2019-10-04
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Democrats-eye-quick-impeachment-probe-of-Trump-as-14471555.php 2019-09-27
stamfordadvocate.com TURN: 2 Republican governors support impeachment.... 2019-09-27
stamfordadvocate.com 1 in 7 adults in New Orleans has warrant out for arrest... 2019-09-23
stamfordadvocate.com How Antonio Browns deal with PATRIOTS dissolved in days... 2019-09-21
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/opinion/article/Justin-Trudeau-says-his-privilege-made-him-do-it-14457800.php 2019-09-21
stamfordadvocate.com Giuliani helped pressure Kiev to investigate Bidens son... 2019-09-20
stamfordadvocate.com Winning could be only way to avoid prosecution... 2019-09-17
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Advisers-struggle-to-obey-Trump-s-Kafkaesque-rules-14432599.php 2019-09-11
stamfordadvocate.com Now ineligible to play? 2019-09-11
stamfordadvocate.com Grand Slam win after childbirth could be mother of all accomplishments... 2019-09-06
stamfordadvocate.com More people traveling world than ever. But number coming to America is dropping... 2019-09-06
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/NOAA-backs-Trump-on-Alabama-forecast-and-rebukes-14420459.php 2019-09-06
stamfordadvocate.com JANE FONDA: Take our country back one person at a time... 2019-08-30
stamfordadvocate.com LITMAN: He helped save democracy... 2019-08-29
stamfordadvocate.com ABERNATHY: Trump is product of narcissistic media age... 2019-08-21
stamfordadvocate.com WASH POST LEAD FRIDAY: President frets over possible economic downturn... 2019-08-15
stamfordadvocate.com Suburban voters in red states threaten GOP grip on power... 2019-08-09
stamfordadvocate.com Behind the scenes of night Trump partied at Mar-a-Lago with Epstein, NFL cheerleaders... 2019-07-17
stamfordadvocate.com White House pushes Congress to strike budget deal amid risk of fiscal pileup... 2019-07-10
stamfordadvocate.com POLL: Abortion support highest in two decades as challenges mount... 2019-07-10
stamfordadvocate.com INVESTIGATIONS SWIRL 2019-07-07
stamfordadvocate.com Russia readying S-400 missiles for Turkey amid warnings of U.S. sanctions on NATO ally... 2019-07-05
stamfordadvocate.com Activist at center of landmark case allowing flag burning faces charges after melee in front of White House... 2019-07-05
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/The-Baby-Trump-balloon-is-coming-to-Washington-14067730.php 2019-07-02
stamfordadvocate.com PAPER: Trumps hard line approach softens in meetings with world leaders... 2019-07-01
stamfordadvocate.com Restaurants now soundstage for our national politics... 2019-06-28
stamfordadvocate.com Marianne Williamson Hopes For Spiritual Healing... 2019-06-27
stamfordadvocate.com Washington National Cathedral report corroborates allegations of sex misconduct by 16 adults against students over decades... 2019-06-27
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Temperature-records-are-melting-away-in-Miami-14053628.php 2019-06-26
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/entertainment/article/New-White-House-press-secretary-Stephanie-Grisham-14048173.php 2019-06-25
stamfordadvocate.com Colorados snowpack 40 times normal after rare summer solstice dump... 2019-06-24
stamfordadvocate.com Bernie faces new kind of threat in Elizabeth Warren... 2019-06-24
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/business/article/Sanders-to-propose-canceling-entire-1-6-trillion-14032094.php 2019-06-23
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Trump-renews-pledge-to-deport-millions-but-ICE-14016222.php 2019-06-18
stamfordadvocate.com Pompeo warns about trigger for military action... 2019-06-18
stamfordadvocate.com White House press corps publicly airing its grievances... 2019-06-12
stamfordadvocate.com WHOS WINNING? 2019-05-25
stamfordadvocate.com https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/opinion/article/How-will-Congress-answer-Trump-s-contempt-13877286.php 2019-05-22
stamfordadvocate.com Were all in this together... 2019-05-18
stamfordadvocate.com Michael Cohens secret agenda as Trumps fixer... 2019-02-09
stamfordadvocate.com Dem candidates face political risks when pressed on healthcare specifics... 2019-01-29
stamfordadvocate.com Pressure mounts on Maduro... 2019-01-26
stamfordadvocate.com Some freshmen in Congress say no to their own paychecks... 2019-01-07
stamfordadvocate.com ROMNEY PANS CHARACTER SHORTFALL IN OP-ED... 2019-01-01
stamfordadvocate.com Left plays long game to get Medicare for all... 2018-12-26
stamfordadvocate.com Amid shutdown, bigger worries are brewing... 2018-12-22
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