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rollcall.com Pentagon report reveals inroads white supremacists have made in military... 2021-02-17
rollcall.com Will Capitol Police fully investigate its own? 2021-02-09
rollcall.com Insurrection aftermath: Staffers struggle with trauma, guilt and fear... 2021-01-29
rollcall.com Greene faces mounting calls for repercussions over her words, actions... 2021-01-28
rollcall.com Pentagon aims to spread artificial intelligence across military services... 2021-01-16
rollcall.com Dems plan spending blowout... 2021-01-12
rollcall.com Rules of last 50-50 Senate might not bind this one... 2021-01-12
rollcall.com Attended not-so-socially-distant swearing-in... 2021-01-04
rollcall.com Senate Republicans Block Attempt to Pass $2,000 Bailout Checks... 2020-12-29
rollcall.com Hey, soldiers and spies ? think twice about that home genetic ancestry test... 2020-12-25
rollcall.com Republicans have outside spending advantage in runoffs... 2020-12-22
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/2020/11/20/hoyer-earmarks-are-likely-coming-back-next-year/ 2020-11-20
rollcall.com Misses first roll call in 27 years... 2020-11-17
rollcall.com TWITTER, FACEBOOK face rocky future post-Trump... 2020-11-10
rollcall.com Dems dream election scenarios still alive... 2020-11-09
rollcall.com How Dem sweep could restore Congress power... 2020-10-06
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/2020/10/06/covid-19-cases-keep-rising-in-capitol-complex/ 2020-10-06
rollcall.com Privacy of biometric data in DHS hands in doubt... 2020-09-29
rollcall.com States plan to independently vet data... 2020-09-18
rollcall.com Whats presidents endorsement worth? Texas, Alabama runoffs will tell... 2020-07-10
rollcall.com Pelosi wants 11 statues removed from Capitol... 2020-06-10
rollcall.com Old law could leave 2020 presidential race in stalemate... 2020-06-05
rollcall.com Vulnerable senators offer mixed reviews... 2020-06-02
rollcall.com Antitrust hawks take on Big Tech as pandemic persists... 2020-05-05
rollcall.com Telemedicine key to health care... 2020-05-02
rollcall.com Maricopa problem... 2020-04-30
rollcall.com Painkillers, sedatives in short supply... 2020-04-29
rollcall.com Despite McConnell comment, states cant go bankrupt, only default... 2020-04-28
rollcall.com Annual deficit reaching nearly $4 trillion... 2020-04-13
rollcall.com Small-business funds dwindle... 2020-04-13
rollcall.com Nuclear agency pulls back inspectors... 2020-04-03
rollcall.com CDC suggests nurses use bandanas, scarves... 2020-03-18
rollcall.com At March for Life, Trump gets an enthusiastic reception... 2020-01-24
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/analysis-pentagon-credibility-problem-getting-worse 2020-01-24
rollcall.com Executive privilege standoff could roil trial timeline... 2020-01-24
rollcall.com Schiff, Nadler tension spills out... 2020-01-22
rollcall.com Feds near banning emotional support animals from planes... 2020-01-22
rollcall.com Senators bend by wearing APPLE Watches... 2020-01-21
rollcall.com ROLL CALL: Is Trump really the MVP of the GOP? 2020-01-16
rollcall.com CRACKDOWN WILL LIMIT PRESS 2020-01-14
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/roberts-will-preside-but-not-rule-over-trump-impeachment-trial 2020-01-08
rollcall.com House counsel warns of gun battle in fight for Trump information... 2020-01-03
rollcall.com Where the real battle for votes lies... 2019-12-13
rollcall.com At Trump White House, that elusive China trade deal is always close... 2019-12-06
rollcall.com Paints impeachment as probe of all conservatives... 2019-11-27
rollcall.com US has about 1 million same-sex households... 2019-11-19
rollcall.com States in Midwest have outsized roles in 2020 elections... 2019-11-15
rollcall.com Trump, in 3rd Visit in Month, Tries to Boost Republican in Louisiana Governors Race... 2019-11-15
rollcall.com Trump, in 3rd Visit in Month, Tries to Boost Republican in Louisiana Governors Race... 2019-11-14
rollcall.com Report: Puerto Ricos infrastructure failing as federal aid remains on hold... 2019-11-12
rollcall.com Trump declares economic boom underway... 2019-11-12
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/decline-local-journalism-likely-increasing-voter-polarization 2019-11-06
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/gop-questions-private-depositions-foreshadow-public-hearings 2019-11-05
rollcall.com Dems probing Trump hotel, emoluments... 2019-11-05
rollcall.com The Giuliani problem... 2019-11-05
rollcall.com A year out, four scenarios for the big elections... 2019-11-05
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/one-year-democrats-dominate-10-vulnerable-house-members-2020 2019-11-04
rollcall.com The 10 most vulnerable senators... 2019-11-04
rollcall.com Is tight Kentucky gov race sign of trouble awaiting McConnell in 2020? 2019-11-01
rollcall.com Impeachment on collision course with possible shutdown... 2019-10-30
rollcall.com Dems could tie paychecks to testimony... 2019-10-22
rollcall.com Trump cites obligation to end corruption, but former aide says hes digging deeper hole... 2019-10-04
rollcall.com ANGER BUILDS 2019-10-02
rollcall.com Whistleblower protections tested... 2019-10-01
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/some-democrats-once-reluctant-warming-to-impeachment-over-trumps-call-with-ukraine 2019-09-23
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/whitehouse/trump-mocks-elizabeth-warrens-nyc-crowd-anybody-could-do-that 2019-09-17
rollcall.com Republicans defend ad showing burning image of AOC during Dem debate... 2019-09-13
rollcall.com Pelosi bristles over word... 2019-09-12
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/more-states-allowing-gun-seizures-amid-plague-of-mass-shootings 2019-09-12
rollcall.com DNC blocks virtual caucuses in Iowa and Nevada... 2019-09-06
rollcall.com Latest self-inflicted wound festers... 2019-09-05
rollcall.com HOW MACRON TAMED THE DONALD... 2019-08-26
rollcall.com Nut job... 2019-08-19
rollcall.com House condemnation of Trump may just be beginning... 2019-07-17
rollcall.com Threats against members of Congress increasing, Capitol police chief says... 2019-07-16
rollcall.com DEBT PILES UP! 2019-07-09
rollcall.com http://www.rollcall.com/news/sen-ted-cruz-urges-homeland-security-accept-soap-diaper-donations-border-facilities 2019-07-02
rollcall.com With Iran reversal, did Trump break pledge to never telegraph military ops? 2019-06-22
rollcall.com KICKOFF: FLORIDA... 2019-06-18
rollcall.com Will Congress be ready with oversight? 2019-06-11
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/pay-raise-amendments 2019-06-09
rollcall.com 8 Senate races likely to determine control of chamber... 2019-06-05
rollcall.com Romney maiden speech hammers administrations foreign policy... 2019-06-04
rollcall.com Judge questions whether House can sue over border funding... 2019-05-23
rollcall.com BATTLE FOR PA... 2019-05-22
rollcall.com What are consequences? 2019-05-21
rollcall.com American Taliban set for early release from prison... Developing... 2019-05-20
rollcall.com McConnell introduces bill making the legal smoking age 21... 2019-05-20
rollcall.com More states coming... 2019-05-15
rollcall.com Lawmakers supercitizens? Constitutional question for congressmans trial... 2019-05-13
rollcall.com First unionized presidential campaign in history... 2019-05-08
rollcall.com House Dems give Barr final warning before contempt proceedings... 2019-05-04
rollcall.com Fines? Jail time? DAll options on table for enforcing subpoenas... 2019-05-01
rollcall.com Republicans have post-Trump identity crisis on horizon... 2019-04-25
rollcall.com 20th candidate jumps in... 2019-04-22
rollcall.com Atheist prayers can be barred by House chaplain... 2019-04-21
rollcall.com 24 HOURS 2019-04-17
rollcall.com Iowa farmer has finger on 2020 pulse... 2019-04-10
rollcall.com Your car is watching you: Who owns the data? 2019-04-10
rollcall.com Pollsters prep for more whack-a-mole with 2016 in rearview... 2019-04-03
rollcall.com Colorado joins effort to elect presidents by popular vote, go around Electoral College... 2019-03-18
rollcall.com Congressman suggests dead billionaires pay for staff... 2019-03-13
rollcall.com Pleading the Fifth? 2019-03-06
rollcall.com Republicans advance paid leave plans... 2019-03-06
rollcall.com Capitol Police weapon left unattended in bathroom, AGAIN... 2019-02-27
rollcall.com Congressman threatens Cohen over girlfriends... 2019-02-26
rollcall.com https://www.rollcall.com/news/congress/green-new-deal-democrats-fence 2019-02-16
rollcall.com Deficit reduction remains pipe dream... 2019-02-05
rollcall.com NRA shows signs of decline, even in Trumps America... 2019-02-02
rollcall.com CONGRESS: Jewish Republican accuses Muslim Dem of anti-Semitism, she accuses him of Islamophobia... 2019-02-01
rollcall.com PELOSI IN COMMAND... 2019-01-25
rollcall.com Congresswoman added to libel list over deleted tweet... 2019-01-23
rollcall.com Schiff hiring full-time team to investigate Russia connections... 2019-01-15
rollcall.com Pushes senate on UFO studies: Listen to military sightings! 2019-01-10
rollcall.com Immigration case backlog keeps growing... 2019-01-07
rollcall.com White House, Dems even disagree on definition of negotiating... 2019-01-07
rollcall.com Feinstein signals support for Biden over Kamala... 2019-01-03
rollcall.com Postal Service prayer: Deliver us from fiscal doom... 2018-12-22
rollcall.com ROLL CALL 2018-12-21
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