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politico.com Paranoia and finger-pointing... 2020-10-24
politico.com Warning flare: Swing-state data shows massive Dem lead... 2020-10-23
politico.com Bernie makes play for Labor secretary... 2020-10-22
politico.com Obama goes full throttle... 2020-10-21
politico.com Whites in Pennsylvania flee... 2020-10-19
politico.com Frenzied effort to save his brand... 2020-10-19
politico.com In final sprint, Trump makes stops his team never expected to need... 2020-10-18
politico.com Next economic crisis: Empty retail space... 2020-10-18
politico.com Lindsey Graham runs for his life... 2020-10-18
politico.com Trump starts to articulate painful reality... 2020-10-17
politico.com Adelson pours $75M into last-ditch effort... 2020-10-15
politico.com Tramples govt boundaries... 2020-10-15
politico.com The 8 states that will decide election... 2020-10-14
politico.com Dem early ballots dominate in Florida... 2020-10-14
politico.com Supreme Court allows census count to cease... 2020-10-13
politico.com 3 Trump judges allow TX to limit drop sites... 2020-10-13
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/13/trump-allies-amy-coney-barrett-429124 2020-10-13
politico.com POLL: +8 MI, +10 WI... 2020-10-12
politico.com How he could end 2020 on election night... 2020-10-12
politico.com Amateur hour... 2020-10-11
politico.com Jaime Harrison shatters Senate fundraising record: $57 million! 2020-10-11
politico.com How Dems hope to defeat... 2020-10-11
politico.com Forgotten PA region holds key to fate? 2020-10-10
politico.com NJ Preps for Second Wave... 2020-10-08
politico.com Health officials scrambling to produce drug cards... 2020-10-08
politico.com Trump says Gold Star families could have given him virus... 2020-10-08
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/07/appeals-court-trump-financial-records-427165 2020-10-07
politico.com Bullish Biden invades red territory... 2020-10-07
politico.com VP debates didnt matter -- until president contracted deadly virus... 2020-10-06
politico.com MYSTERIES AROUND HEALTH 2020-10-05
politico.com PLEXIGLASS BARRIER 2020-10-05
politico.com GIULIANI: No reason to delay second debate... 2020-10-05
politico.com Republicans gripped by dread as multiple crises swirl... 2020-10-05
politico.com President Pelosi? Pence prepares to risk it all for Trump... 2020-10-05
politico.com How Mark Meadows Became Unreliable Source... 2020-10-04
politico.com No joy in being right: Biden makes cautious return to campaign trail... 2020-10-04
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/03/trump-hospital-covid-health-425840 2020-10-03
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/02/trump-campaign-manager-tests-positive-for-covid-19-425722 2020-10-03
politico.com Cliff Sims, who wrote tell-all White House memoir, joins spy office... 2020-10-02
politico.com Campaign lodges health and safety objection over VP debate... 2020-10-02
politico.com Confusion, concern infiltrate White House... 2020-10-02
politico.com Biden puts Ohio in play... 2020-10-02
politico.com Adversaries exploit illness? 2020-10-02
politico.com MAG: Is Prosecuting an Ex-President Worth It? 2020-10-01
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/01/former-national-security-adviser-trump-putin-424458 2020-10-01
politico.com Americans Increasingly Believe Violence Justified if Other Side Wins... 2020-10-01
politico.com Parscale steps away from campaign... 2020-09-30
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/30/debates-commission-says-it-will-roll-out-format-changes-for-trump-and-bidens-remaining- 2020-09-30
politico.com GEORGIA THISCLOSE... 2020-09-29
politico.com Pelosi begins mustering Dems for possible House decision on presidency... 2020-09-28
politico.com DEBATE TOMORROW... 2020-09-28
politico.com Amy Coney Barrett: New Feminist Icon... 2020-09-27
politico.com Trump-ordered HHS ad blitz raises alarms... 2020-09-27
politico.com Compares to Nazi propagandist... 2020-09-27
politico.com BRAWL BEGINS 2020-09-27
politico.com Republicans assert sense of inevitability on confirmation... 2020-09-27
politico.com Republicans prep lightning-quick confirmation... 2020-09-25
politico.com Everyone sees the train wreck coming... 2020-09-25
politico.com Judges faith becomes early flashpoint... 2020-09-24
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/23/dianne-feinstein-supreme-court-battle-420357 2020-09-23
politico.com RNC wiring cash to Texas. Is it battleground? 2020-09-23
politico.com MAGA clashes over Barrett vs. Lagoa... 2020-09-22
politico.com ROMNEY BACKS VOTE 2020-09-22
politico.com VOTE 2020-09-21
politico.com Romney faces another crossroads... 2020-09-21
politico.com Fight could reshape Senate... 2020-09-20
politico.com Dem donors smash record... 2020-09-20
politico.com Biden polling lead nears magic number... 2020-09-19
politico.com Champion of womens rights... 2020-09-18
politico.com FDA commissioner blocked from testifying... 2020-09-18
politico.com Outgoing ambassador: USA believed Chinese... 2020-09-18
politico.com CDC backtracks on controversial recommendations... 2020-09-18
politico.com Cash-strapped campaign awaits bailout from big donors... 2020-09-18
politico.com Court rules NSA phone snooping illegal -- after seven-year delay... 2020-09-02
politico.com What would he do in second term? 2020-08-24
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/22/donald-trump-republican-convention-scramble-400222 2020-08-24
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/07/last-try-coronavirus-relief-deal-392564 2020-08-07
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/07/american-bridge-trump-oppo-book-392536 2020-08-07
politico.com Pence blasts Chief Justice Roberts as disappointment to conservatives... 2020-08-06
politico.com Falwell apologizes for unzipped pants photo: Im gonna try to be good boy... 2020-08-05
politico.com MAG: Trumps bag of tricks comes up empty against Biden... 2020-08-04
politico.com Kansas set to decide Kobachs fate -- and possibly the Senates... 2020-08-04
politico.com ON THE ROPES: Ilhan fights off tough primary challenge... 2020-08-03
politico.com Republicans prep for leadership battle if President loses... 2020-08-03
politico.com PA slipping away... 2020-08-03
politico.com Republicans breaking from Presidents talking points... 2020-07-14
politico.com Churches, gyms... 2020-07-13
politico.com Germans favor tougher border controls, poll says... 2020-07-12
politico.com Tammy Duckworth bursts into VP contention... 2020-07-12
politico.com MAGASTAR: Trump allies want Flynn to stage campaign trail comeback... 2020-07-11
politico.com Campaign office shuns masks, social distancing: You get made fun of... 2020-07-10
politico.com FACEBOOK shutters Roger Stone network: Inauthentic behavior... 2020-07-08
politico.com Miamis Republican mayor an undecided voter... 2020-07-08
politico.com MULVANEY: Real headwinds if election turns into referendum... 2020-07-07
politico.com The Dangerous Vaccine Race... 2020-07-07
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/20/doj-local-rioting-cases-329735 2020-06-21
politico.com How Hawaii Became Rare Covid Success Story... 2020-06-20
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/18/trump-joe-biden-debates-328356 2020-06-18
politico.com President turns to establishment players... 2020-06-17
politico.com Members of Congress took bailout cash... 2020-06-16
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/15/joe-biden-fundraising-surged-in-may-320129 2020-06-15
politico.com Bezos Agrees to Testify Before Congress... 2020-06-15
politico.com Republican congressman who officiated gay wedding ousted... 2020-06-14
politico.com KUDLOW: NO SECOND WAVE. NO SECOND WAVE... 2020-06-12
politico.com CAN NOT SUE IF COVID 2020-06-11
politico.com Quarantine fatigue: Governors reject new lockdowns... 2020-06-11
politico.com Ex-TMZ producer ran brazen $4M scam through fake CIA task force... 2020-06-11
politico.com Blood in water: Dems get unexpected opening in Iowa... 2020-06-10
politico.com National Guardsmen struggle with their role in controlling protests... 2020-06-10
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/10/white-house-stops-talking-about-coronavirus-309993 2020-06-10
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/08/trump-rally-coronavirus-307496 2020-06-08
politico.com 2 longshots rise in VP search... 2020-06-08
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/07/kamala-harris-biden-criminal-justice-reform-304534 2020-06-07
politico.com Reach rural America... 2020-06-06
politico.com Behind Bill Barrs Unmarked Federal Agents... 2020-06-05
politico.com Defense secretary doesnt support deploying troops... 2020-06-03
politico.com National Guard investigating helicopter use to disperse crowds... 2020-06-03
politico.com NC gov rejects demand for full-fledged convention... 2020-06-02
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/02/biden-blasts-trump-flames-of-hate-296144 2020-06-02
politico.com Surgeon general: You understand the anger... 2020-06-01
politico.com Judge questions unusual DOJ filing in Flynn case... 2020-06-01
politico.com States brace for disasters as pandemic collides with hurricane season... 2020-06-01
politico.com Confederate monuments targeted... 2020-05-31
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/30/back-off-trump-germany-wants-to-make-europe-strong-again-290594 2020-05-30
politico.com Roberts joins courts liberals to deny churchs lockdown challenge... 2020-05-30
politico.com Merkel rejects invite to attend G7 summit at Camp David... 2020-05-29
politico.com USA withdrawing from World Health Organization... 2020-05-29
politico.com Court spurns Loomer suit v TWITTER... 2020-05-27
politico.com Rising Biden threat... 2020-05-27
politico.com 2016 campaign brass warns Trump hes in trouble for 2020... 2020-05-26
politico.com Pentagon watchdog becomes latest to exit administration... 2020-05-26
politico.com Plastic straws coming back, thanks to Covid-19... 2020-05-26
politico.com Can NASA and Musk lift off? 2020-05-26
politico.com Germany to Bail Out LUFTHANSA... 2020-05-26
politico.com Rigged election talk sparks fear of post-election chaos... 2020-05-25
politico.com Pennsylvania warns of election nightmare... 2020-05-25
politico.com Lavish Parties, Greedy Pols: How APPLE of Pot Collapsed... 2020-05-24
politico.com Behind demand: Slipping poll numbers, alarm inside campaign... 2020-05-22
politico.com Declares houses of worship essential... 2020-05-22
politico.com Reopening reality check: Georgia jobs arent flooding back... 2020-05-21
politico.com Campaign eyes return to megarallies... 2020-05-20
politico.com Flynns lawyers try end run around federal judge... 2020-05-19
politico.com Full Susan Rice email sent on Inauguration Day declassified... 2020-05-19
politico.com NASAs human spaceflight chief ousted just before big launch... 2020-05-19
politico.com Trump plans halt to National Guard deployments before retirement benefits kick in... 2020-05-19
politico.com Unprecedented Turnover at White House Continues... 2020-05-18
politico.com Republicans warn reelection on shaky ground... 2020-05-18
politico.com Dem govs hit with flurry of legal challenges to lockdowns... 2020-05-17
politico.com Manipulative, deceitful, user: Tara Reade left trail of aggrieved acquaintances... 2020-05-15
politico.com Appeals court greenlights emoluments suit against Trump... 2020-05-14
politico.com Republican wins California special election... 2020-05-13
politico.com How Coronavirus Could Make People Move... 2020-05-13
politico.com Kamala emerges as early Biden VP favorite... 2020-05-11
politico.com Republican Senate candidate calls out Trump... 2020-05-09
politico.com The Southern Democrat with power to shut down convention... 2020-05-09
politico.com Pence press secretary tests positive... 2020-05-08
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/05/07/experts-knew-pandemic-was-coming-what-they-fear-next-238686 2020-05-08
politico.com President erupts at George Conway MOURNING IN AMERICA video... 2020-05-05
politico.com World leaders pledge to fight coronavirus; USA skips meeting... 2020-05-04
politico.com Sailors still show symptoms despite month of isolation... 2020-05-04
politico.com Armageddon in Atlantic City: Casino town facing ruin again... 2020-05-03
politico.com BUSH JUMPS IN 2020-05-02
politico.com Search for complaint threatens to backfire... 2020-05-02
politico.com IRS sends checks to foreign workers... 2020-05-01
politico.com How anti-5G anger sparked a wave of arson attacks... 2020-05-01
politico.com CDC eyes tracking through human waste... 2020-05-01
politico.com Capitol physician says Senate lacks capacity to test all senators... 2020-04-30
politico.com Backlash grows as relief stumbles... 2020-04-27
politico.com President looks to Hope Hicks as crisis spills over... 2020-04-27
politico.com Biden wants new stimulus hell of a lot bigger than $2 trillion... 2020-04-26
politico.com USDA let millions of pounds of food rot while food-bank demand soared... 2020-04-26
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/25/white-house-replace-alex-azar-208151 2020-04-25
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/24/gop-memo-anti-china-coronavirus-207244 2020-04-24
politico.com Trump owes tens of millions to Bank of China -- loan is due soon... 2020-04-24
politico.com Navy recommends fired carrier captain be reinstated... 2020-04-24
politico.com Officials probe the threat of coronavirus bioweapon... 2020-04-23
politico.com President prepares to hit the road... 2020-04-22
politico.com POLITICO: Dont Waste Stimulus Money on Newspapers... 2020-04-21
politico.com Trump administration reverses prisoner release policy... 2020-04-21
politico.com Dems push former first lady... 2020-04-21
politico.com Dem momentum puts Senate majority in play... 2020-04-20
politico.com Republican lawmakers eye return to Capitol in protest of shutdown... 2020-04-17
politico.com Army to build temporary hospital in D.C. convention center... 2020-04-17
politico.com Trumps Greatest Escape? 2020-04-17
politico.com WALL STREET TO TRUMP: KEEP IT CLOSED 2020-04-16
politico.com Shutdown backlash coming -- with vengeance... 2020-04-16
politico.com Warren gets behind Joe as Dems unite... 2020-04-15
politico.com Economic meltdown gives new hope in Texas... 2020-04-14
politico.com Inside global battle to prevent another depression... 2020-04-13
politico.com How Southern Politics Fail Towns Virus Response... 2020-04-12
politico.com Gridlocked Israel nears 4th consecutive election... 2020-04-12
politico.com The Woman in Michigan Goes National... 2020-04-10
politico.com White House to require coronavirus tests for journalists... 2020-04-09
politico.com Secret provision in bailout bill sets up mysterious $450 billion fund... 2020-04-09
politico.com Homeland warns stressors could trigger attacks on houses of worship... 2020-04-08
politico.com Top Dem warns of dangerous and risky Senate return... 2020-04-08
politico.com Big layoffs at NRA... 2020-04-08
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/07/kushner-coronavirus-surveillance-174165 2020-04-08
politico.com By December, we are going to go through this again... 2020-04-08
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/07/thomas-modly-coronavirus-speech-resign-navy-172625 2020-04-07
politico.com Wisconsin gov orders stop to in-person voting on eve of election... 2020-04-06
politico.com South poised for disproportionate suffering... 2020-04-05
politico.com NEW YORK DEATH TOLL SURPASSES 9/11 2020-04-03
politico.com Banks warn of chaotic launch of small business lending program... 2020-04-02
politico.com Trumps Breakdown... 2020-04-01
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/31/pence-task-force-coronavirus-aid-157806 2020-03-31
politico.com Fauci: Mask-wearing recommendation under very serious consideration... 2020-03-31
politico.com IRS orders office evacuation, affecting most agency employees... 2020-03-30
politico.com New Yorkers who break distancing rules face fines of $500... 2020-03-29
politico.com Prominent Republican fundraiser looks to cash in... 2020-03-27
politico.com Who got special deals? Pet projects declared Emergencies... 2020-03-27
politico.com Judge releases immigration detainees... 2020-03-27
politico.com UPDATE: Feds may send prisoners home due to virus risks... 2020-03-26
politico.com MORGUES NEAR CAPACITY 2020-03-25
politico.com Those who intentionally spread could be charged as terrorists... 2020-03-25
politico.com Illinois Gov. Pritzker mocks Trumps efforts... 2020-03-22
politico.com Washington to pick which companies survive... 2020-03-22
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/21/doj-coronavirus-emergency-powers-140023 2020-03-21
politico.com House members, Senate aides also traded shares... 2020-03-21
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/20/bloomberg-staffers-exposed-to-coronavirus-139466 2020-03-20
politico.com Panic mode in immigration courts... 2020-03-17
politico.com TEMP CHECKS BEGIN AT WHITE HOUSE... 2020-03-14
politico.com Businessman to donate 500,000 test kits, million masks to USA... 2020-03-13
politico.com Coronavirus consumes Trumps reelection bid... 2020-03-13
politico.com America starts shut down... 2020-03-12
politico.com Dems smell blood in Texas after sky-high primary turnout... 2020-03-12
politico.com MULLS EMERGENCY DECLARATION 2020-03-11
politico.com Michigan Romp Shows Joe Could Rebuild Blue Wall vs. Trump... 2020-03-11
politico.com https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/michigan/ 2020-03-10
politico.com Travel slump worsens as airlines blame media... 2020-03-10
politico.com Michigan Was Once Bernies Resurrection. Now Could Be His Burial... 2020-03-09
politico.com Trumps intel power play spooks the spooks... 2020-03-08
politico.com Life After Bernie... 2020-03-06
politico.com Romney could derail Republican subpoena targeting Bidens... 2020-03-05
politico.com White House sidelines health secretary... 2020-03-05
politico.com Republicans lean back into Biden probe... 2020-03-04
politico.com Warren team turns grim after wipeout... 2020-03-04
politico.com https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/california/ 2020-03-03
politico.com https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/texas/ 2020-03-03
politico.com RESULTS... 2020-03-03
politico.com CDC blocked FDA official from premises... 2020-03-03
politico.com SUPER TUESDAY HERALDS EPIC DEM CLASH... 2020-03-03
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/02/klobuchar-to-drop-out-of-2020-campaign-endorse-biden-118823 2020-03-02
politico.com UNITE OR FIGHT? 2020-03-02
politico.com Empty stadiums and no more selfie lines? Coronavirus becomes 2020 X-factor... 2020-02-29
politico.com Trump to nominate Rep. Ratcliffe again as intel chief... 2020-02-28
politico.com Republican scramble on to succeed Trump in 2024... 2020-02-28
politico.com BERNIE SLAYER FAILS TO EMERGE? 2020-02-26
politico.com Next-generation Bush runs headlong into Trumps GOP... 2020-02-25
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/24/bloomberg-debate-strategy-bernie-sanders-117276 2020-02-25
politico.com Internal poll claims Bernie would sink downballot Dems... 2020-02-25
politico.com Judge denies Roger Stones effort to disqualify her... 2020-02-23
politico.com Eviscerates conventional wisdom... 2020-02-23
politico.com Roger Stone moves to disqualify judge in last-ditch bid to avoid prison... 2020-02-22
politico.com It could be a zoo... 2020-02-22
politico.com BLANKFEIN: Harder to vote Bernie than Trump... 2020-02-21
politico.com Feds charge man for threatening whistleblower attorney... 2020-02-20
politico.com Expansive view of executive power gets post-impeachment surge... 2020-02-18
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/17/bernie-sanders-nevada-breaks-pack-115450 2020-02-17
politico.com The implausible ticket? 2020-02-15
politico.com DEEP CRACKS EMERGE IN BIDEN FIREWALL... 2020-02-15
politico.com AHEAD IN NEVADA... 2020-02-14
politico.com DC SHOOK... 2020-02-13
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/12/biden-call-supporters-damned-nomination-114763 2020-02-13
politico.com RESULTS... 2020-02-11
politico.com Candidates quietly band together to ditch DNC program... 2020-02-11
politico.com Bernie takes top spot in national poll... 2020-02-10
politico.com Blowback scorches Perez... 2020-02-07
politico.com New Theory: There Is No Swing Voter... 2020-02-06
politico.com Capitol Police investigate suspicious substance near Schiffs office... 2020-02-06
politico.com Biden campaign agonizes over shellacking... 2020-02-06
politico.com First head rolls... 2020-02-05
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/05/sen-mitt-romney-will-vote-to-convict-trump-breaking-with-fellow-republicans-110848 2020-02-05
politico.com https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/iowa/?2 2020-02-04
politico.com Im not bitter... 2020-02-04
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/04/buttigieg-narrative-iowa-caucus-official-results-110663 2020-02-04
politico.com DEMS DOOMED? 2020-02-04
politico.com Do Reporters Know Anything? 2020-02-03
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/31/dnc-superdelegates-110083 2020-01-31
politico.com USA declares coronavirus public health emergency... 2020-01-31
politico.com DNC shifts debate requirements, opening door for Bloomberg... 2020-01-31
politico.com SENATE TO REJECT WITNESSES 2020-01-31
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/31/trumps-impeachment-trial-could-extend-into-next-week-109937 2020-01-31
politico.com Acquittal Friday? 2020-01-31
politico.com Possibility of epic tie... 2020-01-30
politico.com IOWA IN A WEEK! 2020-01-29
politico.com Trump allies target African American voters with new tactic: Cash giveaways... 2020-01-29
politico.com Rise sets off alarms on left... 2020-01-28
politico.com Trumps legal team wraps up defense... 2020-01-28
politico.com Celeb star-power fuels final Iowa sprint... 2020-01-27
politico.com Record-high turnout could upend race... 2020-01-27
politico.com Warren wins prized DES MOINES REGISTER endorsement... 2020-01-26
politico.com Mulvaney becomes top target... 2020-01-23
politico.com Why Bidens rivals cant break his lock on black voters... 2020-01-23
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/22/michael-bloomberg-surges-to-4th-place-in-new-poll-102045 2020-01-22
politico.com White House weighs travel ban expansion in coming days... 2020-01-21
politico.com McConnell softens hard-line tactics... 2020-01-21
politico.com TUESDAY: TRUMP TRIAL BEGINS 2020-01-20
politico.com Trump impeachment, starring Bill Clinton... 2020-01-18
politico.com BOMBSHELLS JOLT IMPEACHMENT TRIAL... 2020-01-17
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/16/white-house-violated-the-law-by-freezing-ukraine-aid-gao-says-099682 2020-01-16
politico.com MULTIPLE VICTORIES? 2020-01-16
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/15/house-democrats-parnas-evidence-099413 2020-01-15
politico.com Bloomberg slams debate... 2020-01-15
politico.com Roberts leading trial, but this woman is shaping it... 2020-01-13
politico.com SANDERS SURGES 2020-01-13
politico.com Satan, the FBI, the Mob -- and the Forgotten Plot to Kill Ted Kennedy... 2020-01-12
politico.com Obama campaign guru warns against Bernie... 2020-01-12
politico.com Journalist to revive litigation over alleged surveillance by feds... 2020-01-10
politico.com BERNIES WAR ON WAR 2020-01-10
politico.com Alt-right author Brimelow sues NYT for $5M over White Nationalist claim... 2020-01-10
politico.com Sanders emerges as growing threat to Biden... 2020-01-09
politico.com Ruth Bader Ginsburg says shes cancer-free! 2020-01-08
politico.com House to vote Thursday to curb Presidents war powers... 2020-01-08
politico.com Left launches pre-Iowa assault on Biden... 2020-01-08
politico.com TRUMP, BLOOMBERG TO DUEL WITH $10M SUPER BOWL ADS... 2020-01-07
politico.com McConnell moving forward on trial rules without Dems... 2020-01-07
politico.com White House awaits next move... 2020-01-06
politico.com The very real scenario of protracted, bizarro world primary... 2020-01-06
politico.com TROUBLES: HILL looking for buyers... 2020-01-03
politico.com How decision was made... 2020-01-03
politico.com Trump works to avoid evangelical defections... 2020-01-03
politico.com Bloomberg fails to file for Nevada... 2020-01-02
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2019/12/31/chief-justice-john-roberts-warns-about-dangers-of-fake-news-091791 2019-12-31
politico.com Warren confronts ghost of Howard Dean... 2019-12-31
politico.com Fight against facial recognition hits wall across West... 2019-12-30
politico.com Worst Political Predictions of 2019... 2019-12-30
politico.com DEMS: IT COULD BE BERNIE 2019-12-26
politico.com Weve never seen spending like this: Bloomberg, Steyer saturate airwaves... 2019-12-25
politico.com The surge is real: Klobuchar makes late push in Iowa... 2019-12-24
politico.com Trump campaign plagued by groups raising million$ in his name... 2019-12-23
politico.com House counsel suggests Trump could be impeached again... 2019-12-23
politico.com https://www.politico.com/news/2019/12/22/trump-judges-9th-circuit-appeals-court-088833 2019-12-22
politico.com Ex-FBI official gets 7 days jail for accessing anti-Mueller activists emails... 2019-12-20
politico.com FINAL DEBATE 2019... 2019-12-19
politico.com White House braces for Mulvaneys post-impeachment exit... 2019-12-19
politico.com Van Drew pledges undying support for president as he switches parties... 2019-12-19
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