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orlandosentinel.com Hurricane center monitors tropical disturbances by Gulf, Carolinas... 2021-06-14
orlandosentinel.com https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/lake/os-ne-the-villages-leesburg-hospital-system-shutdown-20210604-gmftx7hrfvfihloushicxuiw 2021-06-04
orlandosentinel.com https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-ne-matt-gaetz-revenge-porn-20210405-5qbme6ilzna3rhry6gzqeevwpq-story.html 2021-04-06
orlandosentinel.com DeSantis signs law shielding Florida businesses from Covid liability... 2021-03-29
orlandosentinel.com DeSantis denies involvement in wealthy Key Largo vaccination site, despite donations... 2021-03-04
orlandosentinel.com But Only 68% of Attendees Want Donald to Run Again... 2021-02-28
orlandosentinel.com Man begging for food at KFC stabbed by customer... 2021-02-28
orlandosentinel.com More than dozen earthquakes reported in Puerto Rico on Christmas Eve... 2020-12-25
orlandosentinel.com Tropical Storm Iota forecast to hit Central America as major hurricane... 2020-11-14
orlandosentinel.com Florida officials warn results might not be ready on election night... 2020-10-12
orlandosentinel.com No mask, no custody. Covid new factor in family law... 2020-10-02
orlandosentinel.com Good Samaritan turns in wallet, leading to arrest of man for meth trafficking... 2020-09-29
orlandosentinel.com Florida Keys now requiring face masks until June 2021! 2020-06-18
orlandosentinel.com Man with machete tattoo on face accused of machete attack... 2020-06-18
orlandosentinel.com Six shot at Daytona Beach... 2020-05-24
orlandosentinel.com SPACEX set to launch another 60 satellites -- in one day! 2020-02-13
orlandosentinel.com Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist arrested, accused of sharing personal info of dead boys father... 2020-01-27
orlandosentinel.com Dems unveil billboard showing Trump tossing paper towels as Pence plans to visit Florida... 2020-01-13
orlandosentinel.com SNAP: Man having home built dresses up as sheriff to intimidate contractor... 2020-01-02
orlandosentinel.com How 2 womens trip to Florida strip club sparked constitutional bout... 2019-12-09
orlandosentinel.com UNIVERSAL delays guest at gate over retired police officer shirt... 2019-11-21
orlandosentinel.com Florida gets tropical storm warning as next depression close to formation... 2019-10-17
orlandosentinel.com Puerto Rico hit by 6.0 mag quake as tropical storm approaches... 2019-09-24
orlandosentinel.com When a hurricane hits, what happens to sharks, dolphins and marine life? 2019-09-20
orlandosentinel.com Orlando most dangerous place to walk... 2019-09-17
orlandosentinel.com Florida watch... 2019-09-13
orlandosentinel.com Gatorland secures crocs... 2019-09-02
orlandosentinel.com NASA works to secure its launch pads... 2019-08-28
orlandosentinel.com Central Florida still in path; Puerto Rico on hurricane watch... 2019-08-27
orlandosentinel.com Strengthening... 2019-08-26
orlandosentinel.com https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-trump-administration-central-florida-shelter-20190823-rgbt4joae5etpmlk6gzj6qxtky- 2019-08-23
orlandosentinel.com Majority of porn sites track user data -- without telling... 2019-08-16
orlandosentinel.com Nightmare scenario: 15 years since Florida was beaten, bruised by 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks... 2019-08-14
orlandosentinel.com Teen urinates on WALMART shelf days after woman sullied potatoes... 2019-08-02
orlandosentinel.com Five guys arrested after fist fight at FIVE GUYS... 2019-07-18
orlandosentinel.com https://www.orlandosentinel.com/space/apollo-11-anniversary/os-ne-apollo-11-messages-on-moon-20190708-czzqizb56jgcxca5wrqyuhlfdm 2019-07-08
orlandosentinel.com Another Florida body found in mouth of alligator... 2019-07-05
orlandosentinel.com NASAs Orion astronaut capsule endures intense test; up next, the moon... 2019-07-02
orlandosentinel.com Real-life Hamburglar cooks himself dinner after breaking into WENDYS... 2019-07-01
orlandosentinel.com ORLANDO SENTINEL gets jump on endorsements: Not Donald... 2019-06-18
orlandosentinel.com Florida church hosting 3-day Make America Straight Again event... 2019-06-13
orlandosentinel.com Sharks popping up all around Florida for beach season... 2019-05-29
orlandosentinel.com 3 Florida radio stations vow to broadcast Trump speeches daily until end of 2020... 2019-05-14
orlandosentinel.com Federal judge orders bilingual ballots for Florida counties... 2019-05-10
orlandosentinel.com https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/florida/os-ne-bufo-toad-kills-tampa-dog-20190403-story.html 2019-04-06
orlandosentinel.com BOEING 737 MAX makes emergency landing at Orlando Airport... 2019-03-26
orlandosentinel.com Alien in backyard? UFO community believes -- and science starts listening... 2019-03-19
orlandosentinel.com COPS: Woman stabbed daughter, 11, to prevent her from having sex... 2019-03-11
orlandosentinel.com COPS: Speeding woman ignores siren in rush for burger... 2019-02-27
orlandosentinel.com Driverless buses to begin operating in Orlando... 2019-02-19
orlandosentinel.com Horse that escaped death sentence now healing at ranch... 2019-01-18
orlandosentinel.com NETFLIX and chill no more as streaming gets complicated... 2019-01-06
orlandosentinel.com FLORIDA INFERNO: At least 7 dead after diesel spill on highway... 2019-01-03
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