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oregonlive.com Portland cops guard dumpsters, face off with residents seeking discarded food... 2021-02-17
oregonlive.com UPDATE: Ammon Bundy builds militia network on Covid backlash... 2021-02-14
oregonlive.com https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2021/01/portland-mayor-ted-wheeler-contacts-police-after-unspecified-weekend-incident.html 2021-01-25
oregonlive.com Vehicle runs down 5 pedestrians in Portland... 2021-01-25
oregonlive.com Thief threatens to call cops on mom who left child in back seat of car he stole... 2021-01-18
oregonlive.com Cleaning crew left cell open, allowing man wanted in cop attack to escape, Portland police say... 2021-01-04
oregonlive.com Person who went to work sick linked to 7 deaths... 2020-12-25
oregonlive.com OR decriminalizes possession of street drugs, becoming first in nation... 2020-11-04
oregonlive.com Portland protesters topple Roosevelt, Lincoln statues in Day of Rage... 2020-10-12
oregonlive.com Lost airline luggage items sold online for super-cheap... 2020-06-18
oregonlive.com Man who shot himself in penis gets hard prison sentence... 2020-06-15
oregonlive.com Portland 2020-05-31
oregonlive.com Judge tosses Oregons restrictions on religious gatherings... 2020-05-18
oregonlive.com ER doctor fired after criticizing his hospital... 2020-03-29
oregonlive.com Strip club forced to close, so dancers now do delivery... 2020-03-23
oregonlive.com Multiple people stabbed at Oregon bank... Developing... 2019-12-18
oregonlive.com HORROR: Man hid dead roommates body under mattress -- had sex on top of it... 2019-11-27
oregonlive.com Man sues clinic over donated sperm used for 17 kids... 2019-10-02
oregonlive.com https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2019/09/police-shooting-reported-at-portland-airport.html 2019-09-27
oregonlive.com Former Marine said hed slaughter antifa. The FBI took his guns away... 2019-09-01
oregonlive.com Police digitally alter mugshot after witnesses said bank robber had no facial tattoos... 2019-08-19
oregonlive.com UPDATES... 2019-08-17
oregonlive.com Patriot Prayer leader arrested... 2019-08-17
oregonlive.com https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2019/08/will-proud-boys-antifa-showdown-mark-a-tipping-point-for-portland.html 2019-08-10
oregonlive.com Portland woman allegedly beat police officer with his own baton... 2019-08-04
oregonlive.com Clone tick swarms, new to U.S., killing cattle by draining their blood... 2019-07-14
oregonlive.com Veterinary suicide crisis... 2019-07-10
oregonlive.com Oregon Republicans remain in undisclosed locations as Senate leader declares climate bill dead... 2019-06-25
oregonlive.com https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2019/06/oregon-governor-sends-police-to-find-missing-republicans-bring-them-to-capitol.html 2019-06-20
oregonlive.com County pays $100k to worker who complained about Blue Lives Matter flag... 2019-04-21
oregonlive.com Former Paper Editor: Media Parroted SOUTHERN POVERTY Releases... 2019-04-07
oregonlive.com Oregon may expand gun-free zones, raise buying age... 2019-04-02
oregonlive.com Emotional support animal mauls 5-year-old at airport... 2019-02-27
oregonlive.com Oregon to lower voting age to 16? 2019-02-19
oregonlive.com Basketball bribes: How ADIDAS bankrolled black market for teen talent... 2019-02-05
oregonlive.com Saudi students who vanish before US trial span states, decades... 2019-01-27
oregonlive.com Portland TRAIL BLAZERS fans possibly exposed to measles, officials say... 2019-01-20
oregonlive.com Tractor driver levels ATM in heist... 2019-01-08
oregonlive.com Prison commissaries offer AMAZON-like goods... 2019-01-07
oregonlive.com Month later, Alaska STILL shaking with aftershocks from 7.0 quake... 2019-01-06
oregonlive.com https://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/2019/01/oregon-woman-ordered-held-without-bail-in-uncles-shooting-death.html 2019-01-06
oregonlive.com Major NCAA football conference considers private equity partners... 2018-12-30
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