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nextgov.com STUDY: More Republicans Died of Covid Than Democrats! 2022-11-30
nextgov.com You Dont Have to be a Spy to Violate Espionage Act... 2022-08-16
nextgov.com Social Media Fuels White Nationalism and Attracts Young, Violent Men... 2022-08-10
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/ideas/2022/07/ai-scouts-brain-data-spot-mental-illness-patterns/374923/ 2022-07-27
nextgov.com GOOGLE Bets Big on Government Business with New Division... 2022-06-28
nextgov.com US Supercomputer Named Fastest in World... 2022-06-01
nextgov.com China May Have Taken the Lead in Quantum Computing Race... 2022-04-20
nextgov.com Kremlin Disinfo: All Bots, No Bite... 2022-04-05
nextgov.com Feds Want Drone Tech to Scan Your Body From a Mile Away... 2022-03-18
nextgov.com Whos Responsible if TELSA on Autopilot Kills Someone? 2022-03-15
nextgov.com If Russia Hacks U.S. Satellite, Then What? 2022-03-07
nextgov.com Crypto Trading Platform Founder Indicted in $2 Billion Global Ponzi Scheme... 2022-02-28
nextgov.com Can Russian False Flag Attack Succeed in Information Age? 2022-02-22
nextgov.com 58% Say Jobs Are Main Source of Mental Health Woes... 2022-02-18
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2022/02/law-enforcement-seize-over-36-billion-crypto-related-2016-hack/361729/ 2022-02-08
nextgov.com IRS Wants to Track, Share Crypto Trades With Law Enforcement... 2022-02-08
nextgov.com Scientists Link Social Media Use to Worse Physical Health... 2022-01-27
nextgov.com mNRA, DNA Vaccines Could Soon Treat Cancers, HIV... 2022-01-24
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/cio-briefing/2021/11/ftc-investigating-major-retailers-over-supply-chain-backlog/187152/ 2021-11-30
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/ideas/2021/11/great-resignation-trend-began-pandemic-and-bosses-need-get-used-it/186847/ 2021-11-16
nextgov.com Space Travelers Suffer Back Pain... 2021-10-29
nextgov.com New Touch Screens Will Let You Feel Items Before You Buy... 2021-10-26
nextgov.com DHS Wants Wearables to Track Employee Health... 2021-10-15
nextgov.com House Defense Bill Includes New Permanent UFO Office at Pentagon... 2021-09-24
nextgov.com Treasury Sanctions First Exchange... 2021-09-22
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/ideas/2021/09/elon-musks-tesla-bot-raises-serious-concerns-probably-not-ones-you-think/185202/ 2021-09-10
nextgov.com 41% Consider Quitting, Changing Jobs... 2021-09-01
nextgov.com MICROSOFT Joins AMAZON in Top Secret Cloud for Govt... 2021-08-18
nextgov.com Bezos Lawsuit Could Jeopardize NASA 2024 Moon Landing... 2021-08-13
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/it-modernization/2021/08/nsa-awards-secret-10-billion-contract-amazon/184390/ 2021-08-10
nextgov.com Screentime Leads to Cybersickness... 2021-07-28
nextgov.com IRS Seeks Tools For Cracking Cryptocurrency Wallets... 2021-05-24
nextgov.com Report Shows How AI Could Supercharge Future Disinfo Campaigns... 2021-05-21
nextgov.com Solar Storms Threaten America... 2021-05-14
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2021/05/treasury-office-seeks-tools-trace-cryptocurrency-linked-sanctions-list/173894/ 2021-05-10
nextgov.com DOJs Use of Predictive Policing Algorithms Questioned... 2021-04-20
nextgov.com Digital Nomads Fleeing Big Cities And Office Life... 2021-04-13
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2021/04/army-wants-automate-base-access-facial-recognition-drive-thru-checkpoints/173113/ 2021-04-06
nextgov.com Former Sen. Harry Reid Discusses UFOs, Alien Threats... 2021-03-11
nextgov.com Air Force Preps for EMP Attack... 2021-02-28
nextgov.com FACEBOOKs News Blockade Shows How Tech Giants are Swallowing the Web... 2021-02-26
nextgov.com FAA to Require License Plate for All Drones... 2021-02-22
nextgov.com Millions of Lonely Americans Turning to AI Chatbots for Comfort... 2021-02-17
nextgov.com More Govt Employees Outfitted With Contact-Tracing Wearables... 2021-02-12
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2021/02/army-special-forces-wants-lasers-shoot-down-drones/171990/ 2021-02-11
nextgov.com Orders Govt Agencies to Buy American-Made Products... 2021-01-26
nextgov.com Americans Overly Optimistic About Vaccine... 2021-01-15
nextgov.com UPDATE: Embassies, CIA Officers Hit with High-Power Microwaves... 2020-12-28
nextgov.com Poop Pilots to Detect Outbreaks... 2020-12-21
nextgov.com DHS Improves Biometric Scanning of Masked Faces... 2020-12-18
nextgov.com Intel Agencies Seek to Perfect Drone-Based Face-Scanning From a Distance... 2020-12-14
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/cio-briefing/2020/12/federal-government-spending-nearly-twice-much-its-taking/170681/ 2020-12-11
nextgov.com AI Tool Can Tell a Conspiracy Theory From a True Conspiracy... 2020-11-25
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/it-modernization/2020/11/exclusive-cia-awards-secret-multibillion-dollar-cloud-contract/170227/ 2020-11-20
nextgov.com Army-Funded Algorithm Decodes Brain Signals... 2020-11-16
nextgov.com Senators Urge Investigation After CPB Admits to Warrantless Cell Phone Surveillance... 2020-10-26
nextgov.com Pentagon to Move Primary Biometrics System to AMAZON... 2020-10-20
nextgov.com Military to Equip Dogs With Augmented Reality Goggles... 2020-10-09
nextgov.com Pentagon Gives SPACEX Contract to Build Satellites, Track Missiles in Space... 2020-10-06
nextgov.com $6 Trillion and Counting: Record Federal Spending Continues... 2020-09-30
nextgov.com GOOGLE Trends Show Panic Attack Rise... 2020-09-24
nextgov.com On TIKTOK, Trump Admin Adopting Chinas Vision for Internet? 2020-09-22
nextgov.com Humans Increasingly Turn to Robots for Interaction... 2020-08-07
nextgov.com 2020 Govt Spending to Eclipse All-Time Record... 2020-08-06
nextgov.com Navy to Use Tracking Wearable Tech to Prevent Covid Spread... 2020-07-18
nextgov.com Govt to Expand License Plate Reading Program Nationwide... 2020-07-13
nextgov.com Why Are Predator Drones Surveiling Crowds? 2020-06-09
nextgov.com Bill Would Prevent Trump From NUKING Hurricanes... 2020-06-04
nextgov.com Scientists Create Second Skin to Shield Against Biological Threats... 2020-05-19
nextgov.com Homeland Securitys Biometrics Database Moves to AMAZON Cloud... 2020-05-06
nextgov.com Army to Develop Wearable COVID-19 Detectors... 2020-05-04
nextgov.com Congress Debates Using Smartphone Data... 2020-04-10
nextgov.com Americas Fastest Supercomputer Tasked with Finding Cure... 2020-03-12
nextgov.com AMAZON Ring Surveillance Controversy Grows... 2020-02-20
nextgov.com Army Tech Can See and ID People Through Walls... 2020-02-06
nextgov.com Bill Would End NSA Surveillance Programs Revealed by Snowden... 2020-01-29
nextgov.com Customs to Roll Out Facial Recognition at all Airports... 2020-01-20
nextgov.com Bots Destroying Political Discourse... 2020-01-09
nextgov.com Pentagon Wants AI-Powered Swarms... 2019-12-27
nextgov.com Laser-Linked Satellites Could Deliver Worldwide Internet from Space... 2019-12-24
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2019/12/crazy-government-research-projects-you-mightve-missed-2019/161977/ 2019-12-23
nextgov.com Pentagon Designing Smart Suits to Help Humans Withstand Biological Attacks... 2019-12-04
nextgov.com Protesters Down Drones With Standard Laser Pointers... 2019-11-14
nextgov.com STUDY: Smartphones Increase Stress, Shorten Lives... 2019-11-07
nextgov.com Military Algorithm Can Predict Illness 48 Hours Before Symptoms Show... 2019-10-25
nextgov.com Senator Calls for Halt of Facial Recognition At Airports... 2019-10-18
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2019/10/argonne-team-looks-insect-brains-models-computer-chip-innovation/160686/ 2019-10-18
nextgov.com Postal Service to Deliver Mail With DRONES... 2019-10-16
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2019/10/federal-privacy-board-reviewing-dhs-airport-facial-recognition-programs/160341/ 2019-10-04
nextgov.com Homeland Security Moving ALL Biometric Data to AMAZON Cloud... 2019-10-04
nextgov.com Govt Collects Almost Everything About Everyone Entering USA... 2019-09-18
nextgov.com CIA Developing Long-Range Face-Scanning Capability... 2019-09-17
nextgov.com POLL: Majority Trust Govt to Use Facial Recognition Responsibly... 2019-09-11
nextgov.com VEGAS AIRPORT TO TEST FACE SCANS... 2019-08-28
nextgov.com REPORT: Cell Phone Use Causes Brain Depletion... 2019-08-22
nextgov.com FBI Seeks Spy Tech for Social Media Feeds... 2019-08-02
nextgov.com Judge Clears Path for AMAZON to Build Pentagons War Cloud... 2019-07-12
nextgov.com Half of all American adults in FBIs facial-recognition database... 2019-07-11
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/cio-briefing/2019/07/governments-historic-spending-spree-continues/158160/ 2019-07-03
nextgov.com Border Patrol Seeks Underground Robots to Probe Tunnels... 2019-06-20
nextgov.com Governments Massive Biometric Database Moving to AMAZON... 2019-06-19
nextgov.com NOT MOVING: Mobility has fallen to record lows... 2019-06-07
nextgov.com Feds Claim Airport Facial Recognition Not Surveillance Program... 2019-06-03
nextgov.com NSA Deflects Blame After Leaked Hacking Tools Held City Hostage... 2019-05-31
nextgov.com Intel Agencies Invest in AI to Track People Across Video Surveillance Networks... 2019-05-15
nextgov.com Congress Demands Details on NSA Phone Surveillance Operations... 2019-05-09
nextgov.com Pentagon Building Space Robots... 2019-04-23
nextgov.com FBIs Facial Recognition Programs Under Fire Over Privacy, Accuracy Concerns... 2019-04-19
nextgov.com MICROSOFT Unveils Secret Data Centers for Classified Govt Data... 2019-04-18
nextgov.com Newest AI-Enabled Weapon: Deep-Faking Photos of Earth... 2019-04-03
nextgov.com REVEALED: DEA Used NSA Data to Spy on Millions... 2019-03-29
nextgov.com Pentagon Building AI-Powered Weapons Despite Public Outcry... 2019-03-28
nextgov.com Pentagon Moves More Data to AMAZON Cloud... 2019-03-21
nextgov.com Senate Wants Google CEO to Testify on Secret Microphones... 2019-02-27
nextgov.com Dangers of Mandatory DNA Database... 2019-02-25
nextgov.com DHS Outfits Thousands of Border Canines With Wearable Tech... 2019-02-13
nextgov.com Pentagons All-Knowing Smartphone Will Track Users Every Move... 2019-02-07
nextgov.com DHS Drones, Face-Scanning Helicopters in Atlanta for game... 2019-01-31
nextgov.com https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2019/01/survey-americans-warming-use-facial-recognition-tech/153987/ 2019-01-08
nextgov.com FBI Using AMAZONs Facial Recognition... 2019-01-03
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