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news.usni.org Navy to Discharge All Sailors Refusing Jab -- Without Exemption... 2021-10-14
news.usni.org https://news.usni.org/2021/10/11/chinese-testing-experimental-armed-drone-ships-at-secret-naval-base 2021-10-11
news.usni.org https://news.usni.org/2021/10/07/breaking-attack-submarine-uss-connecticut-suffers-underwater-in-pacific 2021-10-07
news.usni.org https://news.usni.org/2021/08/06/u-s-says-new-iranian-kamikaze-drone-killed-two-in-merchant-ship-attack-u-k-u-s-condemn-tehran-f 2021-08-06
news.usni.org Navy sailor charged for starting fire that destroyed $3B warship... 2021-07-29
news.usni.org US planes launch first airstrikes from foreign ship since WWII... 2021-06-22
news.usni.org OIL OR ARMS? 2021-06-10
news.usni.org Unmanned helicopter crashes into Navy ship... 2021-04-27
news.usni.org Chinese Naval Base in Africa Expanded... 2021-04-20
news.usni.org Admiral: China Used Covid to Expand Influence... 2021-03-16
news.usni.org New Chinese Carrier Follows US Navy Ship Through Taiwan Strait... 2020-12-21
news.usni.org Russian Navy Seen Escorting Iranian Tankers Bound for Syria... 2020-10-21
news.usni.org VIDEO... 2020-05-26
news.usni.org VIDEO: US Navy Ship Fires Laser Weapon, Downs Drone in First At-Sea Test... 2020-05-22
news.usni.org FBI Investigating Navy Base Shooting, Arab Male Killed by Security Forces... Developing... 2020-05-21
news.usni.org Infections on Navy Ship Occurred More than a Month After Last Port Visit... 2020-04-28
news.usni.org Navy Activating Hospital Ships... 2020-03-17
news.usni.org Sailor in Naples has Navys First Known Case... 2020-03-07
news.usni.org https://news.usni.org/2020/02/13/video-uss-normandy-seizes-cache-of-iranian-made-weapons-in-arabian-sea 2020-02-13
news.usni.org 11 sailors injured in 5 hour fire aboard USS Iwo Jima... 2019-11-15
news.usni.org Navy Ship Shortage: Carrier Strike Group Deploys Without Carrier... 2019-09-12
news.usni.org Marines Considering Flying U.S. F-35Bs Off of Japan Warships... 2019-08-23
news.usni.org 14 Russian Sailors Die on Super Secretive Nuclear Submarine... 2019-07-02
news.usni.org U.S. Warships Enter Gulf Without Incident... 2019-05-16
news.usni.org Navy Ready to Burn Boats with Laser on Destroyer... 2019-03-20
news.usni.org Navy to Buy Ten-Ship Unmanned Ghost Fleet... 2019-03-13
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