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militarytimes.com Plan to let troops cast ballots over internet draws opposition... 2021-10-14
militarytimes.com https://www.militarytimes.com/breaking-news/2021/10/07/several-sailors-injured-after-submarine-uss-connecticut-struck-an-object- 2021-10-07
militarytimes.com Sikh Marine now allowed to wear turban in uniform... 2021-10-05
militarytimes.com Breaking hearts and minds: The strategy of surrender... 2021-08-26
militarytimes.com Tired of dating jerks? Army here to help... 2021-08-26
militarytimes.com Indonesian army to end virginity test for female soldiers... 2021-08-13
militarytimes.com A-10s use rural Michigan highway as runway... 2021-08-05
militarytimes.com US military warns China building more nuclear missile silos... 2021-07-30
militarytimes.com Marines headed to protect embassy in Haiti, but no troops, says Biden... 2021-07-16
militarytimes.com USA warns ISIS still world threat... 2021-06-30
militarytimes.com No. 1 military recruit concern before heading to basic training? No. 2... 2021-06-16
militarytimes.com Female Fort Bragg soldier charged in anothers killing... 2021-05-09
militarytimes.com 4 Black soldiers harassed by IHOP patron... 2021-04-21
militarytimes.com STDs Soar in Military: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis... 2021-04-06
militarytimes.com Pentagon Reverses Trans Ban... 2021-03-31
militarytimes.com Film on undercover journalist baiting, exposing ISIS recruiter gets US release... 2021-03-28
militarytimes.com https://www.militarytimes.com/opinion/commentary/2021/03/26/working-dogs-domestic-shortage-of-key-frontline-defense-against-terr 2021-03-26
militarytimes.com Homeland, CBP want military support... 2021-03-16
militarytimes.com Jet packs on way to battlefield... 2021-03-16
militarytimes.com Trust in US military tanks... 2021-03-10
militarytimes.com https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2021/03/08/capitol-needs-a-permanent-guard-team-in-case-of-security-emergen 2021-03-08
militarytimes.com Militia reserves right to retaliate... 2021-02-26
militarytimes.com Troops will be giving doses in Philly, Florida... 2021-02-25
militarytimes.com Putin warns of unnamed foreign efforts to destabilize Russia... 2021-02-24
militarytimes.com Combat experiences like ambushes or killing civilian more linked to suicide... 2021-02-21
militarytimes.com The Guard isnt going home... 2021-01-28
militarytimes.com https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2021/01/25/thousands-of-guard-troops-to-stay-in-washington-as-threats-target-la 2021-01-25
militarytimes.com How bra-wearing pigeons saved thousands during WWII... 2020-12-24
militarytimes.com Esper, on his way out, says he was no yes man... 2020-11-09
militarytimes.com Inside luxury resort nuclear bunker... 2020-10-28
militarytimes.com How the president could invoke martial law... 2020-10-25
militarytimes.com Air Force now has own tattoo shop... 2020-09-24
militarytimes.com Militarys cases growing at TWICE the nationwide rate... 2020-07-12
militarytimes.com TINDER, Sailor, Hooker, Pimp: Navy sex trafficking scandal in Bahrain... 2020-06-18
militarytimes.com Coronavirus survivors banned from joining military... 2020-05-06
militarytimes.com F-22s intercept Russian recon aircraft near Alaska... 2020-04-09
militarytimes.com Cases among troops surge... 2020-03-20
militarytimes.com National Guard activated... 2020-03-13
militarytimes.com US military prepping for pandemic... 2020-02-13
militarytimes.com General says troop surge in Middle East may not end soon... 2020-01-23
militarytimes.com US troops in Middle East receive menacing social media messages, WiFi on lockdown... 2020-01-15
militarytimes.com STRIKE ON BAGHDAD AIRPORT 2020-01-02
militarytimes.com POLL: Half of active-duty service members are unhappy with Trump... 2019-12-19
militarytimes.com UPDATE: USA warns Russia over spy ship off East Coast... 2019-12-18
militarytimes.com Historic data on military suicide shows no clear link with combat operations... 2019-12-13
militarytimes.com Top US general says 500 American troops to stay in Syria... 2019-11-11
militarytimes.com US Bradleys, Army infantry roll into Syria to secure oil... 2019-10-31
militarytimes.com British soldier jailed for excessive nipple twisting... 2019-10-20
militarytimes.com Pentagon canceling 3 border wall projects... 2019-09-17
militarytimes.com Navy takes the cake as fattest US military branch... 2019-09-04
militarytimes.com Satellite images show burning launch pad in Iran... 2019-08-29
militarytimes.com https://www.militarytimes.com/flashpoints/2019/08/23/us-officials-confirm-israeli-strike-in-iraq/ 2019-08-23
militarytimes.com SOUTH SEA: US carrier sails into disputed waters amid new flare-ups... 2019-08-06
militarytimes.com CHAOS: Pentagon installs third acting defense secretary of 2019... 2019-07-15
militarytimes.com Chinese military deploys armored vehicles to Europe for first time... 2019-07-10
militarytimes.com Pentagon to ban beer, pizza? Mandatory keto diet may be coming... 2019-07-01
militarytimes.com Navy promotes officer serving prison term for sex crime... 2019-06-25
militarytimes.com UPDATE: Russian sailors were sunbathing during incident with US... 2019-06-11
militarytimes.com DoD spent millions on phony military gear made in China... 2019-05-31
militarytimes.com https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/05/21/why-the-air-force-is-investigating-a-cyber-attack-from-the-navy/ 2019-05-21
militarytimes.com Navy spying on media through data technology... 2019-05-17
militarytimes.com MD raises smoking age to 21 -- except for troops... 2019-04-05
militarytimes.com 1,800-year-old phallic graffiti found near Hadrians Wall... 2019-02-28
militarytimes.com 2 Soldiers Plotted to Kill Sergeant on SNAPCHAT... 2019-02-21
militarytimes.com USA has 1,000 ISIS detainees -- unsure what to do with them... 2019-02-15
militarytimes.com https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2019/02/06/socom-needs-to-step-up-its-propaganda-game-pentagon-deputy-says/ 2019-02-06
militarytimes.com New Taliban Video: Intense training for cheer squad competition... 2018-12-27
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