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miami.cbslocal.com FORMULA 1 Revs Up For Priciest Parties South Florida Has Ever Seen... 2022-05-06
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Now Least Affordable Housing Market In USA... 2022-02-18
miami.cbslocal.com TRAVEL HELL: Miami-London flight turns around over Atlantic after mask dispute... 2022-01-20
miami.cbslocal.com Stunning Number Of FL Teachers Arrested For Sexual Relationships With Students... 2021-11-17
miami.cbslocal.com Florida Ditching Iconic Palm Trees -- To Fight Climate Crisis? 2021-10-25
miami.cbslocal.com Statue Of Christ Outside Miami Church Beheaded... 2021-10-12
miami.cbslocal.com FL Hospital Melting Masks To Help Deal With Mountain Of Waste... 2021-10-04
miami.cbslocal.com Doctor Warns Having Flu Simultaneously Could Be Catastrophic... 2021-09-30
miami.cbslocal.com Growing Number Of Young Suffering From Climate Change Anxiety... 2021-09-23
miami.cbslocal.com FL Passes 50,000 Deaths... 2021-09-17
miami.cbslocal.com FL JUDGE OVERTURNS DESANTIS MASK MANDATE BAN... 2021-08-27
miami.cbslocal.com Man High On Mushrooms Shoots 2 At Miami Beach Restaurant... 2021-08-26
miami.cbslocal.com POLL: DeSantis 47% Approval... 2021-08-26
miami.cbslocal.com MIAMI SCHOOLS DEFY DESANTIS 2021-08-19
miami.cbslocal.com Four Florida Teachers Die In 24 Hours... 2021-08-13
miami.cbslocal.com SURVEY: Third Of Pandemic Pet Owners Experiencing Regret... 2021-08-12
miami.cbslocal.com SNAP: Tourist Bites Mans Ear Off At Florida Keys Hotel... 2021-08-06
miami.cbslocal.com DESANTIS AIMS FOR WHITE HOUSE 2021-08-05
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/08/04/many-seek-out-second-citizenship-for-better-life/ 2021-08-05
miami.cbslocal.com DeSantis Tense Exchange With Reporter When Asked About Children In ICU... 2021-08-03
miami.cbslocal.com Numbers doubling every 10 days... 2021-08-02
miami.cbslocal.com HOSPITAL HELL 2021-08-01
miami.cbslocal.com Return Of Long Lines: Crazy Wait Times At FL Testing Sites... 2021-07-29
miami.cbslocal.com Full House At Miami Hospital With Covid Surge... 2021-07-26
miami.cbslocal.com SOUTH FLORIDA HOTSPOT 2021-07-22
miami.cbslocal.com Homeland Warns FL Boaters Planning Flotilla To Cuba... 2021-07-19
miami.cbslocal.com More Videos Filter Out Of Cuba Showing Brutal Repression... 2021-07-16
miami.cbslocal.com SNAP: Man Stomps Gator, Tries Throwing Onto Roof Of Lounge To Teach It Lesson... 2021-07-16
miami.cbslocal.com ESCAPE: 5-Month Luxury World Cruise Sells Out In Hours... 2021-07-16
miami.cbslocal.com CUBAN PROTESTERS SHUT MIAMI FREEWAY 2021-07-14
miami.cbslocal.com ANOTHER ONE? Residents Of Miami Beach Condo Towers Forced To Evacuate... 2021-07-09
miami.cbslocal.com At Least 6 Firefighters Test Positive For Covid At Surfside Search Site... 2021-07-02
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/06/29/champlain-towers-south-residents-warned-concrete-damage-before-collapse/ 2021-06-29
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/live/ 2021-06-24
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/06/24/residents-rescued-surfside-condo-building-partially-collapsed/ 2021-06-24
miami.cbslocal.com ROYAL CARIBBEAN Postpones First Trips After Outbreak Among Crew... 2021-06-16
miami.cbslocal.com 14-Year-Old Shot, 12-Year-Old Arrested After Opening Fire On Deputies... 2021-06-02
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/05/30/mass-shooting-northwest-miami-dade/ 2021-05-30
miami.cbslocal.com Largest Crypto Conference Coming To Miami... 2021-05-27
miami.cbslocal.com Gun Sales On Pace For Record Year... 2021-05-18
miami.cbslocal.com Miami News Crew Attacked -- While Covering Rise In South Beach Violence! 2021-05-13
miami.cbslocal.com Bedlam At Presser For Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul Boxing Match; Fists Fly... 2021-05-07
miami.cbslocal.com Flower Shortage For Mothers Day? 2021-05-07
miami.cbslocal.com Wild Brawl At Miami Airport... 2021-04-26
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/04/13/passing-asteroid-south-florida-sky/ 2021-04-13
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Beach On High Alert As Another Long Spring Break Weekend To Start... 2021-03-25
miami.cbslocal.com Business Owners Opt To Remain Closed Than Deal With Crime Zone... 2021-03-23
miami.cbslocal.com 1,000+ ARRESTS 2021-03-21
miami.cbslocal.com Unruly Spring Breakers Force Popular Miami Hotel Restaurant To Temporarily Close... 2021-03-20
miami.cbslocal.com Massive Military Drone Washes Ashore On FL Beach... 2021-03-19
miami.cbslocal.com AMERICAN Flight Delayed 8 Hours After Crew Robbed At Gunpoint... 2021-03-18
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Beach Officials, Residents Say Unruly Spring Break Crowds Are Ruining Citys Image... 2021-03-17
miami.cbslocal.com COPS: Man Confesses To Killing Grandfather, Pulls Ears From Pocket During Questioning... 2021-03-16
miami.cbslocal.com Floridas New Invasive Species: 10-Foot Long River Monster... 2021-03-15
miami.cbslocal.com Police arrest 100s... 2021-03-15
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/03/08/south-floridas-real-estate-market-red-hot-a-year-into-covid-pandemic/ 2021-03-09
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Beach Mayor Worried About Super Spreader Events... 2021-03-05
miami.cbslocal.com Woman Beats Virus -- 150 Days After Being Admitted Hospital! 2021-02-27
miami.cbslocal.com Palm Beach Covid Compliance Team Investigating DeSantis Event For Maskless Crowd... 2021-02-21
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/02/16/covid-mutations-vaccines/ 2021-02-16
miami.cbslocal.com 2 FBI Agents Killed, Third In Critical After Shooting While Serving Warrant In South Florida... 2021-02-02
miami.cbslocal.com CBS Promises Most Innovative. Cinematic Super Bowl In Broadcast History... 2021-02-01
miami.cbslocal.com COVID-Sniffing Dogs To Screen Fans At Miami HEAT Games! 2021-01-25
miami.cbslocal.com Elon Musk Wants To Fix Miamis Traffic Troubles By Digging Tunnels... 2021-01-21
miami.cbslocal.com Rioter Compares Himself To Civil Rights Heroes: Rosa Parks, MLK Moment For Me... 2021-01-20
miami.cbslocal.com Earthquake In South Florida? Unexplained Shaking Rattles Residents... 2021-01-15
miami.cbslocal.com South Florida Residents Fed Up With Bloody Start To 2021... 2021-01-14
miami.cbslocal.com Is Dog Happy? AI-Powered Collar Translates Barks Into Emotions... 2021-01-14
miami.cbslocal.com Resident Drives Military Tank Around Florida Streets... 2021-01-12
miami.cbslocal.com HORROR: FL Manatee Found Mutilated By Someone Who Etched Trump Onto Its Back... 2021-01-11
miami.cbslocal.com Key West Drag Queen Drop Forced Early -- to Beat Curfew... 2020-12-31
miami.cbslocal.com SEASONS BEATINGS: 3 Arrested After Brawl Over PLAYSTATION At WALMART... 2020-12-16
miami.cbslocal.com STUDY: Fort Lauderdale Ranked As Least Safe City In Country... 2020-12-07
miami.cbslocal.com Hundreds Camp Out, Brave Cold Miami Weather For Chance At $250 Gift Card... 2020-12-01
miami.cbslocal.com Could Cause Male Infertility... 2020-11-10
miami.cbslocal.com Woman In Labor At Polling Place Refuses To Go To Hospital Until Casts Ballot... 2020-10-30
miami.cbslocal.com TX Familys Dog Stolen 6 Years Ago -- Found In Florida... 2020-10-28
miami.cbslocal.com Mysterious Orb Caught On Camera In FL Pastors Home... 2020-10-27
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Cop Wears Trump 2020 Mask While In Full Uniform At Polling Place... 2020-10-20
miami.cbslocal.com ANOTHER FLORIDA SURGE 2020-10-17
miami.cbslocal.com Beast Of A Snake Breaks Record For Largest Burmese Python Captured In FL; 18.9 Feet! 2020-10-08
miami.cbslocal.com Man Attacked By Shark While Swimming Off Miami Beach... 2020-10-08
miami.cbslocal.com Plastic Surgery On Rise During Pandemic... 2020-09-22
miami.cbslocal.com Snorkeler Attacked By Shark Off FL Shore... 2020-09-21
miami.cbslocal.com Dog-Walker Escapes Gator Dragging Him Into Water By Poking Eye... 2020-09-18
miami.cbslocal.com First Greek Letter System Forms... 2020-09-18
miami.cbslocal.com Luxury Miami High-Rise First To Use COVID-Killing Robot... 2020-08-07
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Zoo Gorilla Receives Covid Test After Being Bitten By Brother... 2020-07-11
miami.cbslocal.com Very, very nerve-racking, could have catastrophic consequences... 2020-06-18
miami.cbslocal.com 16 Friends Test Positive After Night Out At Florida Bar... 2020-06-17
miami.cbslocal.com 5-Year-Old Sinks Hole-In-One... 2020-06-12
miami.cbslocal.com Whole New World Of Travel As Caribbean Starts To Reopen... 2020-06-04
miami.cbslocal.com Mississippi Named Least Safest States In USA... 2020-06-02
miami.cbslocal.com Miamis New Normal: Max 4 To Table; One-Way Shopping At Retail... 2020-05-14
miami.cbslocal.com New Normal Of Social Distancing, Wearing Masks Will Last Year, If Not Longer... 2020-04-14
miami.cbslocal.com COPS: Woman Leaves Porn-Filled Easter Eggs In Mailboxes... 2020-04-10
miami.cbslocal.com JOHNSON & JOHNSON Warns Of TYLENOL Shortage... 2020-04-07
miami.cbslocal.com Sense Of Doom And Dread Everywhere... 2020-03-03
miami.cbslocal.com Cluster Of Great White Sharks Off Carolinas Baffles Experts... 2020-02-10
miami.cbslocal.com $1M In Dried Shark Fins Seized At Port Miami... 2020-02-03
miami.cbslocal.com UPDATE: Antonio Brown Reportedly Facing Felony Battery Charges After Incident At FL Home... 2020-01-21
miami.cbslocal.com VIDEO: Woman Walks Topless Through Baggage Claim At Miami Airport... 2020-01-16
miami.cbslocal.com COPS: Woman Caught Trying To Build Bomb Inside WALMART... 2020-01-14
miami.cbslocal.com Marc Anthony 120-Foot Yacht Engulfed In Flames In Miami Marina... 2019-12-19
miami.cbslocal.com Rapper Kodak Black Claims Hes Being Drugged, Beaten In Prison... 2019-12-16
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/12/11/foods-activity-labels-cut-down-obesity/ 2019-12-12
miami.cbslocal.com Numerologists Overjoyed As Final Full Moon Of Decade Peaks On 12/12 -- At 12:12! 2019-12-10
miami.cbslocal.com Banana Duct-Taped To Wall By Artist -- Sells For $120,000 At Art Basel In Miami... 2019-12-06
miami.cbslocal.com UPS Driver Carjacked In Miami, Held Hostage During Wild Police Chase, Shootout... 2019-12-05
miami.cbslocal.com Key West to Let Roads, Homes Be Swallowed Up By Rising Sea... 2019-12-05
miami.cbslocal.com Worlds First Fly And Drive Car To Be Unveiled In Miami... 2019-12-03
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Under Mosquito Alert After Another Case Of Dengue... 2019-11-21
miami.cbslocal.com MYSTERY: Massive Fire Destroys Multi-Million Dollar FL Mega Yachts... 2019-11-18
miami.cbslocal.com Miami Paying Residents To Catch Feral Cats; $15 Per Feline! 2019-11-13
miami.cbslocal.com HORROR: Doctors Remove 8-Inch Screwdriver From Mentally Ill Mans Rectum... 2019-11-11
miami.cbslocal.com REPORT: 911 Supervisor Watched NETFLIX During Shooting Call... 2019-11-05
miami.cbslocal.com Miracle Dog Found Still Alive Under Rubble --- One Month After Hurricane Dorian! 2019-10-07
miami.cbslocal.com Beheaded Alligator Found Alongside Florida Highway... 2019-10-02
miami.cbslocal.com Stunning Satellite Images Show Before And After... 2019-09-03
miami.cbslocal.com DESANTIS: Perilously Close To FL... 2019-09-02
miami.cbslocal.com Fear of Collapsing Cranes... 2019-08-30
miami.cbslocal.com Long Lines Just To Get Into COSTCO... 2019-08-29
miami.cbslocal.com Grocery Shelves Emptying... 2019-08-29
miami.cbslocal.com HORROR: Alligator Eats Womans 100-Pound Dog... 2019-08-09
miami.cbslocal.com Man Asks Clerk For Anything That Would Kill 200 People... 2019-08-09
miami.cbslocal.com WALMART Evacuated After Man Calls Store, Threatens To Shoot It Up... 2019-08-05
miami.cbslocal.com Drive-By Shooting Outside Miami Synagogue... 2019-07-29
miami.cbslocal.com Couple Married 71 Years Dies On Same Day... 2019-07-16
miami.cbslocal.com UPDATE: Gator In Chicago Captured! 2019-07-16
miami.cbslocal.com Teen On Boogie Board Bitten By Shark At FL Beach... 2019-07-15
miami.cbslocal.com Cops Arrest Man Who Snuck In, Walked On Stage With Candidates... 2019-06-27
miami.cbslocal.com Has Chance To Dominate... 2019-06-26
miami.cbslocal.com Scientists Puzzled By Alarming Number Of Dolphins Turning Up Dead Along Gulf Coast... 2019-06-21
miami.cbslocal.com Legend Of Floridas Skunk Ape Lives On... 2019-06-17
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/06/06/florida-vultures-damaging-roofs-property/ 2019-06-06
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/06/04/florida-man-manslaughter-woman-shot-foreplay-gun/ 2019-06-04
miami.cbslocal.com Longtime Florida News Anchor Found Dead In Home... 2019-06-03
miami.cbslocal.com VIDEO: Huge Shark Circles Woman Off FL Beach... 2019-05-30
miami.cbslocal.com Video Shows Employee Bathing In WENDYS Kitchen Sink... 2019-05-24
miami.cbslocal.com Measles Cases In US Reach 839... 2019-05-13
miami.cbslocal.com COPS: Miami Man Accused Of Threatening To Explode Jewish Community... 2019-05-08
miami.cbslocal.com Man Crashes Lawn Mower Into Cop Car: F*** It, Im Drunk, Take Me To Jail... 2019-05-07
miami.cbslocal.com VIDEO: Easter Bunny Attacks Man In Brawl Outside Nightclub... 2019-04-22
miami.cbslocal.com High Schooler Arrested For Trying WWE Wrestlers Finishing Move -- On Principal! 2019-04-12
miami.cbslocal.com LA, NYC, Miami Among Least Affordable In World... 2019-04-09
miami.cbslocal.com F-15 Fighter Jets Buzz Miami Skyline During Training Exercise... 2019-04-02
miami.cbslocal.com Spring Breakers Turn Tables On Armed Robber At FL Gas Station... 2019-03-26
miami.cbslocal.com OUT OF CONTROL: Miami Beach Police On Highest Alert Over Rowdy Spring Breakers... 2019-03-22
miami.cbslocal.com Crude Awakening: Prices Surge At The Pump... 2019-03-18
miami.cbslocal.com https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/02/27/living-large-largest-penthouse-condo-miami-beach/ 2019-03-01
miami.cbslocal.com Denies... 2019-02-22
miami.cbslocal.com SNAP: Woman Throws Profanity-Laced Tirade On JETBLUE Flight After Being Seated Next To Child... 2019-02-15
miami.cbslocal.com TESLA Traveling 128 MPH Nearly Splits SUV In Half; Blows Through Red Light In Miami Beach... 2019-02-15
miami.cbslocal.com School Hires Combat Vets With Rifles To Put Down Active Shooters... 2019-02-13
miami.cbslocal.com HORROR: Teen Locked Out Of Apt Falls To DeathTrying To Scale Building... 2019-01-09
miami.cbslocal.com SNAP: Teacher Smears Feces On Tables, Grills At Principals Party... 2019-01-08
miami.cbslocal.com Stripper Arrested After Threatening Mass Shooting At Club... 2019-01-07
miami.cbslocal.com Inmate Granted Chinese Takeout For Giving Guards Financial Advice... 2019-01-04
miami.cbslocal.com MCDONALDS Clerk Brawls With Man In Spat Over Straw... 2019-01-03
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