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livescience.com UPDATE: Meteor explodes over VT with force of 440 pounds of TNT... 2021-03-09
livescience.com UPDATE: Swarm of 20,000 quakes could make Icelands volcanoes erupt... 2021-03-06
livescience.com Planets more hospitable to life than Earth may already have been discovered... 2020-10-09
livescience.com Mysterious fast radio burst detected closer to Earth than ever before... 2020-08-07
livescience.com 4 mysterious objects spotted in deep space unlike anything ever seen... 2020-07-11
livescience.com UPDATE: Starving monkey gangs battle as outbreak keeps tourists away... 2020-03-16
livescience.com UPDATE: Mystery Fireballs That Crashed Into Earth Not Meteorites... 2019-10-03
livescience.com Mysterious military space plane captured on camera... 2019-07-06
livescience.com A.I. Listened to Peoples Voices. Then Generated Their Faces... 2019-06-11
livescience.com Former Head of Pentagons Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell... 2019-05-30
livescience.com When Ancient Societies Hit Million People, Vengeful Gods Appeared... 2019-03-21
livescience.com STUDY: More than one reality exists... 2019-03-20
livescience.com Smoking Marijuana Linked to HIGHER Sperm Counts? 2019-02-06
livescience.com Doctors Zap Patient So Could Laugh Through Awake Brain Surgery... 2019-02-04
livescience.com Cancer Death Rates 25-Year Low... 2019-01-08
livescience.com https://www.livescience.com/64433-milky-way-large-magellanic-cloud-collision-imminent.html 2019-01-07
livescience.com Brain of Mysterious Little Foot Human Relative Was Half-Man, Half-Ape... 2018-12-21
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