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dfw.cbslocal.com COWBOYS Ravaged By Alarming Outbreak... 2021-12-02
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/11/22/texas-gun-store-shooting-range-not-guilty-sale-rittenhouse/ 2021-11-22
dfw.cbslocal.com Feral Hogs Run Wild Across Texas; Catastrophic... 2021-11-08
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/11/03/2-garland-texas-children-mistakenly-adult-dose-covid-19-vaccine/ 2021-11-03
dfw.cbslocal.com Christian Radio Money Doctor Sentenced For Bilking Listeners In Ponzi Scheme... 2021-11-02
dfw.cbslocal.com SOUTHWEST Workers Protest Mandates... 2021-10-18
dfw.cbslocal.com Truck Driver Shortage Only Making Supply Issues Worse... 2021-10-15
dfw.cbslocal.com Toys Tough To Come By... 2021-10-07
dfw.cbslocal.com UPDATE: 4 Injured In Shooting At TX High School; Teen Gunman Still At Large... 2021-10-06
dfw.cbslocal.com Schools Seeing Massive Staff Shortages... 2021-10-05
dfw.cbslocal.com Millions of NEIMAN MARCUS Customers Exposed In Cyber Breach... 2021-10-01
dfw.cbslocal.com Child Dies After Contracting Brain-Eating Amoeba At TX Splash Pad... 2021-09-28
dfw.cbslocal.com Using Storm Drain To Enter Illegally... 2021-09-21
dfw.cbslocal.com Family Kicked Out Of Restaurant -- For Wearing Masks! 2021-09-19
dfw.cbslocal.com Some Developing Superhuman Immunity Against Covid... 2021-09-15
dfw.cbslocal.com FBI: Man Who Killed LYFT Driver Inspired By Foreign Terrorist Organization... 2021-08-31
dfw.cbslocal.com People Trapped In Homes... 2021-08-30
dfw.cbslocal.com Veteran Paraplegic Skydiver Survives Accident After Parachute Gets Stuck In Wheelchair... 2021-08-19
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Governor Abbott Tests Positive... 2021-08-17
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Hospitals Request For Emergency Staff Denied As Hospitalizations Quadruple... 2021-08-04
dfw.cbslocal.com Dallas Commissioner Escorted From Official Meeting After Refusing To Wear Mask... 2021-08-03
dfw.cbslocal.com Buffalo BILLS Moving To Austin? 2021-08-02
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/07/28/la-joya-covid-migrants-whataburger/ 2021-07-28
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/07/25/possible-meteor-north-texas-sunday/ 2021-07-26
dfw.cbslocal.com Federally Protected Birds Terrorizing Passersby, Leaving Some Bloodied In TX... 2021-07-02
dfw.cbslocal.com Woman Arrested After Posing As Teen Daughter, Attending Classes At Middle School... 2021-06-08
dfw.cbslocal.com Mag 4.5 Quake Rocks Oklahoma Town... 2021-05-25
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/05/09/hansel-emmanuel-taking-game-new-heights-missing-arm/ 2021-05-10
dfw.cbslocal.com 73,000 Pack Stadium For Boxing Event In TX... 2021-05-10
dfw.cbslocal.com Longtime Nurse Says Refusal To Get Jabbed Led To Hospital Firing... 2021-04-30
dfw.cbslocal.com Police Responding To Kidnapping Find 90+ People Found Inside TX Home... 2021-04-30
dfw.cbslocal.com HOUSE OF FILTH: 50+ Dogs Removed From Feces-Covered, Trash-Filled Residence... 2021-04-27
dfw.cbslocal.com HOUSE OF FILTH: 50+ Dogs Removed From Feces-Covered, Trash-Filled Residence... 2021-04-27
dfw.cbslocal.com BOEING 737 MAX Jets Grounded Again! 2021-04-09
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/04/07/viewers-north-texas-report-seeing-lights-sky/ 2021-04-08
dfw.cbslocal.com SHOCK VIDEO: Full House As 40K Fans Fill Seats For RANGERS Opening Day! 2021-04-05
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Gov Abbott Declines Invitation To Throw First Pitch At RANGERS Opening Game... 2021-04-05
dfw.cbslocal.com SOUTHWEST Pilot Accused Of Exposing Genitals During Flight... 2021-04-05
dfw.cbslocal.com 6 Dead In TX Home In Suspected Murder-Suicide Pact... 2021-04-05
dfw.cbslocal.com Covid Now Leading Cause Of Death In Dallas... 2021-03-25
dfw.cbslocal.com COPS: TX Customer Who Refused To Wear Mask Stabs Fast Food Restaurant Manager... 2021-03-19
dfw.cbslocal.com Playing Music Too Loudly Inside Car Could Lead To $2000 Fine... 2021-03-17
dfw.cbslocal.com Woman Recalls Losing Nearly $200,000 To Bruno Mars Imposter... 2021-03-15
dfw.cbslocal.com As Restrictions Ease, Many Left Dealing With Psychological Effects... 2021-03-15
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/03/12/woman-arrested-for-resisting-trespass-after-not-wearing-mask-inside-texas-bank/ 2021-03-13
dfw.cbslocal.com Man Drove Dealer Loaner To Rob Bank -- Then Tried Using Loot To Buy BMW... 2021-03-10
dfw.cbslocal.com ICU NURSE FREAKS OUT 2021-03-03
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/03/01/most-expensive-basketball-card-ever-luka-doncic/ 2021-03-01
dfw.cbslocal.com Police Detain Black Teen For Walking In Street During Snowstorm... 2021-02-22
dfw.cbslocal.com Empty Grocery Store Shelves Add To Hopelessness... 2021-02-19
dfw.cbslocal.com Plumber Receives 2,200 Calls In 24 Hours! 2021-02-18
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/02/15/oncor-2-power-emergencies-electricity/ 2021-02-16
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/02/15/north-texas-man-living-in-his-car-due-to-hours-without-power-to-his-home/ 2021-02-16
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/02/15/texas-winter-blast-delivery-covid-19-vaccine/ 2021-02-15
dfw.cbslocal.com VIDEO: Dog Pulled From Wreckage... 2021-02-11
dfw.cbslocal.com Pileup Involving 100 Vehicles Traps Drivers, Shuts Down TX Interstate... 2021-02-11
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Accidentally Sends Out Amber Alert -- For Chucky Doll... 2021-02-02
dfw.cbslocal.com Dallas Has Hardest Week... 2021-02-01
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/01/15/national-rifle-association-bankruptcy-move-texas/ 2021-01-15
dfw.cbslocal.com Surgeon: Covid Lungs Look Worse Than Smoker... 2021-01-14
dfw.cbslocal.com Stimulus Nightmare: IRS Sends Payments To Wrong Bank Accounts... 2021-01-07
dfw.cbslocal.com 2 Female Soldiers Found Dead In TX... 2021-01-05
dfw.cbslocal.com HORROR: Car Crashes Into Home, Kills Student Taking Virtual Class... 2020-12-16
dfw.cbslocal.com 18 states support Texas attorney generals bid to reverse Biden win... 2020-12-10
dfw.cbslocal.com Fortune Telling Businesses Booming: People Want To Have Hope... 2020-12-06
dfw.cbslocal.com BUST: Food Pantries Reach Crisis Level... 2020-12-04
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/11/29/el-paso-mayor-dee-margo-says-recent-coronavirus-spike-due-to-covid-fatigue/ 2020-11-30
dfw.cbslocal.com Dallas ER Doc: Getting About 30% Positivity Rate... 2020-11-23
dfw.cbslocal.com TX County Sends Text Alert To 4.7M Residents Requesting They Cancel Holiday Gatherings... 2020-11-18
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/11/15/thousands-line-up-north-texas-food-banks-largest-mobile-food-distribution-ever/ 2020-11-16
dfw.cbslocal.com What Pandemic? Largest Indoor Water Park In U.S. Opens In Texas... 2020-11-13
dfw.cbslocal.com Long Lines Growing At Testing Sites... 2020-11-13
dfw.cbslocal.com COPS: Rapper Mo3 Shot To Death On Dallas Interstate... 2020-11-11
dfw.cbslocal.com Grocers Limiting Toilet Paper, Disinfectant Wipe Purchases Again... 2020-11-06
dfw.cbslocal.com Man Shot In Leg -- By His Dog! 2020-11-05
dfw.cbslocal.com TX National Guard Will Be On Standby... 2020-10-29
dfw.cbslocal.com 22K Ballots Rejected In TX Due To Scanning Machine Malfunction... 2020-10-27
dfw.cbslocal.com El Paso County Judge Imposes Curfew As Hospitals Reach Capacity... 2020-10-26
dfw.cbslocal.com Fire Chief Under Review After Photos Surface Of Him Eating Sushi Off Naked Woman... 2020-10-23
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Funeral Homes Prepare Refrigerated Units... 2020-10-23
dfw.cbslocal.com Dallas Party Says Campaign Signs Set On Fire At HQ... 2020-10-21
dfw.cbslocal.com COWBOYS QB Prescott Carted Off Field After Gruesome Leg Injury; Leaves Game In Tears... 2020-10-11
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Mayoral Candidate Arrested, Charged With 100+ Counts Of Voter Fraud... 2020-10-08
dfw.cbslocal.com White Cop Arrested, Charged WIth Murder In Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man In TX... 2020-10-06
dfw.cbslocal.com County to arrest infected residents who refuse to self-isolate... 2020-07-07
dfw.cbslocal.com HOUSE OF FILTH: 124 Live Animals, 122 Dead Ones, 600 Pounds Of Feces Removed From TX Home; Worst Cockroach Infestation Ever... 2020-06-19
dfw.cbslocal.com Star RB Zeke Elliott Furious Over Covid Leak: HIPAA?? 2020-06-15
dfw.cbslocal.com Ranger Statue Removed At Dallas Airport... 2020-06-05
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Students Set To Return To School Next Week! 2020-05-27
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Rodeo Claims First In Nation Sporting Event Open to Fans... 2020-05-26
dfw.cbslocal.com Hand Sanitizer Left Inside Hot Car Busts Into Flames... 2020-05-22
dfw.cbslocal.com Hundreds Of TYSON FOODS Workers Test Positive At TX Plant... 2020-05-20
dfw.cbslocal.com Identical Quadruplets Born; Only 72 Documented Cases Ever... 2020-05-15
dfw.cbslocal.com Doctor Battled Frightening Hallucinations After Contracting Virus... 2020-05-14
dfw.cbslocal.com HORROR: 6-Year-Old Boy Tied in Shed Since School Shut... 2020-05-13
dfw.cbslocal.com Mark Cuban Hires Secret Shoppers To Monitor Dallas Businesses Reopening... 2020-05-08
dfw.cbslocal.com Palin Visits Dallas Salon Where Owner Jailed... 2020-05-07
dfw.cbslocal.com Marines Step In, Restrain Distraught Passenger On Flight From Tokyo... 2020-05-06
dfw.cbslocal.com Texas fatalities hit single-day high... 2020-05-01
dfw.cbslocal.com VIDEO: Crowded AMERICAN Flight Leaves No Room For Social Distancing... 2020-04-27
dfw.cbslocal.com ER Doctor Living In Treehouse To Keep Family Safe... 2020-04-21
dfw.cbslocal.com Gasoline Demand At Lowest Level In 52 Years! 2020-04-10
dfw.cbslocal.com Class Of 2020 Students Struggling With Loss Of Prom, Graduation... 2020-04-08
dfw.cbslocal.com City Bans Easter Egg Hunts... 2020-04-07
dfw.cbslocal.com PERDUE Workers Walk Out Over Conditions... 2020-03-24
dfw.cbslocal.com Hospital Sees Spike In Severe Child Abuse Cases... 2020-03-21
dfw.cbslocal.com Worlds First Cloned Cat Passes Away At 18... 2020-03-05
dfw.cbslocal.com AMERICAN Flight Diverted After Passenger Tries Opening Door Mid-Flight... 2020-03-04
dfw.cbslocal.com Texas DMV Makes Million$ Selling Drivers Personal Info... 2020-02-21
dfw.cbslocal.com Lost Pup Reunited With Family -- 14 Years After Going Missing! 2020-02-14
dfw.cbslocal.com Entire School District Closes For Week After Flu Outbreak... 2020-02-12
dfw.cbslocal.com 7-ELEVEN Opens Cashierless Store... 2020-02-05
dfw.cbslocal.com 3 People Shot, 2 Dead At Texas A&M University-Commerce... 2020-02-03
dfw.cbslocal.com Bloodthirsty Squirrel Leaves 2 Hospitalized, Residents In Hiding... 2020-01-16
dfw.cbslocal.com COWBOYS Officially Moving On From Garrett... 2020-01-06
dfw.cbslocal.com COWBOYS Officially Moving On From Garrett... 2020-01-05
dfw.cbslocal.com Gunman Shot Dead By Church Member... 2019-12-29
dfw.cbslocal.com Man Arrested For Driving Drunk On Highway -- On Horseback! 2019-12-09
dfw.cbslocal.com WILLIE NELSON: IM CLEAN! 2019-12-04
dfw.cbslocal.com CBD Demand Could Lead To Christmas Tree Shortage... 2019-11-25
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/11/12/residents-authorized-kill-invasive-ducks-running-amok-town/ 2019-11-13
dfw.cbslocal.com UPDATE: Hospital Delays Plan To End Life Support For TX Infant... 2019-11-12
dfw.cbslocal.com Wealthy TX Millennial Spending Fortune Trying To Live To 120... 2019-11-12
dfw.cbslocal.com Rare, Record-Breaking Thunder Snow Falls In TX... 2019-10-25
dfw.cbslocal.com World War 3 in space would destroy banking systems... 2019-10-25
dfw.cbslocal.com ASTROS Fire Assistant GM Over Clubhouse Incident With Female Reporters... 2019-10-24
dfw.cbslocal.com APPLE Security Guard Kills Armed Robbery Suspect At Dallas Store... 2019-10-08
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/10/05/joshua-brown-killed-dallas-atera-apartments-witness-amber-guyger-trial/ 2019-10-06
dfw.cbslocal.com Smart Phones, Computers Creating Generation Of Porn Addicts... 2019-09-27
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/09/26/landmark-theatres-dallas-banning-costumes-joker-movie/ 2019-09-27
dfw.cbslocal.com AMERICAN Flight Cancelled Over Concerns About Muslim Passengers... 2019-09-20
dfw.cbslocal.com PAIN AT PUMP: Gas Prices Spike... 2019-09-18
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/09/04/cowboys-ezekiel-elliott-agree-contract-extension/ 2019-09-04
dfw.cbslocal.com AMERICAN AIRLINES Launches Facial Recognition To Board Passengers At DFW... 2019-08-28
dfw.cbslocal.com Woman Breaks Into BOTOX Clinic With Power Saw, Steals Anti-Aging Products... 2019-08-27
dfw.cbslocal.com Masked Man Causes Panic At Houston Mall... 2019-08-12
dfw.cbslocal.com OFFICE DEPOT Selling Bulletproof Backpacks As Back-To-School Shopping Begins... 2019-08-02
dfw.cbslocal.com Robbers New Weapon: Fake Marijuana To Make Victims Pass Out... 2019-07-16
dfw.cbslocal.com COPS: Woman, Child Lived In Home With Grandmas Corpse -- For 3 Years... 2019-07-12
dfw.cbslocal.com HORROR: Missing Man Was Consumed By His Own Dogs... 2019-07-10
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/07/08/astros-all-star-pitcher-justin-verlander-mlb-juiced-baseballs/ 2019-07-09
dfw.cbslocal.com MLB pitcher suddenly dies on road trip... Developing... 2019-07-01
dfw.cbslocal.com Teacher Films Porn Inside Classroom... 2019-06-26
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/06/19/grandmother-75-holds-car-theft-suspect-gunpoint-until-deputies-arrive/ 2019-06-20
dfw.cbslocal.com Ranted About Govt: Storm Coming... 2019-06-17
dfw.cbslocal.com Naked Intruder On Immigration Hold After Threatening Dallas Couple... 2019-06-12
dfw.cbslocal.com Trans Woman Found Dead In Dallas For 2nd Time In 2 Weeks... 2019-06-03
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/05/16/honduran-man-arrested-texas-border-infant/ 2019-05-16
dfw.cbslocal.com Motorcyclist Crashes While Flipping Off Woman On Highway... 2019-04-30
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Mayor Arrested For Trying To Rig Own Election... 2019-04-25
dfw.cbslocal.com TX Cancer Center Ousts 3 Chinese Scientists; Plot To Steal Data, Research... 2019-04-22
dfw.cbslocal.com Pizza restaurant temporarily shut down after employees put laxatives in food... 2019-04-21
dfw.cbslocal.com AMERICAN Flight Attendant Spills Drinks -- On Airline CEO! 2019-04-10
dfw.cbslocal.com Physicists Invent Quieter Airplane Toilet... 2019-04-05
dfw.cbslocal.com Priest Accused Of Groping Woman During Last Rites... 2019-03-21
dfw.cbslocal.com STUDY: Food Preservatives May Make You Lazy... 2019-02-25
dfw.cbslocal.com Dallas Cop Shot In Ambush Suing FACEBOOKGOOGLETWITTER Alleging Companies Radicalized Gunman... 2019-02-15
dfw.cbslocal.com Rage Yoga Uses Beer, Cursing To Release Stress... 2019-02-11
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/02/04/fort-worth-man-killed-vape-pen-explodes/ 2019-02-05
dfw.cbslocal.com Air Traffic Controllers Resign... 2019-01-25
dfw.cbslocal.com Movie Theater For Dogs Opens... 2019-01-18
dfw.cbslocal.com https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/01/08/physicians-see-spike-in-patients-with-virus-lasting-a-month-or-more/ 2019-01-09
dfw.cbslocal.com UPDATE: Jerry Jones $250M Yacht Size Of Football Field... 2019-01-09
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