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desmoinesregister.com Iowa Sen. Ernst: So skeptical of case counts... 2020-09-02
desmoinesregister.com Des Moines 2020-05-31
desmoinesregister.com How one woman helped inform Amish... 2020-03-25
desmoinesregister.com https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/elections/presidential/caucus/2020/02/04/iowa-democratic-party-delayed-caucus-resul 2020-02-04
desmoinesregister.com HOT MESS HAWKEYE... 2020-02-04
desmoinesregister.com BERNIE FURIOUS... 2020-02-04
desmoinesregister.com Man requests trial by combat with Japanese swords to settle dispute with ex-wife... 2020-01-14
desmoinesregister.com TOPS IOWA POLL 2020-01-10
desmoinesregister.com With month to go, many Iowa caucusgoers still unsure... 2020-01-01
desmoinesregister.com Biden says he would not comply with subpoena in impeachment trial... 2019-12-28
desmoinesregister.com Man gets 16 years for setting LGBTQ flag on fire... 2019-12-20
desmoinesregister.com Justice Dept Investigates Experiments on People With Disabilities... 2019-12-14
desmoinesregister.com https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/politics/iowa-poll/2019/11/20/when-have-recent-iowa-caucus-winners-surged-polls/420 2019-11-30
desmoinesregister.com https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/politics/iowa-poll/2019/09/22/iowa-poll-election-2020-iowa-caucus-elizabeth-warren- 2019-09-22
desmoinesregister.com Men arrested for breaking into courthouse after being hired to test vulnerability... 2019-09-12
desmoinesregister.com DNC to Block Iowa Virtual Caucuses... 2019-08-30
desmoinesregister.com Rep. King incites furor with abortion, rape and incest remarks... 2019-08-14
desmoinesregister.com Skipping Rope Line Questions: Cant Hear Them... 2019-06-11
desmoinesregister.com IA POLL: BIDEN, BERNIE LEAD BUT SUPPORT SHRINKS... 2019-06-09
desmoinesregister.com Biden, Trump set for Iowa showdown with simultaneous visits... 2019-05-30
desmoinesregister.com Dog disease contagious to humans confirmed... 2019-05-12
desmoinesregister.com $1,000 gifts to voters legal? 2019-05-07
desmoinesregister.com Historic Floods Hit Iowa... 2019-05-03
desmoinesregister.com Yang to give voter $12,000 to demonstrate policy plan... 2019-04-30
desmoinesregister.com Radio pioneer emerges as alleged scam artist... 2019-04-28
desmoinesregister.com Iowa Pork Expo Canceled Over Africa Swine Fear... 2019-04-10
desmoinesregister.com BERNIE: LET FELONS IN PRISON VOTE 2019-04-07
desmoinesregister.com 65 get pizza shop logo tattooed for free food... 2019-04-07
desmoinesregister.com Town halts treating water with fluoride amid concerns... 2019-03-22
desmoinesregister.com BETO TO IOWA... 2019-03-11
desmoinesregister.com IOWA POLL: BIDEN, BERNIE LEAD BIG... 2019-03-10
desmoinesregister.com Trans Iowans can use Medicaid to pay for transitions... 2019-03-08
desmoinesregister.com https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/22/joni-ernst-divorce-husband-gail-trump-vice-president-iowa-elect 2019-01-22
desmoinesregister.com Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst says husband physically attacked her... 2019-01-22
desmoinesregister.com MIRACLE: Rudolph the puppy euthanized but lived... 2019-01-19
desmoinesregister.com https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/elections/presidential/caucus/2019/01/05/elizabeth-warrent-iowa-caucuses-dna-test-n 2019-01-06
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