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defenseone.com Special Forces Building AI to Detect Disinformation, Fake News... 2020-10-05
defenseone.com https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2020/04/artificial-intelligence-outperforms-human-intel-analysts-one-key-area/165022/ 2020-04-30
defenseone.com Pentagon Predicting Panic Buying Spots With Artificial Intelligence... 2020-04-24
defenseone.com Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Looking into Biolab Origins Rumor... 2020-04-14
defenseone.com Iran and Russian Media Push Bioweapon Conspiracies... 2020-03-11
defenseone.com Defense Department to Adopt Ethics Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence... 2020-02-18
defenseone.com GOOGLE Wants More Work from Defense Dept... 2019-11-07
defenseone.com https://www.defenseone.com/business/2019/10/microsoft-wins-massive-jedi-cloud-contract/160890/?oref=d-river 2019-10-25
defenseone.com https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2019/10/russia-will-test-its-ability-disconnect-internet/160861/ 2019-10-24
defenseone.com Russia to Test Ability to Disconnect from Internet... 2019-10-24
defenseone.com China, Russia Deepen Tech Ties... 2019-10-04
defenseone.com Customs Officer Harasses Journalist at Dulles... 2019-10-04
defenseone.com https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2019/09/twitter-bots-are-becoming-more-human-study/159697/ 2019-09-06
defenseone.com Russian operatives built fake PORNHUB app to spy on people... 2019-07-27
defenseone.com https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2019/07/army-soldier-goggles-will-feature-facial-recognition-tech-very-soon/158505/?oref=d 2019-07-18
defenseone.com TEST: Fighter Jets with Lasers... 2019-05-03
defenseone.com Navy Assembling Hacker Team to Fight Off Small Drones... 2019-04-02
defenseone.com Feds using AI to monitor online behavior of people with Top Secret Clearance... 2019-03-27
defenseone.com Pentagon Wants to Test A SPACE-BASED WEAPON... 2019-03-16
defenseone.com Military Eyes Tiny Nuclear Reactors for Deployed Troops... 2019-01-28
defenseone.com ZAP: Electric Therapy Curing Navy SEALs of PTSD; Could Remake Brain Science... 2019-01-21
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