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dallasnews.com TEXAS OPENS 100%; ENDS MASK MANDATE 2021-03-02
dallasnews.com State confronts its energy, politics and culture... 2021-02-21
dallasnews.com Faced with cold, music professor slept with 330-year-old violin to protect it... 2021-02-19
dallasnews.com Cruz Flees to Cancun Amid Crisis... 2021-02-18
dallasnews.com Injured migrants say Border Patrol sent them back to Mexico after they fell off border wall... 2021-02-14
dallasnews.com City-wide blackouts shut down Dallas... 2021-02-14
dallasnews.com Ex-staffer kills himself in front of Texas lawmakers home... 2021-02-11
dallasnews.com Texas doctor stole vaccine, gave to family, friends... 2021-01-22
dallasnews.com PAPER: At almost every step, Ted Cruz miscalculated how to deal with The Don... 2021-01-12
dallasnews.com Dallas down to 17 ICU beds... 2020-12-24
dallasnews.com POLL: BIDEN WINNING TEXAS 2020-10-25
dallasnews.com Diabetics turn to underground insulin-sharing... 2020-10-07
dallasnews.com Ted Cruz blocks Ginsburg resolution... 2020-09-22
dallasnews.com Thieves rob Dallas testing site... 2020-07-14
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/business/airlines/2020/07/13/passenger-claims-american-airlines-flight-attendant-shook-her-violently- 2020-07-13
dallasnews.com SHOCK POLL: BIDEN +5 IN TEXAS... 2020-07-12
dallasnews.com Activists mock Texas Governors wheelchair use amid new COVID regulations... 2020-06-19
dallasnews.com Amputee says AMERICAN AIRLINES crew told her to scoot down aisle to use bathroom... 2020-06-17
dallasnews.com Texas Gov. Abbott scolds 20-somethings for not wearing masks... 2020-06-15
dallasnews.com Dallas 2020-05-31
dallasnews.com Texas mayor defends belief that women shouldnt lead public prayer... 2020-05-22
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/news/courts/2020/05/05/dallas-salon-owner-ordered-to-spend-a-week-in-jail-for-keeping-salon-open/ 2020-05-05
dallasnews.com Texas to Let Stay-at Home-Order Expire... 2020-04-27
dallasnews.com Texas Becomes First State to Ease Restrictions... 2020-04-17
dallasnews.com God and a Glock: Texas churchgoers training to fight off attackers wielding guns... 2020-02-10
dallasnews.com Meat Loaf sues Dallas hotel, convention after fall from stage... 2020-01-14
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/news/2020/01/05/born-in-mexico-this-new-american-is-voting-for-donald-trump/ 2020-01-05
dallasnews.com SHOOTING AT CHURCH IN TEXAS... DEVELOPING... 2019-12-29
dallasnews.com POLL: Presidents approval 43% in TX... 2019-11-18
dallasnews.com TILLERSON DENIES TRUMP SABOTAGE 2019-11-11
dallasnews.com Tornado Leaves Trail of Damage in Dallas and Cuts Power to Thousands... 2019-10-21
dallasnews.com Yes, Texas is a battleground: Million$ more flow in... 2019-10-18
dallasnews.com Behind Texas firewall, suburban shifts leave Trump vulnerable... 2019-10-05
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/2019/09/30/rep-mac-thornberry-becomes-6th-texas-republican-in-house-to-announce-retirem 2019-09-30
dallasnews.com Texas A&M researchers quietly bred sick dogs in hopes of finding human muscular dystrophy cure... 2019-09-17
dallasnews.com T. Boone Pickens Dead at 91... 2019-09-11
dallasnews.com Texas Lt. Gov. to defy NRA, take lead on background checks... 2019-09-06
dallasnews.com Husband of El Paso massacre victim has his SUV stolen on the day he buries her... 2019-08-20
dallasnews.com Why are Republicans in Congress bolting for exits? 2019-08-11
dallasnews.com Man charged for midair meltdown challenges law, saying it was just rudeness... 2019-08-05
dallasnews.com FOURTH Texas Republican Congressman Plans to Retire in 2020... 2019-08-05
dallasnews.com Dallas officers: Jokes during deadly arrest were strategy... 2019-08-02
dallasnews.com Doctor says AMERICAN AIRLINES nearly kicked her off flight for inappropriate romper... 2019-07-09
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/business/business/2019/07/09/ross-perot-self-made-billionaire-patriot-philanthropist-dies-89 2019-07-09
dallasnews.com 10 people dead after airplane crashes into hangar in Addison, Texas... Developing... 2019-06-30
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/news/courts/2019/06/28/man-ditches-court-before-jury-convicts-killing-man-outside-dallas-strip-club 2019-06-28
dallasnews.com Gunman shot dead after opening fire on Dallas federal courthouse... 2019-06-17
dallasnews.com Makes Texas play... 2019-05-29
dallasnews.com Texas lifts ban on brass knuckles, kitty keychains and clubs... 2019-05-29
dallasnews.com Diocese raid inspires Catholics to close ranks or lose faith... 2019-05-19
dallasnews.com CHARGED WITH MURDER OF 11 ELDERLY... 2019-05-16
dallasnews.com Massive immigration, marriage fraud ring spread throughout Texas... 2019-05-14
dallasnews.com Deepest ocean dive by any human in history... 2019-05-13
dallasnews.com Trans assaulted in mob attack caught on video... 2019-04-15
dallasnews.com No more prosecuting petty crimes: Worries Dallas DA justice reform plan goes too far... 2019-04-14
dallasnews.com 100,000+ CAUGHT IN MONTH? 2019-04-08
dallasnews.com 280 arrested in ICE raid at TX tech biz... 2019-04-03
dallasnews.com OUT OF CONTROL... 2019-04-02
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/news/immigration/2019/03/27/agents-rescue-double-amputee-border-crosser-wheelchair-rio-grande 2019-03-27
dallasnews.com ICE frees Dreamer flight attendant who was locked up after Mexico flight... 2019-03-22
dallasnews.com https://www.dallasnews.com/business/airlines/2019/03/12/boeing-737-max-8-pilots-complained-feds-months-suspected-safety-flaw 2019-03-12
dallasnews.com Illegals stack up along Rio Grande... 2019-03-08
dallasnews.com 86 mph over limit ? just one of 10 fastest speeding tickets in Dallas-Fort Worth... 2019-03-07
dallasnews.com EXCITED BETO SAYS MADE 2020 DECISION... 2019-02-27
dallasnews.com Strawberry truck busted carrying $13M of meth... 2019-02-20
dallasnews.com Conservative radio host killed by AMTRAK train... 2019-02-06
dallasnews.com DREAMERS FOR WALL CASH? 2019-01-18
dallasnews.com String of Texas coyote attacks super weird... 2019-01-15
dallasnews.com World Series MVP arrested on child sex abuse charge... 2019-01-15
dallasnews.com Castro looks to regain spotlight he once enjoyed... 2019-01-11
dallasnews.com Pastor who called Orlando massacre victims scum ousted over prostitution allegations... 2019-01-08
dallasnews.com TROUBLES: DALLAS MORNING NEWS lays off dozens... 2019-01-07
dallasnews.com Researchers fear wider spread of paralysis linked to mystery virus... 2018-12-23
dallasnews.com SNAP: Standoff after husband shot wifes laptop over loud music... 2018-12-23
dallasnews.com FEDEX workers caught looting packages... 2018-12-23
dallasnews.com How much border wall does $5 billion buy? 215 miles... 2018-12-22
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