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bakersfield.com YEAR 3: PANDEMIC FATIGUE 2022-01-13
bakersfield.com How virus could turn into common cold, or something far worse... 2022-01-10
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/as-offensive-as-it-is-it-s-not-illegal-idaho-deals-with-violent-nasty-rhetoric/article_6 2022-01-01
bakersfield.com UPDATE: Ocasio-Cortezs trip to Florida leads to war of words with conservatives... 2022-01-01
bakersfield.com T cells come to rescue as studies show they buck omicron... 2021-12-30
bakersfield.com Meet people bringing us answers on big bang, and their 13,000-pound helper... 2021-12-28
bakersfield.com Laws shield hospitals from families who believe loved ones contracted virus as patients... 2021-12-28
bakersfield.com Tampa terrorism case raises questions of surveillance, searches, mental illness... 2021-12-28
bakersfield.com Firefighters at DISNEY say guests are in danger because of short staffing... 2021-12-18
bakersfield.com At Ghislaine trial, fight over huge cache of photos of naked women... 2021-12-07
bakersfield.com They helped Chinese women, workers, the forgotten and dying. Then they disappeared... 2021-12-02
bakersfield.com Michigan schools close to deep clean? 2021-12-01
bakersfield.com Markets face weeks of uncertainty... 2021-11-29
bakersfield.com Student fights and assaults on teachers trouble Florida schools... 2021-11-27
bakersfield.com CA law allows trans inmates in womens prisons. Now, female inmates suing... 2021-11-25
bakersfield.com Cruel or cute? Monkey jockey show at Florida county fair sparks outcry from animal activists... 2021-11-24
bakersfield.com Michigan hospitals sound alarm over near-record hospitalizations... 2021-11-22
bakersfield.com Trumps former fixer unleashed, and ready to make money... 2021-11-21
bakersfield.com Biden faces tougher sell on spending bill to Manchin as coal prices hit 12-year high... 2021-11-20
bakersfield.com 60-foot waves exploded off Pacific Coast during bomb cyclone... 2021-11-19
bakersfield.com Longest lunar eclipse in centuries... Developing... 2021-11-16
bakersfield.com Longest lunar eclipse in centuries... Developing... 2021-11-15
bakersfield.com MCDONALDS CEO faces calls to resign as backlash mounts over insensitive texts... 2021-11-12
bakersfield.com Math nerds enter mapping process that could sway power in Washington... 2021-10-16
bakersfield.com Recent flurry of hazing incidents possibly reaction to pandemic isolation... 2021-10-11
bakersfield.com Can USA shield state secret thats not secret? Supreme Court to decide... 2021-10-06
bakersfield.com States embrace vaccine mandates despite potential worker exodus... 2021-09-21
bakersfield.com In Afghanistans war-torn countryside, Americas exit means one thing: Peace... 2021-09-20
bakersfield.com Elder prepares for recall loss with lawyers, voter fraud site... 2021-09-11
bakersfield.com Alaska highest patients ever... 2021-09-01
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/the-algorithm-fired-me-california-bill-takes-on-amazon-s-notorious-work-culture/article_8fda 2021-08-31
bakersfield.com Horse dewormer flying off shelves as remedy despite FDA warnings, side effects... 2021-08-27
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/larry-elder-s-recall-campaign-targets-a-new-opponent-the-press/article_d825c825-b6c6-56ab-ab 2021-08-19
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/california-oregon-braced-for-another-extremist-water-rebellion-why-it-s-calm-so-far/arti 2021-08-18
bakersfield.com Americas back vow torched... 2021-08-16
bakersfield.com The judge upending CA gun laws: Blessed jurist or stone-cold ideologue? 2021-08-11
bakersfield.com Continued problems after massive beach sewage spill now hitting water supply... 2021-08-11
bakersfield.com UPDATE: Alaska peninsula rocked by largest quake to strike USA in 50 years... 2021-07-29
bakersfield.com Restaurant rebuffs precautions, wants unvaxxed diners... 2021-07-26
bakersfield.com Breakthrough cases rattle Capitol Hill... 2021-07-21
bakersfield.com Illegal pot invades CA deserts, bringing violence, fear, ecological destruction... 2021-07-15
bakersfield.com Mother found home in Norfolk gang. Then they shot her in face, left her for dead... 2021-07-12
bakersfield.com What CA warning system got wrong - and right - about 6.0 quake... 2021-07-10
bakersfield.com Israel Says it Sent Completely Normal Vaccines to Palestinians... 2021-06-19
bakersfield.com Can AI predict how sick youll get? 2021-06-18
bakersfield.com Caitlyn Jenner, once American hero, struggles to win support from voters... 2021-06-12
bakersfield.com Looking to boost profits, dentists push unnecessary procedures... 2021-05-20
bakersfield.com Rising rapper, ill-fated INSTAGRAM post and killing in Hollywood Hills... 2021-05-14
bakersfield.com Markle meeting with Newsom sparks talk about her political potential... 2021-02-16
bakersfield.com Choked, strangled. drowned. How balloons, plastic bags killing marine animals... 2020-11-20
bakersfield.com Is this worth my life?: Traveling health workers decry care conditions... 2020-11-13
bakersfield.com How Silicon Valley cases spread may surprise you... 2020-10-26
bakersfield.com A royal bubble bursts: Thailands king faces trouble on 2 continents... 2020-10-17
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/muckrakers-fight-to-unseal-fbi-files-on-jeffrey-epstein-kept-alive-by-judge/article_1e193d0d 2020-09-22
bakersfield.com Lack of public data hampers covid fight... 2020-08-05
bakersfield.com NYPD reveals 80% of social distancing arrests have been minorities... 2020-05-08
bakersfield.com A crippled Postal Service could throw wrench in November election... 2020-05-05
bakersfield.com Jails and prisons spring thousands... 2020-04-17
bakersfield.com Brazil president called COVID-19 little flu. Now supporters rebelling... 2020-04-10
bakersfield.com Pandemic pushes USA and China closer to cold war... 2020-04-08
bakersfield.com USA nears 1 in 1,000 infected... 2020-04-02
bakersfield.com Body count leaps... 2020-03-25
bakersfield.com How fake audio could plague business, politics... 2020-03-04
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/coronavirus-hits-china-s-prisons-what-will-happen-to-activists/article_e7821e9f-7e07-513 2020-02-29
bakersfield.com Key California reservoir to be drained due to earthquake risk... 2020-02-25
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/victoria-s-secret-added-new-safety-measures-models-say-it/article_24398baa-22fd-5855-be2 2020-02-13
bakersfield.com Using fake name, mother fled on private jet after trying to kidnap son, authorities say... 2019-12-25
bakersfield.com Maelstrom sucks in chief justice who shuns politics... 2019-12-21
bakersfield.com Hong Kong braces for more disruption as violence escalates... 2019-11-17
bakersfield.com Inside a wealthy LA mans effort to help pilots fight wildfires from a remote mountain base... 2019-11-04
bakersfield.com Warren flaunts fitness as candidates health becomes issue... 2019-10-14
bakersfield.com Clock ticks as SPACEX builds craft for NASA... 2019-10-11
bakersfield.com WORRY: Senate Republicans from swing states... 2019-10-04
bakersfield.com https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/prosecutors-democratic-donor-ed-buck-used-position-of-power-to/article_1c3104bf-cb6e-53e 2019-09-18
bakersfield.com 1.3 billion tons of food being wasted each year. Can we stop it? 2019-08-29
bakersfield.com 2 quakes in 2 days, no warning from ShakeAlertLA. Now app is getting reworked... 2019-08-14
bakersfield.com Biden and little-known candidates have most at stake... 2019-07-30
bakersfield.com Rising health insurance deductibles fuel middle-class anger and resentment... 2019-07-19
bakersfield.com China faces another discontent challenge as planned garbage plant stirs protests... 2019-07-05
bakersfield.com Religious communities consider how much faith to put in marijuana... 2019-06-17
bakersfield.com Poisonous thorns: The times Abraham Lincoln got really mad at CHICAGO TRIB... 2019-06-05
bakersfield.com HELL: Sharp increase in Congo Ebola deaths as medical teams hit by attacks... 2019-05-01
bakersfield.com MCMANUS: Stop thinking of Sanders as gadfly and start thinking of him as front-runner... 2019-04-07
bakersfield.com Living on pennies with million-dollar view: Car campers survive in beach parking lots... 2019-03-22
bakersfield.com California experiencing burst of butterflies... 2019-03-13
bakersfield.com Flight of the jellyfish, eel and barnacle along California coast... 2019-03-12
bakersfield.com As pigs are delivered to slaughterhouse, activists offer water and comfort to the doomed... 2019-03-06
bakersfield.com Teens involved in swastika party apologize as outrage grows... 2019-03-06
bakersfield.com HEAT: India launches airstrike on Pakistan after deadly Kashmir attack... 2019-02-26
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