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azcentral.com AZ gov candidate attacks drag shows. She hosted them at her home... 2022-06-19
azcentral.com Mexican cartels outsmarting TX Gov. truck inspections... 2022-04-13
azcentral.com Texas border patrol round up Haitians with whips... 2021-09-22
azcentral.com Almost all Gulf oil production shuts for hurricane. Will gas prices spike? 2021-08-29
azcentral.com Massive fire in Phoenix spurs largest response in Fire Dept history... 2021-06-06
azcentral.com Cyber Ninjas, hired by AZ Senate to recount ballots, asks court to keep secret... 2021-04-26
azcentral.com Homeless for years, she wants off the streets -- or does she? 2021-02-22
azcentral.com Arizona seniors giving up on getting jab... 2021-02-07
azcentral.com Why is Arizona so bad? 2021-02-01
azcentral.com Heat-related deaths soar to new record in Arizona... 2021-01-31
azcentral.com UPDATE: AZ Republican chair rejects audit of party elections... 2021-01-29
azcentral.com Virtual memorial for civil rights icon ends abruptly after hackers shout racial slurs... 2021-01-12
azcentral.com Campaign attorney: Lawsuit will have no impact on results... 2020-11-13
azcentral.com Activists project Trump failed us onto Arizona mountain... 2020-10-28
azcentral.com 2020 on track to be among deadliest at Arizona-Mexico border... 2020-10-28
azcentral.com UBER driver arrested after passenger shot... 2020-10-12
azcentral.com Casinos RECLOSING in Arizona... 2020-06-18
azcentral.com https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2020/06/18/gila-river-casinos-temporarily-close-arizona-covid-19-cases-rise/3 2020-06-18
azcentral.com Phoenix 2020-05-31
azcentral.com Arizona sheriffs wont enforce stay-at-home order... 2020-05-03
azcentral.com Phoenix to stop using red-light, speed-enforcement cameras... 2019-11-24
azcentral.com REPORT: SOUTHWEST AIRLINES flight attendant caught pilots watching livestream of passengers using toilet... 2019-10-26
azcentral.com First-ever mandatory water cutbacks set to kick in along Colorado River... 2019-08-18
azcentral.com 6 players ejected after big brawl at WNBA game... 2019-08-11
azcentral.com Police clarifies: Wont pull people over in positive ticketing campaign... 2019-07-29
azcentral.com Disabled military vet could lose home over $236 in back taxes... 2019-07-12
azcentral.com Satanists take city council to court to lead meeting invocation... 2019-07-12
azcentral.com AZ Gov: NIKE plant not welcome after flag shoe pulled... 2019-07-02
azcentral.com TSA officers injured during unprovoked, brazen attack at Phoenix airport... 2019-06-19
azcentral.com Man sues to get dads frozen head back... 2019-06-11
azcentral.com https://www.azcentral.com/in-depth/news/local/arizona-health/2019/06/10/arizona-has-thriving-business-based-whole-body-donations 2019-06-11
azcentral.com https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/border-issues/2019/04/26/border-patrol-now-releasing-migrant-families-directly-tuc 2019-04-27
azcentral.com https://www.azcentral.com/story/money/real-estate/catherine-reagor/2019/04/21/could-phoenix-and-tucson-merge-2040-population-gro 2019-04-22
azcentral.com Cant believe in jail says lady who sent man 159,000 texts... 2019-04-19
azcentral.com ICE reverses decision to deport husband of US soldier after her death in Afghanistan... 2019-04-16
azcentral.com Mormons repeal ban on baptisms for children of gay parents... 2019-04-04
azcentral.com Border Patrol begins releasing migrant families on streets... 2019-03-29
azcentral.com Country music star restaurants failed nationwide. Did Mafia turncoat in Witness Protection pull strings? 2019-03-13
azcentral.com Jaguar attacks selfie-taker at zoo... 2019-03-10
azcentral.com ICE Drops Off Dozens More Illegals at Phoenix Bus Station... 2019-03-09
azcentral.com Sen. McSally, ex-Air Force pilot, says officer raped her... 2019-03-06
azcentral.com Teacher had sex with boy in class while other student watched... 2019-02-27
azcentral.com https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/arizona/2019/02/19/arizona-bill-would-create-massive-statewide-dna-database/287393 2019-02-19
azcentral.com Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation... 2019-02-18
azcentral.com Arizona considers declaring porn public health crisis... 2019-02-09
azcentral.com Mans murder defense: Scientology made me do it... 2019-02-06
azcentral.com 4th dolphin dies at AZ aquatic facility... 2019-02-01
azcentral.com Fund border wall with porn tax? Lawmaker says yes... 2019-01-21
azcentral.com Remains of 127 dead migrants recovered in AZ... 2019-01-16
azcentral.com DATING SITE HELL: Woman harasses man with 159,000 texts! 2019-01-04
azcentral.com First Openly Bisexual Senator Sworn In... 2019-01-04
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