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atr.org CA Rejects Income Tax Hike... 2022-11-09
atr.org Manchin Violates Pledge... 2022-08-07
atr.org Updated: List of Tax Hikes in Dem Reconciliation Bill... 2022-08-07
atr.org Stolen IRS Files: Year Later, Still No Answer... 2022-05-23
atr.org https://www.atr.org/irs-picks-up-the-phone-only-19-to-20-percent-of-the-time/ 2022-04-07
atr.org IRS Chief: 53% of Agents Work from Home Full Time! 2022-04-07
atr.org Manchin Wants $1 Trillion Tax Increase... 2022-03-26
atr.org Stolen Tax Files: Nine Months and Still No Answers from the IRS... 2022-03-15
atr.org https://www.atr.org/40-years-of-failure-irs-unable-to-fix-computer-system/ 2022-03-09
atr.org Yellen Claims She Still Does Not Know Who Stole Thousands of Private IRS Files... 2021-11-30
atr.org https://www.atr.org/reconciliation-bill-gives-special-tax-handout-big-media 2021-11-17
atr.org REVEALED: 50-State List of Top Tax Rates Under Dem Bill... 2021-11-08
atr.org https://www.atr.org/dem-bill-gives-special-tax-handout-media-companies-1500-local-journalists 2021-11-04
atr.org POLL: 80% Oppose Tax Hikes Coming Out of Pandemic... 2021-09-09
atr.org Dems Eye National Plastic Tax... 2021-09-03
atr.org Biden Tax Hike Largest Since 1968... 2021-09-01
atr.org https://www.atr.org/house-democrats-fast-track-35-trillion-tax-and-spending-spree 2021-08-24
atr.org IT BEGINS: Biden and Pelosi Set to Impose Tax Hikes on Small Businesses... 2021-08-20
atr.org https://www.atr.org/dems-sets-stage-trillions-tax-hikes-87000-irs-agents-woke-spending?amp 2021-08-10
atr.org Gas Tax Hike Coming? 2021-01-22
atr.org Biden Calls for Plastic Bag Ban... 2020-01-08
atr.org https://www.atr.org/video-17-times-elizabeth-warren-has-dodged-middle-class-tax-question 2019-10-14
atr.org Biden Attacks: Shes Going to Raise Peoples Taxes... 2019-09-23
atr.org Warren Still Dodging Middle Class Tax Question... 2019-09-12
atr.org De Blasio Calls for Robot Tax... 2019-09-06
atr.org BIDEN: Raise capital gains tax back to 39.6%... 2019-08-22
atr.org VIDEO: 10 Times Biden Threatened to Repeal Tax Cuts... 2019-07-02
atr.org BIDEN: First thing I would do is eliminate tax cuts! 2019-06-18
atr.org BIDEN: First thing Id do is repeal those tax cuts! 2019-05-06
atr.org https://www.atr.org/list-tax-hikes-sanders-medicare-all-plan 2019-04-10
atr.org Treasury: Tax Refunds Match Previous Year... 2019-02-28
atr.org DEMS GO ECO WILD! 2019-02-07
atr.org STARBUCKS: Tax Cuts Accelerated Wage Increases... 2019-01-29
atr.org Dems Eye 33% Corporate Rate Hike... 2019-01-07
atr.org Top 20% of households pay 88% of federal income taxes... 2019-01-07
atr.org https://www.atr.org/ocasio-cortez-tax-plan-creates-827-top-income-tax-rate-new-yorkers 2019-01-04
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