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apnews.com USA ramps up plan to expel Haitian migrants gathered in Texas... 2021-09-18
apnews.com One stunning afternoon: Setbacks imperil Biden reset... 2021-09-18
apnews.com Police say theyre ready for rally supporting Jan. 6 rioters... 2021-09-18
apnews.com UPDATE: USA to expel migrants from border, fly to Haiti... 2021-09-18
apnews.com NYC restaurant host attacked over status request... 2021-09-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-california-recall-business-coronavirus-pandemic-san-francisco-8312a56a39527bfb9a8e33f86a38f 2021-09-17
apnews.com UPDATE: Illegal marijuana farms take Wests scarce water... 2021-09-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-elections-campaigns-capitol-siege-51f4727ad3e1f16dbab612e310e91bb8 2021-09-17
apnews.com MILLEY DEFENDS CHINA CALLS 2021-09-17
apnews.com DOJ reviewing policies on trans inmates... 2021-09-17
apnews.com Clarence Thomas criticizes judges for veering into politics... 2021-09-17
apnews.com MASSMUTUAL fined for failing to monitor GAMESTOP saga star... 2021-09-16
apnews.com Hundreds of migrating songbirds crash into NYC skyscrapers... 2021-09-16
apnews.com Cards required for some indoor businesses on Maui... 2021-09-16
apnews.com Body composting green alternative to burial, cremation... 2021-09-16
apnews.com Small agency, big job: Biden tasks OSHA with vaccine mandate... 2021-09-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/health-public-health-coronavirus-pandemic-idaho-a0729894b42af1c3dadeccaffeabea0c 2021-09-16
apnews.com Soaring utility bills alarm Europe, raise fears for winter... 2021-09-16
apnews.com At 101, shes still hauling lobsters with no plans to stop... 2021-09-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/california-recall-politics-elections-california-coronavirus-pandemic-c9963319bfd8754dc77687049ba6e0e0 2021-09-15
apnews.com Rival Koreas test missiles hours apart... 2021-09-15
apnews.com Reopening of 3 monster Broadway shows signals wait over... 2021-09-14
apnews.com 3 ex-U.S. intel, military operatives admit to providing hacking technology to UAE... 2021-09-14
apnews.com Slaughter of dolphins sparks debate on traditions... 2021-09-14
apnews.com STAY OR GO? 2021-09-14
apnews.com FDA experts oppose... 2021-09-13
apnews.com Once inmates, Taliban now in charge in Kabul prison... 2021-09-13
apnews.com US budget deficit rises to $2.71 trillion through August... 2021-09-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/oddities-new-zealand-europe-animals-biology-fc795581062bbde21c49143579f99639 2021-09-13
apnews.com Allegations fly as recall vote looms for Newsom... 2021-09-13
apnews.com Capitol rally seeks to rewrite Jan. 6 by exalting rioters... 2021-09-13
apnews.com Tom Ford wraps NY Fashion Week with a show of disco glam... 2021-09-13
apnews.com California voters: Less Republican and white... 2021-09-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-business-kamala-harris-bills-joe-manchin-4db2dd036fb62400dde2b7131dda4f8b 2021-09-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/europe-france-emmanuel-macron-marine-le-pen-anne-hidalgo-574d20e7518260491430bc8191e9b4c2 2021-09-12
apnews.com Al Qaeda chief in new video despite rumors he was dead... 2021-09-12
apnews.com Wildfire forces closure of California freeway... 2021-09-12
apnews.com UN chief: World at pivotal moment and must avert crises... 2021-09-11
apnews.com Biden, Obama, Clinton share moment of silence... 2021-09-11
apnews.com Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st trans bishop... 2021-09-11
apnews.com Unions split... 2021-09-11
apnews.com White House, Dems tangle over bid to raise taxes... 2021-09-11
apnews.com NATION REMEMBERS 2021-09-11
apnews.com 26 million viewers... 2021-09-10
apnews.com Wigged out: Venezuelan spymasters life on the lam... 2021-09-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/science-biology-idaho-pocatello-idaho-state-university-2dfe8459de3335607fd1a61a878318de 2021-09-10
apnews.com Queens rep says royals back BLM movement... 2021-09-10
apnews.com 20 YEARS... 2021-09-10
apnews.com Creator says mass boosters may be unnecessary... 2021-09-10
apnews.com LOS ANGELES REQUIRES JAB FOR ALL STUDENTS 12+... 2021-09-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-business-health-coronavirus-pandemic-executive-branch-18fb12993f05be13bf760946a6fb89be 2021-09-09
apnews.com France to offer free birth control to all women... 2021-09-09
apnews.com Judge Judy returning to TV, with granddaughter... 2021-09-09
apnews.com Hurricane could hit Los Cabos resorts... 2021-09-09
apnews.com KICKOFF: Brady, BUCS begin defense of title against COWBOYS... 2021-09-09
apnews.com Elizabeth Holmes drawn as villain, underdog as trial begins... 2021-09-09
apnews.com Smoke alarms sound at Space Station... 2021-09-09
apnews.com SUMMER OF HOPE ENDS IN GLOOM 2021-09-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/middle-east-religion-israel-afghanistan-evacuations-c616b5b847da79f0cfc1de6f0f37b0b7 2021-09-08
apnews.com Trial set to begin for fallen tech star Elizabeth Holmes... 2021-09-08
apnews.com 10.9 million: Another record for job openings... 2021-09-08
apnews.com Virginia cuts Robert E. Lee statue into pieces... 2021-09-08
apnews.com Treehouses proliferate during pandemic... 2021-09-08
apnews.com Test of Biden clout? 2021-09-08
apnews.com AMAZON to open 2 cashier-less WHOLE FOODS stores... 2021-09-08
apnews.com Gambling wave coming to broadcasts... 2021-09-07
apnews.com US-built databases potential tool of repression... 2021-09-07
apnews.com Idaho enacts crisis hospital care standards amid surge... 2021-09-07
apnews.com POLL: Americans increasingly balk at intrusive govt surveillance... 2021-09-07
apnews.com Virginia set to remove Richmonds Lee statue on Wednesday... 2021-09-07
apnews.com Emotions raw before Paris trial for Islamic State carnage... 2021-09-07
apnews.com Seniors left in dark, hot facilities... 2021-09-06
apnews.com First responders nationwide resist mandates... 2021-09-06
apnews.com Doctors see growing number of respiratory disease in kids... 2021-09-06
apnews.com DOJ will protect abortion seekers in Texas... 2021-09-06
apnews.com Shortages of supplies and workers will delay rebuilding... 2021-09-06
apnews.com Treasured West trout streams wither amid heat, drought... 2021-09-06
apnews.com After unrelenting summer, Joe looks to get agenda on track... 2021-09-06
apnews.com No cashiers, please: Futuristic supermarket opens... 2021-09-06
apnews.com 2 anchors of safety net ending, affecting millions... 2021-09-05
apnews.com Women say they met porn actor Jeremy for fun; rape came next... 2021-09-05
apnews.com ARIZONA 3,000 SICK A DAY 2021-09-04
apnews.com IDA: As flood alerts lit up phones, did warning fatigue set in? 2021-09-04
apnews.com FLORIDA DEATHS AT RECORD 2021-09-04
apnews.com Extremist was released from New Zealand jail despite fears... 2021-09-04
apnews.com Tahoe evacuees watching weekend with hope as fire slows... 2021-09-04
apnews.com 4 dead... 2021-09-03
apnews.com First flames, then fees: Evacuees report price-gouging... 2021-09-03
apnews.com 20 years after 9/11: We will live with scars forever... 2021-09-03
apnews.com Idaho hospitals nearly buckling in relentless surge... 2021-09-03
apnews.com With no tourist handouts, hungry Bali monkeys raid homes... 2021-09-03
apnews.com Flights resume, SOME power restored in New Orleans... MORE 2021-09-02
apnews.com More than dozen deaths after Ida remnants slam Northeast... 2021-09-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/texas-courts-us-supreme-court-32ee7ae7eeec9bdfd1471a848c163321 2021-09-02
apnews.com Merkel prepares to step down... 2021-09-02
apnews.com China bans sissy men from TV in new crackdown... 2021-09-02
apnews.com GM, FORD halt some production as chip crisis grows... 2021-09-02
apnews.com NFL returns social justice helmet decals, end zone stencils... 2021-09-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/environment-and-nature-hurricanes-60327279197e14b9d17632ea0818f51c 2021-09-02
apnews.com CA seeks gender neutral displays in large stores... 2021-09-01
apnews.com Ontario to require vaccine certificates... 2021-09-01
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-ap-top-news-afghanistan-evacuations-kabul-c134d2abf8977b87d2965d9fe3e1565f 2021-09-01
apnews.com Train station protests fizzle in Italy as passes start... 2021-09-01
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-travel-business-environment-and-nature-california-7fa5e202a22112071720c7553f0b7684 2021-09-01
apnews.com Black women seeing guns as protection from rising crime... 2021-09-01
apnews.com In Ida aftermath, no quick relief in sight for Louisiana... 2021-09-01
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/health-coronavirus-pandemic-c14ce28edda2593b0b3819acec97089e 2021-08-31
apnews.com CENSUS: Childless older women better off than older men... 2021-08-31
apnews.com Ida aftermath: No power, no flights, scant drinking water... 2021-08-31
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/fires-environment-and-nature-california-evacuations-b61cea7e0a57bc1670f502a980f4deda 2021-08-31
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-health-california-coronavirus-pandemic-race-and-ethnicity-599c6c96f75bec7e8f116ec948c6f 2021-08-31
apnews.com Highway collapses, 2 killed, at least 10 injured... 2021-08-31
apnews.com Mormon jab push ratchets up, dividing faiths members... 2021-08-31
apnews.com No stranger to plagues, Venice opens film fest with caution... 2021-08-31
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-islamic-state-group-dd43bcc58bd17668b1cf4ae79997142b 2021-08-31
apnews.com THE END? 2021-08-30
apnews.com Illegal cougar removed from NYC home... 2021-08-30
apnews.com NKorea appears to have resumed nuke reactor operation... 2021-08-30
apnews.com Birds of prey face global decline from habitat loss, poisons... 2021-08-30
apnews.com State mask bans face federal civil rights inquiries... 2021-08-30
apnews.com UPDATE: Power surge causes massive subway chaos in NYC... 2021-08-30
apnews.com Lake Tahoe threatened by massive fire, more ordered to flee... 2021-08-30
apnews.com Grid in shambles... 2021-08-30
apnews.com No cash or gas to run... 2021-08-30
apnews.com Records rebut claims of unequal treatment of Jan. 6 rioters... 2021-08-30
apnews.com Qatar emerges as key player... 2021-08-30
apnews.com Hospitals brimming with virus patients... 2021-08-29
apnews.com Record onslaught of landfalls... 2021-08-29
apnews.com Weather heats up as California fire inches toward Lake Tahoe... 2021-08-29
apnews.com Hostile school board meetings have members calling it quits... 2021-08-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-tv-arts-and-entertainment-ed-asner-f68ac96f09acd7263a476786d3aeed80 2021-08-29
apnews.com Biden attends grim homecoming for troops killed in Afghanistan... 2021-08-29
apnews.com Drone kills ISIS targeting airport... 2021-08-29
apnews.com Wind, storm surge from Hurricane Ida lash Louisiana... 2021-08-29
apnews.com Tehran thieves attack car, steal shots... 2021-08-29
apnews.com Biden in loneliest job; Presidency driven by crisis... 2021-08-29
apnews.com ALERT FOR MORE ATTACKS 2021-08-28
apnews.com Reporter punched in face while covering anti-mask event... 2021-08-28
apnews.com Wyoming embraces Jeffree Star despite homophobia, past... 2021-08-28
apnews.com Life-altering event... 2021-08-28
apnews.com Experts warn of dangers from breach of voter system software... 2021-08-28
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/asia-pacific-evacuations-kabul-islamic-state-group-7f146c8ae5d9e9ab225025527e421226 2021-08-27
apnews.com Bernie Sanders sells big govt virtues in red states... 2021-08-27
apnews.com House panel seeks records from tech companies in riot probe... 2021-08-27
apnews.com RFK assassin Sirhan wins parole with support of 2 Kennedys... 2021-08-27
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/oddities-wisconsin-7da5aecb26fc9419884ac641d56b83c6 2021-08-27
apnews.com Trans inmate sues prisons over surgery denial... 2021-08-27
apnews.com New urgency to airlift from Kabul after blasts kills 170... 2021-08-27
apnews.com Virus surge pummels Hawaii... 2021-08-27
apnews.com LIBERTY announces campus-wide quarantine... 2021-08-27
apnews.com FED KEEPS PUMPING... 2021-08-27
apnews.com T-MOBILE CEO says truly sorry for hack of 50 MILLION users data... 2021-08-27
apnews.com Could be Cat 3... 2021-08-27
apnews.com Massive California fire creeps toward Lake Tahoe... 2021-08-27
apnews.com 1,000 remain as clock ticking... 2021-08-26
apnews.com South Dakota AG gets fines, but walks in pedestrian death... 2021-08-26
apnews.com How Many More Deaths? 2021-08-26
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/europe-france-evacuations-kabul-9e457201e5bbe75a4eb1901fedeee7a1 2021-08-26
apnews.com Bennett meets Biden as tensions grow... 2021-08-26
apnews.com 1,500 remain as clock ticking... Developing... 2021-08-26
apnews.com Hawaii Kilauea volcano set to erupt? 2021-08-26
apnews.com Crews struggle to stop fire bearing down on Lake Tahoe... 2021-08-25
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-arts-and-entertainment-ron-jeremy-165212fa8b76534430b84d87e982f45f 2021-08-25
apnews.com Bennett meets Biden as tensions grow... 2021-08-25
apnews.com Conservative hoaxers face $5M fine for election robocalls... 2021-08-25
apnews.com Troops must get shot ASAP... 2021-08-25
apnews.com Bias hidden in mortgage-approval algorithms? 2021-08-25
apnews.com Pain compliance: Video shows trooper pummeling Black man... 2021-08-25
apnews.com G-7 leaders cant sway Biden to delay Afghanistan withdrawal... 2021-08-24
apnews.com House passes $3.5 TRILLION Biden blueprint after deal with moderates... 2021-08-24
apnews.com NRA cancels annual meeting due to concerns... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Passed out man found with 300 ballots... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Oregon masks required outdoors... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Pennsylvanian who coughed on market produce, claimed virus gets jail... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Cellphone catches fire on ALASKA jet upon landing... 2021-08-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-evacuations-kabul-1ac0c859c4699a106b65de7ff741dee4 2021-08-24
apnews.com Survivors grapple with aftermath of deadly Tennessee flood... 2021-08-23
apnews.com KENTUCKY NEW HOTSPOT... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Deaths of newlywed women found shot at campsite investigated... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Poland to build fence on border to stop migrants... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Putin launches construction of new warships amid tensions... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Budget clash pits moderate Dems against President, Pelosi... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Leaked footage shows grim conditions in Irans Evin prison... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Mental health online: Police posts of crises may traumatize... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Rev. Jesse Jackson hospitalized with covid... 2021-08-22
apnews.com 22 dead, many missing after 17 inches of rain in Tennessee... 2021-08-22
apnews.com Weakens to tropical storm... 2021-08-22
apnews.com Conflicts descend into violence, harassment... 2021-08-22
apnews.com TX Lt. Gov. Blames Blacks and Libs... 2021-08-21
apnews.com French virus passport in full use but protests keep going... 2021-08-21
apnews.com IS threat forces changes to evacuations at Kabul airport... Developing... 2021-08-21
apnews.com LGBT marches held in Poland under heavy police security... 2021-08-21
apnews.com Extremely worrisome... 2021-08-21
apnews.com Demand for antibody drugs soars... 2021-08-20
apnews.com Movers seen at mansion as Cuomo prepares to leave office... 2021-08-20
apnews.com Kamala Asia trip carries new urgency... 2021-08-20
apnews.com MAJORITY FAVOR MANDATES 2021-08-20
apnews.com Grace heads for second hit on Mexican coast... 2021-08-20
apnews.com USA struggles to speed Kabul airlift despite Taliban, chaos... 2021-08-20
apnews.com Bracing for worst in Floridas COVID-19 hot zone... 2021-08-20
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/health-wisconsin-coronavirus-pandemic-57a09e71c2fa6e0be7f494e1df676506 2021-08-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/courts-library-of-congress-171ea9c45873a98f0edb3b9a22997daf 2021-08-19
apnews.com Minnesota imposes restrictions as drought worsens... 2021-08-19
apnews.com Handcuffed by Trump deal in Doha? 2021-08-19
apnews.com Booming Colo. town asks, Where will water come from? 2021-08-19
apnews.com POLL: Two-thirds say was not worth fighting... 2021-08-19
apnews.com Jimmy Carter, trounced in 1980, gets fresh look from history... 2021-08-19
apnews.com Militants mark independence as challenges to rule rise... 2021-08-19
apnews.com Russia was ready for win due to longtime contacts... 2021-08-19
apnews.com Gulf Coasts beloved Redneck Riviera now virus hotspot... 2021-08-19
apnews.com Israel eases restrictions on blood donations by gay men... 2021-08-19
apnews.com Hurricane Grace makes landfall near Mexicos Tulum temples... 2021-08-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/artificial-intelligence-algorithm-technology-police-crime-7e3345485aa668c97606d4b54f9b6220 2021-08-19
apnews.com REPORT: Census hit by cyberattack, count unaffected... 2021-08-18
apnews.com Teacher on leave after sharing political opinions in class... 2021-08-18
apnews.com Data of more than 40 million exposed in T-MOBILE breach... 2021-08-18
apnews.com R. Kelly Trial Opens, in First Major #MeToo Case With Mostly Black Accusers... 2021-08-18
apnews.com UPDATE: France battles blaze near Saint-Tropez... 2021-08-18
apnews.com Militants destroy statue of foe, stoking fear over rule... 2021-08-18
apnews.com Mustang roundups fuel deepening debate... 2021-08-18
apnews.com STUDY: Pandemic speeded trends away from live TV viewing... 2021-08-17
apnews.com Vows to honor womens rights but within Islamic law... 2021-08-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/sports-nfl-football-jacksonville-jaguars-tim-tebow-7ecb595521e9fd29acb380012d328a97 2021-08-17
apnews.com Militants announce amnesty, urge women to join govt... 2021-08-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-health-coronavirus-pandemic-coronavirus-vaccine-21cd829d358e9b50b16515025dab2008 2021-08-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-army-taliban-185017ba2944eb43392a0ad8ffffb25f 2021-08-16
apnews.com Many Bible Belt preachers silent on shots as Covid surges... 2021-08-16
apnews.com Hawaii Lt. Gov. says unvaccinated may cause lockdown... 2021-08-16
apnews.com BIDEN SET FOR SPEECH 2021-08-16
apnews.com EVACUATION BREAKDOWN... 2021-08-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/technology-business-ap-top-news-61557d668b646e7ef48c5543d3a1c66c 2021-08-16
apnews.com Detainee says China has secret jail in Dubai, holds Uyghurs... 2021-08-16
apnews.com Death toll of powerful Haiti quake soars over 1,000... 2021-08-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-taliban-kabul-bagram-e1ed33fe0c665ee67ba132c51b8e32a5 2021-08-15
apnews.com CAUGHT BY SURPRISE... 2021-08-15
apnews.com SC school district back to virtual classes... 2021-08-15
apnews.com Texas Supreme Court blocks mask mandates... 2021-08-15
apnews.com Biden boosts food stamp benefits by 25%... 2021-08-15
apnews.com Rural population losses add to farm and ranch labor shortage... 2021-08-15
apnews.com Man stabbed, reporter attacked at protest at LA City Hall... 2021-08-15
apnews.com Longest war: Were decades fighting worth it? 2021-08-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/taliban-e1ed33fe0c665ee67ba132c51b8e32a5 2021-08-15
apnews.com BIDEN ORDERS 1,000 TROOPS 2021-08-14
apnews.com Spain flirts with record heat; 16 Italy cities on red alert... 2021-08-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/caribbean-haiti-earthquakes-e067bc2ba933fb40c6d98d34a41a7729 2021-08-14
apnews.com Virus claims more young as deaths climb yet again... 2021-08-14
apnews.com TALIBAN MARCH ON KABUL 2021-08-14
apnews.com Fears 9/11 anniversary could inspire extremist attacks... 2021-08-13
apnews.com Dr. Jill Gets a Boot... 2021-08-13
apnews.com Canada to require air travelers to be vaccinated... 2021-08-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/politics-ccb61e0716286bfda88d0835c91a9331 2021-08-13
apnews.com Mexico City marks fall of Aztec capital 500 years ago... 2021-08-13
apnews.com HORROR: Toddler fatally shoots mother during work video call... 2021-08-13
apnews.com Extra shot OKd for those with weak immune systems... 2021-08-13
apnews.com 27 people aboard CARNIVAL cruise test positive... 2021-08-13
apnews.com Afghanistan crisis intensifying... 2021-08-13
apnews.com Caitlyn Jenner avoids talk of book, TV deals tied to recall... 2021-08-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/health-texas-child-abuse-2a9850625e9b0fae445039a364068eaa 2021-08-12
apnews.com Census shows USA diversifying, white population shrinking... 2021-08-12
apnews.com White House cheers empoyer efforts... 2021-08-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/middle-east-afghanistan-taliban-26d485963b7a0d9f2107afcbc38f239a 2021-08-12
apnews.com First water cuts in West supply to hammer Arizona farmers... 2021-08-12
apnews.com London police chief says case under review... 2021-08-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/europe-9748ddaebce064c1cd069f931c0a036c 2021-08-11
apnews.com Huge California fire grows; Montana blaze threatens towns... 2021-08-11
apnews.com Hochul to become NYs first female governor... 2021-08-11
apnews.com Heaven can wait, maybe, but not phone call for pope... 2021-08-11
apnews.com Taliban now controls two-thirds of Afghanistan... 2021-08-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/andrew-cuomo-resigns-17161f546bb83c32a337036ecf8d2a34 2021-08-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/senate-infrastructure-bill-politics-joe-biden-a431f8c9f3f113b661cb3526512fc4e0 2021-08-10
apnews.com Gamblers lifting casino market to its best year... 2021-08-10
apnews.com Brazil military parade at presidential palace rattles politicians... 2021-08-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-health-coronavirus-pandemic-f4ae2436d1bca4f7775f211d4222556e 2021-08-10
apnews.com Women filmmakers denounce cinema prize for Depp... 2021-08-10
apnews.com Arkansas reports new record for hospitalizations... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Schools go against DeSantis, require masks... 2021-08-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-b28a3128ef45d91f34ed2e9c76e11a90 2021-08-09
apnews.com Frances pass now required in restaurants, trains... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Will gyms go way of arcades, movie rental stores? 2021-08-09
apnews.com Pentagon to require for all troops by Sept. 15... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Canada reopens its border for jabbed US visitors... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Fake jab cards worry college officials... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Times Up leader steps down after criticism about ties to gov... 2021-08-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-health-coronavirus-pandemic-4c614d89c69b4afd3504a4d92dd574f9 2021-08-09
apnews.com Postal workers intercept suspicious letter to pope... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Virginia contends with Confederate names on side streets... 2021-08-09
apnews.com CUOMO ACCUSER SPEAKS 2021-08-09
apnews.com UN: CODE RED FOR HUMANITY... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Fire-friendly weather to return to Northern California... 2021-08-09
apnews.com Pandemic set off deadly rise in speeding that hasnt stopped... 2021-08-08
apnews.com Mixed bag: Erratic Pandemic Olympics wind to end... 2021-08-08
apnews.com To shake hands or not? Age-old human gesture now in limbo... 2021-08-08
apnews.com Fires rampage through forests in Greece; Thousands evacuated... Developing... 2021-08-07
apnews.com THOUSANDS IN STURGIS 2021-08-07
apnews.com Amid soaring infections, mask and vax debates continue... 2021-08-07
apnews.com Hochul moves into spotlight as scandal roils Cuomo reign... 2021-08-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-oddities-business-science-mars-182cc63732fbabeb7120df2fc637b85a 2021-08-06
apnews.com 2021-08-06
apnews.com Springsteen, US team qualify for equestrian jumping final... 2021-08-06
apnews.com Taliban kill head of govt media dept... 2021-08-06
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/middle-east-israel-lebanon-78c742903569aeb81198ba7bd79052cb 2021-08-06
apnews.com GOOGLE founder gets New Zealand residency, raising questions... 2021-08-06
apnews.com Lake Powell dips to historic low... 2021-08-06
apnews.com 3 erupting Alaska volcanoes spitting lava or ash clouds... 2021-08-05
apnews.com APPLE to scan U.S. phones for images of child abuse... 2021-08-05
apnews.com Covid surge hits hospitals: Only so many beds... 2021-08-05
apnews.com 3 states account for 40%... 2021-08-05
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apnews.com Enjoying newfound liberty... 2021-07-02
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apnews.com Miss Nevada title won by trans woman for 1st time... 2021-06-28
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apnews.com Citing racism, UN rights chief seeks reparations for Blacks... 2021-06-28
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apnews.com Portland records hottest day ever... 2021-06-27
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apnews.com No jail time in 1st riot sentence; Oath Keeper pleads guilty... 2021-06-23
apnews.com House Republicans form group on climate change... 2021-06-23
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apnews.com 8 children killed after crash in drenched Alabama... 2021-06-20
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apnews.com Driver rams cyclists in AZ race, critically injuring 6... 2021-06-20
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apnews.com Gasoline pipeline shutdown tests Biden... 2021-05-12
apnews.com Exclusive resort wants to turn sewage into snow... 2021-05-12
apnews.com Opioid-related overdose deaths soar among Blacks... 2021-05-12
apnews.com Hard-liner Ahmadinejad again seeks to be Iran president... 2021-05-12
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apnews.com Lutherans elect first trans bishop... 2021-05-10
apnews.com Mexican villages arm children in desperate bid for attention... 2021-05-10
apnews.com Administration revives anti-bias protections in health care for trans... 2021-05-10
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apnews.com Wine that went to space for sale with $1 million price tag... 2021-05-04
apnews.com Vatican No. 2 intervenes to shed light on Swiss Guard deaths... 2021-05-04
apnews.com German far-right crime rises; Police arrest alleged neo-Nazi... 2021-05-04
apnews.com HORROR: Mexico City metro overpass collapses onto road; At least 23 dead... 2021-05-04
apnews.com Former circus elephants begin to arrive at Florida sanctuary... 2021-05-04
apnews.com Mexico apologizes to indigenous Maya for centuries of abuse... 2021-05-04
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apnews.com EU proposes reopening external borders... 2021-05-03
apnews.com APPLE app store goes on trial over illegal monopoly... 2021-05-02
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apnews.com Court urges govt action as hospitals cry help... 2021-05-02
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apnews.com Publisher pulls Philip Roth bio, cuts ties with author... 2021-04-27
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apnews.com Diverted cop funding goes to mental health center... 2021-04-21
apnews.com Dems push $25B to electrify school buses, a Biden priority... 2021-04-21
apnews.com DOJ TO PROBE POLICE 2021-04-21
apnews.com BIDEN: WE CANT STOP HERE 2021-04-20
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apnews.com Chicago releases graphic video of police shooting 13-year-old... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Chauvin wont testify at murder trial in Floyds death... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Ex-Minnesota cop faces hearing in shooting of Black motorist... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Soldier charged after video of confrontation with Black man... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Months after hack, USA to announce sanctions on Russia... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Indias biggest cities shut down as new virus cases hit 200K... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Blinken in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal... 2021-04-15
apnews.com GUCCI heirs worry over family depiction in Ridley Scott film... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Biden to pull US troops from Afghanistan, end forever war... 2021-04-14
apnews.com Prosecutors: No charges for officer in Capitol riot shooting... 2021-04-14
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apnews.com St. Vincent seeks water, funds as volcano keeps erupting... 2021-04-13
apnews.com Nielsen, networks clash on stats showing fewer viewers... 2021-04-13
apnews.com Iran to enrich uranium to 60%, highest level ever... 2021-04-13
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apnews.com India reels amid surge, affecting world vaccine supply... 2021-04-13
apnews.com Jumps to record $1.7 trillion -- this year! 2021-04-12
apnews.com Skilled predator FBI boss harassed 8 women, watchdog finds... 2021-04-12
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apnews.com Man shot, killed during Minnesota traffic stop sparks unrest... 2021-04-12
apnews.com UPDATE: Mom Arrested for Stabbing 3 Kids to Death... 2021-04-11
apnews.com NOMADLAND wins best film, director, actress at BAFTA... 2021-04-11
apnews.com Zhao becomes 1st woman of color to win top DGA honor... 2021-04-11
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apnews.com NRA trial opens window on secretive leaders life and work... 2021-04-09
apnews.com Thousands forced into prostitution... 2021-04-09
apnews.com Top court orders probe of Bolsonaro pandemic steps... 2021-04-09
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apnews.com Former NFL player kills 5, then self... 2021-04-08
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apnews.com 2021-04-08
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apnews.com Biden to unveil actions on guns, including new ATF boss... Developing... 2021-04-08
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apnews.com Confederate symbols prove difficult to remove in many states... 2021-04-03
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apnews.com California OKs indoor sports, concerts as cases plunge... 2021-04-03
apnews.com Robot artist sells art for $688,888, now eyeing music career... 2021-04-03
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apnews.com MMA fighter has finger severed in match... 2021-04-02
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apnews.com Italy may be in lockdown, but partys on at sea... 2021-04-02
apnews.com Israel dilemma: Can unvaccinated return to workplaces? 2021-04-02
apnews.com USA NEARS 100 MILLION VACCINATIONS 2021-04-01
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apnews.com Ancient coins may solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate... 2021-04-01
apnews.com POLL: 61% APPROVAL... 2021-03-31
apnews.com Private Christian camp preps to house children... 2021-03-31
apnews.com Missing film designer found dead under garbage in NYC home... 2021-03-31
apnews.com Detectives find cause of Tiger Woods crash -- but wont reveal... 2021-03-31
apnews.com Navalny announces start of prison hunger strike... 2021-03-31
apnews.com DAY 3 GEORGE FLOYD CASE: Firefighter blocked from helping returns to stand... 2021-03-31
apnews.com Big tech, Nevada repair shops clash over right to repair... 2021-03-30
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apnews.com Turkey reimposes restrictions after sharp rise in infections... 2021-03-30
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apnews.com Two space fans get seats on billionaires private flight... 2021-03-30
apnews.com World leaders call for pandemic treaty... 2021-03-30
apnews.com Pence reemerges, lays groundwork for 2024 run... 2021-03-30
apnews.com S Dakota wildfires prompt mass evacuations, shut down Mount Rushmore... 2021-03-30
apnews.com DAY 2: Chauvin trial in George Floyd death... 2021-03-30
apnews.com New caravan rumored to be forming in Honduras... 2021-03-29
apnews.com Hackers accessed emails of top Homeland officials... 2021-03-29
apnews.com Chauvin trial in George Floyd death gets underway... 2021-03-29
apnews.com Dear Normal: Were you really that great in first place? 2021-03-29
apnews.com WHO report says animals likely source of COVID... 2021-03-29
apnews.com Global banks warn of possible losses from hedge fund default... 2021-03-29
apnews.com Still stuck... 2021-03-29
apnews.com Jurors face heavy burden... 2021-03-28
apnews.com Paris doctors warn of catastrophic overload... 2021-03-28
apnews.com Many Brazilians disregard the pleas to stay at home... 2021-03-28
apnews.com TN downpours flood homes, roads... 2021-03-28
apnews.com Vaccines havent cured loneliness... 2021-03-28
apnews.com BRAZIL NIGHTMARE 2021-03-27
apnews.com 5,000 attend rock concert in Barcelona... 2021-03-27
apnews.com Spain gives 4-day week a try... 2021-03-27
apnews.com Treating us like robots... 2021-03-26
apnews.com Court sides with photographer in fight over Warhol art... 2021-03-26
apnews.com Business as usual: Thousands cross Mexicos southern border... 2021-03-26
apnews.com VP to focus on diplomacy; No plans to visit... 2021-03-26
apnews.com Mexico complains of mask-less tourists, closes ruin site... 2021-03-26
apnews.com Romney gets Profile in Courage Award for impeachment vote... 2021-03-26
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apnews.com How two friends made art history buying $70M digital work... 2021-03-26
apnews.com MACRON: No regrets at refusing new lockdown... 2021-03-26
apnews.com Ambitious Republicans starting to make moves in Iowa... 2021-03-26
apnews.com DOMINION sues FOXNEWS for $1.6B over election claims... 2021-03-26
apnews.com Lawmakers press Big Tech CEOs on speech responsibility... 2021-03-25
apnews.com UPDATE: Final election results show major setback for Israels Netanyahu... 2021-03-25
apnews.com Hard Time for Putins most outspoken opponent... 2021-03-25
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apnews.com UK extends emergency powers by 6 months... 2021-03-25
apnews.com Michigan sees surge, but tighter restrictions unlikely... 2021-03-25
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apnews.com In Nevada desert, tech firm aims to be government... 2021-02-13
apnews.com Gender identity bill divides Spain feminists, left-wing... 2021-02-13
apnews.com Senate poised to vote on holding Trump accountable for siege... 2021-02-13
apnews.com Close watch on McConnell... 2021-02-13
apnews.com Republican senators face big decision... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Refused for months to release data... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Airlines push White House to reject testing for US flights... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Police emphasize clampdown on crowds as Mardi Gras nears... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Suspended for week... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Professor quits after posing as female immigrant on TWITTER... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Sasse bets political future on opposing Don... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Man charged with threats to politicians, media personalities... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Trump defenders take impeachment stage to make his case... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Donald returns to spotlight in trial -- but not on his terms... 2021-02-12
apnews.com BIDEN LETS 25,000 IN 2021-02-12
apnews.com Investigating The Don big early move for Atlantas new DA... 2021-02-12
apnews.com CDC: Strong evidence in-person schooling can be done safely... 2021-02-12
apnews.com Convict Trump or face dire democracy damage, prosecutors say... 2021-02-11
apnews.com 6 Dead After Pileup Shuts Down I-35 In Fort Worth... 2021-02-11
apnews.com LINCOLN PROJECT to launch outside probe amid new revelations... 2021-02-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/john-weaver-lincoln-project-crisis-b14be5f06588b8f1d78125d4141394cb 2021-02-11
apnews.com Law firm details sexual misconduct by global ministry leader... 2021-02-11
apnews.com Pandemic fever got you down? Smash up stuff at the rage room! 2021-02-11
apnews.com BIDEN CLAIMS 600 MILLION DOSES BY SUMMER 2021-02-11
apnews.com Jazz great Chick Corea with 23 Grammy Awards dead at 79... 2021-02-11
apnews.com Germany to reinstate border controls over virus variant... 2021-02-11
apnews.com Desperation grows in battered Honduras, fueling migration... 2021-02-11
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apnews.com RED PLANET: Mars mission inspires growing fan base back in China... 2021-02-11
apnews.com FOXNEWS abruptly cuts off impeachment manager during testimony... 2021-02-10
apnews.com 95 YEAR OLD charged with murder in assisted living... 2021-02-10
apnews.com Budget deficit hits ANOTHER record... 2021-02-10
apnews.com FLYNT DEAD AT 78 2021-02-10
apnews.com Is 1 day a week enough? Biden school goal draws blowback... 2021-02-10
apnews.com Wildfire risks at nuke lab... 2021-02-10
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apnews.com THE 2021-02-10
apnews.com In Thicke of it, Robin finds the light... 2021-02-10
apnews.com THE DON RAGES... 2021-02-10
apnews.com In anxious winter, garden still offers consolation... 2021-02-10
apnews.com Israel ultra-Orthodox reject criticism, defy rules... 2021-02-10
apnews.com BATTLE FOR RED PLANET: Chinese spacecraft nearing Mars, worlds 2nd in 2 days... 2021-02-10
apnews.com THE 2021-02-09
apnews.com Fear and love surround Escobars hippos thriving in Colombia... 2021-02-09
apnews.com Plume of Sahara dust caused spike in European air pollution... 2021-02-09
apnews.com New pups hit dog park; Owners nervous wrecks... 2021-02-09
apnews.com DEMS PUSH MORE BAILOUT 2021-02-09
apnews.com UPDATE: Album sales SURGE for Morgan Wallen after racist comment... 2021-02-09
apnews.com Virus cancels spring travel for millions... 2021-02-09
apnews.com Election turmoil splits WV citys evangelicals... 2021-02-08
apnews.com Schools plan for remote learning -- in fall... 2021-02-08
apnews.com New variants raise worry reinfections... 2021-02-08
apnews.com Lawyers blast political theater... 2021-02-08
apnews.com Turkish man strikes up 37-year friendship with swan... 2021-02-08
apnews.com POLL: Few say democracy working well... 2021-02-08
apnews.com Trial to open with sense of urgency, speed... 2021-02-08
apnews.com BRADY SCHOOLS THE CHILDREN 2021-02-08
apnews.com BRADY SCHOOLS THE CHILDREN 2021-02-07
apnews.com REPUBLICANS HAVE HIS BACK... 2021-02-07
apnews.com Trial brings reckoning even if acquittal likely... 2021-02-07
apnews.com Pope greets public again with wide distancing... 2021-02-07
apnews.com More people choose to die at home... 2021-02-07
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apnews.com The biggest win: In 2020, NFL found ways to play every game... 2021-02-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/nfl-kansas-city-super-bowl-football-coronavirus-pandemic-59c5204b07d474a60cb0acf4ef9e828e 2021-02-06
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apnews.com Hug tent provides safe embraces at elderly home... 2021-02-05
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apnews.com Voting company sues FOX, Giuliani over election fraud claims... 2021-02-05
apnews.com Party eyes path to power by making peace with far right... 2021-02-05
apnews.com Daily death toll stubbornly high... 2021-02-04
apnews.com Future of Holocaust research in Poland hinges on libel case... 2021-02-04
apnews.com Anti-vaccine rabbi dismissed by Jewish org... 2021-02-04
apnews.com Greene regrets words of past, without specific apology... 2021-02-04
apnews.com Sitting on billions, Catholic dioceses amassed taxpayer aid ... 2021-02-04
apnews.com Dems ask to testify under oath for impeachment... 2021-02-04
apnews.com Hunter memoir will center on struggles with substance abuse... 2021-02-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/media-social-media-coronavirus-pandemic-covid-19-pandemic-china-7339598fed868fcfe109999bf071a77c 2021-02-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-us-news-coronavirus-pandemic-8b5b95c85f7bff1cf71e21e4b71a2a88 2021-02-04
apnews.com Sitting on billions, Catholic dioceses amassed taxpayer aid... 2021-02-04
apnews.com Prayer breakfast gives Biden fresh chance to call for unity... 2021-02-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-us-news-conspiracy-theories-kevin-mccarthy-mitch-mcconnell-d00c46241478d39db3996a36f5cbf 2021-02-04
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apnews.com FEDS: No threat amid rise of white supremacy... 2021-02-03
apnews.com CDC: Schools can reopen without teacher shots... 2021-02-03
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apnews.com Russia arrests 1,000 protesters demanding Navalnys release... 2021-01-31
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apnews.com As California cases fall, more people than ever dying... 2021-01-30
apnews.com RUSSIA BRACES FOR PROTESTS... 2021-01-30
apnews.com Brady out to join Robertson, Robinson in exclusive club... 2021-01-30
apnews.com France tightens borders... 2021-01-29
apnews.com Newspaper publisher sues FACEBOOKGOOGLE over advertising monopoly... 2021-01-29
apnews.com Charges dropped against activist who exposed Iowa hog deaths... 2021-01-29
apnews.com Canada to quarantine travelers, suspend flights south... 2021-01-29
apnews.com FAUCI: May start dosing children by summer... 2021-01-29
apnews.com 11 Fort Bliss soldiers ill after ingesting substance... 2021-01-29
apnews.com Canada to quarantine all travelers in hotels -- at their own expense! 2021-01-29
apnews.com Ultra-Orthodox unrest threatens Netanyahu reelection hopes... 2021-01-29
apnews.com Man caught directing flight traffic with radio... 2021-01-29
apnews.com UN chief calls for regulating social media companies... 2021-01-29
apnews.com China derecognizes British National Overseas passport... 2021-01-29
apnews.com Hamlet absorbs charges of unknowing role in Capitol riot... 2021-01-29
apnews.com Dangerous Liaison: New Zealand quarantine flaw exposed... 2021-01-29
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apnews.com CLORIS LEACHMAN DEAD AT 94... 2021-01-27
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apnews.com Pope marking Holocaust warns another genocide possible... 2021-01-27
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apnews.com 131 arrested on calmer night during Dutch curfew... 2021-01-27
apnews.com WALMART to build more robot-filled warehouses at stores... 2021-01-27
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apnews.com DEATH TOLL TOPS 100,000 IN UK... 2021-01-26
apnews.com CALIFORNIA LOOSENS UP 2021-01-26
apnews.com Citing pandemic, Greece bans protests... 2021-01-26
apnews.com THIS IS ME: Rioters flaunt involvement in Capitol siege... 2021-01-26
apnews.com TWITTER permanently bans MY PILLOW CEO... 2021-01-26
apnews.com MORE COMING... 2021-01-25
apnews.com Job losses from virus 4 times as bad as financial crisis... 2021-01-25
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apnews.com Lawmakers threatened... 2021-01-25
apnews.com Old (Brady), young (Mahomes), different Super Bowl LV awaits... 2021-01-25
apnews.com India, China soldiers brawl again along disputed frontier... 2021-01-25
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apnews.com CHURCH SUNDAY... 2021-01-24
apnews.com Ailing pope, reducing appearances, prays for homeless dead... 2021-01-24
apnews.com Chicago teachers vote to teach from home, defying district... 2021-01-24
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apnews.com At 78 and oldest president, Biden sees world changed... 2021-01-23
apnews.com Pope again cancels appearances due to nerve pain... 2021-01-23
apnews.com Aloha shirts on boogaloos link symbol of peace to violence... 2021-01-23
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apnews.com Protests across Russia demand Navalny release; Hundreds arrested... 2021-01-23
apnews.com TALK LEGEND LARRY KING DEAD IN LA... 2021-01-23
apnews.com French doctors: Dont talk on public transport... 2021-01-23
apnews.com UPDATE: Guard in DC forced to sleep in garages, sparking outcry... 2021-01-22
apnews.com Jill Biden thanks with chocolate chip cookies... 2021-01-22
apnews.com Belgium bans leisure travel... 2021-01-22
apnews.com Italy takes action against TIKTOK following girls death... 2021-01-22
apnews.com In first for Spain, Jesuits admit to decades of sex abuse... 2021-01-22
apnews.com Mahomes cleared to play... 2021-01-22
apnews.com YOUTUBE bans German channel that spread virus misinformation... 2021-01-22
apnews.com HANK ARON DEAD AT 86... 2021-01-22
apnews.com California keeps key virus data from public... 2021-01-22
apnews.com Lucky few hit jackpot for rare extra doses... 2021-01-22
apnews.com Ultra-Orthodox attack Israeli police amid tensions... 2021-01-22
apnews.com FORTRESS DC: Guard troops still patrolling streets... 2021-01-21
apnews.com Revenue at hotels, resorts hit hard by pandemic... 2021-01-21
apnews.com Republicans grapple with future... 2021-01-21
apnews.com Fire hits building at worlds largest vaccine maker... 2021-01-21
apnews.com Pork exec gives $25K to Iowa gov; Company got virus aid... 2021-01-20
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apnews.com TEXT... 2021-01-20
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apnews.com BIDEN TAKES THE OATH 2021-01-20
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apnews.com McConnell says Trump provoked Capitol riot... 2021-01-19
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apnews.com Police command structure crumbled fast... 2021-01-18
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apnews.com Kamala prepares for central role in White House... 2021-01-18
apnews.com FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack... 2021-01-18
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apnews.com Navalny Flying Back to Russia... Developing... 2021-01-17
apnews.com FACEBOOK puts warning on virus video by retired cardinal... 2021-01-16
apnews.com State capitols boarded up, fenced off, patrolled by troops... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Biden to prioritize legal status for millions of immigrants... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Some in GOP parrot talk of coming civil war... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Trump trial pending, McConnell calls it vote of conscience... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Will mishandling of records leave hole in history? 2021-01-16
apnews.com Hell to pay: Arson shakes Church of Satan community... 2021-01-16
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apnews.com In Mexico, women take front lines as vigilantes... 2021-01-16
apnews.com NY prosecutors interview Michael Cohen about Donalds finances... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Ex-foreign correspondent reflects on risks for US reporters... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Pence calls Kamala to offer congratulations... 2021-01-15
apnews.com 120 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-15
apnews.com DOJ watchdog opens probe of response... 2021-01-15
apnews.com 97 cats survive house fire... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Highly trained ex-military, cops... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Rare sedition charge gains interest... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Amid cacophony, key officer stays silent... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Iranian Guard drones in drill mirror those in Saudi attacks... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Unclear who will preside... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Expecting trouble, DC locks down... 2021-01-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/biden-inauguration-joe-biden-donald-trump-capitol-siege-trials-51724515807426d0d7adb2dd57093fd8 2021-01-14
apnews.com 144 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-coronavirus-action-plan-3d8d5841bb9098a81ad9452fb2619024 2021-01-14
apnews.com Edible insects move closer to dinner plates... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Lebanon imposes ALL-DAY curfew... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Siegfried of Siegfried & Roy dead in Vegas... 2021-01-14
apnews.com 146 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-14
apnews.com Leaders who wooed The Don face tricky reset... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon... 2021-01-14
apnews.com FBI, DOJ leaders stay out of sight... 2021-01-13
apnews.com 10 Republicans voted to impeach... 2021-01-13
apnews.com UPDATE: Olympian charged with taking part in riot... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Spain: Judge orders incapacitated woman to get vax... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Budget deficit up 61%... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Desecration trial opens over LGBT rainbow put on Polish icon... 2021-01-13
apnews.com 168 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-13
apnews.com IMPEACHMENT DAY 2021-01-13
apnews.com RECORD DEATHS IN DAY... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Defiance of dining bans grows as restaurants flounder... 2021-01-13
apnews.com NYC to terminate Trump contracts... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Brady vs. Brees: Matchup for the ages and aged... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Survey finds global mistrust could weigh on vaccine rollout... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Republican wall eroding ahead of impeachment vote... 2021-01-13
apnews.com 172 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-13
apnews.com World warily watches Americas postelection aftershocks... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Prosecutors weighing sedition charges in Capitol riot... 2021-01-12
apnews.com Starts Jan. 26... 2021-01-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-impeachments-capitol-siege-490620813bdd49295b675715da1f4603 2021-01-12
apnews.com Disavows any responsibility... 2021-01-12
apnews.com 190 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-12
apnews.com FBI WARNS OF NEW DANGERS 2021-01-12
apnews.com Bodies pile up at crematorium in Germany hot spot... 2021-01-12
apnews.com Business grows skittish about Republicans after riots... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Right-wing app PARLER booted off internet over ties to siege... 2021-01-11
apnews.com More NBA games off as virus issues grow... 2021-01-11
apnews.com State capitols step up security amid new safety concerns... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Michigan bans open carry of guns inside state Capitol... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Congresswoman has Covid after Capitol assault... 2021-01-11
apnews.com America United... 2021-01-11
apnews.com INCITEMENT OF INSURRECTION 2021-01-11
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apnews.com Biden chooses veteran diplomat Burns as CIA director... 2021-01-11
apnews.com More sinister attack than first appeared... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Records show fervent Trump fans fueled US Capitol takeover... 2021-01-10
apnews.com Home-grown fascism... 2021-01-10
apnews.com IMPEACHMENT II 2021-01-10
apnews.com Israelis protest Netanyahu amid 3rd virus lockdown... 2021-01-10
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apnews.com Mayor of Houston suburb chosen by pulling a name from hat... 2021-01-08
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apnews.com Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots... 2021-01-08
apnews.com Betting on drone races... 2021-01-08
apnews.com Brazil enjoys fun in sun as COVID-19 deaths top 200,000... 2021-01-08
apnews.com NEW LEVELS OF CRISIS... 2021-01-07
apnews.com Neil Sheehan, Pentagon Papers reporter, Vietnam author, dies... 2021-01-07
apnews.com Last Civil War widow dies... 2021-01-07
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apnews.com FIND 11,780 VOTES 2021-01-03
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apnews.com Massed Brazilian bank robbers attack another city, kill 1... 2020-12-02
apnews.com Israeli lawmakers pass proposal to dissolve parliament... 2020-12-02
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apnews.com DOJ probing potential bribery, lobbying scheme for pardon... 2020-12-01
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apnews.com Germany bans far-right, pro-Nazi group; Police raid homes... 2020-12-01
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apnews.com Iran supreme leader vows revenge over slain scientist... 2020-11-28
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