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apnews.com Controversy awaits Harris during visit to Asia... 2022-09-25
apnews.com Emergency declared as Ian strengthens... 2022-09-25
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/abortion-2022-midterm-elections-biden-us-supreme-court-health-0c670e28e19b84d9c64f4be6dbdf9840 2022-09-24
apnews.com GA voting equipment breach at center of tangled tale... 2022-09-24
apnews.com Newsom travels to Texas amid feud with GOP... 2022-09-24
apnews.com In PA, Shapiros low-key style poses test for Dems... 2022-09-24
apnews.com Women furious... 2022-09-24
apnews.com Pope appeals to the young to save planet, find peace... 2022-09-24
apnews.com China using civilian ships to enhance navy capability, reach... 2022-09-24
apnews.com Fighting fit: Trial to show Oath Keepers road to Jan. 6... 2022-09-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/us-supreme-court-stephen-breyer-chris-wallace-government-and-politics-9af33738249873a30449626dc2cd034 2022-09-23
apnews.com NY probe found potential crimes. Why isnt he in cuffs? 2022-09-23
apnews.com NY probe found potential crimes. Why isnt he in cuffs? 2022-09-23
apnews.com Many might boycott vote? 2022-09-23
apnews.com Moscow-held regions in sham vote to join Russia... 2022-09-23
apnews.com Hamas threatens violence over contested Jerusalem holy site... 2022-09-22
apnews.com Protests Intensify in Iran Over Woman Who Died in Custody... 2022-09-22
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-mar-a-lago-criminal-investigations-government-and-politics-fe24760ff9a350ea7aecd1a13c8ee 2022-09-21
apnews.com AIRBNB hosts are sick of AIRBNB... 2022-09-21
apnews.com World Cup captains want to wear rainbow armbands in Qatar... 2022-09-21
apnews.com Fiona Cat 4 hurricane as heads to Bermuda... 2022-09-21
apnews.com As far as Im concerned, thats the end of it... 2022-09-20
apnews.com Cowboys for Trump cofounder appeals ban from public office... 2022-09-20
apnews.com UN chief: World in great peril... 2022-09-20
apnews.com Celebrities coming back to White House after Trump drought... 2022-09-20
apnews.com NYC subway trains getting 6,400 security cameras... 2022-09-20
apnews.com Mexico earthquake coincidence drives anxiety... 2022-09-20
apnews.com Ad spending shows Dems hinging hopes on abortion... 2022-09-20
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/king-charles-iii-preserving-monarchy-bc63656c2d397bd1416ebd19c9ea24c7 2022-09-20
apnews.com UN chief warns global leaders: World in great peril... 2022-09-20
apnews.com Hurricane barrels toward Turks and Caicos as Cat. 3... 2022-09-20
apnews.com Powerful quake shakes Mexico on anniversary of devastating temblors... 2022-09-19
apnews.com Influx from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua soars... 2022-09-19
apnews.com CDC: STD situation out of control... 2022-09-19
apnews.com Russian pop stars war criticism stirs vigorous debate... 2022-09-19
apnews.com Police investigating allegation that fan struck NFL star QB... 2022-09-19
apnews.com Historic levels... 2022-09-19
apnews.com THE LAST GREAT FUNERAL 2022-09-19
apnews.com 62 and 700: Judge, Pujols closing in on home run milestones... 2022-09-19
apnews.com Police clash with right-wing protesters at LGBTQ march in Serbia... 2022-09-18
apnews.com MELONI RISING: Prospect of far-right female premier divides Italian women... 2022-09-18
apnews.com Mexican faith leader jailed for sex abuse; flock stays loyal... 2022-09-18
apnews.com POWER OUT FOR ENTIRE ISLAND... 2022-09-18
apnews.com Bus for quarantine in China crashes, killing 27... 2022-09-18
apnews.com Strong 6.8 mag Taiwan quake traps people, derails train... 2022-09-18
apnews.com SECURITY FEARS 2022-09-18
apnews.com For Vlad, military and diplomatic pressures mount... 2022-09-17
apnews.com BORDER BATTLES ESCALATE 2022-09-17
apnews.com Hungary faces reckoning with EU that could cost it billions... 2022-09-17
apnews.com Breaches of voting machine data raise worries for midterms... 2022-09-16
apnews.com German town votes to permit topless swimming in pools... 2022-09-16
apnews.com Trump now openly embracing, amplifying QAnon... 2022-09-16
apnews.com BORDER BATTLES ESCALATE 2022-09-15
apnews.com Mortgage rates hit 6%, first time since 08 crash... 2022-09-15
apnews.com Schools going online in disasters, worsening disruption... 2022-09-15
apnews.com RAIL STRIKE AVERTED 2022-09-15
apnews.com As buy now, pay later plans grow, so do delinquencies... 2022-09-15
apnews.com Putin, Xi meet for high-stakes talks in challenge to West... 2022-09-15
apnews.com Biden approval rises sharply ahead of midterms... 2022-09-15
apnews.com Tom Ford closes Fashion Week with big hair, miles of sparkle... 2022-09-15
apnews.com RAIL STRIKE AVERTED 2022-09-15
apnews.com BRACE FOR RAIL STRIKE 2022-09-14
apnews.com Populist leader claims right-wing victory in Sweden election... 2022-09-14
apnews.com Texts link Favre, welfare money, volleyball facility... 2022-09-14
apnews.com Queen leaves Buckingham Palace for last time... 2022-09-14
apnews.com Huge line to view monarchs coffin is queue fit for queen... 2022-09-14
apnews.com INFLATION SHOCK 2022-09-14
apnews.com Judge unseals additional portions of Mar-a-Lago affidavit... 2022-09-14
apnews.com Zelenskyy visits recently retaken, devastated city... 2022-09-14
apnews.com Court rehears fight over vax mandate for federal workers... 2022-09-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-pope-francis-china-kazakhstan-a73b592396e8220479588f562bdda031 2022-09-13
apnews.com PAC faces scrutiny amid intensifying legal probes... 2022-09-13
apnews.com RUSSIANS BEAT BACK FURTHER 2022-09-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-paris-obituaries-ab2fc0cb0e83666334720f0fd392fcd0 2022-09-13
apnews.com Bezos rocket crashes after liftoff, only experiments aboard... 2022-09-12
apnews.com Trial set to begin for Alex Jones in Sandy Hook hoax case... 2022-09-12
apnews.com RUSSIA ON THE RUN 2022-09-12
apnews.com Taken by surprise... 2022-09-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/mlb-pitch-clock-shift-limits-bigger-bases-311fdb091b61f40b654c05e600a0d4ce 2022-09-09
apnews.com LA homeless numbers up... 2022-09-08
apnews.com A WORLD OF MOURNING... 2022-09-08
apnews.com AS THE MAGA TURNS: BANNON SURRENDERS... 2022-09-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/queen-elizabeth-ii-entertainment-royalty-b2578aa91c3fef9c5d6ad4a557bf63e4 2022-09-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/monkeypox-health-government-and-politics-7343de5ab515b9f09a5862ca284b6ea2 2022-09-07
apnews.com Rescued dolphin dies despite weeks of care... 2022-09-07
apnews.com Abortion debate splits South Carolina Republicans... 2022-09-07
apnews.com Utahs McMullin upends two-party fight... 2022-09-07
apnews.com Michael Flynn building movement centered on Christian nationalist ideas... 2022-09-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/buffalo-bills-green-bay-packers-new-orleans-saints-kansas-city-chiefs-los-angeles-rams-487edc9a2a88f0 2022-09-07
apnews.com Brazil on edge for bicentennial Bolsonaro has made his own... 2022-09-07
apnews.com Weathers without blackouts... 2022-09-07
apnews.com Gulf Arab nations ask NETFLIX to remove gay content... 2022-09-06
apnews.com New Mexico banishes Trump ally from office for insurrection... 2022-09-06
apnews.com DOJ Considers Next Move! 2022-09-06
apnews.com Styles evolves from heartthrob to fashion icon... 2022-09-06
apnews.com Rape, incest exceptions pulled from S Carolina abortion bill... 2022-09-06
apnews.com Holiday air travel tops pre-pandemic levels for 1st time... 2022-09-06
apnews.com California facing chance of blackouts amid brutal heat wave... 2022-09-06
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-north-korea-government-and-politics-495e976d1217d38c397a16e79cc305de 2022-09-06
apnews.com Fears grow for Ukraine nuke plant ahead of inspector report... 2022-09-06
apnews.com LIZ TRUST... 2022-09-06
apnews.com Biden assails Trumpies in Labor Day battleground pitches... 2022-09-05
apnews.com Irish watchdog fines INSTA 405M euros in teen data case... 2022-09-05
apnews.com Jesuits remain in mountains after priests killings... 2022-09-05
apnews.com Judge grants bid for special master... 2022-09-05
apnews.com Tale of two borders: Mexicans NOT seen at busy crossings... 2022-09-05
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-donetsk-3b936a8f1c4d32bb118a5cd2dac264bb 2022-09-05
apnews.com Red wave crashing? Republican momentum slips as fall sprint begins... 2022-09-05
apnews.com DARLING buzzy debut in Venice... 2022-09-05
apnews.com Election conspiracies find fertile ground in MAGA conferences... 2022-09-04
apnews.com Americas secrets: Trump?s unprecedented disregard of norms... 2022-09-04
apnews.com How Archives went from National Treasure to political prey... 2022-09-04
apnews.com 10 dead, 15 injured from stabbings in Canada... Developing... 2022-09-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/crime-las-vegas-journalists-newspapers-a07201b2d5c56a08534c2df85faeb3fe 2022-09-04
apnews.com PANIC IN PA: Trump rallies for Oz, Mastriano amid midterm worries... 2022-09-03
apnews.com Plane circling Mississippi city threatens to crash into WALMART... Developing... 2022-09-03
apnews.com NOT AGAIN: Fuel leak disrupts NASA 2nd shot at launching moon rocket... 2022-09-03
apnews.com Argentina shaken by assassination attempt on Kirchner... 2022-09-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/abortion-2022-midterm-elections-us-supreme-court-health-arizona-ab2ae055e64b22472108909869f2a405 2022-09-02
apnews.com 48 Empty Folders With Classified Markings... 2022-09-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/taiwan-china-congress-government-and-politics-8901fc7feafbdbfc94e01055a7b1d997 2022-09-02
apnews.com Russia keeps gas pipeline to Germany switched off... 2022-09-02
apnews.com Yoga sect allegedly exploited women to lure men like Domingo... 2022-09-02
apnews.com Knock, knock: Jehovahs Witnesses resume door-to-door work... 2022-09-02
apnews.com FALL PREVIEW: WOMAN KING comes for throne... 2022-09-02
apnews.com Once in doldrums, Florida coast hums with rockets... 2022-09-02
apnews.com Extremist lawmaker surges ahead of elections in Israel... 2022-09-02
apnews.com Fighting at 40: Older Fans Take Heart in Serenas Success... 2022-09-02
apnews.com 75 taken to Chicago... 2022-09-01
apnews.com Russia war games with Beijing amid tensions with USA... 2022-09-01
apnews.com Tech tool offers police mass surveillance on budget... 2022-09-01
apnews.com Poland demands $1.3 trillion war reparations from Germany... 2022-09-01
apnews.com Biden prime-time speech to call out Trump, loyalists... 2022-09-01
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/taiwan-technology-china-tsai-ing-wen-government-and-politics-8855fc440d9e100348fbe70ba98a70fd 2022-09-01
apnews.com Tech tool offers police mass surveillance on budget... 2022-09-01
apnews.com Sex assaults across military spike... 2022-08-31
apnews.com Obstruction now major focus... 2022-08-31
apnews.com Olivia Wilde in spotlight... 2022-08-31
apnews.com Gorbachev mourned as rare world leader but some still bitter... 2022-08-31
apnews.com Survey finds young follow news, but without much joy... 2022-08-31
apnews.com Zombie cells central to the quest for active, vital old age... 2022-08-31
apnews.com UN inspectors head to Ukraine nuke plant in battle zone... 2022-08-31
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/mar-a-lago-government-and-politics-1fef158c3a66bfc0ba6224570753ba47 2022-08-31
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-mikhail-gorbachev-obituaries-5cb7a604243668f08dfaed953c09559e 2022-08-30
apnews.com Mississippi capital: Water everywhere, not a drop to drink... 2022-08-30
apnews.com Legal team advances broad view of presidential powers in Mar-a-Lago probe... 2022-08-30
apnews.com Dianas death stunned the world -- and changed royals... 2022-08-30
apnews.com FALL PREVIEW: Is it, maybe, back to normal at movies? 2022-08-30
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/elon-musk-twitter-inc-technology-85634c5906d489d34143a6d83b4f4038 2022-08-30
apnews.com Volunteer sniper embodies versatile military... 2022-08-30
apnews.com Eyes on Kherson... 2022-08-30
apnews.com BETO SICK: Illness interrupts TX campaign... 2022-08-29
apnews.com Cubans flee economic woes by air, land and see... 2022-08-29
apnews.com COUNTDOWN: NASA presses toward moon rocket launch after fuel leak... 2022-08-29
apnews.com Festival turns 90! 2022-08-28
apnews.com School districts move to ease teacher stress, burnout... 2022-08-28
apnews.com Cities near nuke plant shelled... 2022-08-28
apnews.com BOOM: Mickey Mantle card sells for record $12.6 million... 2022-08-28
apnews.com California weighs giving fast food workers more power... 2022-08-28
apnews.com WHATS NEXT? 2022-08-27
apnews.com At $249 per day, prison stays leave ex-inmates deep in debt... 2022-08-27
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/inflation-new-york-charlotte-small-business-2e93e168b057c12843051baac6602968 2022-08-27
apnews.com Abrams, GA Democrats look to prove 2020 wasnt fluke... 2022-08-27
apnews.com WARNS: Pain, job losses... 2022-08-26
apnews.com Top secret info mixed with magazines, personal correspondence... 2022-08-26
apnews.com Trump search affidavit released, portions blacked out... Developing... 2022-08-26
apnews.com CNN management intent on changing perception of network... 2022-08-26
apnews.com Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis deepens... 2022-08-26
apnews.com Turkish pop star jailed over joke about religious schools... 2022-08-26
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-health-religion-film-festivals-78cf7d2e6428c24cb8943f419c387642 2022-08-26
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-biden-inflation-congress-f8dcede99c2a528f6c88630f34144dcc 2022-08-26
apnews.com Judge orders release of redacted Mar-a-Lago affidavit... 2022-08-25
apnews.com Scientists use stem cells to create synthetic mouse embryos... 2022-08-25
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-kyiv-united-nations-climate-and-environment-c4b57d9b04e43d35747148b230eed187 2022-08-25
apnews.com Oz Senate bid could be Muslim first but is complicated... 2022-08-25
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/inflation-jackson-wyoming-4ab8b3d8fdbcf3a783af334fd251d0bf 2022-08-25
apnews.com STUDY: PFIZER pill showed no benefit in younger adults... 2022-08-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/technology-misinformation-eastern-europe-902f436e3a6507e8b2a223e09a22e969 2022-08-24
apnews.com Magic mushroom psychedelic may help heavy drinkers quit... 2022-08-24
apnews.com Teen pilot sets age record for solo flight around world... 2022-08-24
apnews.com Pelosi husband gets 5 days in jail, 3 years probation for DUI crash in Napa... 2022-08-23
apnews.com Luxurious 1,200-year-old mansion found in Israel... 2022-08-23
apnews.com 6 MONTHS OF WAR... 2022-08-23
apnews.com Heads of Hungary weather service fired after wrong forecast... 2022-08-23
apnews.com As AMAZON grows, so does its eye on consumers... 2022-08-23
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/abortion-2022-midterm-elections-us-supreme-court-covid-health-c7381cddbff112b8c65873b6a03250cd 2022-08-23
apnews.com Ukraine soccer league defies invasion to begin season... 2022-08-22
apnews.com Election staff abruptly quits, upending rural county... 2022-08-22
apnews.com 6 MONTHS OF WAR... 2022-08-21
apnews.com Trumps long shadow keeps 24 hopefuls from Iowa Fair... 2022-08-21
apnews.com Vitali, Stanley Kubricks right-hand man, dies at 74... 2022-08-21
apnews.com Daughter of Putins brain killed in car bomb... 2022-08-21
apnews.com Pence says he didnt leave office with classified material... 2022-08-20
apnews.com Finland, Sweden offer NATO edge as rivalry warms up north... 2022-08-20
apnews.com Finland asks: Can prime minister party like rock star? 2022-08-20
apnews.com Far-right wins in blue states threaten Republican hopes in November... 2022-08-20
apnews.com Russia, Ukraine spar over fighting near nuclear facility... 2022-08-19
apnews.com DRUG TESTED... 2022-08-19
apnews.com UPDATE: Crisis looms without big cuts to over-tapped Colorado River... 2022-08-19
apnews.com Backyard mosquito spraying booms, but may be too deadly? 2022-08-19
apnews.com RFK Jr. anti-vax group kicked off INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK... 2022-08-18
apnews.com Saudi student gets 34 years in prison for tweets... 2022-08-18
apnews.com FLIPPED 2022-08-18
apnews.com Post-Roe differences surface in GOP over new abortion rules... 2022-08-18
apnews.com Gas-powered muscle cars drive into sunset, turn electric... 2022-08-18
apnews.com Media ask magistrate to release affidavit... 2022-08-18
apnews.com Plea Deal Requires Weisselberg to Testify at Trial... 2022-08-17
apnews.com MAGA threats to judge spur democracy concerns... 2022-08-17
apnews.com DOWN AND OUT IN WYOMING 2022-08-17
apnews.com Yellen tells IRS to develop modernization plan... 2022-08-17
apnews.com Meme-stocks return... 2022-08-17
apnews.com Wind energy boom and golden eagles collide in West... 2022-08-17
apnews.com Pence tells Republicans to stop lashing out at FBI... 2022-08-17
apnews.com NASA Big Rocket Reaches Launchpad. Next Stop: The Moon... 2022-08-17
apnews.com Florida prosecutor sues DeSantis over removal... 2022-08-17
apnews.com Giuliani facing grand jury in Georgia 2020 election probe.../A> 2022-08-17
apnews.com Monkey calls 911 from cellphone, sending deputies to California zoo... 2022-08-17
apnews.com ECONOMIST article on fat Arab women sparks uproar over body-shaming... 2022-08-17
apnews.com Giuliani set to testify in GA election probe... Developing... 2022-08-17
apnews.com Meloni rides popular wave in polls; Set to become Italys first female prime minister? 2022-08-16
apnews.com TAKING THE L? 2022-08-16
apnews.com Putin blasts US hegemony, predicts end to unipolar world... 2022-08-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/mexico-arizona-lakes-colorado-river-cc37e49759fabe8236a081286dfc61ee 2022-08-16
apnews.com Dont Say Gay law confuses some Florida schools... 2022-08-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/lindsey-graham-georgia-election-investigation-5cc5074e112a0323ca2fd4eee4f1da1c 2022-08-15
apnews.com Iran denies involvement but justifies Rushdie attack... 2022-08-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/mexico-caribbean-army-constitutions-drug-cartels-d22e75da3e48c7efe635fb411c1e1a81 2022-08-15
apnews.com High oil prices help Saudis earn record profits... 2022-08-15
apnews.com Man kills himself after ramming US Capitol barrier... 2022-08-14
apnews.com More US lawmakers visit Taiwan 12 days after Pelosi trip... 2022-08-14
apnews.com Rushdie off ventilator and talking, after attack... 2022-08-14
apnews.com What takes years and costs $20K? San Fran trash can... 2022-08-13
apnews.com Sinema took Wall St money while killing tax on investors... 2022-08-13
apnews.com Respected snake researcher dies from rattlesnake bite... 2022-08-12
apnews.com UPDATE: Polio in NYC sewage... 2022-08-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/salman-rushdie-attacked-9eae99aea82cb0d39628851ecd42227a?taid=62f66e7da3b3e500018694a5 2022-08-12
apnews.com Push to unseal warrant used by FBI... 2022-08-12
apnews.com Will unseal warrant... 2022-08-12
apnews.com Scientists use tiny trackers, plane to follow moths on move... 2022-08-11
apnews.com Experts troubled by Canada euthanasia laws... 2022-08-11
apnews.com Russia struggles to replenish troops in Ukraine... 2022-08-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-wisconsin-donald-trump-marjorie-taylor-greene-b5c2ee83bb655c43e1deb9c46f2a6020 2022-08-11
apnews.com Pope meets trans guests of Rome church... 2022-08-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-ny-investigation-testimony-a4e6264d44b194d24dfb916ffc7f51ca 2022-08-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/gop-rallies-around-donald-trump-a0f20a219b1090fd02f529acf744f246 2022-08-10
apnews.com CA county puts secession on ballot... 2022-08-09
apnews.com Large explosions rock military air base in Crimea... 2022-08-09
apnews.com RAID OF THE CENTURY 2022-08-09
apnews.com Wisconsin primary may shape elections in key battleground... 2022-08-09
apnews.com Omar faces centrist rival... 2022-08-09
apnews.com Ukrainian resistance grows in Russian-occupied areas... 2022-08-09
apnews.com AGENTS CRACK SAFE 2022-08-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-new-york-donald-trump-georgia-presidential-ef30541196801069e855833f0bab2e0c 2022-08-08
apnews.com UPDATE: Albuquerque police seek car in killings of 4 Muslim men... 2022-08-08
apnews.com Albuquerque police seek car in deaths of 4 Muslim men... 2022-08-08
apnews.com Cops combat violent crime as ranks dwindle... 2022-08-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-russia-ukraine-al-qaida-biden-ayman-zawahri-15e3f9282d6eac7b9c793394fff5497c 2022-08-08
apnews.com China extends threatening military exercises around Taiwan... 2022-08-08
apnews.com $$49.3 MILLION VERDICT... 2022-08-07
apnews.com LEGACY DEFINING WINS 2022-08-07
apnews.com New Pompeii finds highlight middle-class life in doomed city... 2022-08-06
apnews.com Antitrust trial puts book publishing industry in the dock... 2022-08-06
apnews.com Indiana becomes 1st state to approve abortion ban post Roe... 2022-08-06
apnews.com IDF KILLS TOP ISLAMIC JIHADI... 2022-08-05
apnews.com $45 MILLION MORE 2022-08-05
apnews.com Musk countersuit accuses TWITTER of fraud... 2022-08-05
apnews.com The bigger the spectacle, the better... 2022-08-05
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/inflation-united-states-economy-unemployment-4895f1aa41fbe904400df8261446b737 2022-08-05
apnews.com Tougher IRS enforcement central to package... 2022-08-05
apnews.com Halts climate, military ties... 2022-08-05
apnews.com MAGA FOREVER 2022-08-05
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/monkeypox-public-health-emergency-us-f336fc99abd57f0866a38b578d5bb44c 2022-08-04
apnews.com Alex Jones ordered to pay $4.1 million to parents of Sandy Hook... 2022-08-04
apnews.com Report: Ukrainian bases in communities endangering civilians... 2022-08-04
apnews.com 7 years of sex abuse: How Mormon officials let it happen... 2022-08-04
apnews.com WNBA star found guilty in Moscow trial; Faces up to 9 years in prison... 2022-08-04
apnews.com China conducts missile strikes in Taiwan Strait... 2022-08-04
apnews.com After Supreme Court ruling, its open season on gun laws... 2022-08-04
apnews.com Jill Biden carries out new mission in 2nd year as first lady... 2022-08-04
apnews.com US-China ties on a precipice after Pelosi visit to Taiwan... 2022-08-03
apnews.com Inside the Alex Jones Trial... 2022-08-03
apnews.com New crypto oversight legislation arrives as industry shakes... 2022-08-03
apnews.com Germany announces NEW measures for fall, winter... 2022-08-03
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/boris-johnson-technology-health-london-e09546cf38b71f23e081931e8b9d936b 2022-08-03
apnews.com Atlanta image challenged by facts of 1906 race massacre... 2022-08-03
apnews.com Biden covid sequel: Symptoms return... 2022-08-03
apnews.com Already detecting some stealing going on... 2022-08-03
apnews.com Dixon wins Michigan governor primary, to face Whitmer... 2022-08-02
apnews.com Strike shows Afghanistan still terror base... 2022-08-02
apnews.com Even simple exercise may help aging brain, study hints... 2022-08-02
apnews.com Watching his pattern of life key to his death... 2022-08-02
apnews.com Kansas first state to vote on abortion since Roes demise... 2022-08-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/china-asia-beijing-malaysia-a5a6acc391511c99b1b4c2d69e67b133 2022-08-02
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apnews.com Dems seek probe of techs use of personal data... 2022-06-24
apnews.com Supremes end protections for abortion in place for 50 years... 2022-06-24
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apnews.com Jesuit priests killed by gunmen in church in northern Mexico... 2022-06-22
apnews.com Pilots picket as airline unions leverage summer travel woes... 2022-06-22
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apnews.com Biden to call for 3-month suspension of gas and diesel taxes... 2022-06-22
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apnews.com Pope cracks down on new religious start-ups... 2022-06-15
apnews.com Electronic-sniffing dog helps in pedophilia arrest in Mexico... 2022-06-15
apnews.com Trans kids treatment can start younger, new guidelines say... 2022-06-15
apnews.com Biden tells oil refiners: More gas, fewer profits... 2022-06-15
apnews.com Floods leave Yellowstone landscape dramatically changed... 2022-06-15
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apnews.com Vulnerable Dems run against Washington -- and their party... 2022-06-13
apnews.com Panel to hear The Dons campaign manager, probe election lie... 2022-06-13
apnews.com Dad who carried Confederate flag into Capitol heads to trial... 2022-06-13
apnews.com Battle of Donbas could prove decisive in war... 2022-06-13
apnews.com 2 members of Iran Revolutionary Guard die amid tensions... 2022-06-13
apnews.com #ChurchToo revelations growing... 2022-06-12
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apnews.com Roy Moore seeks to revive lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen... 2022-06-11
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apnews.com White supremacists riling up thousands on social media... 2022-06-10
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apnews.com Erdogan Warns Greece Over Troops on Aegean Islands at Drills... 2022-06-09
apnews.com TWITTER to provide Musk with raw daily tweet data... 2022-06-08
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apnews.com Russia sends in more troops amid barrage of eastern Ukraine... 2022-06-07
apnews.com Harris looks to show her clout at Summit of Americas... 2022-06-07
apnews.com Boris scrambles to regain authority after rebellion... 2022-06-07
apnews.com USA, SKorea fly 20 fighter jets amid North tensions... 2022-06-07
apnews.com Dominican Republic environment minister killed in office... 2022-06-06
apnews.com Poland, where abortion banned, will register pregnancies... 2022-06-06
apnews.com MUSK FAKEOUT: Threatens to walk away from TWITTER deal... 2022-06-06
apnews.com Putin warns West against sending arms; Kyiv hit by missiles... 2022-06-06
apnews.com An infamous day. A search for answers. Will America tune in? 2022-06-06
apnews.com Israeli nationalists wage battle against Palestinian flag... 2022-06-06
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apnews.com USA, SKorea fire missiles to sea, matching Norths launches... 2022-06-06
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apnews.com Taser-armed drones to stop school shootings? 2022-06-05
apnews.com Bolsonaro using medals to celebrate allies, family, himself... 2022-06-05
apnews.com Muslim call to prayer arrives to Minneapolis soundscape... 2022-06-05
apnews.com Long in shadow, Charles takes greater public role... 2022-06-05
apnews.com North Korea test-fires salvo of short-range missiles... 2022-06-05
apnews.com POPE TO RETIRE? 2022-06-05
apnews.com Missiles strike Kyiv, shattering sense of calm... 2022-06-05
apnews.com Iowa Dems hope changes help salvage leadoff caucuses... 2022-06-04
apnews.com TWILIGHT OF THE QUEEN... 2022-06-04
apnews.com China plans to complete space station with latest mission... 2022-06-04
apnews.com Russia may be there to stay... 2022-06-03
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apnews.com Satellite images suggest new Chinese carrier close to launch... 2022-06-03
apnews.com Deadly secret: Electronic warfare shapes conflict... 2022-06-03
apnews.com 100 DAYS OF WAR 2022-06-03
apnews.com Biden urges Congress to act on guns in rare prime-time address... 2022-06-03
apnews.com Used metal chair to break in, then began destructive rampage... 2022-06-02
apnews.com Kentucky Dem wears noose in new ad... 2022-06-02
apnews.com Tulsa shooter targeted doctor he blamed for back pain; 4 DEAD... 2022-06-02
apnews.com Trump election probe grand jury to hear from Raffensperger... 2022-06-02
apnews.com Nightclub needle attacks puzzle European authorities... 2022-06-02
apnews.com Queens Platinum Jubilee kicks off with pomp... 2022-06-02
apnews.com US and Germany agree to supply advanced weapons to Ukraine... 2022-06-01
apnews.com California unveils groundbreaking slave reparations report... 2022-06-01
apnews.com 4 killed in shooting at Tulsa medical building... 2022-06-01
apnews.com Novel genetic experiment shrinks tough-to-treat cancer... 2022-06-01
apnews.com 3PM EST... 2022-06-01
apnews.com Some to allow nurses to perform? 2022-06-01
apnews.com Oligarch megayacht hides in UAE creek... 2022-06-01
apnews.com Hinckley nears full freedom 41 years after shooting Reagan... 2022-06-01
apnews.com California to unveil groundbreaking slave reparations report... 2022-05-31
apnews.com No verdict yet in Depp-Heard trial... 2022-05-31
apnews.com Cyber agency: Voting software vulnerable in some states... 2022-05-31
apnews.com Clinton campaign lawyer acquitted of lying to FBI... Developing... 2022-05-31
apnews.com Locals grapple with school chiefs role... 2022-05-31
apnews.com BIDEN SHOWDOWN WITH POWELL 2022-05-31
apnews.com Dems voting in GOP primaries to block The Dons picks... 2022-05-31
apnews.com Beto bets shooting will shake up Texas race... 2022-05-30
apnews.com Seasons 1st hurricane aims heavy hit at Mexico tourist zone... Developing... 2022-05-30
apnews.com Biden grieves with Texas town as anger mounts over school shooting... 2022-05-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/brown-university-nancy-pelosi-providence-government-and-politics-f4eb019dbcc1ef03d222ad4a49105f37 2022-05-29
apnews.com 1st of 2022, Hurricane Agatha heads for Mexico tourist towns... 2022-05-29
apnews.com Israeli nationalists chant Death to Arabs in Jerusalem march... 2022-05-29
apnews.com Champions League chaos: Tear gas fired at LIVERPOOL fans... 2022-05-29
apnews.com Beijing, Shanghai ease restrictions as outbreaks fade... 2022-05-29
apnews.com FBI records on search for fabled gold raise more questions... 2022-05-28
apnews.com Police inaction moves to center of probe... 2022-05-28
apnews.com Cannes to wrap with presentation of Palme dOr... Developing... 2022-05-28
apnews.com Shows over for famed cabaret show at Frances Lido... 2022-05-28
apnews.com As USA mourns shootings, NRA in turmoil but influence remains... 2022-05-28
apnews.com Phoenix cops find 1,200 catalytic converters as thefts soar... 2022-05-27
apnews.com Police waited 45 minutes IN SCHOOL before pursuing... 2022-05-27
apnews.com CA investigating sick, dying brown pelicans... 2022-05-27
apnews.com Iran seizes 2 Greek tankers in Persian Gulf, tensions spike... 2022-05-27
apnews.com Tarantino book to land Oct. 25... 2022-05-27
apnews.com Liberal LA could take right turn in mayor race... 2022-05-27
apnews.com WEEKEND: Will Colombia Elect First Leftist Leader? 2022-05-27
apnews.com Chinas Pacific plan seen as regional strategic game-changer... 2022-05-27
apnews.com Ship expands Iran Revolutionary Guards reach to new waters... 2022-05-27
apnews.com At long last, jury gets closing arguments in Depp trial... 2022-05-27
apnews.com Walked through apparently unlocked door... 2022-05-26
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/new-york-manhattan-donald-trump-government-and-politics-80c1c81e3c00d845f460175a45e7ebd4 2022-05-26
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apnews.com Horrifying conspiracy theories... 2022-05-26
apnews.com Davos overshadowed by global economic worries... 2022-05-25
apnews.com FEDS: Fake Army general scammed multiple women out of $1M... 2022-05-25
apnews.com Depp retakes witness stand, calls Heard?s allegations insane... 2022-05-25
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apnews.com UK partygate report blames culture of Johnsons office... 2022-05-25
apnews.com Settlements in UCLA sex abuse cases reach nearly $700 million! 2022-05-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/uvalde-texas-school-shooting-b4e4648ed0ae454897d540e787d092b2 2022-05-24
apnews.com Top Southern Baptists plan to release secret list of abusers... 2022-05-24
apnews.com POWELL: Soft economic landing may be out of Fed control... 2022-05-24
apnews.com 2022 midterms: Races to watch... 2022-05-24
apnews.com Americans becoming less supportive of punishing Moscow... 2022-05-24
apnews.com Surgeon: Depp severed finger story has flaws... 2022-05-24
apnews.com Trump bid to reshape GOP faces biggest hurdles in Georgia... 2022-05-24
apnews.com After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed... 2022-05-23
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apnews.com Russian soldier sentenced to life at war crimes trial... 2022-05-23
apnews.com REPORT: Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse, lied about secret database... 2022-05-22
apnews.com Vatican airs dirty laundry in trial over London property... 2022-05-22
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apnews.com On Venezuelan roads, old cars prevail, break down everywhere... 2022-05-21
apnews.com JUDGE: Covid restrictions must continue on border... 2022-05-20
apnews.com Yellen global tax plan meets resistance abroad and at home... 2022-05-20
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apnews.com Scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, USA... 2022-05-20
apnews.com Broadcast TVs reduced role made clear in fall presentations... 2022-05-20
apnews.com POLL: Biden approval lowest of presidency... 2022-05-20
apnews.com Religious backers of abortion rights say God on their side... 2022-05-20
apnews.com China launches South Sea drills... 2022-05-20
apnews.com Dems push binding vote on Puerto Rico statehood... 2022-05-19
apnews.com Oklahoma abortion providers say services expected to stop... 2022-05-19
apnews.com Relics and militants: Vatican fraud trial sprawls globe... 2022-05-19
apnews.com Captive medics bodycam shows firsthand horror of Mariupol... 2022-05-19
apnews.com Another Triple Crown long shot? Fenwick is 50-1 in Preakness... 2022-05-19
apnews.com OFFICIALS: Third of US should be considering masks... 2022-05-18
apnews.com With Roe in doubt, some fear tech surveillance of pregnancy... 2022-05-18
apnews.com RECOUNT IN OZ 2022-05-18
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apnews.com NATO chief hails historic moment as Finland, Sweden apply... 2022-05-18
apnews.com Judge suspends Michigans dormant 1931 abortion ban... 2022-05-17
apnews.com Zelensky opens Cannes, links war and cinema... 2022-05-17
apnews.com Printing error affects mailed ballots in county... 2022-05-17
apnews.com ABC tries something brave: Drama with journalist as hero... 2022-05-17
apnews.com FAA to let UNITED use jets grounded after engine failure... 2022-05-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/health-government-and-politics-pandemics-transportation-8388d8ca4b1ad141939fe07ce00f9c7f 2022-05-17
apnews.com Buffalo gunmans previous threat raises red-flag questions... 2022-05-17
apnews.com PA gov race divides Republicans... 2022-05-17
apnews.com Mod, prog showdown in Oregon... 2022-05-17
apnews.com Cawthorn judgment day... 2022-05-17
apnews.com TESTS FOR TRUMP, BIDEN 2022-05-17
apnews.com MUSK FAKEOUT: Doubt about spam accounts could scuttle TWITTER deal... 2022-05-17
apnews.com CA CHURCH SHOOTING: 2022-05-16
apnews.com Buffalo shooter targeted Black neighborhood... 2022-05-15
apnews.com FINLAND, SWEDEN WANT NATO 2022-05-15
apnews.com Buddhist chaplains on rise in USA... 2022-05-15
apnews.com Pope rallies from knee pain to proclaim 10 new saints... 2022-05-15
apnews.com At least 10 dead in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket... Developing... 2022-05-14
apnews.com Back to normal? Cannes Film Festival prepares to party... 2022-05-14
apnews.com Venezuela plans stock sale in break from socialist model... 2022-05-14
apnews.com Vlad warns Finland NATO membership mistake... 2022-05-14
apnews.com Primaries spotlight coming battles over state supreme courts... 2022-05-14
apnews.com Pro-abortion rallies planned from coast to coast... Developing... 2022-05-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-pennsylvania-donald-trump-presidential-956ce287559f8a902cb37e0d88870286 2022-05-13
apnews.com New York AG lawyer: Evidence could support action vs. Trump... 2022-05-13
apnews.com Biden Plans Fundraising Blitz, Predicts 4 Senate Seat Pick-Ups ... 2022-05-13
apnews.com Former national security adviser Robert McFarlane dead at 84... 2022-05-13
apnews.com Israeli police beat mourners at journalists funeral... 2022-05-13
apnews.com Erdogan opposes letting Finland, Sweden join NATO... 2022-05-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-social-media-north-carolina-219902ac8442fbe1f1b85a7736370222 2022-05-13
apnews.com Storm chasers face host of dangers beyond severe weather... 2022-05-13
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apnews.com NKorea Reveals First Death, Explosive Fever Spread... 2022-05-12
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apnews.com Finland calls for NATO membership without delay... 2022-05-12
apnews.com Army to revamp Alaska forces to prep for Arctic fight... 2022-05-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/cryptocurrency-technology-earnings-b13ce487cf95ccc0df2b8a69279bf8e8 2022-05-11
apnews.com STUDY: Cleaner air leads to MORE hurricanes... 2022-05-11
apnews.com American AL JAZEERA reporter killed during Israeli raid in West Bank... 2022-05-11
apnews.com Republican Rep. who faced misconduct claim resigns... 2022-05-10
apnews.com AMAZON driver gets 10 years for fatal crash while on meth... 2022-05-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-california-los-angeles-eric-garcetti-66601e9026021c606109594235214f78 2022-05-10
apnews.com Russia fires hypersonic missiles at Odesa... 2022-05-10
apnews.com Crucial NATO decisions expected in Finland, Sweden this week... 2022-05-10
apnews.com Atlanta rapper YOUNG THUG arrested on RICO, gang charges... 2022-05-10
apnews.com Groping claims roil Nebraska governor primary... 2022-05-10
apnews.com Bodies found in Lake Mead renew interest in Vegas mob lore... 2022-05-10
apnews.com Recession fears grow... 2022-05-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/las-vegas-nevada-homicide-national-park-service-9c00034daaa52edbb3b30a29153a0b17 2022-05-09
apnews.com Face-scanner CLEARVIEW agrees to limits in court settlement... 2022-05-09
apnews.com Rare cases of virus returning pose questions for PFIZER pill... 2022-05-09
apnews.com Chiles Boric attempts relaunch as honeymoon ends abruptly... 2022-05-09
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apnews.com Strong winds batter New Mexico, complicating wildfire fight... 2022-05-09
apnews.com Call Pence or The Don? Decision time for Jan. 6 panel... 2022-05-09
apnews.com BENNETT ON BRINK: Israeli PMs govt limps into new parliament session... 2022-05-09
apnews.com Chef Batali on trial in sex misconduct case... 2022-05-09
apnews.com Former BLM leader denies financial improprieties... 2022-05-09
apnews.com 3.3 mag quake jolts S Carolina... 2022-05-09
apnews.com SURPRISE: JILL IN UKRAINE 2022-05-08
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apnews.com As New Yorkers emerge from pandemic, so do rodents... 2022-05-08
apnews.com Detailed open source news investigations catching on... 2022-05-08
apnews.com KENTUCKY DERBY SHOCK: 2022-05-07
apnews.com Potentially historic wildfire event threatens New Mexico, Southwest... 2022-05-07
apnews.com Ukraine braces for escalated attacks... 2022-05-07
apnews.com Supreme Court leak shakes trust in one more American pillar... 2022-05-07
apnews.com 20 horses, full house: Kentucky Derby returns with no limits... 2022-05-07
apnews.com He said, she said: Accounts from Depp and Heard rarely match... 2022-05-07
apnews.com Amazon tribes turn tables on intruders with social media... 2022-05-07
apnews.com Motherhood deferred: Median birthing age hits 30... 2022-05-06
apnews.com TESLA covers travel costs for workers seeking abortions... 2022-05-06
apnews.com Roe under threat, California leans in as refuge... 2022-05-06
apnews.com SUMMER PREVIEW: Breakout stars to watch... 2022-05-06
apnews.com Americas love affair with the lawn is getting messy... 2022-05-06
apnews.com Jill Biden to meet refugees during border visit... 2022-05-06
apnews.com China installing former security chief as Hong Kong leader... 2022-05-06
apnews.com UK Conservatives lose London strongholds, in blow to Johnson... 2022-05-06
apnews.com Man charged for opening door, walking on wing as jet taxis... 2022-05-06
apnews.com Israel searches for attackers who killed 3 in mass stabbing... 2022-05-06
apnews.com Mickelsons $40 million in gambling losses... 2022-05-05
apnews.com Chief Justice Roberts Court, but does he still lead? 2022-05-05
apnews.com Don Jr. grilled on Hill... 2022-05-04
apnews.com ABORTION SHELLSHOCK 2022-05-04
apnews.com CA moves to embrace crypto -- and regulate it... 2022-05-04
apnews.com Movies love comeback story. This summer, its their turn... 2022-05-04
apnews.com Nantucket votes to allow anyone to go topless on beaches... 2022-05-04
apnews.com With deficit falling, Biden highlights fiscal responsibility... 2022-05-04
apnews.com STILL IN SHOCK 2022-05-03
apnews.com OK governor signs TX-style ban on most abortions... 2022-05-03
apnews.com CDC restates recommendation for masks on planes, trains... 2022-05-03
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/roe-wade-supreme-court-leaked-draft-opinion-c6a923f6e370672f4a5ccfd3be325786 2022-05-03
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-covid-health-ohio-presidential-9eeeed38cff92dbd88f1a7d48dcbfefc 2022-05-03
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apnews.com Lindell gets banned from TWITTER, again... 2022-05-02
apnews.com Greyhound racing nearing its end after long slide... 2022-05-02
apnews.com Trump bid to shape GOP faces test with voters in May races... 2022-05-02
apnews.com May Day rallies in Europe protest govts... 2022-05-01
apnews.com En plein air: NYC aims to keep outdoor lifestyle post-virus... 2022-05-01
apnews.com Dems hone populist appeal with proposed stock trading ban... 2022-04-30
apnews.com Serbia displays Chinese missiles amid concerns in Balkans... 2022-04-30
apnews.com Algorithm that screens for child neglect raises concerns... 2022-04-29
apnews.com Political stakes high as Beijing responds to virus outbreak... 2022-04-29
apnews.com Astroworld movie set for release despite lawyers concerns... 2022-04-29
apnews.com Dogs personality may have little to do with breed... 2022-04-28
apnews.com Once Wall Sts stars, Big Tech falls back to Earth... 2022-04-28
apnews.com Yellen says more shocks likely to challenge economy... 2022-04-28
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/middle-east-israel-naftali-bennett-2e65746f4e3724c65ceb8b0f62941b70 2022-04-28
apnews.com RUSSIA CUTS OFF THE GAS 2022-04-27
apnews.com Trump drawn to celebrity in weighing midterm picks... 2022-04-27
apnews.com BIG BIRD! 2022-04-25
apnews.com Le Pen plots parliament win... 2022-04-25
apnews.com White House seeks more power to counter use of drones in US... 2022-04-25
apnews.com Dozens of NYC teachers accused of faking vax cards... 2022-04-25
apnews.com Praying Football Coach Tests Religious Rights at Supreme Court... 2022-04-25
apnews.com Depp in starring role at defamation trial... 2022-04-25
apnews.com Hunter Biden prime target if Republicans win Congress... 2022-04-25
apnews.com Beijing districts placed under lockdown as infections mount... 2022-04-25
apnews.com French presidential finale... Developing... 2022-04-24
apnews.com Metal Barriers Go Up Around Town... 2022-04-24
apnews.com Amid increasing abuse, officials flee youth sports... 2022-04-24
apnews.com Overdoses, not Covid, drive spike in LA homeless deaths... 2022-04-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/technology-business-police-social-media-reform-52744e1d0f5b93a426f966138f2ccb52 2022-04-23
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/amber-heard-johnny-depp-entertainment-arts-and-lawsuits-3a82a135d9e019b7bf3865759ce4e05b 2022-04-23
apnews.com Orrin Hatch dead at 88... 2022-04-23
apnews.com Push to ascend to House speaker relies on ex-president... 2022-04-23
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-french-election-preview-1831451aa7d7f60662f329648dbbfd8d 2022-04-23
apnews.com In election misinformation fight, 2020 changed everything... 2022-04-23
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/covid-health-jerusalem-israel-fires-b98680f9d60bcba5a100f42fab47236f 2022-04-23
apnews.com Meadows had been warned of violence... 2022-04-23
apnews.com Mandates return to college campuses... 2022-04-22
apnews.com WEEKEND: FRANCE DECIDES... 2022-04-22
apnews.com Israeli police storm Jerusalem holy site after rock-throwing... 2022-04-22
apnews.com Hearing held in Rep. Greene eligibility challenge... Developing... 2022-04-22
apnews.com AUDIO: McCarthy said he would urge Trump to resign... 2022-04-22
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/covid-business-health-airlines-scott-kirby-1a7c52fa9fd64dd71128ed6852ce76f2 2022-04-21
apnews.com Cleaner Earth: Healing ozone hole, less smog, more eagles... 2022-04-21
apnews.com Vlad claims Mariupol win but wont storm holdout... 2022-04-21
apnews.com Fewest Americans collecting jobless aid since 1970... 2022-04-21
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/immigration-business-religion-paris-france-4dc309ca55a3368f8161c2866125ddfb 2022-04-21
apnews.com Gaza violence intensifies as Jerusalem clashes resume... 2022-04-21
apnews.com Rio Carnival parade is back, as street bands ache to party... 2022-04-21
apnews.com Arizona wildfire doubles in size near college town... 2022-04-20
apnews.com Pentagon chief speaks for 1st time to Chinese counterpart... 2022-04-20
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/technology-business-canada-netflix-inc-abd9845644a87b434e53c1c13bbb377a 2022-04-20
apnews.com Mega dance company bred culture of sex, silence, dancers say... 2022-04-20
apnews.com Macron, Le Pen square off for decisive debate as vote looms... 2022-04-20
apnews.com Warden at Epstein jail quietly retires amid federal probe... 2022-04-19
apnews.com J&J suspends vax sales forecast... 2022-04-19
apnews.com TSA: BARE-FACE NOW LEGAL IN USA... 2022-04-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/immigration-biden-covid-health-public-3acfe05a2e9bcf5c2ed228602590deee 2022-04-19
apnews.com Boris faces wrath of lawmakers over partygate... 2022-04-19
apnews.com Puzzling outbreak of liver disease in kids spreads to EU, USA... 2022-04-19
apnews.com Spyware use on separatists in Spain extensive... 2022-04-18
apnews.com Syrians ready to join next phase of conflict... 2022-04-18
apnews.com USA rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend... 2022-04-18
apnews.com Clashes erupt again near flashpoint Jerusalem holy site... 2022-04-17
apnews.com NKorea tests new tactical guided weapon... 2022-04-17
apnews.com Magic mushrooms for therapy? Vets help sway... 2022-04-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/marine-le-pen-jean-luc-melenchon-france-europe-macron-7fe9ff8b8e433b8f8488832fd6cdddc5 2022-04-16
apnews.com War far from over as Kyiv strikes renewed... 2022-04-16
apnews.com Sweden prepares for more clashes as far-right demos continue... 2022-04-16
apnews.com 5,000 under evacuation orders as New Mexico wildfire rages... 2022-04-16
apnews.com 900 civilian bodies found... 2022-04-15
apnews.com Amid false 2020 claims, Republican states eye voting system upgrade... 2022-04-15
apnews.com COPS: Arizona man stuffed 183 animals in freezer, some alive... 2022-04-15
apnews.com In France election, meaty issue unites Jews, Muslims... 2022-04-15
apnews.com Dem donor Buck sentenced to 30 years for fetish deaths... 2022-04-15
apnews.com Palestinians clash with Israeli police at major holy site... 2022-04-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-zelenskyy-kyiv-black-sea-estonia-8ccaa918f813a844321187ed116ff091 2022-04-15
apnews.com El Salvador presidents mass arrests punitive populism... 2022-04-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/covid-business-health-buffalo-education-d37f4f1d12e57b72e5ddf67d4f897d9a 2022-04-14
apnews.com Crackdown silences war protests, from benign to bold... 2022-04-14
apnews.com POLL: Talk of race, sex in schools divides Americans... 2022-04-14
apnews.com Thinking small: Biden scrounges for ways to break through... 2022-04-14
apnews.com TOP GUN to star at Cannes film fest under Ukraine shadow... 2022-04-14
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/police-hunt-brooklyn-subway-gunman-8b4e1efee5d08c06050c7b09172829d3 2022-04-13
apnews.com AMAZON adds 5% fuel and inflation surcharge.. 2022-04-13
apnews.com Polish, Baltic presidents visit Ukraine in show of support... 2022-04-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/covid-health-centers-for-disease-control-and-prevention-e603a9dfc361ad095733bc868ebeba74 2022-04-13
apnews.com Trucker blockade snarls US-Mexico border over Texas order... 2022-04-13
apnews.com Anxieties resurface... 2022-04-13
apnews.com NYC ON EDGE 2022-04-13
apnews.com California reparations panel to meet in San Fran... 2022-04-13
apnews.com Western pressure mounts on Solomons to quash pact with China... 2022-04-13
apnews.com Million empty spaces: Chronicling COVIDs cruel American toll... 2022-04-13
apnews.com Macron faces angry voters... 2022-04-12
apnews.com UPDATE: South Dakota AG impeached over fatal crash... 2022-04-12
apnews.com NY Lt Gov arrested in campaign donation scheme... 2022-04-12
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apnews.com For Jews fleeing Ukraine, Passover takes on new meaning... 2022-04-12
apnews.com Maddow returns to MSNBC, will switch to once a week... 2022-04-12
apnews.com MASKS 2022-04-11
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apnews.com Discovery of radioactive liquid pauses work at US nuke dump... 2022-04-11
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apnews.com Islamic State morphs and grows in Pakistan, Afghanistan... 2022-04-11
apnews.com Makes semi-secret delivery of missiles to Serbia... 2022-04-10
apnews.com FRANCE DECIDES 2022-04-10
apnews.com TENSIONS SOAR... 2022-04-10
apnews.com FRANCE DECIDES 2022-04-09
apnews.com In outcome of Whitmer case, some see freedom, others danger... 2022-04-09
apnews.com Jackson, COVID and retirement show Congress partisan path... 2022-04-09
apnews.com ACADEMY SLAPS BACK 2022-04-08
apnews.com State Department: WH gift records for Trump, Pence missing... 2022-04-08
apnews.com Outbreaks give taste of living with virus: Get used to it... 2022-04-08
apnews.com BLACK EYE FOR DOJ... 2022-04-08
apnews.com Law reduced prison time for man tied to Sacramento shooting... 2022-04-08
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apnews.com Ukraine: Missile kills 30 civilians waiting to evacuate... 2022-04-08
apnews.com Jackson confirmation takes Biden political story full circle... 2022-04-08
apnews.com TERROR IN TEL AVIV: Israeli forces kill Palestinian attacker after manhunt... 2022-04-08
apnews.com Boston Mayor Michelle Wu hopes to transform her adopted city... 2022-04-08
apnews.com Jackson confirmed... 2022-04-07
apnews.com Senate vote today could make Jackson first Black woman on Supreme Court... 2022-04-07
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apnews.com Top NY judge not complying with vaccine mandate... 2022-04-06
apnews.com Wind energy company kills 150 eagles, pleads guilty... 2022-04-06
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apnews.com O RETURNS FOR PEP RALLY AT WH 2022-04-05
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apnews.com Zoos hiding birds as avian flu spreads... 2022-04-05
apnews.com US pulls GSKs COVID drug... 2022-04-05
apnews.com Sign of times: MLB gives OK to electronic pitch calling... 2022-04-05
apnews.com Zelensky briefs top UN body on massacres... 2022-04-05
apnews.com IMAGES FROM HELL 2022-04-04
apnews.com Hawaii officials consider new uses for virus screening tech... 2022-04-04
apnews.com Murkowski, Romney back Jackson, all but assure confirmation... 2022-04-04
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apnews.com Music stars return to Venezuela after skipping it for years... 2022-04-04
apnews.com BUCHA ATROCITIES SHOCK WORLD 2022-04-04
apnews.com USA seizes yacht owned by oligarch with close ties to Putin... 2022-04-04
apnews.com Beijing sends in military to help with Shanghai outbreak... 2022-04-04
apnews.com ORBAN LANDSLIDE 2022-04-03
apnews.com Man gets 90 shots to sell forged passes... 2022-04-03
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apnews.com UK hits record COVID levels; 5 million infected... 2022-04-02
apnews.com Judge upholds Ghislaine sex trafficking conviction... 2022-04-01
apnews.com Migrants march from south Mexico as US lifts COVID ban... 2022-04-01
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apnews.com Pope makes historic apology to Indigenous for Canada abuses... 2022-04-01
apnews.com Fears among draft-age Russian youths... 2022-04-01
apnews.com Oldest park ranger retires at 100... 2022-04-01
apnews.com ORBAN ON THE BRINK: Hungarys alliances on ballot ahead of tight election... 2022-04-01
apnews.com Anti-death penalty advocate weds man on death row... 2022-03-31
apnews.com Key inflation gauge sets 40-year high as gas and food soar... 2022-03-31
apnews.com UK spy chief says soldiers disobey orders... 2022-03-31
apnews.com Actor refused to leave Oscars after slap... 2022-03-30
apnews.com Animals latest frontier in virus fight... 2022-03-30
apnews.com Poland to end oil imports; Germany warns on gas... 2022-03-30
apnews.com Putin pledge to scale back in Ukraine draws skepticism... 2022-03-30
apnews.com DEADLIEST IN YEARS 2022-03-30
apnews.com Will Smith would face little more than slap if charged... 2022-03-30
apnews.com California group votes to limit reparations to slave descendants... 2022-03-30
apnews.com Woman accused of harassing Tim Cook with pleas for sex... 2022-03-29
apnews.com Consumers still confident, but outlook not as rosy... 2022-03-29
apnews.com Queen shrugs off health issues, attends Philip service... 2022-03-29
apnews.com Travis Scott accused of violating Astroworld suits gag order... 2022-03-29
apnews.com Black reparations panel could decide who gets compensation... 2022-03-29
apnews.com Tourists run amid bangs at airport in Cancun resort... 2022-03-28
apnews.com President Says Not Walking Anything Back... 2022-03-28
apnews.com Holocaust survivors flee to Germany for safety... 2022-03-28
apnews.com RUSSIA PLAN TO SPLIT UKRAINE 2022-03-27
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apnews.com Change is in the air... 2022-03-26
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apnews.com Putins war in Ukraine nearing possibly more dangerous phase... 2022-03-25
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apnews.com Experts watching for potential new virus surge in USA... 2022-03-25
apnews.com California groundbreaking set for largest wildlife crossing... 2022-03-25
apnews.com Arizona Republicans vote to restrict trans surgeries... 2022-03-24
apnews.com Jamaicans shun UK royal visit, demand slavery reparations... 2022-03-24
apnews.com Prince William expresses sorrow for slavery in Jamaica visit... 2022-03-24
apnews.com CLAIM: Moscow forcibly taking civilians to Russia... 2022-03-24
apnews.com USA to expand Russia sanctions, accept 100K Ukraine refugees... 2022-03-24
apnews.com High from hemp: States wrestle with chemically made THC... 2022-03-24
apnews.com In 1st full year of pandemic, biggest metros lost residents... 2022-03-24
apnews.com POLL: War fails to fuel Biden rebound... 2022-03-24
apnews.com Legal experts to weigh in on last day of Jackson hearings... 2022-03-24
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/science-arts-and-entertainment-mexico-caribbean-environment-e08fff7f0a5646d875b37e33ea5ecc94 2022-03-23
apnews.com Pandemic relief money spent on hotel, ballpark, ski slopes... 2022-03-23
apnews.com 29 hospitalized after London Olympic pool chlorine gas leak... 2022-03-23
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apnews.com Jackson defends record anew on day 3... 2022-03-23
apnews.com Biden seeks new sanctions, help for Ukrainians in Europe... 2022-03-23
apnews.com Large tornado strikes New Orleans, causing serious damage... 2022-03-23
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apnews.com Jackson faces pointed questions at Senate hearing... 2022-03-22
apnews.com Navalny, Fiery Putin Critic, Given Additional 9-Year Prison Sentence... 2022-03-22
apnews.com Ukraine retakes key Kyiv suburb; Battle for Mariupol rages... 2022-03-22
apnews.com Jackson pledges to decide cases without fear or favor... 2022-03-21
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apnews.com Ex-wife accuses top Missouri Republican Senate candidate of abuse... 2022-03-21
apnews.com US admiral says China fully militarized isles... 2022-03-21
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apnews.com Names on list: Fleeing Mariupol, one checkpoint at a time... 2022-03-21
apnews.com Biden to visit Poland... 2022-03-21
apnews.com History-making Jackson set for Senate hearing for high court... 2022-03-21
apnews.com ZELENSKY EVOKES HOLOCAUST 2022-03-20
apnews.com History-making Jackson set for Senate hearing for high court... 2022-03-20
apnews.com Ukraine war backdrop in US push for hypersonic weapons... 2022-03-20
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apnews.com Diabetes & Covid: Scientists explore potential connection... 2022-03-16
apnews.com HORROR: 9 dead in Texas crash involving college golf teams... 2022-03-16
apnews.com 7.3 mag quake hits north Japan, tsunami alert issued... 2022-03-16
apnews.com European leaders return safely after Kyiv visit amid attacks... 2022-03-16
apnews.com Mariupol descends into despair... 2022-03-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/seoul-south-korea-north-korea-joint-chiefs-of-staff-1151a9d8b5436bdc783806e19fa1edef 2022-03-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-business-europe-economy-moscow-4e5f2b855164c0e38b0a19ecb942d3cd 2022-03-16
apnews.com 2 FOX NEWS JOURNALISTS KILLED 2022-03-15
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apnews.com PFIZER seeking OK for 4th dose... 2022-03-15
apnews.com Students steer school bus to safety after driver collapses... 2022-03-15
apnews.com Germany to disarm far-right extremists, restricts gun access... 2022-03-15
apnews.com Poodles pop in popularity, but Labs still No. 1 dog breed... 2022-03-15
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apnews.com Historic shift in defense of Europe... 2022-03-15
apnews.com Shelling of Kyiv intensifies... 2022-03-15
apnews.com Conflict disrupts key supply chains -- and lives... 2022-03-15
apnews.com 1st German Catholic diocese allows women to perform baptisms... 2022-03-14
apnews.com Man sought in homeless killings in NYC, DC... 2022-03-14
apnews.com American view of Putin: Angry, frustrated, likely to escalate war... 2022-03-14
apnews.com Anti-Trump Republicans lining up for 2024 shadow primary... 2022-03-14
apnews.com Pregnant woman, baby die after maternity ward bombed... 2022-03-14
apnews.com Israel grapples with fate of oligarchs... 2022-03-14
apnews.com China battles multiple outbreaks, driven by stealth omicron... 2022-03-14
apnews.com OBAMA COVID... 2022-03-13
apnews.com POWER OF DOG WINS BAFTA... 2022-03-13
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apnews.com Road to table: Wyomings new app for claiming roadkill... 2022-03-12
apnews.com Moscow footholds in Mideast, Africa raise threat... 2022-03-12
apnews.com More American troops deploy overseas... 2022-03-12
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apnews.com USA pays $2M a month to protect Pompeo, aide from Iran threat... 2022-03-12
apnews.com Agenda languishing, Dems press Biden to go it alone... 2022-03-12
apnews.com Justice Thomas slams cancel culture, packing Court... 2022-03-12
apnews.com California cakewalk? No big-name rivals for Gov. Newsom... 2022-03-12
apnews.com Russia strikes near capital; Mosque reported hit... 2022-03-12
apnews.com Warsaw overwhelmed as it becomes key refugee destination... 2022-03-11
apnews.com Endgame elusive... 2022-03-11
apnews.com Soviet-Era Drone Crashes in Croatia Capital... 2022-03-11
apnews.com In about-face, liberal cities target homeless camps... 2022-03-11
apnews.com Rattlesnake roundups take 2 paths, drawing praise and scorn... 2022-03-11
apnews.com Two grueling years later, world takes cautious steps forward... 2022-03-11
apnews.com Troops maneuver to encircle Kyiv... 2022-03-11
apnews.com Not all Western companies sever ties... 2022-03-10
apnews.com Virginia lawmakers OK lifting ban on facial technology use... 2022-03-10
apnews.com At 91, siege of Leningrad survivor besieged again... 2022-03-10
apnews.com UPDATE: BLACK PANTHER director mistaken for bank robber... 2022-03-10
apnews.com SKorean president-elect pledges tougher stance on NKorea... 2022-03-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-biden-business-united-states-europe-776c03520c90083894fedf31f1a7db00 2022-03-10
apnews.com Gas price hikes fueling electric vehicle conspiracy theories... 2022-03-10
apnews.com Fury at barbaric attack on childrens hospital... 2022-03-10
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apnews.com Embassy draws Americans seeking to fight... 2022-03-10
apnews.com EUROPE WONDERS WHOS NEXT 2022-03-10
apnews.com Smollett to learn fate in staged attack conviction... Developing... 2022-03-10
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apnews.com Look inside 1st safe injection site in USA... 2022-03-09
apnews.com Besieged city buries dead in mass grave... 2022-03-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/pig-heart-transplant-patient-dies-bc3b304de3c8d3bf3acbb3c221960ecf 2022-03-09
apnews.com Invasion slowed -- but not stopped... 2022-03-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-poland-kamala-harris-germany-migration-dbcf0e0b100b0cc4d5b28d22dbcc69f2 2022-03-09
apnews.com Border authorities find 52 reptiles hidden in mans clothing... 2022-03-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-europe-poland-nato-5724ff192113703d829024dc4410664e 2022-03-08
apnews.com Bag of animal heads linked to sacrifice ritual? 2022-03-08
apnews.com Moscow patriarch stokes Orthodox tensions... 2022-03-08
apnews.com Former California Gov. Jerry Brown living off grid in retirement... 2022-03-08
apnews.com Judge set to question juror who convicted Ghislaine Maxwell... 2022-03-08
apnews.com EXODUS: 2 million flee... 2022-03-08
apnews.com 20th hijacker from Guantanamo sent home... 2022-03-07
apnews.com Vegas cop now accused of 3 casino heists... 2022-03-07
apnews.com Modern Churchill? Zelensky praised as war communicator... 2022-03-07
apnews.com Macron keeps an open line to Putin... 2022-03-07
apnews.com Death toll surpasses 6 million for pandemic now in 3rd year... 2022-03-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-business-seniors-doug-ducey-election-2020-e126709accd4405525db65b2d876584f 2022-03-07
apnews.com Rural Idaho town part of trend: Conservatives seeking space... 2022-03-07
apnews.com 6 dead as large tornado roars through central Iowa... 2022-03-06
apnews.com War in worlds breadbasket threatens food supply... 2022-03-06
apnews.com NKorea confirms new tests on spy satellite... 2022-03-06
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-europe-3d9e50b2fa8b08ce1f74c1b09403186e 2022-03-05
apnews.com Trumps praise of Putin, America First view tested by war... 2022-03-05
apnews.com Local churches shun Vaticans moderate stance on Russia... 2022-03-05
apnews.com Moscow cracks down on dissenting media, blocks FACEBOOK... 2022-03-05
apnews.com Drone enthusiasts sign up to repel forces... 2022-03-04
apnews.com FOXNEWS defense reporter challenges war comments on air... 2022-03-04
apnews.com Florida poised to limit abortions as Supremes mull Roe... 2022-03-04
apnews.com Tearful goodbyes at train station... 2022-03-04
apnews.com Inmates leaving gangs, stripping tats for jobs, better lives... 2022-03-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-war-a3092d8e476949ed7c55607a645a9154 2022-03-03
apnews.com Experts: Central U.S. needs to be ready for next earthquake... 2022-03-03
apnews.com NFL suspends all protocols... 2022-03-03
apnews.com Crucial energy hub besieged... 2022-03-03
apnews.com Shrines, memorials with powerful symbolic value at risk... 2022-03-03
apnews.com Claims Damning Evidence... 2022-03-03
apnews.com Judge blocks NY bid to shutter NRA... 2022-03-02
apnews.com Minister No: Lavrov embodies Moscows steely posture... 2022-03-02
apnews.com Economic dangers from Russia invasion ripple across globe... 2022-03-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-state-of-the-union-address-joe-biden-nancy-pelosi-lauren-boebert-7fca394f8bf1be896fb280d7 2022-03-02
apnews.com Space junk on 5,800-mph collision course with moon... 2022-03-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-vladimir-putin-volodymyr-zelenskyy-joe-biden-kyiv-1b396834ff3e753f8953d86c8db85383 2022-03-02
apnews.com Texas primary sets up Abbott-ORourke race as midterms begin... 2022-03-02
apnews.com State of the Union: Biden vows to halt Russia, hit inflation... 2022-03-02
apnews.com RUSSIA HASNT USED FULL MIGHT YET 2022-03-01
apnews.com Suit: Texas investigating parents of trans youth... 2022-03-01
apnews.com S Carolina drug overdose deaths increase 50%... 2022-03-01
apnews.com From banking to vodka, isolation grows... 2022-03-01
apnews.com UNSTABLE? 2022-03-01
apnews.com Election 2022: TX primary tests Republican rightward shift... 2022-03-01
apnews.com New Orleans hosts its 1st full-dress Mardi Gras since 2020... 2022-03-01
apnews.com Biden steps to State of the Union lectern at fraught moment... 2022-03-01
apnews.com 40-mile convoy nears Kyiv... Developing... 2022-03-01
apnews.com Talks yield no breakthrough... 2022-02-28
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/state-of-the-union-address-joe-biden-district-of-columbia-us-national-guard-b1139b35cecaae3423aab5dce 2022-02-28
apnews.com Pandemic fears fade... 2022-02-28
apnews.com AMAZON voice assistant Alexa to start seeking doctor help... 2022-02-28
apnews.com Texas primary is George P. Bushs biggest test yet in GOP... 2022-02-28
apnews.com Many Capitol riot cases could hinge on 1st trials outcome... 2022-02-28
apnews.com On cusp of Biden speech, state of disunity, funk and peril... 2022-02-28
apnews.com Finland and Sweden to join NATO? 2022-02-28
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-kyiv-business-europe-moscow-2e4e1cf784f22b6afbe5a2f936725550 2022-02-27
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apnews.com Zelenskyy unlikely journey from comedy to Ukrainian hero... 2022-02-26
apnews.com No notes, same logo: Dr. Oz campaign is like his TV show... 2022-02-26
apnews.com State of the Union speech comes amid crises, setbacks... 2022-02-26
apnews.com War via TIKTOK: New tool for propaganda machine... 2022-02-26
apnews.com 120,000 flee... 2022-02-26
apnews.com Attacks from within seen as growing threat to elections... 2022-02-25
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-business-europe-prices-inflation-e44ad9b2088aa352015868a4f6b17785 2022-02-25
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/Ketanji-Brown-Jackson-biden-supreme-court-nominee-32f77fe08d7cf64af95591668a0aaa41 2022-02-25
apnews.com KYIV SET TO TO FALL... 2022-02-25
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apnews.com Mandatory tests ordered for ALL Hong Kong residents... 2022-02-22
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apnews.com West megadrought worsens to driest in 1,200 years... 2022-02-14
apnews.com FRANTIC 48 HRS TO STOP EUROPE FROM WAR 2022-02-14
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apnews.com Veteran RAMS take on upstart BENGALS... 2022-02-13
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apnews.com FLIGHTS TO UKRAINE HALTED 2022-02-13
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apnews.com Charges: Nurses made $1.5 million off fake vax cards... 2022-01-29
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apnews.com Trump facing legal, political headwinds as he eyes comeback... 2022-01-29
apnews.com New rules put Djokovic at risk of missing French Open... 2022-01-28
apnews.com CA net neutrality law upheld... 2022-01-28
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apnews.com Judge may suspend mustang roundup in Nevada... 2022-01-28
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apnews.com Armys highest ranking Muslim soldier also TIKTOK star... 2022-01-26
apnews.com Navy discharges 1st active-duty sailors for vax refusal... 2022-01-26
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apnews.com Vatican defends Benedict after report faults abuse record... 2022-01-26
apnews.com UK holds breath as it awaits partygate report... 2022-01-26
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apnews.com France bars unvaxxed from restaurants, sports venues... 2022-01-24
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apnews.com Assange wins first stage in effort to appeal extradition... 2022-01-24
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apnews.com Taxpayers face overloaded IRS as filing season opens... 2022-01-23
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apnews.com Beijing district orders mass virus testing... 2022-01-23
apnews.com Fake ambulance with 28 migrants aboard found in Mexico... 2022-01-23
apnews.com Arizona Dems censure Sinema over voting rights bill... 2022-01-22
apnews.com Passport protests in Europe draw thousands of people... 2022-01-22
apnews.com Divine intervention: Man carrying own severed arm saved... 2022-01-22
apnews.com Dont approach lab monkey missing after crash, people told... 2022-01-22
apnews.com British Conservatives set to go for top job if Johnson falls... 2022-01-22
apnews.com WUHAN, I AM HERE: Film follows volunteers in sealed city... 2022-01-22
apnews.com Truck with 100 monkeys crashes, some of them missing... 2022-01-22
apnews.com Nations largest abortion protest could be last under Roe... 2022-01-21
apnews.com Australia records deadliest day... 2022-01-21
apnews.com Jury selection proceeds for Avenatti-Stormy Daniels trial... 2022-01-21
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apnews.com CA gun store shutdowns ruled illegal... 2022-01-20
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apnews.com Robot umpires at home plate moving up to Triple-A... 2022-01-20
apnews.com CDC director rankles many... 2022-01-20
apnews.com Researchers test pig-to-human transplant in donated body... 2022-01-20
apnews.com GA DA asks for special grand jury... 2022-01-20
apnews.com Tina Turner, husband snap up vast $76M estate on Lake Zurich... 2022-01-20
apnews.com POLL: Biden approval hits new low at one-year mark... 2022-01-20
apnews.com Europe considers new strategy: Accepting virus... 2022-01-20
apnews.com New Mexico asks Guard to sub for sick teachers... 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/antony-blinken-jen-psaki-vladimir-putin-sergey-lavrov-congress-1df536e9a832830dc3bae2e89aef4116 2022-01-19
apnews.com Supremes Reject Trump Bid to Block Jan. 6 Records... 2022-01-19
apnews.com Case NOT a slam dunk, experts say... 2022-01-19
apnews.com BOOM: NFL wild-card TV ratings up big... 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/college-football-nfl-entertainment-sports-business-bd30b8519f57d8692cfe181897892761 2022-01-19
apnews.com NBC will not send announcers to Beijing for Winter Games... 2022-01-19
apnews.com Legislator dies using medical suicide law he helped pass... 2022-01-19
apnews.com Coal town grapples with future as plant shuts down... 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/andrew-leon-talley-dead-4870f4d2fd854292703664007d37d4b5 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-california-environment-and-nature-droughts-7eb1fdf1a19e15b1db41a000168b2cf6 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-trump-investigations-donald-trump-new-york-b4895a63c5aee3991a2ffc42becfb564 2022-01-19
apnews.com PUTIN WAR GAMES 2022-01-19
apnews.com Florida could shield whites from discomfort of racist past... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Kansas will stop futile contact tracing... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Felony charges are 1st in fatal Autopilot crash... 2022-01-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-science-health-08f8db29985b992d5ef98ccfa1459eb7 2022-01-18
apnews.com Beto raises $7M in first weeks of bid for TX gov... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Under-fire Boris Johnson denies lying over lockdown parties... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Virus Hits Vatican... 2022-01-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-europe-religion-arts-and-entertainment-amsterdam-89bd57c21cefd0a0dc162d5aced7ca96 2022-01-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-joe-biden-health-lifestyle-jill-biden-137925163af00545a3dbeace1ccc4812 2022-01-17
apnews.com GO PACK DJOKOVIC; DEPORTED FROM OZ... 2022-01-17
apnews.com Trailblazing Arab lawmaker shakes up Israeli politics... 2022-01-17
apnews.com Sweden puzzled by drones spotted over nuke power plants... 2022-01-17
apnews.com Brit named in Tex Terror... 2022-01-16
apnews.com After Bidens first year, virus and disunity rage on... 2022-01-16
apnews.com For Oath Keepers and founder, Jan. 6 was weeks in making... 2022-01-16
apnews.com Beijing reports 1st omicron case ahead of Olympics... 2022-01-16
apnews.com FACEBOOK CUTS LIVESTREAM 2022-01-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/richmond-race-and-ethnicity-virginia-4f6256a882ff839ad5378357a47d87a1 2022-01-15
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apnews.com Republican midterm dilemma: How closely to align with him... 2022-01-15
apnews.com Legal risks in sedition conspiracy case against Oath Keepers... 2022-01-15
apnews.com Volcano erupts in Pacific, West Coast under tsunami advisory... 2022-01-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-joe-biden-us-supreme-court-business-health-7bae2b5d394a875395f0f4f700d38e87 2022-01-14
apnews.com Marines OK first religious exemptions for shot... 2022-01-14
apnews.com Garbage piles up... 2022-01-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-novak-djokovic-nfl-sports-entertainment-d1d1e455a1cab756d279d384af4abe40 2022-01-14
apnews.com Germany on brink of recession as growth dips... 2022-01-14
apnews.com Bidens hopes for voting rights bill dashed... 2022-01-13
apnews.com Half-empty classrooms... 2022-01-13
apnews.com School investigated for naked fat test claims... 2022-01-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-prisons-donald-trump-police-reform-069bac28c0c05869faf15e2e879e2732 2022-01-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/europe-russia-ukraine-vladimir-putin-moscow-473d4b2eebff4dc59d8e7dff9e8653ba 2022-01-13
apnews.com Hospitalizations rise in Hawaii... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Djokovic admits travel declaration had incorrect information... 2022-01-12
apnews.com DEFIANT... 2022-01-12
apnews.com MEDIA PLAYING DOWN CASE COUNTS... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Sculpture by controversial artist attacked with hammer... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Partisan divide on policy widens... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Army ups bonuses to $50K as struggles to lure soldiers continues... 2022-01-12
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-business-health-europe-london-2b9b4147b1ee8041b341dfce5ef92208 2022-01-12
apnews.com REPORT: Omicron may be headed for rapid drop... 2022-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/voting-rights-joe-biden-voting-atlanta-stacey-abrams-7bb6e8cd4ad78267cc56d713ecdbf39d 2022-01-11
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apnews.com Ghislaine brother says prosecutors seeking to break her... 2021-11-26
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apnews.com SKorea to launch task force on banning dog meat... 2021-11-25
apnews.com France calls for European aid after 27 migrant deaths at sea... 2021-11-25
apnews.com France opts for 3rd shots, not lockdown, to fight new wave... 2021-11-25
apnews.com Australia sending troops to Solomon Islands as unrest grows... 2021-11-25
apnews.com Europes Christmas markets warily open as COVID cases rise... 2021-11-25
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apnews.com Rapper Young Dolph killed at cookie shop... 2021-11-17
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apnews.com More turn to abortion pills by mail, with legality uncertain... 2021-11-14
apnews.com 3 snow leopards with covid die at zoo... 2021-11-14
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apnews.com City OKs GOOGLE data centers amid secrecy, water worries... 2021-11-09
apnews.com Thousands of red UK phone boxes to be protected from closure... 2021-11-09
apnews.com Producer prices rise 8.6%, matching record high... 2021-11-09
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apnews.com Children as young as 10 recruited by Mexico cartels... 2021-10-14
apnews.com Judge bars UNITED from putting unvaccinated workers on leave... 2021-10-14
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apnews.com USA, Taliban to hold first talks since Afghanistan withdrawal... 2021-10-09
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apnews.com LA sheriff wont enforce mandate... 2021-10-08
apnews.com White House proposes tech bill of rights to limit AI harms... 2021-10-08
apnews.com Biden first president to mark Indigenous Peoples Day... 2021-10-08
apnews.com Anti-vax chiropractors rising force... 2021-10-08
apnews.com Mystery lingers around cause of California oil pipeline leak... 2021-10-08
apnews.com Blast at Afghan mosque kills many, witnesses and Taliban say... 2021-10-08
apnews.com Australia wants FACEBOOK held liable for anonymous comments... 2021-10-07
apnews.com Austrian leader hopes to stay on amid bribery allegations... 2021-10-07
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apnews.com In California, some buy machines that make water out of air... 2021-10-06
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apnews.com NY largest health provider fires 1,400 for refusing shots... 2021-10-05
apnews.com FACEBOOK whistleblower bringing sharp criticisms to Congress... 2021-10-05
apnews.com Catholic clergy in France likely abused 330,000 minors... 2021-10-05
apnews.com French child kidnap plot shows global sway of QANON style... 2021-10-05
apnews.com 2,700-year-old toilet found in Jerusalem was a rare luxury... 2021-10-05
apnews.com Russian film crew blasts off to make first movie in space... 2021-10-05
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apnews.com STAR TREKS Captain Kirk rocketing into space next week... 2021-10-04
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apnews.com Ex-FACEBOOK manager alleges social network fed Capitol riot... 2021-10-04
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apnews.com Small plane crashes into building in Italy; 8 dead... 2021-10-03
apnews.com Biden frustrated as his agenda stalls... 2021-10-03
apnews.com Blaze damages historic Rome bridge... 2021-10-03
apnews.com Alaska allows hospitals to ration care... 2021-10-03
apnews.com Beijing tightens political control of internet giants... 2021-10-03
apnews.com Israel tightens green pass rules, sparking protest... 2021-10-03
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apnews.com Philippine leader Duterte announces retirement from politics... 2021-10-02
apnews.com Party crowds spark effort to turn down volume in South Beach... 2021-10-02
apnews.com Abortion, guns, religion top big Supreme Court term... 2021-10-02
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apnews.com Travelers arrested in Hawaii for fake test results... 2021-10-01
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apnews.com Nations most restrictive abortion law back in Texas court... 2021-10-01
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apnews.com Flag-wearing man throws Molotov cocktail into Austin Dems HQ... 2021-10-01
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apnews.com New Biden rules would limit arrest, deportation of migrants... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Blige, Lamar to perform at Super Bowl... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Military suicides rise 15%... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Foes united vs FACEBOOK over INSTAGRAM effect on teens... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Woman who survived Spanish flu, world war succumbs to COVID... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Man opens emergency door, jumps onto wing of plane in Miami... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Military units track guns using tech that could aid foes... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Hawaiis Kilauea volcano erupts, lava fountains form in park... 2021-09-30
apnews.com UPDATE: Ecuador declares prison emergency after 116 killed in riot... 2021-09-30
apnews.com Sarkozy convicted by French court in campaign financing case... 2021-09-30
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apnews.com LA considers wide-ranging requirement... 2021-09-29
apnews.com Health workers once saluted as heroes now get threats... 2021-09-29
apnews.com Slovenia uses water cannons at pass protest... 2021-09-29
apnews.com POLL: Virus fears linger after inoculation... 2021-09-29
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