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apnews.com BIDEN TAKES THE OATH 2021-01-20
apnews.com BIDEN TAKES THE OATH 2021-01-20
apnews.com THE END 2021-01-20
apnews.com BANNON GETS ONE 2021-01-20
apnews.com McConnell says Trump provoked Capitol riot... 2021-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-pandemics-public-health-coronavirus-pandemic-f6e976f34a6971c889ca8a4c5e1c0068 2021-01-19
apnews.com Monarch butterfly population moves closer to extinction... 2021-01-19
apnews.com Big plans, big problems... 2021-01-19
apnews.com GRAND FINALE: 100 PARDONS 2021-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/pompeo-china-uighurs-treatment-genocide-aabe7841bc738f06f6ec2d9ac54022db 2021-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/biden-inauguration-joe-biden-politics-ron-klain-mitch-mcconnell-45d78184ec204e0a775e0f38496ff67b 2021-01-19
apnews.com New challenge: Mutations rise along with cases... 2021-01-19
apnews.com Dubai, party haven amid pandemic, faces biggest surge... 2021-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/guatemala-honduras-immigration-coronavirus-pandemic-c3ef3fa632cd1cc25a93c8c198b3f85a 2021-01-18
apnews.com Garth Brooks joins lineup of entertainers at inaugural... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Woman ruled dead in 17 fights to be declared alive... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Police command structure crumbled fast... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Inauguration rehearsal evacuated after fire in homeless camp... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Bidens test: Engineering economic boom in partisan divide... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Trump allies behind rally that ignited Capitol riot... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Will departure notes end with The Don? 2021-01-18
apnews.com Kamala prepares for central role in White House... 2021-01-18
apnews.com FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Navalny arrest adds to tension between Russia, West... 2021-01-18
apnews.com Navalny Flying Back to Russia... Developing... 2021-01-17
apnews.com FACEBOOK puts warning on virus video by retired cardinal... 2021-01-16
apnews.com State capitols boarded up, fenced off, patrolled by troops... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Biden to prioritize legal status for millions of immigrants... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Some in GOP parrot talk of coming civil war... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Trump trial pending, McConnell calls it vote of conscience... 2021-01-16
apnews.com Will mishandling of records leave hole in history? 2021-01-16
apnews.com Hell to pay: Arson shakes Church of Satan community... 2021-01-16
apnews.com THE FINAL SHOWDOWN? 2021-01-16
apnews.com Journalists prepare for protests where they could be targets... 2021-01-16
apnews.com In Mexico, women take front lines as vigilantes... 2021-01-16
apnews.com NY prosecutors interview Michael Cohen about Donalds finances... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Ex-foreign correspondent reflects on risks for US reporters... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Pence calls Kamala to offer congratulations... 2021-01-15
apnews.com 120 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-15
apnews.com DOJ watchdog opens probe of response... 2021-01-15
apnews.com 97 cats survive house fire... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Highly trained ex-military, cops... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Rare sedition charge gains interest... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Amid cacophony, key officer stays silent... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Iranian Guard drones in drill mirror those in Saudi attacks... 2021-01-15
apnews.com Unclear who will preside... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Expecting trouble, DC locks down... 2021-01-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/biden-inauguration-joe-biden-donald-trump-capitol-siege-trials-51724515807426d0d7adb2dd57093fd8 2021-01-14
apnews.com 144 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-coronavirus-action-plan-3d8d5841bb9098a81ad9452fb2619024 2021-01-14
apnews.com Edible insects move closer to dinner plates... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Lebanon imposes ALL-DAY curfew... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Siegfried of Siegfried & Roy dead in Vegas... 2021-01-14
apnews.com 146 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-14
apnews.com Leaders who wooed The Don face tricky reset... 2021-01-14
apnews.com Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from Oregon... 2021-01-14
apnews.com FBI, DOJ leaders stay out of sight... 2021-01-13
apnews.com 10 Republicans voted to impeach... 2021-01-13
apnews.com UPDATE: Olympian charged with taking part in riot... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Spain: Judge orders incapacitated woman to get vax... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Budget deficit up 61%... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Desecration trial opens over LGBT rainbow put on Polish icon... 2021-01-13
apnews.com 168 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-13
apnews.com IMPEACHMENT DAY 2021-01-13
apnews.com RECORD DEATHS IN DAY... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Defiance of dining bans grows as restaurants flounder... 2021-01-13
apnews.com NYC to terminate Trump contracts... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Brady vs. Brees: Matchup for the ages and aged... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Survey finds global mistrust could weigh on vaccine rollout... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Republican wall eroding ahead of impeachment vote... 2021-01-13
apnews.com 172 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-13
apnews.com World warily watches Americas postelection aftershocks... 2021-01-13
apnews.com Prosecutors weighing sedition charges in Capitol riot... 2021-01-12
apnews.com Starts Jan. 26... 2021-01-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-impeachments-capitol-siege-490620813bdd49295b675715da1f4603 2021-01-12
apnews.com Disavows any responsibility... 2021-01-12
apnews.com 190 HOURS LEFT 2021-01-12
apnews.com FBI WARNS OF NEW DANGERS 2021-01-12
apnews.com Bodies pile up at crematorium in Germany hot spot... 2021-01-12
apnews.com Business grows skittish about Republicans after riots... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Right-wing app PARLER booted off internet over ties to siege... 2021-01-11
apnews.com More NBA games off as virus issues grow... 2021-01-11
apnews.com State capitols step up security amid new safety concerns... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Michigan bans open carry of guns inside state Capitol... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Congresswoman has Covid after Capitol assault... 2021-01-11
apnews.com America United... 2021-01-11
apnews.com INCITEMENT OF INSURRECTION 2021-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/analysis-gop-blind-eye-donald-trump-d545650fc6258558e446107782e3f211 2021-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-angela-merkel-media-social-media-berlin-dc9732268493a8ac337e03159f0dc1c9 2021-01-11
apnews.com Biden chooses veteran diplomat Burns as CIA director... 2021-01-11
apnews.com More sinister attack than first appeared... 2021-01-11
apnews.com Records show fervent Trump fans fueled US Capitol takeover... 2021-01-10
apnews.com Home-grown fascism... 2021-01-10
apnews.com IMPEACHMENT II 2021-01-10
apnews.com Israelis protest Netanyahu amid 3rd virus lockdown... 2021-01-10
apnews.com MONDAY: IMPEACHMENT II 2021-01-09
apnews.com No surprise: Trump left many clues he wouldnt go quietly... 2021-01-09
apnews.com Cohen seeks to dismantle Trump legacy, one podcast at a time... 2021-01-09
apnews.com BOEING 737 With 62 Aboard Missing After Takeoff From Jakarta... Developing... 2021-01-09
apnews.com Hes on his own... 2021-01-09
apnews.com A farewell to @realDonaldTrump, gone after 57,000 tweets... 2021-01-09
apnews.com Mayor of Houston suburb chosen by pulling a name from hat... 2021-01-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-south-korea-north-korea-united-states-nuclear-weapons-dc3bc69cca0eeec4a83cda87549c522d 2021-01-08
apnews.com Pressure on Hawley, Cruz to resign... 2021-01-08
apnews.com Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots... 2021-01-08
apnews.com Betting on drone races... 2021-01-08
apnews.com Brazil enjoys fun in sun as COVID-19 deaths top 200,000... 2021-01-08
apnews.com NEW LEVELS OF CRISIS... 2021-01-07
apnews.com Neil Sheehan, Pentagon Papers reporter, Vietnam author, dies... 2021-01-07
apnews.com Last Civil War widow dies... 2021-01-07
apnews.com New MERCEDES screen to stretch nearly full width of car... 2021-01-07
apnews.com FACEBOOK UNFRIENDS THE DON... 2021-01-07
apnews.com Insurrection marks moment of reckoning for Republicans... 2021-01-07
apnews.com Trump rioters leave trail of damage on Hill... 2021-01-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/ap-top-news-arrests-shootings-2f7d5b7e9089379cc27befa419fbfeac 2021-01-07
apnews.com Pence defies Trump, affirms Biden win... 2021-01-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-donald-trump-senate-elections-united-states-michael-pence-e3c49772b8516c84676e1c2afd4362a2 2021-01-07
apnews.com CONGRESS UNDER SIEGE... 2021-01-06
apnews.com BIDEN WARNS SEDITION 2021-01-06
apnews.com MAGA TURNS TERROR 2021-01-06
apnews.com Justice Dept. says its been affected by Russian hack... 2021-01-06
apnews.com Merrick Garland Bidens pick for attorney general... 2021-01-06
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/Georgia-election-results-4b82ba7ee3cc74d33e68daadaee2cbf3 2021-01-06
apnews.com Pandemic-era Mardi Gras: No big crowds, but plenty of cake... 2021-01-06
apnews.com MAGA AWAITS LEADER... 2021-01-06
apnews.com STOP THE SQUEAL! 2021-01-06
apnews.com Black turnout fuels victory... 2021-01-06
apnews.com Khashoggi doc, too explosive for streaming, debuts on-demand... 2021-01-05
apnews.com Jimmy Carter to skip inauguration... 2021-01-05
apnews.com USA deploys airmen, drones to base in Romania... 2021-01-05
apnews.com Trump scales back wild bird protections... 2021-01-05
apnews.com STOP THE SQUEAL! 2021-01-05
apnews.com Virus growth outpaces vaccines... 2021-01-05
apnews.com LATEST... 2021-01-05
apnews.com Pence torn between Donald, Constitution... 2021-01-05
apnews.com WHERE IS MA? 2021-01-05
apnews.com Assange Extradition to USA BLOCKED... 2021-01-04
apnews.com NOT AGAIN! Boris Johnson orders new FULL lockdown... 2021-01-04
apnews.com Pence, Biden warn of high stakes... 2021-01-04
apnews.com Prosecutor: Pharmacist thought vaccine was unsafe... 2021-01-04
apnews.com DC mayor calls in National Guard for protests... 2021-01-04
apnews.com FIND 11,780 VOTES 2021-01-04
apnews.com COUNTING CHAOS? 2021-01-04
apnews.com Pelosi narrowly reelected speaker... 2021-01-03
apnews.com FIND 11,780 VOTES 2021-01-03
apnews.com Pelosi reelected speaker of the House... 2021-01-03
apnews.com Senate race thrusts Black Americas church into spotlight... 2021-01-03
apnews.com FBI: Nashville bomber sent material to acquaintances... 2021-01-03
apnews.com Judge to rule on US extradition for Assange... 2021-01-02
apnews.com 2021 marquee contest: Virginia gov race in high gear... 2021-01-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/tornadoes-los-angeles-floods-natural-disasters-hurricanes-a689e0b281611d5bbe94ca8e6c0ca2c6 2021-01-02
apnews.com Bolsonaros tough 2021 balance between ideology, pragmatism... 2021-01-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-georgia-health-elections-coronavirus-pandemic-48f1fc66dd56be64db94cc6bb69560a8 2021-01-02
apnews.com In graying Italy, the old defy biases laid bare by pandemic... 2021-01-02
apnews.com Explosives experts working to defuse mine on oil tanker... 2021-01-01
apnews.com Federal buildings attacked in Philly; Molotov cocktails found... 2021-01-01
apnews.com Chicago ends 2020 with 769 homicides as violence surges... 2021-01-01
apnews.com Once a model, California now struggles to tame Covid... 2021-01-01
apnews.com Pence seeks dismissal of suit aiming to overturn election... 2021-01-01
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-france-cf6a8492609a62af8cce1d76279e4cb1 2021-01-01
apnews.com New Year comes to COVID ward, with hope for end to nightmare... 2021-01-01
apnews.com Israel virus surveillance tool tests democratic norms... 2021-01-01
apnews.com Pharmacist arrested! 2020-12-31
apnews.com Federal checks salvage dreadful year for farms... 2020-12-31
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/iran-persian-gulf-tensions-middle-east-navy-united-states-7e42566a1982a61754fecd73d7d1c8dc 2020-12-31
apnews.com GOOD RIDDANCE, 2020! 2020-12-31
apnews.com President returns to White House early from vacation... 2020-12-31
apnews.com They were experts in viruses, and now in pitfalls of fame... 2020-12-31
apnews.com In new playground Dubai, Israelis find parties, Jewish rites... 2020-12-31
apnews.com NYPD unusual mandate: Preventing crowds in Times Square... 2020-12-31
apnews.com NH Gov cancels inaugural, citing mask protests at his home... 2020-12-30
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-joe-biden-donald-trump-michael-brown-josh-hawley-8d868c985792e932f9bc527ec2f2ab30 2020-12-30
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-donald-trump-iran-air-force-persian-gulf-tensions-617ac5dd2e642b20e33370f420802617 2020-12-30
apnews.com GUETTA UPBEAT FOR 21... 2020-12-30
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/health-monroe-louisiana-coronavirus-pandemic-shreveport-c76bcda2e5abd46a500763ed5a7e3440 2020-12-30
apnews.com After year like this, expect strange New Years Eve... 2020-12-30
apnews.com Rome churches beckon with art and no hordes... 2020-12-30
apnews.com China clamps down in hidden hunt for virus origins... 2020-12-30
apnews.com Nashville mans girlfriend warned he was building bombs... 2020-12-30
apnews.com Bill legalizing abortion passed in popes native Argentina... 2020-12-30
apnews.com Court: Parents of child who killed himself can sue educators... 2020-12-29
apnews.com Monk charged with inciting suicidal acts in sermons... 2020-12-29
apnews.com Alabama slammed: Like bathtub filling up... 2020-12-29
apnews.com Dark period: Killings spike in NYC... 2020-12-29
apnews.com Fate of $2,000 checks rests with Senate... Developing... 2020-12-29
apnews.com Statue of slave kneeling before Lincoln removed in Boston... 2020-12-29
apnews.com 60 MINS keeps on the news and is rewarded by viewers... 2020-12-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/financial-markets-home-prices-prices-coronavirus-pandemic-82c1ac0f9cb2154b84fa54075d58bf5f 2020-12-29
apnews.com Nashville bomber left hints of trouble, but motive elusive... 2020-12-29
apnews.com As SAfrica spikes, doctors urge alcohol ban... 2020-12-28
apnews.com NFL fines RAVENS $250,000 for violations... 2020-12-28
apnews.com Saudi womens rights activist sentenced to nearly 6 years... 2020-12-28
apnews.com In-betweenland: As 2020 slips away, an American snapshot... 2020-12-28
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-donald-trump-race-and-ethnicity-michigan-north-carolina-c331eaa4bfb954d5584d8c712eb0a7e 2020-12-28
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-joe-biden-donald-trump-senate-elections-georgia-9a15b28d9e2b196ccb5aa77a55c7c3ce 2020-12-28
apnews.com Mired in crises, NKoreas Kim to open big party meeting... 2020-12-28
apnews.com NASHVILLE BOMB MYSTERY... 2020-12-28
apnews.com TRUMP BLUFF: 2020-12-27
apnews.com Girl Scouts vs. Boy Scouts in escalating recruitment war... 2020-12-27
apnews.com Japan sharply tightens ban on foreign visitors... 2020-12-27
apnews.com Benefits Lapse for Millions as President Fails to Approve Stimulus... 2020-12-26
apnews.com Mallard to go? Dig of Pompeii fast-food place reveals tastes... 2020-12-26
apnews.com NASHVILLE BOMB MYSTERY 2020-12-26
apnews.com Trump golfs in Florida as stimulus relief hangs in balance... 2020-12-25
apnews.com Top associate of Russian opposition leader Navalny detained... 2020-12-25
apnews.com Flights halted due to telecom issues... 2020-12-25
apnews.com Dems take in more than $200M... 2020-12-25
apnews.com A pandemic atlas: How covid took over world... 2020-12-25
apnews.com Churches shut, borders complicated... 2020-12-25
apnews.com Coronavirus dampens Christmas joy in Bethlehem and elsewhere... 2020-12-24
apnews.com Italy enters Christmas lockdown amid resurgence... 2020-12-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/us-news-christmas-holidays-coronavirus-pandemic-economy-a4ef26c9e909677d361ce7eb57cbd1f2 2020-12-24
apnews.com Politicians and jabs: Set example or cut in line? 2020-12-24
apnews.com The autopsy, a fading practice, reveals secrets... 2020-12-24
apnews.com Nurses fear whats to come... 2020-12-24
apnews.com In northern town brutalized by IS, Iraq tests its power... 2020-12-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/international-news-public-health-coronavirus-pandemic-africa-south-africa-58c20bb87f1208c932654f03fbf 2020-12-24
apnews.com Brexit trade deal imminent? 2020-12-24
apnews.com Trump pardons former campaign chairman Manafort... 2020-12-23
apnews.com Holiday travel surges: Moms worth it... 2020-12-23
apnews.com Virus changes Christmas... 2020-12-23
apnews.com Brexit trade deal imminent? 2020-12-23
apnews.com DOMINION worker sues Trump campaign and conservative media... 2020-12-23
apnews.com Trump legacy, by the numbers... 2020-12-23
apnews.com President threatens veto... 2020-12-22
apnews.com Blames Trump failures... 2020-12-22
apnews.com FBI: White supremacists plotted attack on US power grid... 2020-12-22
apnews.com 2 passengers, puppy exit NYC flight via slide before takeoff... 2020-12-22
apnews.com Rare vaccine injury claims steered to obscure federal office... 2020-12-22
apnews.com $2,390 LOUIS VUITTON yoga mat made of leather draws Hindu complaint... 2020-12-22
apnews.com Israeli govt set to collapse, trigger new elections... 2020-12-22
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/pandemics-new-york-coronavirus-pandemic-united-states-e2bc856b6ec45563b84ee2e87ae8d5e7 2020-12-22
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/beijing-vladimir-putin-moscow-russia-east-china-sea-dfe0b31a067eea6311109922c1c263aa 2020-12-22
apnews.com California desperately searches for more nurses, doctors... 2020-12-22
apnews.com UK ISOLATION GROWS 2020-12-22
apnews.com Volcano erupts on Hawaiis Big Island, draws crowds... 2020-12-21
apnews.com TRAVEL BANS 2020-12-21
apnews.com BARR: No reason for special counsel on election, Bidens son... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Loefflers wealth, Trump loyalty face scrutiny... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Pope tells Vatican bureaucrats to stop gossipy conflicts... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Handcuffed man shoots officer 3 times with hidden gun, flees... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Dogs ease isolation for nursing home residents... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Virus-weary Americans less festive... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Biden to receive vaccine as Trump remains on sidelines... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Trump legacy: He changed presidency, but will it last? 2020-12-21
apnews.com New strain driving South Africa resurgence... 2020-12-21
apnews.com High-flying TESLA joins S&P 500; Skeptics say buyer beware... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Birx travels, family visits highlight safety perils... 2020-12-21
apnews.com Belgians, Dutch halt UK flights, fearing variant... 2020-12-20
apnews.com Concern among Muslims over halal status... 2020-12-20
apnews.com Anger as politicians ignore rules... 2020-12-19
apnews.com CONTRADICTS POMPEO 2020-12-19
apnews.com Covid Epicenter: California... 2020-12-19
apnews.com In FBI probe, Texas AG faces aggressive, ethical prosecutor... 2020-12-19
apnews.com SINCE MARCH? 2020-12-18
apnews.com Disarray consumes Capitol ahead of critical deadline... 2020-12-18
apnews.com College students recruited as teachers to keep schools open... 2020-12-18
apnews.com Macron blames his COVID on negligence, bad luck... 2020-12-18
apnews.com GOOGLE antitrust case wont go to trial until 2023... 2020-12-18
apnews.com Jupiter, Saturn merging in night sky, closest in centuries... 2020-12-18
apnews.com NBC Holt adds empathetic commentaries to anchor role... 2020-12-18
apnews.com PENCE DOSED... 2020-12-18
apnews.com Wisconsin dentist accused of breaking teeth in fraud scheme... 2020-12-18
apnews.com Virus-stricken Macron at presidential retreat with fever... 2020-12-18
apnews.com With Trump silent, reprisals may fall to Biden... 2020-12-18
apnews.com Iran builds at underground nuclear facility amid US tensions... 2020-12-18
apnews.com Trumps move to his Florida estate challenged by neighbor... 2020-12-17
apnews.com UPDATE: Hack against USA grave threat... 2020-12-17
apnews.com 2nd set for OK with panel endorsement... 2020-12-17
apnews.com Inmate scheduled to be executed tests positive for virus... 2020-12-17
apnews.com Europe the next frontier in college football recruiting... 2020-12-17
apnews.com Macron positive... 2020-12-17
apnews.com 6 men indicted in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor... 2020-12-17
apnews.com Putin denies involvement in poisoning of Kremlin foe Navalny... 2020-12-17
apnews.com Spain parliament votes to legalize euthanasia... 2020-12-17
apnews.com States grapple with next steps on evictions as crisis grows... 2020-12-17
apnews.com Damage from border wall: Blown-up mountains, toppled cactus... 2020-12-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/alex-azar-coronavirus-pandemic-44596ac11683c35faac9243fb1cf5078 2020-12-17
apnews.com Jobless claims rise and rise... 2020-12-17
apnews.com French police detain modeling agent in Epstein probe... 2020-12-17
apnews.com Sales top 3 million for Obama book... 2020-12-16
apnews.com Germany enters harder lockdown... 2020-12-16
apnews.com Floridas new python-sniffing dogs have 1st success... 2020-12-16
apnews.com Chinese spacecraft returns to Earth carrying moon rocks... 2020-12-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/texas-software-1467388fe7234f2d3619289a49060eab 2020-12-16
apnews.com Hopeful sign: Midwestern states see drop in new cases... 2020-12-15
apnews.com Over-the-counter home test gets green light... 2020-12-15
apnews.com FBI agent shoots person aboard train outside DC... 2020-12-15
apnews.com Backlash jeopardizes public health powers, leaders... 2020-12-15
apnews.com Electoral College confirms Bidens President-elect... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Joe addresses nation: Democracy prevailed... 2020-12-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-politics-race-and-ethnicity-arrests-e1f2a2c9c471e101c945482766744d1f 2020-12-14
apnews.com Vax comes too late for 300,000 US dead... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Publishing saw upheaval in 2020, but books are resilient... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Netherlands harsh new nationwide lockdown... 2020-12-14
apnews.com FINGERS CROSSED 2020-12-14
apnews.com With his star dimmed, Newsom could face recall... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Vax shipments begin... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Nursing homes skeptical of shots... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Families marry off daughters to ease finances... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Hunt for malware... 2020-12-14
apnews.com Trump appoints flurry of allies as term winds down... 2020-12-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/race-and-ethnicity-new-york-slavery-minnesota-native-americans-4c7dbcae990bd11dee5a5710c63ece25 2020-12-13
apnews.com Silent nights: Merkel tightens lockdown over Christmas... 2020-12-13
apnews.com More than D-Day or 9/11... 2020-12-12
apnews.com BIG ONE FLOPS... 2020-12-12
apnews.com Barcelona concert tests use of same-day screening... 2020-12-12
apnews.com Charley Pride dead at 86... 2020-12-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/space-tourism-new-mexico-us-news-coronavirus-pandemic-bccddfbcb8019dd7e3a58c320d5f79c4 2020-12-12
apnews.com Vaccine to start arriving in states Monday... 2020-12-12
apnews.com In year dominated by pandemic, many other dramas unfolded... 2020-12-12
apnews.com Moscow nuke sub test-fires missiles... 2020-12-12
apnews.com Trump loyalists converging again on Washington... 2020-12-12
apnews.com Cuomo among contenders for Biden attorney general... 2020-12-11
apnews.com TEXAS HUMILIATION: Dismissed election case pushed debunked claims... 2020-12-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/hong-kong-jimmy-lai-arrests-media-national-security-442e2f6671e25cb7f45ea73d33f92402 2020-12-11
apnews.com Momentum builds for letting people vote while on parole... 2020-12-11
apnews.com Viral spread: Americans paying price for Thanksgiving... 2020-12-11
apnews.com Californias health order falling on many deaf ears... 2020-12-11
apnews.com In Arizona, claims have torn open GOP rift... 2020-12-11
apnews.com Exposure feared after New Hampshire speaker dies... 2020-12-10
apnews.com Texas-led suit becomes conservative litmus test... 2020-12-10
apnews.com Radiation spike detected at Finnish nuke plant... 2020-12-10
apnews.com US B-52H bombers fly to Middle East in mission to deter Iran... 2020-12-10
apnews.com Tensions rise over masks as infection grips smaller cities... 2020-12-10
apnews.com Vaccine faces last hurdle before US decision... 2020-12-10
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apnews.com President vows to intervene in TX case... 2020-12-09
apnews.com Minneapolis eyes deep police cuts after Floyd death... 2020-12-09
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/fort-hood-14-soldiers-fired-violence-86c09bd3d40a7d6cc062beabb6012357 2020-12-08
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apnews.com North Carolina under modified stay-at-home order... 2020-12-08
apnews.com German states tighten rules as battle falters... 2020-12-08
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apnews.com ER visits, long waits climb for kids in mental health crisis... 2020-12-05
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apnews.com Massed Brazilian bank robbers attack another city, kill 1... 2020-12-02
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apnews.com DOJ probing potential bribery, lobbying scheme for pardon... 2020-12-01
apnews.com Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan... 2020-12-01
apnews.com Germany bans far-right, pro-Nazi group; Police raid homes... 2020-12-01
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apnews.com Corona robs biblical Bethlehem of Christmas cheer... 2020-12-01
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apnews.com Spain mortuary workers endure daily march of death... 2020-11-24
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apnews.com Lifetime of pain in 24 hours: French ICU in pandemic... 2020-11-17
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apnews.com GOP leaders in 4 states quash dubious bid on electors... 2020-11-14
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apnews.com Schools suspend in-person education... 2020-11-13
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apnews.com Most remote island creates massive marine protection zone... 2020-11-13
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apnews.com USA piles up record October budget deficit... 2020-11-12
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apnews.com Pope vows to end sexual abuse after McCarrick report... 2020-11-11
apnews.com Harris husband, Doug Emhoff, poised to break stereotypes... 2020-11-11
apnews.com APPLE unveils first Macs built to run like iPhones... 2020-11-10
apnews.com US plans sale of F-35 fighter jets to UAE in $23B arms deal... 2020-11-10
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apnews.com BRINK OF VICTORY 2020-11-06
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apnews.com VIENNA TERROR: Synagogue Shooting... 2020-11-03
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apnews.com THE FINAL COUNTDOWN 2020-10-31
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apnews.com 60,000 in SoCal to evacuate after blaze grows... 2020-10-26
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apnews.com Iran vows hit on all involved in US killing of top general... 2020-09-19
apnews.com WALMART, AMAZON among donors to QAnon-promoting lawmaker... 2020-09-19
apnews.com Court weighs allowing courtroom cameras in George Floyd case... 2020-09-19
apnews.com Potential nominees... 2020-09-19
apnews.com RAIDERS ready for big opening act on Vegas Strip... 2020-09-18
apnews.com POLL: 27% SAY COUNTRY HEADED IN RIGHT DIRECTION... 2020-09-18
apnews.com Gulf between White Houses words, actions on masks... 2020-09-18
apnews.com Canada extends border restrictions... 2020-09-18
apnews.com Emergency tents back as Madrid struggles to curb... 2020-09-18
apnews.com Majority plan to vote before Election Day... 2020-09-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/f2008d23c5f9087f4214d9722dfb097e 2020-09-18
apnews.com Seeks to liberate Virgin Mary from Mafia... 2020-09-18
apnews.com Weather Service runs out of hurricane names! 2020-09-18
apnews.com Israel returns to lockdown as cases mount... 2020-09-18
apnews.com First death tied to Sturgis Rally... 2020-09-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/bbf5db70b99436f9dcbe42b020ed0311 2020-09-02
apnews.com KELLYANNE OUT 2020-08-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/49b6afc41a47e1c6491ccf78884f3213 2020-08-24
apnews.com German hospital: Poisoning signs found in Russian dissident... 2020-08-24
apnews.com Jerry Falwell Jr. put on indefinite leave from LIBERTY... 2020-08-07
apnews.com Arpaio loses sheriffs race in 2nd failed comeback bid... 2020-08-07
apnews.com Whitmer traveled to Delaware last weekend... 2020-08-07
apnews.com USA sees election threats from China, Russia and Iran... 2020-08-07
apnews.com Woman is 1st in US to get 2nd face transplant... 2020-08-07
apnews.com JULY JOBS: +1.76 MILLION... 2020-08-07
apnews.com Utah protesters face charges with life sentence? 2020-08-07
apnews.com Longtime presidential adviser Scowcroft dies at 95... 2020-08-07
apnews.com Seth Rogen Israel comments highlight fraught diaspora ties... 2020-08-07
apnews.com Border agents unearth most sophisticated smuggling tunnel in history... 2020-08-07
apnews.com Boomerang? 2020-08-06
apnews.com Congress urges Postal Service to undo changes slowing mail... 2020-08-06
apnews.com W. Bush pays tribute to immigrants in new book... 2020-08-06
apnews.com In devastated Beirut, French leader offers comfort and a hug... 2020-08-06
apnews.com Trump claims Biden opposes God... 2020-08-06
apnews.com ACLU files 400 cases versus president... 2020-08-06
apnews.com LEBANON ON THE BRINK 2020-08-06
apnews.com Virus testing in USA dropping... 2020-08-05
apnews.com https://apnews.com/7970759fa14fdb8c9b1e7a6ad65b5f9c 2020-08-05
apnews.com Treasury ramps up auctions as borrowing surges... 2020-08-05
apnews.com Encourages mail voting in Florida but sues in Nevada? 2020-08-05
apnews.com City streets drain of life in Australias toughest lockdown... 2020-08-05
apnews.com DAY AFTER IN BEIRUT 2020-08-05
apnews.com Deaths pile up on Texas border... 2020-08-05
apnews.com Protest leader Bush ousts 20-year Rep. Clay in Missouri... 2020-08-05
apnews.com EXPLOSIONS ROCK BEIRUT 2020-08-05
apnews.com Chasm grows between Trump and govt experts... 2020-08-04
apnews.com Isaias tracks along I-95... 2020-08-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/6646c990bce8bd3d93e2722015de87f0 2020-08-04
apnews.com Sobering report shows hardening attitudes against media... 2020-08-04
apnews.com Men rescued from Pacific island after writing SOS in sand... 2020-08-04
apnews.com Wave of evictions expected... 2020-08-04
apnews.com Stranded by virus, honeymooners hitch home on Antarctic boat... 2020-08-03
apnews.com Parents struggle as schools reopen... 2020-08-03
apnews.com Spains new infections hits young, middle-aged... 2020-08-03
apnews.com Protracted criminal conduct... 2020-08-03
apnews.com Surges in India, Philippines; Australia reimposes curfew... 2020-08-03
apnews.com Republicans eye sweeping shield from liability... 2020-07-18
apnews.com PORTLAND MAYOR TO TRUMP: 2020-07-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/ca03ff8709d04fc664cb8b9fd783316b 2020-07-18
apnews.com Surging Dems expand Senate targets to Republican states... 2020-07-18
apnews.com CARTEL FLEX: Mexico video shows dozens of uniformed gunmen, armored cars... 2020-07-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/dfe181f3c31890b45a02e48065ef31ec 2020-07-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/184a22e20ae5b9d5d3104b36502161f4 2020-07-18
apnews.com Small businesses fight for survival... 2020-07-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/eb8d04c518fd8cb9d6d2d0eeef812ec6 2020-07-14
apnews.com Quarantine loopholes bring fresh efforts to fight outbreaks... 2020-07-14
apnews.com Demand for robot cooks rises as kitchens combat COVID-19... 2020-07-14
apnews.com AMAZON unveils shopping cart that knows what youre buying... 2020-07-14
apnews.com UPDATE: FOXNEWS Tucker to Take Vacation Amid Staffer Controversy... 2020-07-14
apnews.com UPDATE: 57 injured in fire aboard ship at Naval Base San Diego... 2020-07-13
apnews.com $100 million in hole over taxes... 2020-07-13
apnews.com Families of Italys virus dead seek justice... 2020-07-13
apnews.com Former Mueller prosecutor writing book on investigation... 2020-07-13
apnews.com Look out, Mars: Here we come with fleet of spacecraft... 2020-07-13
apnews.com Maryland governor says Republicans needs bigger tent after Trump... 2020-07-12
apnews.com Trump rips private Texas border wall built by his supporters... 2020-07-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/c4e1bbefd7ea3bd41a12b17d90f55855 2020-07-12
apnews.com Surge in Eastern Europe prompts new restrictions... 2020-07-12
apnews.com Fire destroys 249-year-old church in California... 2020-07-12
apnews.com MUELLER: Stone remains a convicted felon, and rightly so... 2020-07-11
apnews.com BEHIND THE MASK 2020-07-11
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apnews.com Dozens of US Marines in Okinawa infected... 2020-07-11
apnews.com Serbia police detain 71 after 4th night of virus protests... 2020-07-11
apnews.com Biden forges brand of liberal populism to use against Trump... 2020-07-11
apnews.com WAS VERY UNFAIRLY TREATED 2020-07-10
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apnews.com GLEE Star Missing in SoCal Lake... 2020-07-09
apnews.com Seoul mayor missing, his phone turned off, search underway... 2020-07-09
apnews.com ENDLESS WAITS FOR COVID TESTING... 2020-07-08
apnews.com Trump threatens to cut funding for schools, slams guidelines... 2020-07-08
apnews.com OVERHYPED? How many people have watched HAMILTON? For now, thats a secret... 2020-07-08
apnews.com Health official: Presidents rally likely source of surge... 2020-07-08
apnews.com STANFORD drops 11 sports to cut costs during pandemic... 2020-07-08
apnews.com Renters face financial cliff ahead... 2020-07-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/1244f5bff3ea0697fb774094f4e993cc 2020-07-08
apnews.com Desperation science slows hunt for drugs... 2020-07-08
apnews.com Exhausted cities face another challenge: Surge in violence... 2020-07-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/76e2893f2397eb61f9bbe61c4941c729 2020-07-07
apnews.com Thousands protest as Serbia reimposes virus curfew... 2020-07-07
apnews.com Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again... 2020-07-07
apnews.com Can United States pull itself together? Troubles cleave nation... 2020-07-07
apnews.com Doctors say experimental treatment may have rid man of HIV... 2020-07-07
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apnews.com KANYE WESTS CLOTHING LINE... 2020-07-07
apnews.com Governors companies money grab... 2020-07-07
apnews.com GOP worries Trumps divisive June imperils Senate control... 2020-07-07
apnews.com Dutch police uncover makeshift torture chamber... 2020-07-07
apnews.com Pirated editions appear online... 2020-06-21
apnews.com Stabbing rampage in UK; Park terror attack... 2020-06-21
apnews.com 2nd wave of virus cases? Experts say were still in 1st... 2020-06-21
apnews.com Comedian DL Hughley tests positive after fainting onstage... 2020-06-21
apnews.com New concerns in Alabama... 2020-06-21
apnews.com Soros conspiracy theories surge... 2020-06-21
apnews.com Trump blames media and protesters for empty seats... 2020-06-20
apnews.com https://apnews.com/23796a826ba86619527363b92ed49a33 2020-06-20
apnews.com Metal barriers, MAGA gear... 2020-06-20
apnews.com Thousands Headed to Indoor Trump Rally, Raising Virus Fears... 2020-06-20
apnews.com Im just here to do my job, imperiled prosecutor says... 2020-06-20
apnews.com As athletes return to campus, what are they signing up for? 2020-06-20
apnews.com Shooting in Seattle protest zone leaves 1 dead, 1 injured... 2020-06-20
apnews.com But blasts conduct... 2020-06-20
apnews.com Amid wave of cultural change, Trump tries to stir backlash... 2020-06-20
apnews.com TENSE: Beijing Claims Valley Where Soldiers Brawled... 2020-06-20
apnews.com TULSA HOTSPOT 2020-06-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/56faebddd07e5fc3b349e3e3e30453b2 2020-06-19
apnews.com Russia fines opposition radio station for fake news... 2020-06-19
apnews.com APPLE reclosing some stores... 2020-06-19
apnews.com Trump turns virus conversation into US vs. THEM debate... 2020-06-19
apnews.com Judge weighs bid to stop release of Bolton book... 2020-06-19
apnews.com TSA whistleblower says agents spread virus to passengers... 2020-06-19
apnews.com Never-before-heard solo version of Aretha Franklin song about race, faith released... 2020-06-19
apnews.com 37% of Republicans say hes making nation more divided... 2020-06-18
apnews.com US broadcasting chief fires agency heads in major reshuffle... 2020-06-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/4901a69e2fb198705ab4f5370b28810a 2020-06-18
apnews.com POLL: Americans not buying White House spin... 2020-06-18
apnews.com Nooses in Oakland park were exercise aids, man says... 2020-06-18
apnews.com US broadcasting chief fires agency heads in major reshuffle... 2020-06-18
apnews.com Fear could spark violence... 2020-06-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/8a7ff9c4e60678aafcd7f430e49196ea 2020-06-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/f3c3747e6d8c0bd63ba7c57c6d363868 2020-06-17
apnews.com Boris Johnson in fender-bender after protester rushes car... 2020-06-17
apnews.com NEW OUTBREAK AT CHINA MARKET 2020-06-17
apnews.com House to vote to make DC the 51st state... 2020-06-16
apnews.com STATUE BATTLE TURNS BLOODY... 2020-06-16
apnews.com May retail sales surge 17.7% in biggest monthly jump ever! 2020-06-16
apnews.com POLL: Americans unhappiest theyve been in 50 years... 2020-06-16
apnews.com Health workers feel toll... 2020-06-16
apnews.com Businesses ask patrons to waive right to sue if they get ill... 2020-06-16
apnews.com BEIJING EXPANDS LOCKDOWNS 2020-06-16
apnews.com Supreme Court says gay, transgender workers protected by law... 2020-06-16
apnews.com Warrens outreach to black voters could help VP standing... 2020-06-16
apnews.com Federal Reserve launches corporate bond-buying program... 2020-06-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/c1bd22be2194dcdb16dbb052dc3d5bd4 2020-06-15
apnews.com Cabinet Secretary thinks President get there on athletes kneeling... 2020-06-15
apnews.com Norway ends tracing app over privacy concerns... 2020-06-15
apnews.com American convicted of spying in Russia, gets 16 years... 2020-06-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/cb026b7094fac489d60cf248eb86bbb2 2020-06-15
apnews.com Justices rule LGBT people protected from job discrimination... 2020-06-15
apnews.com Will presidents return to campaign trail backfire? 2020-06-15
apnews.com Air Force plane crashes into North Sea... 2020-06-15
apnews.com Macron says France wont remove statues, erase history... 2020-06-14
apnews.com Floridians mark Trump birthday with flotillas, caravans... 2020-06-14
apnews.com Some tribes reopen their casinos despite state opposition... 2020-06-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/b682aeda6daf9756e3c45ab563ac5b19 2020-06-14
apnews.com Mexico desperate to reopen 11 million-job tourism industry... 2020-06-14
apnews.com Political rally called dangerous move... 2020-06-14
apnews.com Baseball players say talks futile, tell MLB to order return... 2020-06-14
apnews.com EUROPE HEAVES 2020-06-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/4a297ba576eb60e77e8c302686a877e7 2020-06-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/5326e19b20d8c24d9f0d88aa83324ef9 2020-06-13
apnews.com Protests in Trump country test his hold in rural white areas... 2020-06-13
apnews.com Mississippi faces reckoning on Confederate emblem in flag... 2020-06-13
apnews.com Some states hit pause... 2020-06-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/129cbe9e6320cd16ce3e845f29de0cac 2020-06-12
apnews.com Treasury chief refusing to disclose recipients of virus bailouts... 2020-06-12
apnews.com Fed says full range of tools in play to counter pandemic... 2020-06-12
apnews.com Cult members arrested in Hawaii for violating quarantine... 2020-06-12
apnews.com Overwhelming: Georgia poll worker describes voting chaos... 2020-06-12
apnews.com List narrows, includes Warren, Susan Rice, others... 2020-06-12
apnews.com Homelessness deepens in LA, jumps 13%... 2020-06-12
apnews.com Downplaying virus risk, Trump gets back to business as usual... 2020-06-12
apnews.com Public health workers face growing threats... 2020-06-12
apnews.com Historical figures under attack... 2020-06-11
apnews.com Nations Top Military Officer Apologizes for Role in Trump Photo Op... 2020-06-11
apnews.com Alarming rise... 2020-06-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/a6ecf1870e2512ab2d43d2e54d724fb9 2020-06-11
apnews.com Unemployment woes a mounting strain in Florida... 2020-06-11
apnews.com Russia, NATO conduct parallel wargames... 2020-06-11
apnews.com Anna Wintour apologizes for mistakes... 2020-06-10
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apnews.com Oklahoma mans dying words in cop custody: I can?t breathe... 2020-06-09
apnews.com Trooper resigns after text about coughing to spread COVID-19... 2020-06-09
apnews.com NASCAR could see end of an era... 2020-06-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/a7ac7ec127fc06e81d1e2166f19c8b5f 2020-06-09
apnews.com Long lines snarl voting in primaries... 2020-06-09
apnews.com Video evidence increasingly disproves narratives... 2020-06-09
apnews.com IBM quits facial recognition... 2020-06-09
apnews.com Dalai Lama to release 1st album in July... 2020-06-09
apnews.com Long lines snarl voting in primaries... 2020-06-09
apnews.com https://apnews.com/8c0447c55b9db116e9472d1714597f4b 2020-06-09
apnews.com Romneys racial justice march spotlights faith groups role... 2020-06-08
apnews.com USA officially in recession... 2020-06-08
apnews.com Prosecutors spar with Prince Andrew in Epstein probe... 2020-06-08
apnews.com NYC reopening tests city torn by crises... 2020-06-08
apnews.com Virus, racial unrest force Trump campaign to recalibrate... 2020-06-08
apnews.com Anti-racism protesters rally around world, topple statue of slave trader... 2020-06-07
apnews.com Officials urge protesters to get coronavirus tests... 2020-06-07
apnews.com Left out: More workers now losing hope of getting back jobs... 2020-06-07
apnews.com Brazil govt yanks virus death toll as data befuddles experts... 2020-06-07
apnews.com 10-foot great white shark kills surfer in Oz... 2020-06-07
apnews.com White House, Pentagon tensions near breaking point... 2020-06-06
apnews.com We apologize... 2020-06-06
apnews.com Virus exposes sharp economic divide: College vs. non-college... 2020-06-06
apnews.com Protesters pour into cities for another huge mobilization... 2020-06-06
apnews.com WIRE: Arrest records show scant evidence of antifa... 2020-06-06
apnews.com Anatomy of political comeback: How Biden earned nomination... 2020-06-06
apnews.com https://apnews.com/e57b0241cac209caad4f16b88a2b6377 2020-06-06
apnews.com Trump faces voter backlash amid crises... 2020-06-06
apnews.com Elway joins call for change... 2020-06-06
apnews.com Protesters vow to sustain momentum until change happens... 2020-06-05
apnews.com GOODELL ADMITS 2020-06-05
apnews.com BUST: Food bank demand remains high... 2020-06-05
apnews.com ACLU sues over police force at White House... 2020-06-04
apnews.com MEDIA BATTLES: NYT says senators op-ed didnt meet standards... 2020-06-04
apnews.com PENTAGON CLASH BREAKS OPEN 2020-06-04
apnews.com Prosecutors describe racist slur as Ahmaud Arbery lay dying... 2020-06-04
apnews.com Virginia governor to announce removal of Robert E. Lee statue... 2020-06-03
apnews.com https://apnews.com/e0e783dcbb316887f4fac5a4dbe92563 2020-06-03
apnews.com Backs off troop threat? 2020-06-03
apnews.com STREETS CALMER... 2020-06-03
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/4300dd8ab87ae149b49abb3b5cda8850 2020-06-02
apnews.com Greek tourism minister says all foreign visitors welcome... 2020-06-02
apnews.com Trump as thug or hero? Depends on network... 2020-06-02
apnews.com Death toll grows... 2020-06-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/697d654ea64f3370f373aacfca2da950 2020-06-02
apnews.com World outrage grows at Floyds death; EU shocked, appalled... 2020-06-02
apnews.com BARR: Law enforcement must dominate streets... 2020-06-01
apnews.com Floyd family to release results of own autopsy... 2020-06-01
apnews.com PHOTOS... 2020-06-01
apnews.com Trump in bunker... 2020-06-01
apnews.com Nation heads into new week shaken by violence and pandemic... 2020-06-01
apnews.com Use of force criticized in protests about police brutality... 2020-06-01
apnews.com Christo, artist known for massive, fleeting displays, dies... 2020-06-01
apnews.com San Francisco curfew to be extended indefinitely... 2020-05-31
apnews.com WORLD ALARMED 2020-05-31
apnews.com BURN IN THE USA 2020-05-31
apnews.com In virus-hit SKorea, AI monitors lonely elders... 2020-05-31
apnews.com As Minneapolis burns, mayor takes heat for response... 2020-05-30
apnews.com Police try to balance response... 2020-05-30
apnews.com PHOTOS... 2020-05-30
apnews.com SPACEX TRIES AGAIN... 2020-05-30
apnews.com National Guard summoned to aid cities... 2020-05-30
apnews.com Food prices see historic jump; Likely to stay high... 2020-05-30
apnews.com Trump fuels new tensions in moment of crisis... 2020-05-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/baf3b29612527b8e9a841cb34f6f5789 2020-05-29
apnews.com Masks on Leatherneck Square: Virus changes Marine training... 2020-05-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/f62ed59014cbf43fc1da21e3fcbfe904 2020-05-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/e27cfce9464809aa8c91afd74c930bb5 2020-05-29
apnews.com Police speak out against custody death... 2020-05-29
apnews.com 7 shot at Louisville protest over fatal police shooting... 2020-05-29
apnews.com White House to skip mid-year economic projections... 2020-05-28
apnews.com Worlds largest rodeo canceled for first time in 124 years... 2020-05-28
apnews.com President continues to claim broad powers he doesnt have... 2020-05-28
apnews.com BUMMED OUT 2020-05-27
apnews.com Larry Kramer, NORMAL HEART Playwright and AIDS Activist, Dies at 84... 2020-05-27
apnews.com https://apnews.com/5300d052a24cc050aabe9b370f865e56 2020-05-27
apnews.com American deaths at 100,000: What does a number mean? 2020-05-27
apnews.com Spike in SKorea cases shows perils of reopening... 2020-05-27
apnews.com https://apnews.com/a1fe2766d9c24d628ad02d4e8fcfe2c5 2020-05-26
apnews.com https://apnews.com/700c52aab0869253625b80255a397f19 2020-05-26
apnews.com Black man dies after video shows officer kneeling on neck... 2020-05-26
apnews.com Death and denial in Amazon capital... 2020-05-26
apnews.com Stormy weather threatens launch... 2020-05-26
apnews.com Greece opens cafes, island ferries... 2020-05-25
apnews.com Egypts doctors criticize govt over virus negligence... 2020-05-25
apnews.com 6 million viewers in TV match... 2020-05-25
apnews.com In Bolsonaros Brazil, everyone else is to blame for virus... 2020-05-25
apnews.com Bidens first outing in months... 2020-05-25
apnews.com Germany divided over plans to nix rules... 2020-05-25
apnews.com USA faces Memorial Day like no other... 2020-05-25
apnews.com States give few details on billions spent on virus supplies... 2020-05-25
apnews.com Lock your cars! Vehicle theft spikes in pandemic... 2020-05-25
apnews.com Violence erupts as crowds swarm to reopened beaches for Memorial Day weekend... 2020-05-24
apnews.com White House goal on testing nursing homes unmet... 2020-05-24
apnews.com Breaking new ground for style... 2020-05-24
apnews.com Alligator rumored to have been Hitlers dies at 84... 2020-05-24
apnews.com Ex-Rep. Allen West airlifted to hospital after motorcycle crash... 2020-05-24
apnews.com NBA talking with DISNEY about resuming season... 2020-05-23
apnews.com In Mexican border cities, many fear virus coming from USA... 2020-05-23
apnews.com Pit stop on Mars quest... 2020-05-23
apnews.com BIDEN TOAST ON BREAKFAST CLUB... 2020-05-23
apnews.com Memorial Day tempts people outdoors... 2020-05-22
apnews.com Declares houses of worship essential... 2020-05-22
apnews.com New infections show virus accelerating across Latin America... 2020-05-22
apnews.com Test pilots are veteran astronauts, friends... 2020-05-22
apnews.com San Fran now authorizing homeless tent encampments... 2020-05-22
apnews.com New contraceptive gel approved... 2020-05-22
apnews.com Disinfected dice: Vegas casinos getting ready to roll... 2020-05-22
apnews.com https://apnews.com/30b35bfadcc9e827c81986e86ced4b15 2020-05-22
apnews.com In chaos, some find solace, purpose in helping others... 2020-05-22
apnews.com Pakistan jet carrying 107 crashes into houses near Karachi... 2020-05-22
apnews.com T-MINUS 5 DAYS... 2020-05-22
apnews.com Ayatollah says Israel cancerous tumor to be destroyed... 2020-05-22
apnews.com Counting on Supreme Court to block probes, lawsuits... 2020-05-21
apnews.com DEA shakeup followed mounting criticism... 2020-05-21
apnews.com LAYOFFS HIT NEARLY 39 MILLION... 2020-05-21
apnews.com Trump tests whether incumbent leader can tap outsider anger... 2020-05-21
apnews.com 9/11 convict now says he renounces terrorism, bin Laden... 2020-05-20
apnews.com Trump allies lining up doctors to prescribe rapid reopening... 2020-05-20
apnews.com Cash, long a refuge in uncertain times, now under suspicion... 2020-05-20
apnews.com 20 years after withdrawal, Israel, Hezbollah brace for war... 2020-05-20
apnews.com States accused of fudging or bungling testing data... 2020-05-19
apnews.com COVID-19 data sharing with law enforcement sparks concern... 2020-05-19
apnews.com VAX HOPE PUMPS STOCKS: DOW +911... 2020-05-18
apnews.com Republican Chair: No virtual convention... 2020-05-18
apnews.com Britain moves toward nationwide contact tracing... 2020-05-18
apnews.com SUMMER 2020! 2020-05-18
apnews.com TV cliffhanger: Fall season in jeopardy amid virus shutdown... 2020-05-18
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apnews.com 2016 repeat? Donald revives Hillary playbook to battle Joe... 2020-05-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/5e8c72a2c07852ed6cd5128cf36cece2 2020-05-18
apnews.com Thousands defer plans to leave military during crisis... 2020-05-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/86cffc39bc70cd3f540f9dea4637c38c 2020-05-17
apnews.com Investigators open criminal probe... 2020-05-17
apnews.com Tropical Storm Arthur forms, 1st named storm of season... 2020-05-17
apnews.com Puerto Rico to hold statehood referendum amid disillusion... 2020-05-16
apnews.com Trump emergency powers worry senators, legal experts... 2020-05-16
apnews.com Pandemic planning becomes political weapon as deaths mount... 2020-05-16
apnews.com Most states fall short of recommended testing levels... 2020-05-16
apnews.com Navajo Nation residents to be under strictest lockdown yet... 2020-05-16
apnews.com Man arrested after posting Hawaii beach photos... 2020-05-16
apnews.com $3 TRILLION MORE! 2020-05-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/756e5b743058701c4a2ebefd0af1ade4 2020-05-16
apnews.com VA to continue use of unproven drug on vets... 2020-05-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/7d4f6ccabcc5102f61c2434c03c1546d 2020-05-15
apnews.com President touts super-duper missile... 2020-05-15
apnews.com UPDATE: Sailors on USS Roosevelt get virus for second time... 2020-05-15
apnews.com RETAIL SALES PLUNGE 2020-05-15
apnews.com Believers see message of change from God in virus... 2020-05-15
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apnews.com Tensions rise as Texas gov readies to lift more restrictions... 2020-05-15
apnews.com Officials release edited reopening guidance... 2020-05-14
apnews.com Pressure cooker: Pennsylvania gov aims to contain Republican revolt... 2020-05-14
apnews.com WHISTLEBLOWER OF DOOM! 2020-05-14
apnews.com Obama emerges as central figure in 2020 presidential race... 2020-05-14
apnews.com 911 call, text hint at confrontation days before Arbery shot... 2020-05-14
apnews.com PARAGUAY: Nation of 7 million has recorded only 10 deaths... 2020-05-14
apnews.com WHISTLEBLOWER OF DOOM! 2020-05-13
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apnews.com Saturday classes? Schools mull ways to make up lost time... 2020-05-13
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apnews.com BUST: Built for global economy, Dubai now threatened... 2020-05-13
apnews.com CDC pushed coordinated national response... 2020-05-12
apnews.com Biden plans to stay home, testing limits of virtual campaign... 2020-05-12
apnews.com BOEING goes another month without single order... 2020-05-12
apnews.com Fauci Warns of Needless Suffering and Death if Reopen Too Quickly... 2020-05-12
apnews.com SHOWDOWN: Trump asking Supreme Court to block demands for records... 2020-05-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/2f1947ec6cda245dcc2ef01e03bba3f2 2020-05-12
apnews.com Workplace worries mount with new cases... 2020-05-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/ca668232601ca0fec32e8b4d66ea61e3 2020-05-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/0e8858138ffa9082bff09b960a3217ce 2020-05-12
apnews.com TWITTER to label disputed COVID-19 tweets... 2020-05-11
apnews.com MLB owners approve plan to start fan-less season in July... 2020-05-11
apnews.com Virus rampages across vast Navajo lands, close-knit families... 2020-05-11
apnews.com SCARY TO GO TO WORK 2020-05-11
apnews.com RESTART OR RE-STOP? 2020-05-11
apnews.com Strangeness of the day: For Americans, an in-between moment... 2020-05-11
apnews.com Lebanon faces grave threat to stability as poverty mounts... 2020-05-11
apnews.com Schumer calls on VA to explain use of unproven drug on vets... 2020-05-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/31e2a373b12913978190f229f14a76be 2020-05-10
apnews.com SHOWDOWN: Trump asking Supreme Court to block demands for taxes, bank records... 2020-05-10
apnews.com Amid coronavirus news, many need to step away... 2020-05-10
apnews.com UFC ushers in fan-free, mask-filled era of sports... 2020-05-10
apnews.com Temporary layoffs may be permanent... 2020-05-10
apnews.com 2 members of virus task force in quarantine... 2020-05-09
apnews.com DISASTER 2020-05-09
apnews.com Outbreaks in Germany, SKorea show risks in easing up... 2020-05-09
apnews.com UPDATE: Arkansas venue plans concert despite states virus limits... 2020-05-09
apnews.com Colombian company creates bed that can double as coffin... 2020-05-09
apnews.com Docs show top WH officials buried CDC report... 2020-05-08
apnews.com Milan mayor lashes out at revelers breaking rules... 2020-05-08
apnews.com 1 in 5 US kids obese... 2020-05-08
apnews.com Crime doesnt pay but prison does, even during pandemic... 2020-05-08
apnews.com New Mexico town shuts everyone out... 2020-05-08
apnews.com MURDER SHOCKS NATION 2020-05-08
apnews.com Trump says in his mothers eyes, he could do no wrong... 2020-05-08
apnews.com Illegal border crossings into USA from Canada TRIPLE... 2020-05-08
apnews.com NYPD distancing arrests: Many non-whites, at times violently... 2020-05-08
apnews.com Prominent lawyer, Trump donor representing woman... 2020-05-08
apnews.com Governors disregarding White House guidelines... 2020-05-07
apnews.com Texas salon owner jailed for defying order freed... 2020-05-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/3c6549aaf717ca73ee05276b6b6fd343 2020-05-07
apnews.com GOV. CALLS HORRIFIC 2020-05-07
apnews.com Justice drops case... 2020-05-07
apnews.com Stocks rise on hope that worst of economic plunge has passed... 2020-05-07
apnews.com Malaria drug shows no benefit in another study... 2020-05-07
apnews.com STUDY: WECHAT content used for censorship... 2020-05-07
apnews.com Navy nominee: Service in rough waters, cites leadership... 2020-05-07
apnews.com Rogue tourists arrested as Hawaii tries to stop spread... 2020-05-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/7a00d5fba3249e573d2ead4bd323a4d4 2020-05-07
apnews.com Hundreds evacuated as wildfires rage in Florida Panhandle... 2020-05-07
apnews.com NO ARRESTS 2020-05-07
apnews.com Hospitalized Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks in phone argument... 2020-05-06
apnews.com The second wave: How bad will it be as lockdowns ease? 2020-05-06
apnews.com Covid hits rural America hard... 2020-05-06
apnews.com 2 Russian doctors dead, 1 in ICU after mysterious accidents... 2020-05-06
apnews.com Whistleblower: Team ignored warnings... 2020-05-05
apnews.com As US piles up debt, even usual critics cheer... 2020-05-05
apnews.com With camps shut, families face summer in the great indoors... 2020-05-05
apnews.com Senators seek probe of veterans homes after virus deaths... 2020-05-05
apnews.com https://apnews.com/9250bebc02d185f9a8052aeca5b00080 2020-05-05
apnews.com As president resumes travel, staff takes risks to prepare trip... 2020-05-05
apnews.com UK becomes virus epicenter of Europe... 2020-05-05
apnews.com Virus-afflicted 2020 looks like 1918 despite sciences march... 2020-05-05
apnews.com In fight over Brazil leaders virus test, crisis looms... 2020-05-04
apnews.com 3 charged in killing of store guard over virus mask... 2020-05-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/cea5b0b98ea9970933fd2a2f072f28ff 2020-05-04
apnews.com For imperiled airlines, it keeps getting worse... 2020-05-04
apnews.com Supreme Court holds 1st arguments by phone... 2020-05-04
apnews.com Isolated by oceans: Hawaii, other islands have low infections... 2020-05-04
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apnews.com American public space, rebooted: What might it feel like? 2020-05-04
apnews.com Violent arrest raises concerns about NYPD distancing patrols... 2020-05-04
apnews.com Hunger stalks amid outbreak... 2020-05-04
apnews.com Faced with 20,000 dead, nursing homes seek shield from lawsuits... 2020-05-03
apnews.com Sidelined by pandemic, Trump campaign turns to digital shows... 2020-05-03
apnews.com Battered global tourism industry makes reopening plans... 2020-05-03
apnews.com Russia to use helicopters, drones to monitor... 2020-05-03
apnews.com Seoul doubts surgery... 2020-05-03
apnews.com ISIS steps up as Iraq, Syria, grapple with virus... 2020-05-03
apnews.com Most states fall short of thresholds... 2020-05-02
apnews.com A referendum election in November? Allies see risks... 2020-05-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/aec7beb03e9e0e0e6e3c58111293e0ea 2020-05-02
apnews.com Bird-watching soars as Americans head outdoors... 2020-05-02
apnews.com I died and came back: 12-year-old recovers from covid... 2020-05-02
apnews.com Spaniards Pour Out for 1st Exercise in 7 Weeks of Lockdown... 2020-05-02
apnews.com REPORT: NKorea leader resuming public activity... 2020-05-01
apnews.com California county defies governors shutdown order... 2020-05-01
apnews.com NM governor seals off roads in hard-hit city... 2020-05-01
apnews.com Healthy pigs being killed as backlog hits farms... 2020-05-01
apnews.com New White House press secretary McEnany to hold 1st briefing... 2020-05-01
apnews.com In a US now in puppy love, Labs still tops, but corgis rise... 2020-05-01
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apnews.com APPLE pinched; Profit, iPhone sales decline... 2020-04-30
apnews.com SHOWDOWN: Newsom catches heat for Orange County beach closures... 2020-04-30
apnews.com NASCAR to resume season May 17 with seven races in 10 days... 2020-04-30
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apnews.com INTEL: VIRUS NOT MANMADE 2020-04-30
apnews.com Outsiders consider possibility of chaos... 2020-04-30
apnews.com 70% of tested inmates in federal prisons infected... 2020-04-29
apnews.com MORE DRUG HOPE 2020-04-29
apnews.com I am not f**king losing to Joe Biden... 2020-04-29
apnews.com Trump to prep for transition in case he loses... 2020-04-29
apnews.com Stocks up on virus hopes, on pace for best month since 74... 2020-04-29
apnews.com Pence under fire for going maskless at Mayo... 2020-04-28
apnews.com Easing lockdowns makes day-to-day choices more complicated... 2020-04-28
apnews.com Nearly 70 dead in horrific outbreak at veterans home... 2020-04-28
apnews.com Gloomy summer looms as pandemic cancels festivals, trips... 2020-04-28
apnews.com Blood test helped detect cancer before symptoms... 2020-04-28
apnews.com Ohio primary nations first major test of almost fully mail-in balloting contest... Developing... 2020-04-28
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apnews.com Focus on Base Complicates Path to Reelection... 2020-04-27
apnews.com Hawaii extends stay-at-home order until May 31... 2020-04-26
apnews.com BACK TO LIFE 2020-04-26
apnews.com Muted and vacant, Vegas struggles to survive shutdown... 2020-04-26
apnews.com Dutch students complete Atlantic crossing forced by virus... 2020-04-26
apnews.com Boris Johnson returns to face growing divisions... 2020-04-26
apnews.com Parisians defy lockdown by dancing in street... 2020-04-26
apnews.com Fights resume in Nicaragua because boxers have to eat... 2020-04-26
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apnews.com Bloomberg moves past presidential defeat with virus crusade... 2020-04-25
apnews.com Brazil becoming coronavirus hot spot as testing falters... 2020-04-25
apnews.com Judge clears Baltimore aerial surveillance test... 2020-04-24
apnews.com States build stockpiles of malaria drug touted by president... 2020-04-24
apnews.com Georgia eases lockdown... 2020-04-24
apnews.com Factory Orders Plunge as Economy Grinds to Halt... 2020-04-24
apnews.com Pandemic shakes conceit of American exceptionalism... 2020-04-24
apnews.com Trump approved of Georgias reopen plan before bashing it... 2020-04-24
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apnews.com CUOMO: 21% IN NYC HAVE ANTIBODIES... 2020-04-23
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apnews.com NFL prospects ready for closeup on draft night from home... 2020-04-23
apnews.com Vegas mayor offers city as control group... 2020-04-23
apnews.com Southern states go it alone... 2020-04-22
apnews.com Many wary of virus reopenings as partisan divide grows... 2020-04-22
apnews.com Shutdowns Will Likely Make Most Bet on Ever... 2020-04-22
apnews.com TYSON closing large pork plant in Iowa... 2020-04-22
apnews.com Video shows thief stole van Gogh painting with sledgehammer... 2020-04-22
apnews.com As people stay home, Earth turns wilder and cleaner... 2020-04-22
apnews.com India plans wristband patient surveillance... 2020-04-22
apnews.com Big unknowns complicate getting back to normal... 2020-04-21
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apnews.com Pandemic and chill: NETFLIX adds 16M subscribers... 2020-04-21
apnews.com More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug... 2020-04-21
apnews.com Senate panel backs assessment that Russia interfered in 2016... 2020-04-21
apnews.com POLL: Americans sour on China... 2020-04-21
apnews.com Officials link 7 Wisconsin cases to in-person voting... 2020-04-21
apnews.com NFL prospect only played in two high school games... 2020-04-21
apnews.com Seoul downplays concerns... 2020-04-21
apnews.com 5G panic escalates as towers burn... 2020-04-21
apnews.com WHO head warns worst of virus still ahead... 2020-04-20
apnews.com Lockdowns ease worldwide, but political heat rises in USA... 2020-04-20
apnews.com Reports suggest many have had with no symptoms... 2020-04-20
apnews.com 4/20 fizzle: Pot industry tested as virus slams economy... 2020-04-20
apnews.com Pope dreams of post-virus world where inequalities abolished... 2020-04-19
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apnews.com Battleground power plays rage as everyday politics go quiet... 2020-04-19
apnews.com Racial toll grows even starker as more data emerges... 2020-04-18
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apnews.com Experts worry politics will guide voters virus precautions... 2020-04-18
apnews.com TEST TROUBLES CONTINUE 2020-04-17
apnews.com USA to send 1,000 ventilators to Mexico... 2020-04-17
apnews.com NYC paramedic haunted: You hear the cries... 2020-04-17
apnews.com Nations struggle to count virus toll... 2020-04-17
apnews.com Some people turn to herbal medicine... 2020-04-17
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apnews.com China tries to revive economy but consumer engine sputters... 2020-04-16
apnews.com Some leaders use pandemic to sharpen tools against critics... 2020-04-16
apnews.com Medical intelligence sleuths tracked, warned of new virus... 2020-04-16
apnews.com Newsom announces cash payments to illegal immigrants... 2020-04-15
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apnews.com Trumps I alone can fix it view and state powers collide... 2020-04-14
apnews.com UK organization: Armed men board ship off Strait of Hormuz... 2020-04-14
apnews.com Obama endorses Biden... 2020-04-14
apnews.com NKorea fires barrage of missiles from ground and air... 2020-04-14
apnews.com White House wants delay in census... 2020-04-13
apnews.com Easter storms sweep South, killing at least 19 people... 2020-04-13
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apnews.com Pope celebrates joy of Easter, amid sorrow, alone... 2020-04-12
apnews.com DEATH TOLL PASSES 20,000 IN USA 2020-04-12
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apnews.com Bidens next big decision: Choosing running mate... 2020-04-11
apnews.com Mexican beach towns block themselves off... 2020-04-10
apnews.com Groups used to serving desperately poor nations now help US... 2020-04-10
apnews.com Everybody is very scared: Struggle to keep apart on subway... 2020-04-10
apnews.com Economic devastation looms on a Good Friday like no other... 2020-04-10
apnews.com Rising from sick beds, medics head back to front lines... 2020-04-10
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apnews.com New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa... 2020-04-10
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apnews.com Congress weighs how to govern from afar... 2020-04-09
apnews.com Pandemic has set number of air travelers back decades... 2020-04-09
apnews.com 103-year-old credits courage and faith for recovery... 2020-04-09
apnews.com EASTER CRACKDOWN 2020-04-09
apnews.com HALF BILLION MORE FACE POVERTY 2020-04-09
apnews.com Dreaded uptick of dead spiritual leaders... 2020-04-09
apnews.com Federal stocks of protective equipment nearly depleted... 2020-04-08
apnews.com VIRUS SLAMS BLACK AMERICANS 2020-04-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/763ef90cb64f5250268da3e75c579847 2020-04-08
apnews.com Some doctors moving away from ventilators for patients... 2020-04-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/fab319a90ead9aae057f7fab059c2ccb 2020-04-08
apnews.com EMOTIONAL TOLL RISES 2020-04-08
apnews.com Melania book out in June... 2020-04-08
apnews.com DC fights to enforce distancing and braces for looming surge... 2020-04-08
apnews.com Passover in isolation dampens holiday mood in Israel... 2020-04-08
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apnews.com MLB, union discuss playing all games in Arizona; Empty stadiums... 2020-04-07
apnews.com Pelosi seeking at least $1 trillion for next round... 2020-04-06
apnews.com VIRUS GRIPS UK 2020-04-06
apnews.com Grocery workers key during virus. And theyre afraid... 2020-04-06
apnews.com US, UK brace for soaring death tolls as pandemic bears down... 2020-04-06
apnews.com Governors seize spotlight... 2020-04-06
apnews.com After virus, how will Americans view of world change? 2020-04-06
apnews.com With worst to come, 3 in 4 hospitals already facing COVID-19... 2020-04-06
apnews.com Trump sees limits of presidency in avoiding blame for virus... 2020-04-06
apnews.com UK Prime Minister hospitalized... 2020-04-05
apnews.com France turns to speedy trains to catch up in response... 2020-04-05
apnews.com Months wasted before preparing... 2020-04-05
apnews.com https://apnews.com/ab92b02d9729f12678f667d80abda876 2020-04-05
apnews.com Complete collapse of economies ahead as Africa faces virus... 2020-04-05
apnews.com Where will the bodies go? 2020-04-04
apnews.com Opposes mail-in voting for November... 2020-04-04
apnews.com Hidden suffering of coronavirus: Stigma, blaming, shaming... 2020-04-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/bf79b4f66e6a612d690abc546c84360f 2020-04-04
apnews.com Front-line medical staff deaths grow... 2020-04-04
apnews.com Tiger among animals officials find in search of Texas home... 2020-04-04
apnews.com Military recruiting struggles as enlistment stations close... 2020-04-04
apnews.com Some states receive masks with dry rot, broken ventilators... 2020-04-04
apnews.com African elite who once sought treatment abroad are grounded... 2020-04-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/806408690f5fdbaa52765b981f061acb 2020-04-03
apnews.com Navy fires captain who raised alarm about aircraft carrier outbreak... 2020-04-03
apnews.com Face coverings recommended, but Trump says he wont wear one... 2020-04-03
apnews.com McConnell: Health care tops list for next virus aid bill... 2020-04-03
apnews.com USA stepping up protection of President, VP... 2020-04-03
apnews.com Survivor: In my blood, there may be answers... 2020-04-03
apnews.com NEW YORK: 560 DEAD IN DAY 2020-04-03
apnews.com Bill Withers dead at 81... 2020-04-03
apnews.com White House says not enough following guidelines... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Surreal: Funeral homes struggle as deaths surge... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Some could wait 20 weeks to receive stimulus checks... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Pentagon gags whistleblower... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Putin orders non-working month to curb corona... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Nursing home infections surge... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Masks, apps: Race is on to avoid hidden carriers... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Chinese smartphone health code rules life... 2020-04-02
apnews.com Trumps contradictory views on China shift as crisis grows... 2020-04-02
apnews.com https://apnews.com/343ed4a8e95dfc8f8dda87b9e450ca57 2020-04-02
apnews.com Extremists see global chaos from virus as opportunity... 2020-04-02
apnews.com More evidence indicates healthy people can spread... 2020-04-01
apnews.com Federal inmates to be locked in cells for 14 days... 2020-04-01
apnews.com Battlefield behind home: New York increasingly grim... 2020-04-01
apnews.com 3,000 sailors to leave carrier amid outbreak... 2020-04-01
apnews.com Coast Guard directs cruise ships with infected to stay offshore indefinitely... 2020-04-01
apnews.com Indian migrants walk hundreds of miles to go home... 2020-04-01
apnews.com Mass testing, empty ICUs: Germany scores early against virus... 2020-04-01
apnews.com https://apnews.com/ee4018c9240bd4768dbea25c40712198 2020-03-31
apnews.com FEDS PROJECT UP TO 240,000 DEAD 2020-03-31
apnews.com Too little too late? Experts decry Mexico virus policy delay... 2020-03-31
apnews.com Turkmenistan bans use of word coronavirus... 2020-03-31
apnews.com Alcohol consumption surges... 2020-03-31
apnews.com SOCIAL DISTANCE: Vegas marking parking places for homeless... 2020-03-31
apnews.com MORE PUMPING: Fed steps in once again to try to save markets... 2020-03-31
apnews.com Feed the soul: In chaotic times, gardening becomes therapy... 2020-03-31
apnews.com How dire projections, grim images dashed Trump Easter plan... 2020-03-30
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apnews.com Countries crack down on basic rights amid virus pandemic... 2020-03-30
apnews.com Yellowstone slaughters wild bison to shrink parks herds... 2020-03-30
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apnews.com Hay fever or virus? For allergy sufferers, season of worry... 2020-03-30
apnews.com Van Gogh painting stolen from museum in raid... 2020-03-30
apnews.com Grandma is gone: Coronavirus keeps kids from older family... 2020-03-30
apnews.com Blissful ignorance? Submariners likely unaware of pandemic... 2020-03-30
apnews.com Tokyo infection spike AFTER Olympic delay sparks questions... 2020-03-30
apnews.com https://apnews.com/64ac08d62c3621f2b888785e02c7f6b1 2020-03-29
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/adef9109ed81e8d48631aea8c6524394 2020-03-29
apnews.com Virus hotspots grow in middle America... 2020-03-28
apnews.com TRUMP TRIES HOPE... 2020-03-28
apnews.com NKorea fires more missiles into sea... 2020-03-28
apnews.com Virus pulls federalism debate into 21st Century... 2020-03-28
apnews.com Fiscal conservatives fully embrace biggest bailout... 2020-03-28
apnews.com Brazils Bolsonaro makes life-or-death gamble... 2020-03-28
apnews.com Farmworkers key to keeping nation fed are wary of spread... 2020-03-28
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apnews.com Political historian-commentator Richard Reeves dies at 83... 2020-03-26
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apnews.com https://apnews.com/1bae3794481cc9d02fc670480cfcb800 2020-03-26
apnews.com In drastic step, Italy shuts most factories to halt virus... 2020-03-26
apnews.com Rural America watches pandemic erupt in cities as fear grows... 2020-03-25
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apnews.com UK clamps down to fight virus, but confusion still reigns... 2020-03-24
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apnews.com Buddy, can you spare dime? Echoes of 30s in viral crisis? 2020-03-24
apnews.com China to lift lockdown in most of virus-hit Hubei province... 2020-03-24
apnews.com WILL NOT BE CLOSED FOR MONTHS 2020-03-23
apnews.com Testing blunders crippled US response as coronavirus spread... 2020-03-23
apnews.com Loss of smell, taste, might signal infection... 2020-03-23
apnews.com Hiker survives 200-foot fall during Mount Washington descent... 2020-03-23
apnews.com Italy records smaller increase in virus cases for 2nd day... 2020-03-23
apnews.com 1.5 BILLION STAY HOME... 2020-03-23
apnews.com Woody Allen memoir released... 2020-03-23
apnews.com Trump appears to waffle on shutdown... 2020-03-23
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apnews.com Merkel in quarantine... 2020-03-22
apnews.com DC trying to keep crowds from cherry blossoms... 2020-03-22
apnews.com PHOTOS: Public places stand abandoned... 2020-03-22
apnews.com TESTING STILL BOTCHED 2020-03-22
apnews.com Hawaii to quarantine all arrivals to state for 14 days... 2020-03-22
apnews.com Iran leader refuses US help, citing conspiracy theory... 2020-03-22
apnews.com Gorillas also at risk from coronavirus... 2020-03-22
apnews.com Virus advances around the world as medical supplies dwindle... 2020-03-22
apnews.com ITALY CASES SOAR AGAIN 2020-03-21
apnews.com https://apnews.com/a82294fc0723630d850603dd7b016ad5 2020-03-21
apnews.com Election limbo as outbreak upends primaries... 2020-03-21
apnews.com Testing faces new headwind: Lab supply shortages... 2020-03-20
apnews.com California awakes to new reality: Homebound amid outbreak... 2020-03-20
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apnews.com Africas busiest airport says foreigners cant disembark... 2020-03-20
apnews.com Cancer, heart surgeries delayed as virus alters care... 2020-03-18
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apnews.com CASH FOR THE PEOPLE! 2020-03-17
apnews.com Pentagon releasing 5 million respirators, 2,000 ventilators... 2020-03-17
apnews.com Stranded travelers struggle to get home as borders close... 2020-03-17
apnews.com Fed Will Buy Short-Term Loans to Try to Ease Flow of Credit... 2020-03-17
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apnews.com Life in San Francisco screeches to halt amid shutdown... 2020-03-17
apnews.com Military faces limitations in responding to outbreak... 2020-03-17
apnews.com Sex workers face ruin amid virus fears, brothel closures... 2020-03-17
apnews.com Uncertainty surrounds Dem primary as Ohio scraps vote... 2020-03-17
apnews.com Hard-line Shiites storm Iran shrines closed over coronavirus... 2020-03-17
apnews.com This is our generations great test... 2020-03-16
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apnews.com BIDEN WINS AL, NC, VA 2020-03-03
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apnews.com Tensions rise as U.S. death toll from coronavirus reaches 7... 2020-03-03
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apnews.com California abnormally dry after low-precipitation winter... 2020-02-28
apnews.com Whistleblower: Feds helping evacuees lacked protection... 2020-02-28
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apnews.com USA says Chinese ship fired laser at American aircraft... 2020-02-28
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apnews.com Japan to close schools nationwide... 2020-02-27
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apnews.com Sharpton sees socialism-civil rights parallel... 2020-02-26
apnews.com Trump to open community centers to woo black voters... 2020-02-26
apnews.com DELTA cancels more flights... 2020-02-26
apnews.com No way out: Demographics drive Republican nosedive on West Coast... 2020-02-26
apnews.com Trump accuses media of stoking virus fears, plans news conference... 2020-02-26
apnews.com WORLD BRACES FOR LONG BATTLE... 2020-02-26
apnews.com 5-time major champ Maria Sharapova retires from tennis at 32... 2020-02-26
apnews.com Caution, cancelations mark Ash Wednesday in time of virus... 2020-02-26
apnews.com Effective immediately... 2020-02-25
apnews.com Africas huge locust outbreak now spreads to Congo... 2020-02-25
apnews.com More companies get into business of Black History Month... 2020-02-25
apnews.com Italy sees 45% rise... 2020-02-25
apnews.com Iran says top official who played down fears is infected... 2020-02-25
apnews.com Buttigieg faces black voters wary of a gay candidate... 2020-02-25
apnews.com 3 months to decide fate of Tokyo Olympics... 2020-02-25
apnews.com Opera Star Domingo Had Inappropriate Activity With Women, Union Finds... 2020-02-25
apnews.com Desperate to stop spread, countries limit travel... 2020-02-25
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apnews.com Crackdown on immigrants who use public benefits takes effect... 2020-02-24
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apnews.com SOCIALISM: 1 of every 3 Venezuelans facing hunger... 2020-02-24
apnews.com 2nd person in days killed by Mardi Gras float in New Orleans... 2020-02-23
apnews.com Man drives Jeep off 6-story roof of Los Angeles-area garage... 2020-02-23
apnews.com Sanders path has echoes of Trumps 2016 campaign... 2020-02-23
apnews.com Big jump in virus cases in Italy despite lockdowns... 2020-02-23
apnews.com Trans dancer shatters parade taboo... 2020-02-23
apnews.com NEVADA BERNS? 2020-02-22
apnews.com Worry as untraceable clusters emerge... 2020-02-22
apnews.com Helicopter sharpshooters to kill Grand Teton nonnative goats... 2020-02-21
apnews.com Says 3 women can be released from NDAs... 2020-02-21
apnews.com 36-year-old calls 911 after parents cut off cellphone... 2020-02-21
apnews.com OUTBREAK SHIFTS, SPREADS 2020-02-21
apnews.com https://apnews.com/4912baca0c4cbc6cb7a3580f4f3c9b96 2020-02-21
apnews.com DAY 4 OF DELIBERATIONS: Weinstein jurors keep focus on SOPRANOS actress... 2020-02-21
apnews.com Germany to raise police presence after racist shooting... 2020-02-21
apnews.com Thousands light up joints during Hindu festival in Nepal... 2020-02-21
apnews.com VIRUS: 2 former cruise ship passengers die in Japan... 2020-02-20
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apnews.com CLAIM: Assange offered pardon if played ball... 2020-02-19
apnews.com Another Catholic diocese seeks bankruptcy after abuse deals... 2020-02-19
apnews.com Attorneys take aim at Boy Scouts dark history... 2020-02-19
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apnews.com President goes on clemency spree, and the list is long... 2020-02-18
apnews.com White House correspondents dinner returns to comedic roots... 2020-02-18
apnews.com Netanyahu corruption trial to begin weeks after March 2 vote... 2020-02-18
apnews.com Sarcophagus dedicated to Romulus discovered in Roman forum... 2020-02-18
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apnews.com BOY SCOUTS file for bankruptcy due to sex-abuse lawsuits... 2020-02-18
apnews.com Buttigiegs next test: Winning over minority voters... 2020-02-17
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apnews.com No handshakes: Outbreak spooks places of worship... 2020-02-16
apnews.com Home quarantine buys time... 2020-02-16
apnews.com Israels Gantz vows to form government without Netanyahu... 2020-02-16
apnews.com Orangutan granted personhood turns 34, makes new friend... 2020-02-16
apnews.com Banskys Valentines Day mural vandalized... 2020-02-16
apnews.com 69,000+ infected globally... 2020-02-16
apnews.com Xis early involvement in virus outbreak raises questions... 2020-02-16
apnews.com Ivanka in Abu Dhabi ahead of womens conference... 2020-02-15
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apnews.com Questions complicate efforts to contain... 2020-02-15
apnews.com Virginia emerges as South progressive leader under Dems... 2020-02-15
apnews.com Marketers getting seniors personal info from Medicare... 2020-02-14
apnews.com MCCABE WILL NOT FACE CHARGES 2020-02-14
apnews.com TWITTER PRIVILEGE 2020-02-14
apnews.com Florida red flag gun law used 3,500 times since Parkland... 2020-02-14
apnews.com Teacher investigated for telling students to act as slaves... 2020-02-14
apnews.com HARVEY CLOSING ARGUMENTS... 2020-02-14
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apnews.com Senate moves to limit President on military force... 2020-02-13
apnews.com Weinstein jury set to hear closing from #MeToo skeptic... 2020-02-13
apnews.com More sick on quarantined ship... 2020-02-13
apnews.com Some Dems fear fallout from Bernie atop ticket... 2020-02-13
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apnews.com Retribution tour... 2020-02-13
apnews.com AG Barr agrees to testify as Dems question his leadership... 2020-02-13
apnews.com Jury finds Mar-a-Lago intruder not guilty of trespassing... 2020-02-12
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apnews.com Japanese, who believes in smiling, is oldest man... 2020-02-12
apnews.com FOXNEWS best ratings since Trump election, inauguration... 2020-02-11
apnews.com Hockney painting makes splash, sells at auction for $30M... 2020-02-11
apnews.com UNIVERSAL to release controversial HUNT in March... 2020-02-11
apnews.com London police deploy face scan tech, stirring privacy fears... 2020-02-11
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apnews.com LATEST... 2020-02-11
apnews.com Officer told to tone down gayness settles suit for $10.25M... 2020-02-11
apnews.com Big question as Weinstein trial winds down: Will he testify? 2020-02-11
apnews.com Dead birds posing as cat food confiscated at Dulles airport... 2020-02-11
apnews.com In heart of Mexicos violence, disillusion grows... 2020-02-11
apnews.com Virus storytellers challenge Chinas official narrative... 2020-02-11
apnews.com Write-ins score Bloomberg win in tiny town... 2020-02-11
apnews.com UPDATE: UN warns of major shock as locust outbreak spreads... 2020-02-11
apnews.com NEW HAMPSHIRE CLIFFHANGER 2020-02-10
apnews.com OSCAR RATINGS FALL TO ALL-TIME LOW... 2020-02-10
apnews.com PARDON ME: Feds seek 7 to 9 years in prison for Roger Stone... 2020-02-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/ac0f086371d349556cf4baabb59fc96c 2020-02-10
apnews.com Fire sale: The Iran plant making US flags protesters burn... 2020-02-10
apnews.com USA charges Chinese military hackers in EQUIFAX breach... 2020-02-10
apnews.com PORNHUB stars walk runway at fashion show... 2020-02-10
apnews.com Israel accused of torturing Palestinians after fatal bombing... 2020-02-10
apnews.com Video of Pelosi brings renewed attention to cheapfakes... 2020-02-10
apnews.com Not all born in American Samoa want US citizenship... 2020-02-10
apnews.com Outrage after gunman ambushes NYC police twice in 12 hours... 2020-02-09
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apnews.com 2 DEAD... 2020-02-09
apnews.com PUSH TO ENSURE FOOD SUPPLY IN HOT ZONES... 2020-02-08
apnews.com WEEKEND: LOW KEY OSCARS... 2020-02-08
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apnews.com FRIDAY NIGHT PURGE: Trump ousts officials who testified on impeachment... 2020-02-08
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apnews.com DEM JITTERS 2020-02-08
apnews.com Air Force suicides highest in three decades... 2020-02-08
apnews.com Actor-comedian Orson Bean, 91, hit and killed by car in LA... 2020-02-08
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apnews.com Dems prepare for NH debate as urgency rises... 2020-02-07
apnews.com Trump administration moves ahead on shrinking Utah monuments... 2020-02-06
apnews.com Venezuela rounds up US oil executives as Guaido visits DC... 2020-02-06
apnews.com Quarantined cruise floating prison... 2020-02-06
apnews.com Israeli troops hurt, 3 Palestinians killed in new violence... 2020-02-06
apnews.com Buttigieg, Sanders nearly tied as Iowa caucus results narrow... 2020-02-06
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apnews.com Baboon grooms little lion cub in South Africas Kruger park... 2020-02-04
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apnews.com Dems split on best challenger for Trump... 2020-02-03
apnews.com Cross drives her to tears... 2020-02-03
apnews.com After NPR dust-up, Pompeo defends press freedom abroad... 2020-02-03
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apnews.com Spray planes combat the huge locust outbreak in Africa... 2020-02-02
apnews.com In Iowa, anxiety and unpredictability cloud caucus finish... 2020-02-02
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apnews.com Italian-American emerges as new star of Italys left-wing... 2020-02-02
apnews.com State of the Union wont be 1st delivered amid turmoil... 2020-02-01
apnews.com Four accusers and a chihuahua... 2020-02-01
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apnews.com Berlin film fest to zoom in on inner turmoil, outer chaos... 2020-01-29
apnews.com Priests in group shut down by Vatican accused of sex abuse... 2020-01-29
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apnews.com BOOK BLOWS TRIAL OPEN... 2020-01-27
apnews.com China extends holiday to fight virus... 2020-01-27
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apnews.com 9 KILLED... 2020-01-26
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apnews.com New plan keeps autonomous vehicle standards voluntary... 2020-01-08
apnews.com McConnell says no haggling as impeachment standoff deepens... 2020-01-08
apnews.com Retiree saves CAs oldest weekly newspaper from closure... 2020-01-08
apnews.com IRAN SAYS MISSILES ONLY A SLAP 2020-01-08
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apnews.com Stabbings, shootings, assaults weigh on US Jewish youth... 2020-01-08
apnews.com McConnell to begin impeachment trial with no deal on witnesses... 2020-01-07
apnews.com Author Wurtzel dies at 52... 2020-01-07
apnews.com Billionaire Burkles son found dead at Beverly Hills home... 2020-01-07
apnews.com Stampede kills 40 at funeral for Iran general... 2020-01-07
apnews.com 6.4 quake rocks Puerto Rico amid heavy seismic activity... 2020-01-07
apnews.com CRACKS IN REPUBLICAN UNITY 2020-01-06
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apnews.com 5 dead, 60 injured in massive crash on PA Turnpike... 2020-01-05
apnews.com TRUMP HAS 52 2020-01-04
apnews.com General steps out of Soleimani shadow to lead proxies... 2020-01-04
apnews.com Soleimani torn to shreds by missile... 2020-01-03
apnews.com Killing triggers global alarm... 2020-01-03
apnews.com TOP IRAN COMMANDER KILLED 2020-01-02
apnews.com No nostalgia for Brady as he enters latest postseason run... 2020-01-02
apnews.com GOLDEN GLOBES will serve plant-based meal at awards ceremony... 2020-01-02
apnews.com Some flee, others restock before Australian wildfires worsen... 2020-01-02
apnews.com Mexico president says El Chapo had same power as president... 2020-01-01
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apnews.com Cyber attack forces airline to cancel flights in Alaska... 2019-12-22
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apnews.com Notre Dame Cathedral to miss first Christmas in centuries... 2019-12-20
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