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apnews.com Truck with 100 monkeys crashes, some of them missing... 2022-01-22
apnews.com Nations largest abortion protest could be last under Roe... 2022-01-21
apnews.com Australia records deadliest day... 2022-01-21
apnews.com Jury selection proceeds for Avenatti-Stormy Daniels trial... 2022-01-21
apnews.com Has rule-breaker Johnson met his match in partygate? 2022-01-21
apnews.com CA gun store shutdowns ruled illegal... 2022-01-20
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/sports-lifestyle-us-department-of-education-brigham-young-university-education-41cf849a79eaaddf7f8d16 2022-01-20
apnews.com Robot umpires at home plate moving up to Triple-A... 2022-01-20
apnews.com CDC director rankles many... 2022-01-20
apnews.com Researchers test pig-to-human transplant in donated body... 2022-01-20
apnews.com GA DA asks for special grand jury... 2022-01-20
apnews.com Tina Turner, husband snap up vast $76M estate on Lake Zurich... 2022-01-20
apnews.com POLL: Biden approval hits new low at one-year mark... 2022-01-20
apnews.com Europe considers new strategy: Accepting virus... 2022-01-20
apnews.com New Mexico asks Guard to sub for sick teachers... 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/antony-blinken-jen-psaki-vladimir-putin-sergey-lavrov-congress-1df536e9a832830dc3bae2e89aef4116 2022-01-19
apnews.com Supremes Reject Trump Bid to Block Jan. 6 Records... 2022-01-19
apnews.com Case NOT a slam dunk, experts say... 2022-01-19
apnews.com BOOM: NFL wild-card TV ratings up big... 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/college-football-nfl-entertainment-sports-business-bd30b8519f57d8692cfe181897892761 2022-01-19
apnews.com NBC will not send announcers to Beijing for Winter Games... 2022-01-19
apnews.com Legislator dies using medical suicide law he helped pass... 2022-01-19
apnews.com Coal town grapples with future as plant shuts down... 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/andrew-leon-talley-dead-4870f4d2fd854292703664007d37d4b5 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-california-environment-and-nature-droughts-7eb1fdf1a19e15b1db41a000168b2cf6 2022-01-19
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-trump-investigations-donald-trump-new-york-b4895a63c5aee3991a2ffc42becfb564 2022-01-19
apnews.com PUTIN WAR GAMES 2022-01-19
apnews.com Florida could shield whites from discomfort of racist past... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Kansas will stop futile contact tracing... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Felony charges are 1st in fatal Autopilot crash... 2022-01-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-science-health-08f8db29985b992d5ef98ccfa1459eb7 2022-01-18
apnews.com Beto raises $7M in first weeks of bid for TX gov... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Under-fire Boris Johnson denies lying over lockdown parties... 2022-01-18
apnews.com Virus Hits Vatican... 2022-01-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-europe-religion-arts-and-entertainment-amsterdam-89bd57c21cefd0a0dc162d5aced7ca96 2022-01-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-joe-biden-health-lifestyle-jill-biden-137925163af00545a3dbeace1ccc4812 2022-01-17
apnews.com GO PACK DJOKOVIC; DEPORTED FROM OZ... 2022-01-17
apnews.com Trailblazing Arab lawmaker shakes up Israeli politics... 2022-01-17
apnews.com Sweden puzzled by drones spotted over nuke power plants... 2022-01-17
apnews.com Brit named in Tex Terror... 2022-01-16
apnews.com After Bidens first year, virus and disunity rage on... 2022-01-16
apnews.com For Oath Keepers and founder, Jan. 6 was weeks in making... 2022-01-16
apnews.com Beijing reports 1st omicron case ahead of Olympics... 2022-01-16
apnews.com FACEBOOK CUTS LIVESTREAM 2022-01-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/richmond-race-and-ethnicity-virginia-4f6256a882ff839ad5378357a47d87a1 2022-01-15
apnews.com NEVER-ENDING: Expect more worrisome variants, scientists say... 2022-01-15
apnews.com Republican midterm dilemma: How closely to align with him... 2022-01-15
apnews.com Legal risks in sedition conspiracy case against Oath Keepers... 2022-01-15
apnews.com Volcano erupts in Pacific, West Coast under tsunami advisory... 2022-01-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-joe-biden-us-supreme-court-business-health-7bae2b5d394a875395f0f4f700d38e87 2022-01-14
apnews.com Marines OK first religious exemptions for shot... 2022-01-14
apnews.com Garbage piles up... 2022-01-14
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-novak-djokovic-nfl-sports-entertainment-d1d1e455a1cab756d279d384af4abe40 2022-01-14
apnews.com Germany on brink of recession as growth dips... 2022-01-14
apnews.com Bidens hopes for voting rights bill dashed... 2022-01-13
apnews.com Half-empty classrooms... 2022-01-13
apnews.com School investigated for naked fat test claims... 2022-01-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-prisons-donald-trump-police-reform-069bac28c0c05869faf15e2e879e2732 2022-01-13
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/europe-russia-ukraine-vladimir-putin-moscow-473d4b2eebff4dc59d8e7dff9e8653ba 2022-01-13
apnews.com Hospitalizations rise in Hawaii... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Djokovic admits travel declaration had incorrect information... 2022-01-12
apnews.com DEFIANT... 2022-01-12
apnews.com MEDIA PLAYING DOWN CASE COUNTS... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Sculpture by controversial artist attacked with hammer... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Partisan divide on policy widens... 2022-01-12
apnews.com Army ups bonuses to $50K as struggles to lure soldiers continues... 2022-01-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/consumer-prices-inflation-c1bfd93ed1719cf0135420f4fd0270f9 2022-01-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/prince-andrew-sex-abuse-lawsuit-fca8488a4553e74cdfc0a722d2960442 2022-01-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-business-health-europe-london-2b9b4147b1ee8041b341dfce5ef92208 2022-01-12
apnews.com REPORT: Omicron may be headed for rapid drop... 2022-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/voting-rights-joe-biden-voting-atlanta-stacey-abrams-7bb6e8cd4ad78267cc56d713ecdbf39d 2022-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-fires-new-york-bronx-cad114dc14987db37538a2544ea9f186 2022-01-11
apnews.com FED Powell: Inflation poses major threat to job market... 2022-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/united-states-national-security-terrorism-899caf47624dd8741d04f73e65659e68 2022-01-11
apnews.com Schools close! 2022-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/europe-london-boris-johnson-3a521263aea5e679029647bd81192ab8 2022-01-11
apnews.com Biden to back filibuster changes to push voting rights bill... 2022-01-11
apnews.com Safety doors failed in NYC high-rise fire that killed 17... 2022-01-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/pig-heart-transplant-6651614cb9d73bada8eea2ecb6449aef 2022-01-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-business-gavin-newsom-personal-taxes-dc3aec11f0a693e508c2c0864d722af7 2022-01-10
apnews.com Boston Schools Closing; Power Grid Threatened... 2022-01-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/queen-elizabeth-ii-lifestyle-europe-united-kingdom-parades-bee3244033941ea06b4506b0f827cef9 2022-01-10
apnews.com POLL: Inflation up, virus down as priorities in USA... 2022-01-10
apnews.com Australian judge says Djokovic can stay but saga not over... 2022-01-10
apnews.com Harrowing tales of escape... 2022-01-10
apnews.com Guantanamo rankles as prison turns 20... 2022-01-09
apnews.com Watershed moment: New law allows noncitizens to vote... 2022-01-09
apnews.com Chinas Tianjin testing all residents after omicron found... 2022-01-09
apnews.com Hospital turns to heated tent to ease crush... 2022-01-08
apnews.com FLEISS FLEES NEVADA... 2022-01-08
apnews.com Duchess of Cambridge, the reliable royal, turns 40... 2022-01-08
apnews.com Turkmenistan leader wants Gates of Hell fire put out... 2022-01-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-business-education-pandemics-76830eee3a8c2a5688df4fc77488195a 2022-01-08
apnews.com Navy expands boot camp to sharpen focus on character issues... 2022-01-08
apnews.com POITIER DEAD 2022-01-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-us-supreme-court-business-health-d96c0c56d5560f89f6bdbb7284480db6 2022-01-07
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/kazakhstan-law-enforcement-agencies-6dc8df9639367c3845aa00a008072997 2022-01-07
apnews.com Rabies deaths spike... 2022-01-06
apnews.com BIG LIE 2022-01-06
apnews.com Season of joy -- and caution -- kicks off in New Orleans... 2022-01-06
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-riots-donald-trump-democracy-a7d6f4e19386b70e8126f1029c0fab3e 2022-01-06
apnews.com Unionized STARBUCKS workers walk out, citing health concerns... 2022-01-05
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/space-launches-science-business-08dffeab9f5f2aa259fb2e35336be78c 2022-01-05
apnews.com Oldest WWII veteran dies at 112... 2022-01-05
apnews.com HORROR: Philly fire kills at least 13, including 7 kids... 2022-01-05
apnews.com Follow me: Dog finds help, leads cops to owners car crash... 2022-01-05
apnews.com ONE YEAR LATER 2022-01-05
apnews.com Virginia officials defend response to snowy gridlock on I-95... 2022-01-05
apnews.com Florida train kills 5th person in month... 2022-01-04
apnews.com Tattoo artist anger over new EU rules goes beyond skin deep... 2022-01-04
apnews.com Future of prayer site in doubt under Israels fragile govt... 2022-01-04
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-europe-pandemics-germany-ac28ee41bfe23856bd3f8df7f070fbca 2022-01-04
apnews.com Omicron upends return to schools and workplaces... 2022-01-03
apnews.com NY AG: Ivanka Trump, Don Jr. Subpoenaed in Asset Probe... 2022-01-03
apnews.com Thune mulls retirement... 2022-01-03
apnews.com Hedge fund CEO resigns ahead of anticipated Senate run... 2022-01-03
apnews.com Congress doctor urges maximal telework... 2022-01-03
apnews.com Hospital workers sidelined as patient numbers rise... 2022-01-03
apnews.com UK RESISTS NEW MEASURES 2022-01-03
apnews.com DC shuts down... 2022-01-03
apnews.com Series of attacks highlights reach of Iran-allied militias... 2022-01-03
apnews.com Omicron clouds forecasts for endgame... 2022-01-03
apnews.com STORM COMING 2022-01-02
apnews.com Mice: Searching for answers to autism puzzle... 2022-01-02
apnews.com Thousands gather in Amsterdam despite demonstration ban... 2022-01-02
apnews.com Judge: Prince Andrew cant halt suit with domicile claim... 2022-01-01
apnews.com Brady faces Wilson in largest age gap between QBs... 2022-01-01
apnews.com Crews use ropes, helicopters to rescue 20 on stuck tram car... 2022-01-01
apnews.com Thousands more flights canceled... 2022-01-01
apnews.com 2,300 flights canceled... 2022-01-01
apnews.com Critics in Egypt say CITROEN ad promotes sexual harassment... 2022-01-01
apnews.com In nation at war with self, town tries cup of civility... 2022-01-01
apnews.com Colleges returning to online classes... 2022-01-01
apnews.com Colorado fire victims begin new year surveying destruction... 2022-01-01
apnews.com Tennessee Planned Parenthood destroyed in fire... 2021-12-31
apnews.com SUIT: Coaches made teen eat pizza despite religion... 2021-12-31
apnews.com 1 in 15 in London infected... 2021-12-31
apnews.com Should kids be vaccinated? Brazil turns to online survey... 2021-12-31
apnews.com Georgia schools going virtual... 2021-12-31
apnews.com Parents selling children shows desperation of Afghanistan... 2021-12-31
apnews.com More quakes shake S Carolina... 2021-12-31
apnews.com HAPPY NEW YEAR? 2021-12-31
apnews.com HELL IN COLORADO 2021-12-31
apnews.com UK surge in deaths, builds temporary wards... 2021-12-30
apnews.com World population: 7.8 billion... 2021-12-30
apnews.com Coach gets mayonnaise shower after bowl win... 2021-12-30
apnews.com Israel approves 4th dose for most vulnerable... 2021-12-30
apnews.com 600 cars in line at Missouri testing site... 2021-12-30
apnews.com Biden, Putin hold call as Ukraine tension smolders... 2021-12-30
apnews.com Iran says launched rocket into space... 2021-12-30
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/ghislaine-maxwell-alison-j-nathan-new-york-city-new-york-63a71a2825eab41184a79e37bb967e90 2021-12-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-health-new-york-new-years-eve-occasions-1a9e681264559df0b597db3a9451b124 2021-12-29
apnews.com Business manager to Kardashians killed, boyfriend charged... 2021-12-29
apnews.com Belgium reverses cultural rules: Show must go on! 2021-12-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-c69d1521b6411b6b78aae85d95165f5c 2021-12-29
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/technology-business-arizona-department-of-transportation-arizona-tucson-2a53f9728635c13f38c7e3c422370 2021-12-29
apnews.com DeSantis vanishes during omicron surge; FL cases hit record high... 2021-12-28
apnews.com GA, 2021-12-28
apnews.com Warships stay in Mediterranean amid Ukraine, Russia fears... 2021-12-28
apnews.com Evangelicals a rising force inside Argentine prisons... 2021-12-28
apnews.com FLORIDA BACK AT HOTSPOT... 2021-12-27
apnews.com Flu making comeback after unusual year off... 2021-12-27
apnews.com CDC SHORTENS QUARANTINES 2021-12-27
apnews.com UPDATE: 25% of Navy warship crew infected... 2021-12-27
apnews.com Jury resumes deliberations at Ghislaine trial... 2021-12-27
apnews.com Global gloom over New Years celebrations... 2021-12-27
apnews.com TROUBLES: Outlets hurt by dwindling public interest in news... 2021-12-27
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-travel-business-lifestyle-1a5a48d6ced0821b8718f8fc46dbb920 2021-12-27
apnews.com Putin to mull options if West refuses guarantees... 2021-12-26
apnews.com Rodgers breaks Favres touchdown record... 2021-12-26
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-lifestyle-health-business-travel-e08ef1ae7825361486b2d3eb404d5381 2021-12-25
apnews.com AIRBNB cracks down on disruptive FL parties... 2021-12-25
apnews.com FLORIDA HIT WITH RECORD CASES... 2021-12-25
apnews.com El Salvador frees women convicted of abortions... 2021-12-25
apnews.com ANOTHER COVID CHRISTMAS 2021-12-25
apnews.com Queens Christmas speech particularly personal... 2021-12-25
apnews.com Russia court fines GOOGLE $100M over content... 2021-12-24
apnews.com Many churches cancel Christmas services... 2021-12-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-business-lifestyle-health-travel-e9d4d1fab0394328dbb829df7dc8335c 2021-12-24
apnews.com L.A. HORROR: Girl, 14, killed by police in clothing store shooting... 2021-12-24
apnews.com Queens Christmas speech set to be particularly personal... 2021-12-24
apnews.com TESLA to halt games on screens in moving cars... 2021-12-23
apnews.com Cuomo wont be charged for touching trooper at racetrack... 2021-12-23
apnews.com Pope demands humility in new zinger-filled Christmas speech... 2021-12-23
apnews.com Another danger to illicit drug users: Animal tranquilizer... 2021-12-23
apnews.com MONTREAL LIMITS HOME GATHERINGS TO 6... 2021-12-22
apnews.com BIDEN RESISTS SHUTDOWNS 2021-12-22
apnews.com PFIZER pill becomes 1st authorized home treatment... 2021-12-22
apnews.com He wore wire, risked his life to expose who was in KKK... 2021-12-22
apnews.com Feds probe potential of drivers playing video games in TESLAs... 2021-12-22
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-science-health-pandemics-covid-19-pandemic-8117abd8e4367eaa6cb9b7ae78875734 2021-12-22
apnews.com Variant casts new shadow over economy... 2021-12-21
apnews.com Chicago to require proof of vaccination... 2021-12-21
apnews.com Water worries in West force sports teams to get creative... 2021-12-21
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/immigration-technology-arrests-new-jersey-crime-2514c7df0430b4e0820ecd1187dcb547 2021-12-21
apnews.com BIDEN: 500 MILLION FREE TESTS 2021-12-21
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-immigration-health-us-census-bureau-covid-19-pandemic-d224035ee70e805f1e42da6c1a 2021-12-21
apnews.com MA activates troops... 2021-12-21
apnews.com TX gov decision: Whether to pardon George Floyd... 2021-12-21
apnews.com NHL leaguewide shutdown... 2021-12-21
apnews.com Jury deliberates Ghislaine... 2021-12-21
apnews.com Omicron sweeps across nations... 2021-12-20
apnews.com Virus fears widen... 2021-12-20
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/pentagon-military-extremism-02c18e646805ede69802644e44aeb37a 2021-12-20
apnews.com Iran Revolutionary Guard holds military drill amid tension... 2021-12-20
apnews.com Chile elects millennial who wants to tax the rich as new president... 2021-12-20
apnews.com President Manchin kills Build Back Better: No... 2021-12-19
apnews.com Restaurants anxious... 2021-12-19
apnews.com NFL new path to play: Fewer tests... 2021-12-19
apnews.com Omicron in 89 countries, cases doubling fast... 2021-12-18
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-detroit-nebraska-kansas-5e98f09c578a231be1411516e9dfff58 2021-12-18
apnews.com INFECTIONS SWEEP EUROPE 2021-12-18
apnews.com UK RECORD 2021-12-17
apnews.com Court allows Biden employer vaccine mandate to take effect; Supremes Next... 2021-12-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-california-los-angeles-san-francisco-san-francisco-bay-3021a9017ff4c1b8cb35d1adf73fd7dc 2021-12-17
apnews.com One Epstein ex testifies in defense of another... 2021-12-17
apnews.com Stone says he invoked 5th amendment at Jan. 6 deposition... 2021-12-17
apnews.com Pope at 85: No more Mr Nice Guy, as reform hits stride... 2021-12-17
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-abortion-health-medication-a6634601a37fb048aecdd9f030e0863a 2021-12-16
apnews.com UK SURGE WARNING 2021-12-16
apnews.com Jittery Ukrainian villagers fear big war will start... 2021-12-16
apnews.com DAs last big decision: Whether to charge Trump... 2021-12-16
apnews.com How Brothers in Arms Plotted Theft, Sale of Army Weaponry... 2021-12-16
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-economy-inflation-unemployment-af12682d4329625566aaedcd17fb3782 2021-12-15
apnews.com Muslim org fires leader for working with anti-terror group... 2021-12-15
apnews.com Surgery delays grow at hospitals dealing with COVID... 2021-12-15
apnews.com Case cuts short Blinken tour of Asia... 2021-12-15
apnews.com Colleges go back to drawing board -- again... 2021-12-15
apnews.com How Kennedy built anti-vaccine juggernaut amid COVID-19... 2021-12-15
apnews.com On single street, twister killed 7 children... 2021-12-15
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/middle-east-iran-dubai-united-arab-emirates-yemen-15630a25f448cb6100818286bc9c9de5 2021-12-15
apnews.com Arizona hospitals stretched to limit... 2021-12-14
apnews.com Spiritual but not religious... 2021-12-14
apnews.com SOS: San Francisco mayor pledges more police, safety measures... 2021-12-14
apnews.com NASA craft touches sun for 1st time... 2021-12-14
apnews.com OJ Simpson completely free; Parole ends... 2021-12-14
apnews.com Boston STARBUCKS workers seek to unionize after Buffalo vote... 2021-12-14
apnews.com American Death Toll Nears 800,000... 2021-12-14
apnews.com What pandemic? Miami airport sets travel record... 2021-12-14
apnews.com HORROR: Gas truck explodes in Haiti; Dozens killed... 2021-12-14
apnews.com UPDATE: At least 88 dead in tornado aftermath... 2021-12-14
apnews.com Amid tension, Southern Baptist women lead where they can... 2021-12-13
apnews.com Photo lands 130 miles away... 2021-12-13
apnews.com Kim at critical crossroads decade into rule... 2021-12-13
apnews.com Jan. 6 panel to vote on holding Meadows in contempt... 2021-12-13
apnews.com GOLDEN GLOBES announces noms to skeptical Hollywood... 2021-12-13
apnews.com Turkeys Central Bank intervenes as currency hits record low... 2021-12-13
apnews.com UPDATE: Tornadoes kill dozens in 5 states... 2021-12-13
apnews.com Satellite images, expert suggest Iranian space launch coming... 2021-12-13
apnews.com DESPERATE SEARCH FOR LIFE 2021-12-12
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/business-arts-and-entertainment-journalists-congress-992f41e92d9402299eaffe798048cd12 2021-12-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/tornadoes-kentucky-illinois-arkansas-severe-weather-67b9acfb9d83e2e7139ae9de01618a21 2021-12-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-sports-business-health-lifestyle-538efc664e9da0d2f0831f3f3ed9a4d7 2021-12-11
apnews.com BLUE ORIGIN launches Strahan, 5 others into space... 2021-12-11
apnews.com Capitol rioters social media posts influencing sentencings... 2021-12-11
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/technology-business-lifestyle-software-apple-inc-aed3cc628fc602079b100757974c8f01 2021-12-11
apnews.com Man arrested after Quran damaged at university... 2021-12-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/space-launches-space-exploration-science-business-richard-branson-82cd29f4cdbbce38a9f284fc30efb1c8 2021-12-10
apnews.com Prosecution rests in sex-abuse trial... 2021-12-10
apnews.com Mystery: Scientists focus on animal origins... 2021-12-10
apnews.com Bishop tells children Santa doesnt exist... 2021-12-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/us-supreme-court-texas-56fe96917e21b53b581005cb30db66e0 2021-12-10
apnews.com Biden set to make 1st late-night TV appearance as president... 2021-12-10
apnews.com Cold weather states struggling to hire snowplow drivers... 2021-12-10
apnews.com 53 die in horror crash of truck smuggling migrants in Mexico... 2021-12-10
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/jussie-smollett-entertainment-crime-race-and-ethnicity-hate-crimes-8a32dc8a1fc1b4a9972b0c08a75f2762 2021-12-09
apnews.com Indiana hospitals see record patient amid surge... 2021-12-09
apnews.com Britney, Bennifer, Beatles, Broadway: Pop culture 21... 2021-12-09
apnews.com How will world decide when pandemic over? 2021-12-09
apnews.com Pence courting voters, activists in NH... 2021-12-09
apnews.com STARBUCKS faces union test as worker votes counted... 2021-12-09
apnews.com Vaccine makers racing to update shots... 2021-12-09
apnews.com Closing arguments set in Smollett trial... 2021-12-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/entertainment-religion-arts-and-entertainment-new-york-indiana-e7fca5608e8e3eecd1561e550a3479eb 2021-12-08
apnews.com Norway caps indoor gatherings... 2021-12-08
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-health-lifestyle-christmas-europe-32571c5c7a550c8b418acb9e28e9815b 2021-12-08
apnews.com Study cant confirm lab results for many cancer experiments... 2021-12-07
apnews.com AMERICAN CEO latest airline chief to exit... 2021-12-07
apnews.com End of era: Merkel bows out after 16 years... 2021-12-07
apnews.com BIDEN WARNS PUTIN 2021-12-07
apnews.com Scientist behind vaccine says next pandemic may be worse... 2021-12-06
apnews.com Media venture under scrutiny by market regulators... 2021-12-06
apnews.com Smollett trial to resume with defense possibly calling him... 2021-12-06
apnews.com Volunteer at therapy farm dies after rammed by sheep... 2021-12-06
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apnews.com Unvaxxed Italians face new restrictions as holidays near... 2021-12-06
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apnews.com Outbreak on cruise ship approaching New Orleans... 2021-12-05
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apnews.com Bond set at $1M after MI school shooting parents enter pleas... 2021-12-04
apnews.com Biden, Putin set video call... 2021-12-04
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apnews.com Utah, 2021-12-03
apnews.com Seattle sees wettest fall on record... 2021-12-03
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apnews.com Ukraine says Russia amassed over 94,000 troops at border... 2021-12-03
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apnews.com Christmas tree buyers face reduced supplies, higher prices... 2021-12-02
apnews.com AP: Military explosives vanish, emerge in civilian world... 2021-12-02
apnews.com MLB owners lock out players, 1st work stoppage since 1995... 2021-12-02
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apnews.com Smollett trial opens in Chiraq... 2021-11-30
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apnews.com Smollett trial opens... 2021-11-29
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apnews.com SKorea to launch task force on banning dog meat... 2021-11-25
apnews.com France calls for European aid after 27 migrant deaths at sea... 2021-11-25
apnews.com France opts for 3rd shots, not lockdown, to fight new wave... 2021-11-25
apnews.com Australia sending troops to Solomon Islands as unrest grows... 2021-11-25
apnews.com Europes Christmas markets warily open as COVID cases rise... 2021-11-25
apnews.com DOJ to prioritize prosecuting violence on flights... 2021-11-24
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apnews.com 3 Mexicans pulled from ocean after crossing attempt... 2021-11-17
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apnews.com Biden, Xi set for meeting... 2021-11-15
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apnews.com 3 snow leopards with covid die at zoo... 2021-11-14
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apnews.com City OKs GOOGLE data centers amid secrecy, water worries... 2021-11-09
apnews.com Thousands of red UK phone boxes to be protected from closure... 2021-11-09
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apnews.com Children as young as 10 recruited by Mexico cartels... 2021-10-14
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apnews.com Wind, storm surge from Hurricane Ida lash Louisiana... 2021-08-29
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apnews.com NRA cancels annual meeting due to concerns... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Passed out man found with 300 ballots... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Oregon masks required outdoors... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Pennsylvanian who coughed on market produce, claimed virus gets jail... 2021-08-24
apnews.com Cellphone catches fire on ALASKA jet upon landing... 2021-08-24
apnews.com https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-evacuations-kabul-1ac0c859c4699a106b65de7ff741dee4 2021-08-24
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apnews.com KENTUCKY NEW HOTSPOT... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Deaths of newlywed women found shot at campsite investigated... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Poland to build fence on border to stop migrants... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Putin launches construction of new warships amid tensions... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Budget clash pits moderate Dems against President, Pelosi... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Leaked footage shows grim conditions in Irans Evin prison... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Mental health online: Police posts of crises may traumatize... 2021-08-23
apnews.com Rev. Jesse Jackson hospitalized with covid... 2021-08-22
apnews.com 22 dead, many missing after 17 inches of rain in Tennessee... 2021-08-22
apnews.com Weakens to tropical storm... 2021-08-22
apnews.com Conflicts descend into violence, harassment... 2021-08-22
apnews.com TX Lt. Gov. Blames Blacks and Libs... 2021-08-21
apnews.com French virus passport in full use but protests keep going... 2021-08-21
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apnews.com LGBT marches held in Poland under heavy police security... 2021-08-21
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apnews.com R. Kelly Trial Opens, in First Major #MeToo Case With Mostly Black Accusers... 2021-08-18
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apnews.com Death toll of powerful Haiti quake soars over 1,000... 2021-08-15
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apnews.com SC school district back to virtual classes... 2021-08-15
apnews.com Texas Supreme Court blocks mask mandates... 2021-08-15
apnews.com Biden boosts food stamp benefits by 25%... 2021-08-15
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apnews.com Pentagon to require for all troops by Sept. 15... 2021-08-09
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apnews.com 2021-08-06
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apnews.com Police allege HILLSONG CHURCH founder concealed child sex abuse... 2021-08-05
apnews.com Tokyo logs record 5,042 cases... 2021-08-05
apnews.com USA TO REQUIRE FOREIGNERS TO JAB 2021-08-04
apnews.com State spending billions to house homeless in hotels... 2021-08-04
apnews.com China seals city as its worst virus outbreak in year grows... 2021-08-04
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apnews.com Air passangers hit another pandemic high, flight delays grow... 2021-08-02
apnews.com Record wildfire burns amid drought in Hawaii... 2021-08-02
apnews.com Dems ask McCarthy to recant Pelosi taunt as tensions rise... 2021-08-02
apnews.com Louisiana hospital brings in outside help for virus surge... 2021-08-02
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apnews.com Donald pressed officals to declare election was illegal... 2021-07-30
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apnews.com Tobacco CEO sees end to cigarettes in Britain in 10 years... 2021-07-26
apnews.com Singer Pink backs beach handball team on sexist clothing... 2021-07-26
apnews.com Vatican trial opens into financial scandal rocking papacy... 2021-07-26
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apnews.com Rep. Lurias pro-Navy, centrist identity may get Jan. 6 test... 2021-07-24
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apnews.com Life expectancy biggest drop since WWII... 2021-07-21
apnews.com NETFLIX moving into video games as growth slows... 2021-07-20
apnews.com Putin hails Russia air power as new fighter goes on view... 2021-07-20
apnews.com Family farm swaps cows for goats amid changed dairy industry... 2021-07-20
apnews.com Death toll in India ten times higher than govt estimate... 2021-07-20
apnews.com USA, Allies Blame Chinese Govt for MICROSOFT Hack... Developing... 2021-07-19
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apnews.com Australia deports commentator Hopkins for quarantine boast... 2021-07-19
apnews.com Man faces 1st sentencing for felony in riot at US Capitol... 2021-07-19
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apnews.com Hundreds of Jews visit contested holy site in Jerusalem... 2021-07-18
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apnews.com Struggling channel GBNEWS hires Farage to host show... 2021-07-17
apnews.com Russia to unveil new fighter jet at Moscow air show... 2021-07-17
apnews.com Germany cuts short warmup with allegations of racism... 2021-07-17
apnews.com Hundreds Missing, Scores Dead as Raging Floods Strike Europe... 2021-07-17
apnews.com JUDGE NIGHTMARE FOR DREAMERS 2021-07-16
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apnews.com MASKS BACK IN VEGAS, 2021-07-16
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apnews.com 50+ dead, dozens missing as severe floods strike Europe... Developing... 2021-07-15
apnews.com Cases surge in Tokyo week before Olympics... 2021-07-15
apnews.com Authoritarianism advances as world battles pandemic... 2021-07-15
apnews.com On farewell visit to USA, Merkel brings message of stability... 2021-07-15
apnews.com Miami security firm faces questions in Haiti assassination... 2021-07-15
apnews.com PARALYZED MAN COMMUNICATES 2021-07-14
apnews.com DOJ: Physician sold fake vaccine cards... 2021-07-14
apnews.com Spains top court rules pandemic lockdown unconstitutional... 2021-07-14
apnews.com Europe takes another step toward digital euro... 2021-07-14
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apnews.com Haiti seeks 5 fugitives as president killing probe deepens... 2021-07-14
apnews.com Olympic athletes to put on own medals at Tokyo ceremonies... 2021-07-14
apnews.com TX Dems dig in after exodus; Republicans threaten arrest... 2021-07-14
apnews.com US covid cases rising again, doubling in weeks... 2021-07-14
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apnews.com Donalds lawyers might be penalized over Michigan election case... 2021-07-12
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apnews.com UPDATE: California and other parts of West broil and burn... 2021-07-12
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apnews.com Shocker: Team USA falls to Nigeria in pre-Olympic basketball loss... 2021-07-11
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apnews.com FLORIDA CASES RISING... 2021-07-10
apnews.com Tears, politics, money: School boards become battle zones... 2021-07-10
apnews.com Interim leader requests US troops... 2021-07-10
apnews.com Robert E. Lee statue removed in Charlottesville... 2021-07-10
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apnews.com Pope had severe narrowing of the colon, recovery continues... 2021-07-07
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apnews.com Israel blocks law that keeps out Palestinian spouses... 2021-07-06
apnews.com TWITTER restricts account of academic who mocked China leader... 2021-07-06
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apnews.com Canada FINALLY reopening border... 2021-07-05
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apnews.com USA left Afghan airfield at night, didnt tell new commander... 2021-07-05
apnews.com Spain restricts nightlife as virus surges among young... 2021-07-05
apnews.com Party all night? NYC agency floats nightlife district plan... 2021-07-05
apnews.com Man bitten by neighbors escaped python in toilet... 2021-07-05
apnews.com 20 years after 9/11, lawsuit against Saudis hits key moment... 2021-07-05
apnews.com Loved and decried, El Salvadors populist leader defiant... 2021-07-05
apnews.com SOUTHWEST, AMERICAN delays hint at hard summer for travelers... 2021-07-05
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apnews.com Search back on after rest of Surfside condo demolished... 2021-07-05
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apnews.com Capitol, symbol of democracy, off-limits... 2021-07-04
apnews.com Chinese shun grueling careers for low-desire life... 2021-07-04
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apnews.com Vegas bouncing back, but virus on rise too... 2021-07-03
apnews.com Brazil Supreme Court greenlights investigation of Bolsonaro... 2021-07-03
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apnews.com Defiant congressman flouts mask rules on flight to Texas... 2021-07-02
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apnews.com Republicans long race to 2024 begins... 2021-06-29
apnews.com Outbreak in Fiji batters economy, tests health system... 2021-06-29
apnews.com Miss Nevada title won by trans woman for 1st time... 2021-06-28
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apnews.com Citing racism, UN rights chief seeks reparations for Blacks... 2021-06-28
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apnews.com Trump airs old election grievances in return to stage... 2021-06-27
apnews.com Portland records hottest day ever... 2021-06-27
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apnews.com POLL: Most say restrict abortion after 1st trimester... 2021-06-25
apnews.com 4 DEAD, 159 MISSING 2021-06-25
apnews.com Chauvin could face decadeslong sentence in Floyd death... 2021-06-25
apnews.com UPDATE: Priest charged over acid attack on 7 bishops... 2021-06-24
apnews.com Japan emperor worried about Olympics amid pandemic... 2021-06-24
apnews.com Guitarist quits MUMFORD & SONS to speak freely on politics... 2021-06-24
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apnews.com No jail time in 1st riot sentence; Oath Keeper pleads guilty... 2021-06-23
apnews.com House Republicans form group on climate change... 2021-06-23
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apnews.com Ransomware gangs get paid off as officials struggle for fix... 2021-06-21
apnews.com Fear shakes Mexico border city after violence leaves 18 dead... 2021-06-21
apnews.com 8 children killed after crash in drenched Alabama... 2021-06-20
apnews.com Officials: Deadly Pride parade crash appears unintentional... 2021-06-20
apnews.com Driver rams cyclists in AZ race, critically injuring 6... 2021-06-20
apnews.com MYSTERY: Irans nuclear power plant undergoes emergency shutdown... 2021-06-20
apnews.com Pandemic-delayed surgeries share blame for blood shortage... 2021-06-20
apnews.com Vehicles hydroplaned... Developing... 2021-06-20
apnews.com Driver rams cyclists in AZ race, critically injuring 6... 2021-06-20
apnews.com $500 universal basic income payments tested in NY... 2021-06-20
apnews.com Accused of excessive, unnecessary secrecy... 2021-06-20
apnews.com PRIDE SCARE SOUTH FLORIDA 2021-06-19
apnews.com As Brazil tops 500,000 deaths, protests against president Bolsonaro... 2021-06-19
apnews.com DOLCE & GABBANA light therapy collection celebrates life... 2021-06-19
apnews.com Memphis erases Confederate general from public spaces... 2021-06-19
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apnews.com Hard-line judiciary head wins Iran presidency.. 2021-06-19
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apnews.com JUNETEENTH, 2021 2021-06-18
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apnews.com Russian regions make jabs mandatory for many... 2021-06-17
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apnews.com China set to send first crew to new space station... 2021-06-16
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apnews.com More than 30 pelicans mutilated on SoCal coast... 2021-06-16
apnews.com UPDATE: NKorea Kim looks much thinner, causing health speculation... 2021-06-16
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apnews.com MacKenzie Scott Donates Another $2.7 Billion, Blasts Wealth Gap... 2021-06-15
apnews.com EU, US reach deal to end AIRBUS-BOEING trade dispute... 2021-06-15
apnews.com US military guns keep vanishing; Used in street crimes... 2021-06-15
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apnews.com Journalists demanding more action against online harassment... 2021-06-12
apnews.com 29 inmates escape federal lockups in 18 months; Half not caught... 2021-06-11
apnews.com At El Salvador Bitcoin Beach, glimpse of crypto economy... 2021-06-11
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apnews.com Records of aides and family members also shared... 2021-06-11
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apnews.com IRAN WARSHIPS IN ATLANTIC 2021-06-10
apnews.com Food allergies complicate hungry Americans search for meals... 2021-06-10
apnews.com POLLS: USA image abroad has rebounded... 2021-06-10
apnews.com Huma Abedin, longtime Clinton aide, has book deal... 2021-06-10
apnews.com Celebrations (and questions) greet US vaccine donation plan... 2021-06-10
apnews.com POLL: Millions struggle through life with few to trust... 2021-06-10
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apnews.com White House drops orders trying to ban TIKTOK, WECHAT... 2021-06-09
apnews.com All-in Buddhist practice combines meditation and martial arts... 2021-06-09
apnews.com China conducts amphibious landing drill after US senators land on Taiwan... 2021-06-09
apnews.com Software bug blamed for global internet outage... 2021-06-09
apnews.com Deep-red Idaho sees growing clash between Republicans, far right... 2021-06-08
apnews.com GLOBAL WEB OUTAGE 2021-06-08
apnews.com Man admits on FACEBOOK Live to killing partner, kills self... 2021-06-08
apnews.com Wandering elephants becoming international stars... 2021-06-08
apnews.com Mixed city of Arabs and Jews remains on edge after violence... 2021-06-08
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apnews.com Grievances cloud Republican agenda... 2021-06-06
apnews.com El Salvador looks to become worlds first country to adopt crypto as legal tender... 2021-06-06
apnews.com Supremes asked to review men-only draft law... 2021-06-06
apnews.com AL JAZEERA: Reporter forcefully detained... 2021-06-06
apnews.com Sugar worker, 86, fatally shoots boss after firing... 2021-06-05
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apnews.com Talk of 2024 run builds as legal pressure intensifies... 2021-06-04
apnews.com Appeals court upholds conviction for threatening tweet... 2021-06-04
apnews.com FDA approves obesity drug... 2021-06-04
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apnews.com HIRING STRUGGLES... 2021-06-04
apnews.com Unrest erupts after man dies in Minneapolis arrest attempt... 2021-06-04
apnews.com VT decriminalizes possession of opioid addiction drug... 2021-06-04
apnews.com Heart reaction probed as possible vax link in teens... 2021-06-04
apnews.com FOES PUSH FOR QUICK VOTE... 2021-06-03
apnews.com Shrinking giants: North Atlantic right whales getting tinier... 2021-06-03
apnews.com Radiation drugs track, kill cancer: Next big wave... 2021-06-03
apnews.com Celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey dead at 87... 2021-06-03
apnews.com Quake at underwater Hawaii volcano shakes Big Island... 2021-06-03
apnews.com 1st cruise ship sails through Venice... 2021-06-03
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apnews.com Uyghur exiles describe forced abortions, torture in Xinjiang... 2021-06-03
apnews.com 10,000 volunteers drop out; Tokyo Olympics open in 50 days... 2021-06-03
apnews.com Drought ravages CA reservoirs ahead of hot summer... 2021-06-03
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apnews.com In tit-for-tat move, Germany blocks Russian airlines... 2021-06-02
apnews.com GIRL FROM IPANEMA: Re-imagining classic for todays Rio... 2021-06-02
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apnews.com Charges after Capitol insurrection roil far-right groups... 2021-06-02
apnews.com Biden to suspend oil leases in Alaska Arctic refuge... 2021-06-01
apnews.com Despite vaccines, nursing homes struggle with outbreaks... 2021-06-01
apnews.com China reports human case of H10N3 bird flu, a possible first... 2021-06-01
apnews.com Kremlin increases pressure on opposition... 2021-06-01
apnews.com In time for summer, Europe sees dramatic fall in cases... 2021-05-31
apnews.com Huge American flag stolen from veterans cemetery... 2021-05-31
apnews.com Mexico raids building project next to pyramids... 2021-05-31
apnews.com MOVE OVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE! Nevada OKs bill in try for 1st presidential nominating state... 2021-05-31
apnews.com In post-pandemic Europe, migrants will face digital fortress... 2021-05-31
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apnews.com New data triples Peru death toll to over 180,000... 2021-05-31
apnews.com Chaos in African parliament after Ill kill you threat... 2021-05-31
apnews.com Biden commemorates war dead at Arlington National Cemetery... 2021-05-31
apnews.com For Biden, deeply personal Memorial Day weekend observance... 2021-05-31
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apnews.com Deep-rooted racism, discrimination permeate military... 2021-05-27
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apnews.com GMs newest vehicle: Off-road, self-driving rover for moon... 2021-05-26
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apnews.com HORROR: Mexico City metro overpass collapses onto road; At least 23 dead... 2021-05-04
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apnews.com Most Kansas counties turn down doses... 2021-04-21
apnews.com Publisher pauses release of new Philip Roth biography... 2021-04-21
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apnews.com Diverted cop funding goes to mental health center... 2021-04-21
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apnews.com DOJ TO PROBE POLICE 2021-04-21
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apnews.com Gaetz and DeSantis: Friendship that may become liability... 2021-04-16
apnews.com Chicago releases graphic video of police shooting 13-year-old... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Chauvin wont testify at murder trial in Floyds death... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Ex-Minnesota cop faces hearing in shooting of Black motorist... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Soldier charged after video of confrontation with Black man... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Months after hack, USA to announce sanctions on Russia... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Indias biggest cities shut down as new virus cases hit 200K... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Blinken in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal... 2021-04-15
apnews.com GUCCI heirs worry over family depiction in Ridley Scott film... 2021-04-15
apnews.com Biden to pull US troops from Afghanistan, end forever war... 2021-04-14
apnews.com Prosecutors: No charges for officer in Capitol riot shooting... 2021-04-14
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apnews.com NOMADLAND wins best film, director, actress at BAFTA... 2021-04-11
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apnews.com 2021-04-08
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apnews.com Biden to unveil actions on guns, including new ATF boss... Developing... 2021-04-08
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apnews.com FEDS: Nursing home residents can get hugs again... 2021-03-10
apnews.com MLB RANGERS to be first team back to full capacity... 2021-03-10
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apnews.com Palace response fails to end anger... 2021-03-10
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