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ajc.com Crush of early voters sets up big election day... 2022-12-03
ajc.com Prison inmate accused of impersonating billionaires to steal millions... 2022-10-09
ajc.com Judge forces Kemp to testify... 2022-08-29
ajc.com GA grand jury seeks testimony from Meadows, campaign lawyers... 2022-08-26
ajc.com Children getting infected in GA... 2022-08-25
ajc.com 3 children diagnosed with monkeypox... Developing... 2022-08-24
ajc.com Georgia election data copied under direction of Trump attorney... 2022-08-16
ajc.com DATA: Monkeypox disproportionately affecting Black men... 2022-08-10
ajc.com People seeking permanent sterilizations, and some being turned away... 2022-07-27
ajc.com School logo resembling Nazi crest sparks outrage... 2022-07-19
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-news/monkeypox-cases-in-georgia-increases-to-48/E77WIDYPKNGGHIUOISAIB6QNR4/ 2022-07-14
ajc.com GA grand jury subpoenas Giuliani, Graham, Trump confidantes... 2022-07-05
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/breaking-kemp-to-testify-in-fulton-co-trump-probe/PXZ4ZEMJRJCSTCJJBYVU6IK7EU/ 2022-06-23
ajc.com Pro-Herschel Walker gas giveaway fuels Dem outrage... 2022-06-05
ajc.com Grand jury preps to hear testimony in Trump probe... 2022-05-27
ajc.com Pence to headline GA rally for Kemp in new break with Trump... 2022-05-13
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/politics-blog/herschel-walkers-no-show-looms-large-over-senate-gop-debate/PTE23EXYL5AJRELJLZCURB4L4 2022-04-10
ajc.com Crowd chants Lock him up! at Republican gov... 2022-03-27
ajc.com TROUBLES: BLACK NEWS CHANNEL shutting... 2022-03-25
ajc.com Dont Say Gay bill emerges in Georgia... 2022-03-11
ajc.com GA judges greenlight special grand jury... 2022-01-24
ajc.com AMTRAK passengers trapped 30-plus hours on train... 2022-01-04
ajc.com UPS driver kidnapped at gunpoint, packages stolen... 2021-12-28
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/trumps-state-of-mind-central-to-fulton-das-investigation/N4R5G776PVBY3GRK6Z422AOHKI/ 2021-12-23
ajc.com Stacey Abrams running for Georgia governor... 2021-12-01
ajc.com World Series sticker shock: $1,000-plus for standing-room-only tickets... 2021-10-29
ajc.com Death rate in rural GA now double that in urban areas... 2021-10-22
ajc.com TSA lines could slow to crawl when mandate enforced... 2021-10-18
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/warnocks-record-breaking-fundraising-sends-national-message/5WW3GRJM6BCI5LKUX3CLB6RBF4/ 2021-10-16
ajc.com Pastor serves on same streets he once sold drugs... 2021-10-05
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/life/radiotvtalk-blog/film-crews-threatening-to-strike-nationwide-which-could-shut-down-georgia-production/Y 2021-09-22
ajc.com Dozen gorillas at Zoo Atlanta have virus... 2021-09-10
ajc.com Herschel Walker running for Senate in Georgia... 2021-08-24
ajc.com Nursing shortage at crisis levels in GA... 2021-08-21
ajc.com Atlanta bartenders kidnapping, death shocks city on edge... 2021-08-15
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/walkers-wife-voted-in-georgia-as-couple-lives-in-texas-records-show/YCYYMDRYXBBTPCHMQUN36HWEKE/ 2021-08-10
ajc.com July 4 record travel expected... 2021-06-22
ajc.com How Atlanta went from nearly defunding police -- to boosting funds... 2021-06-21
ajc.com After historically deadly 2020, Atlanta homicides up 60%... 2021-06-13
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/treatment-of-epilepsy-patients-draws-questions/WMPAPOYR2RHRDO3B53N6YTJ4TU/ 2021-06-08
ajc.com MLB All-Star arrested for strangling wife, throwing into wall... 2021-05-30
ajc.com Half Atlanta stations still out of gas... 2021-05-17
ajc.com 97-year-old killed in Atlanta home invasion... 2021-05-06
ajc.com Notable rappers pay bond for murder suspect, others... 2021-05-03
ajc.com Murder suspect escapes at Atlanta airport... Developing... 2021-04-29
ajc.com Businesswoman image key to Marjorie Taylor Greenes rise... 2021-04-25
ajc.com Employers hiring again -- but struggling to find workers... 2021-04-18
ajc.com He heeded MAGAs call to fight. Now a Georgia teen awaits consequences... 2021-04-11
ajc.com Atlantas homicides soar. Police use socials to plead for calm... 2021-04-09
ajc.com MLB All-Star Game moved from Atlanta after voting law... 2021-04-02
ajc.com Man detained for taking 5 guns, body armor into Atlanta grocery store... 2021-03-24
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/politics-blog/the-jolt-georgia-state-senator-warned-of-asian-hate-crimes-monday/GN6QZILZ3NHVNKM4OCV 2021-03-17
ajc.com Rapper arrested in Atlanta music video shooting... 2021-03-03
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/fultons-da-opens-criminal-investigation-into-trump-demand-to-overturn-election/YWJPS4B4BREHDLHQCZYD 2021-02-10
ajc.com Militia alliance in Georgia signals new phase for extremist paramilitaries... 2021-02-05
ajc.com Britain bans flights from Dubai -- as influencers, TV stars rush to get home... 2021-01-29
ajc.com GA lawmakers white privilege teaching inquiry sparks anger, support... 2021-01-29
ajc.com Woman upset by corona protocols throws bricks at CHICK-FIL-A... 2021-01-26
ajc.com Georgia lawmaker booted from chamber for failing to get test... 2021-01-26
ajc.com Kraken back on its leash: GA lawsuit withdrawn... 2021-01-19
ajc.com Atlantas deadliest year in decades has city on edge and demanding change... 2021-01-16
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/election/georgia-runoff-election-polls-open-at-7-am/CMODR53UPBEVXM3KEQ4MOLEQ7E/ 2021-01-05
ajc.com U.S. Attorney resigns... 2021-01-04
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/politics-blog/trump-demands-georgia-elections-official-overturn-his-defeat-in-hourlong-call/6MRGK44 2021-01-03
ajc.com Early voting ends with record 3 million Georgia voters for Senate runoffs... 2021-01-01
ajc.com Trump complicates Republican case by demanding that Gov resign... 2020-12-30
ajc.com Fired TYSON boss says Covid office pool was morale boost... 2020-12-28
ajc.com Airline passenger satisfaction hits record high during pandemic... 2020-12-16
ajc.com TWITTER killer sentenced to death for serial murders... 2020-12-15
ajc.com Biden visit to Georgia highlights sea change in Democratic strategy... 2020-12-10
ajc.com At GA rally, Trump tells Republicans to vote in rigged election... 2020-12-06
ajc.com Upheaval in GA Senate race after campaign staffer dies... 2020-12-04
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/politics/politics-blog/trumps-runoff-rally-forces-question-how-much-will-he-help-loeffler-and-perdue/5J3ANWP 2020-11-28
ajc.com Bizarre snake-like worm invades Georgia... 2020-11-24
ajc.com Online sales fuel fringe movements... 2020-11-19
ajc.com No hand soap during deadly outbreak at GA nursing home... 2020-11-13
ajc.com Without evidence, senators demand top elections official resign... 2020-11-09
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/arkansas-police-chief-resigns-after-threatening-democrats/ILZAXF6X2JEADMMKIAINHG5TX4/ 2020-11-09
ajc.com Battle for Senate majority keeps Georgia in spotlight... 2020-11-09
ajc.com Heart of John Lewis district deals blow to president... 2020-11-06
ajc.com FLASH: Thin 10K-vote margin separates in GA... 2020-11-05
ajc.com Judge orders U.S. Postal Service to find ballots... 2020-11-03
ajc.com If you call 911 in this town, drone might respond... 2020-10-29
ajc.com Takes slim lead in Georgia... 2020-10-28
ajc.com Why Are So Many GRATEFUL DEAD Fans Being Murdered? 2020-10-22
ajc.com Unleashes new ads in Georgia... 2020-10-09
ajc.com Police killings more likely in agencies that get military gear... 2020-10-08
ajc.com Chief of staff hosted wedding despite guidelines banning gatherings... 2020-10-08
ajc.com Some Georgia hospitals keep pandemic information to themselves... 2020-09-30
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/atlantas-violent-summer-coincides-with-officer-exodus/RXG3VRQ52BFVLNAAD4I4GS6I54/ 2020-09-25
ajc.com 59 cats rescued from condo! 2020-09-24
ajc.com Analysis links belly size to early death from any cause... 2020-09-24
ajc.com Race for president, Senate contests in Georgia too close to call... 2020-09-22
ajc.com ICE detainees complained about rough treatment from Georgia doctor... 2020-09-18
ajc.com $108M in cash seized from air travelers in Atlanta... 2020-08-05
ajc.com Federal judge throws out Georgias anti-abortion law... 2020-07-13
ajc.com 9-year-old shot 4 times while filming TIKTOK videos... 2020-07-12
ajc.com Atlanta to reactivate makeshift hospital... 2020-07-10
ajc.com Georgia lawmakers advance bill to dissolve police department... 2020-06-20
ajc.com Georgia Dems set new primary turnout record, outpacing Republican voters... 2020-06-15
ajc.com Jimmy Carter too... 2020-06-03
ajc.com Survey shows benefits of pet ownership during pandemic... 2020-05-31
ajc.com Atlanta 2020-05-31
ajc.com ATL airport manager: Full airport recovery could take 2-5 years... 2020-05-27
ajc.com Islamic State terrorist leader in custody in Iraq... 2020-05-20
ajc.com Biden leads Trump in Georgia... 2020-05-19
ajc.com Cops Enlisted Ahmaud Arbery Killer for Help Months Before Fatal Shooting... 2020-05-16
ajc.com DOJ considering hate crime charges... 2020-05-11
ajc.com Investigators reviewing additional video footage in Ahmaud Arbery case... 2020-05-09
ajc.com Study finds link between obesity and sleep... 2020-04-27
ajc.com UPS to deliver meds by drone to Florida retirement community... 2020-04-27
ajc.com Wuhan Plague plaques found on Atlanta businesses, streets... 2020-04-23
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/georgia-allow-some-shuttered-businesses-reopen-amid-pandemic/jKbtfWKHOvq 2020-04-20
ajc.com Georgia to isolate patients at Hard Labor Creek State Park... 2020-03-11
ajc.com 110 suspected cases in 26 states under CDC investigation... 2020-01-27
ajc.com DELTA agent shot dead in Atlanta airport staff lot... 2020-01-27
ajc.com Want to live longer? Art museums may be key... 2020-01-14
ajc.com 40 charged in secretive Georgia cockfighting ring... 2019-12-20
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/georgia-voter-check-tablets-longer-use-default-1234-password-officials-s 2019-12-16
ajc.com Mom charged with leaving son at hospital draws sympathy... 2019-12-14
ajc.com CNN fires employee who claims he was mortally threatened by boss... 2019-12-12
ajc.com New York City relocating homeless to Georgia -- without informing cities... 2019-12-10
ajc.com Cellphone-linked face injuries on rise... 2019-12-05
ajc.com Cemetery employees accused of stealing memorials, recycling them for cash... 2019-12-04
ajc.com Armed robbers hold up drivers, steal 60 packages... 2019-12-01
ajc.com Womens college basketball player arrested on murder charges... 2019-11-24
ajc.com 16-year-old girl arrested in plot to attack black church... 2019-11-19
ajc.com Concussion rate for teen female soccer players rivals football... 2019-11-03
ajc.com New Ohio? Georgia Dems eye 2020 swing... 2019-10-20
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/world/home-cooked-meals-linked-fewer-harmful-chemicals-the-body-study-says/FrmUaWkWb6RQyQZWo8dHsM/ 2019-10-10
ajc.com Woman without ticket gets past security, onto DELTA flight... 2019-10-06
ajc.com STUDY: Handful of nuts a day prevents weight gain... 2019-09-30
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/national/pilot-whales-dead-2nd-mass-stranding-georgia-coast-two-months/jTGvFyMovAXz9N7TOx6F1M/ 2019-09-27
ajc.com Felons could regain voting rights in Georgia... 2019-09-20
ajc.com STUDY: Atibiotics may lead to heart problems... 2019-09-12
ajc.com Being couch potato for several hours a day shortens life... 2019-08-27
ajc.com Feds disallow DELTA ban on pit bulls as service animals... 2019-08-08
ajc.com GA city bars Confederate flag from Veterans parade... 2019-08-02
ajc.com 79-year-old sentenced to jail for feeding stray cats... 2019-07-30
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/the-jolt-warnings-suicide-spike-among-farmers-south-georgia/f3EGKXNLXqJ7hwvUKkb6eO/ 2019-07-10
ajc.com Cops getting access to PRIVATE license plate readers... 2019-07-09
ajc.com Georgia court agency hacked in ransom attack... 2019-07-01
ajc.com Unrest in Memphis; 36 officers, deputies injured after marshals kill fugitive... 2019-06-13
ajc.com FBIs long-buried allegations of MLK misconduct met with skepticism... 2019-06-07
ajc.com UPDATE: Biographer pens explosive report on MLK... 2019-05-30
ajc.com DELTA passenger mauled by emotional support dog files lawsuit... 2019-05-29
ajc.com Date defrauds woman of $80,000 after meeting on site... 2019-05-21
ajc.com Commencment speaker stuns grads with pledge to pay their loans... 2019-05-19
ajc.com Lawmaker apologizes for using phrase consensual rape... 2019-05-17
ajc.com 2 convicted in fatal shooting over $5 necklace... 2019-05-16
ajc.com 3 DENNYS Employees Assault Reporter Asking About Failing Health Score... 2019-05-05
ajc.com Philly ex-poet laureate faces uproar for skinhead past... 2019-05-01
ajc.com Teens accused of taking e-scooters at gunpoint... 2019-04-25
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/local/georgia-seeing-surge-hepatitis-cases-dozen-new-cases-weeks/oEDaFHAUDWPBDSD1MuJOMI/ 2019-04-24
ajc.com MCDONALDS employee accused of pouring grease on customer... 2019-04-22
ajc.com Seniors weakness for scams may be warning sign of dementia... 2019-04-16
ajc.com Meteorologist says received death threats for interrupting MASTERS with tornado watch updates... 2019-04-15
ajc.com GA lawmakers file bill to create state Journalism Ethics Board... 2019-04-03
ajc.com ADHD drugs lead to psychosis... 2019-03-21
ajc.com Carter gets new title: Oldest living former president... 2019-03-20
ajc.com Big rig hauling 5,500 gallons of printer ink overturns... 2019-03-20
ajc.com UPDATE: Schools cereal tests positive for pot; 28 hospitalized... 2019-02-21
ajc.com 28 kids hospitalized after eating Valentines candy at school... 2019-02-14
ajc.com HORROR: Texas children found in dog cage... 2019-02-13
ajc.com VIDEO: Man steals 69-year-olds purse, groceries... 2019-02-13
ajc.com GA mulls NETLFIX, download tax... 2019-02-11
ajc.com 10 very large explosions send manhole covers in air Atlanta... 2019-02-06
ajc.com Stacey Abrams to star in Super Bowl ad... 2019-01-31
ajc.com WEEKEND: Romo Predictive Powers Get Super Test... 2019-01-30
ajc.com Abrams to deliver Dems State of Union response... 2019-01-29
ajc.com NFLs first male cheerleaders to make Super Bowl debut... 2019-01-24
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/news/breaking-cumming-man-threatened-attack-white-house-authorities-say/REYZfPSsBFUeiJTIPkYaWN/ 2019-01-16
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/the-jolt-johnny-isakson-worries-shutdown-could-threaten-super-bowl/zXDUcSey3VHAk9wFtIcc8O/ 2019-01-16
ajc.com Lady arrested for trying to woo sheriff with selfies, R&B love songs... 2019-01-14
ajc.com Woman banned from WALMART for riding cart, drinking wine from PRINGLES can... 2019-01-13
ajc.com WAFFLE HOUSE employees pour food on passed-out customer... 2019-01-10
ajc.com Radio host canned after comparing coach firings to Holocaust... 2019-01-06
ajc.com https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/the-jolt-pulpit-critique-donald-trump-hank-johnson-invokes-adolf-hitler/F2xgPOuVWAAMHeEcjDqeQL 2019-01-02
ajc.com Skipping breakfast increases diabetes risk... 2018-12-28
ajc.com Hospital prices about to go public... 2018-12-26
ajc.com WALMART Santa charged after kids are found buried in his backyard... 2018-12-26
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