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abc7.com Daughter of LA Mayor-elect injured in hit-and-run crash... 2022-12-01
abc7.com 6.2 mag quake off Baja California coast... Developing... 2022-11-22
abc7.com Hackers release stolen school data after district refuses to pay ransom... 2022-10-03
abc7.com 7.6 mag off coast... Developing... 2022-09-19
abc7.com Van strikes 2 people, hits 1 structure at LAX... Developing... 2022-08-31
abc7.com https://abc7.com/mysterious-lights-glowing-light-san-diego-pacific-ocean/12000185/ 2022-06-28
abc7.com Doctor and 2 nurses stabbed at Encino Hospital Medical Center... 2022-06-04
abc7.com $8 GAS IN LA 2022-06-02
abc7.com https://abc7.com/johnny-depp-verdict-heard-trial-vs-amber-court-decision-results/11915584/ 2022-06-01
abc7.com Pelosis husband arrested for DUI in Napa... 2022-05-29
abc7.com 1st likely case in California... 2022-05-24
abc7.com Man who attacked Chappelle now charged with attempted murder -- for Dec. stabbing... 2022-05-19
abc7.com WAS THAT WILL SMITH? 2022-05-04
abc7.com LA Masking Up -- Again... 2022-04-21
abc7.com Ed Buck sentenced to 30 years... 2022-04-14
abc7.com Dangerous TESLA stunt ends in crash in Echo Park... 2022-03-21
abc7.com https://abc7.com/los-angeles-gas-prices-mid-city-olympic-boulevard/11625538/ 2022-03-06
abc7.com $6 a gallon? At least 1 gas station in LA hits mark... 2022-02-25
abc7.com Boater who fell into the Santa Barbara Channel saved by nudging seal... 2022-02-17
abc7.com Brush fire near Laguna Beach threatens homes, prompts evacuations... 2022-02-10
abc7.com Newsom spotted maskless at 49ers-Rams game despite stadium mandates... 2022-01-31
abc7.com Teens to drive big rigs to ease supply chain shortage... 2022-01-18
abc7.com Surfer killed in CA shark attack... 2021-12-24
abc7.com SPACEX outbreak leaves 132 sick.. 2021-12-21
abc7.com Bay Area car owners leaving trunks open to avoid forced entry by thieves... 2021-12-16
abc7.com CA to reimpose statewide indoor mask mandate for month... 2021-12-13
abc7.com GENERAL HOSPITAL actor fired for refusing shot... 2021-11-23
abc7.com Wild hogs running rampant outside LA... 2021-11-23
abc7.com CANCUN: Resort guests told to shelter in place amid reports of active shooter... 2021-11-04
abc7.com https://abc7.com/highest-gas-prices-in-the-country-gorda-ca-california-price-of/11149187/ 2021-10-21
abc7.com https://abc7.com/orange-county-oil-spill-southern-california-leak-pipeline/11085759/ 2021-10-05
abc7.com 1 in 500 Americans have died of Covid since 1st infection... 2021-09-15
abc7.com Ron Jeremy indicted on more than 30 new charges including rape, sexual battery... 2021-08-25
abc7.com CA, 2021-07-26
abc7.com Maskless city workers will have to wear stickers declaring status... 2021-07-26
abc7.com America First rally canceled in Anaheim amid public safety concerns... 2021-07-18
abc7.com https://abc7.com/california-guaranteed-income-legislature-governor-gavin-newsom/10889155/ 2021-07-15
abc7.com Actress Alyssa Milano mulls run for Congress... 2021-06-08
abc7.com Medina Spirit passes drug tests, cleared to run Preakness... 2021-05-14
abc7.com California reports first yearly population decline in history... 2021-05-07
abc7.com Run for TX gov now real consideration, Matthew McConaughey says... 2021-03-10
abc7.com LA gas price rises for 47th time in 48 days... 2021-03-08
abc7.com https://abc7.com/tsunamis-may-strike-hawaii-after-huge-pacific-quake-agency/10388981/ 2021-03-04
abc7.com Outdoor dining again allowed -- but without TV... 2021-01-29
abc7.com MALIBU SNOW: Winter storm brings rare sight to SoCal... 2021-01-24
abc7.com Dog chases ambulance, spends DAYS outside hospital waiting for sick owner... 2021-01-21
abc7.com As death rate doubles, cremation limits lifted in LA... 2021-01-18
abc7.com More without underlying conditions dying in LA... 2021-01-01
abc7.com COVID patient beat fellow patient to death with oxygen tank... 2020-12-23
abc7.com ICU capacity drops to 0% in SoCal... 2020-12-17
abc7.com Infected couple arrested after boarding plane... 2020-12-02
abc7.com https://abc7.com/8101518/ 2020-11-19
abc7.com Intubated patient plays violin in ICU... 2020-11-19
abc7.com Car plows through dueling demonstrations between BLM, counter-protesters... 2020-09-27
abc7.com FBI Raids Home Of YOUTUBE Star Jake Paul... 2020-08-05
abc7.com UPDATES... 2020-05-16
abc7.com Actor-comedian Orson Bean, 91, hit and killed by car in LA... 2020-02-08
abc7.com CAs use of new electronic ballot marking voting causes concern... 2020-01-31
abc7.com Bay Areas 1st case confirmed... 2020-01-31
abc7.com Quarantine ordered for American passenger on military base... 2020-01-30
abc7.com 3 passenger buses engulfed in flames at LAX... 2019-12-22
abc7.com Cops refused service at California STARBUCKS... 2019-12-14
abc7.com Seahorse whisperer builds underwater sanctuary for rare species... 2019-12-06
abc7.com Emergency landing at LAX after flames shoot from plane engine... Developing... 2019-11-21
abc7.com KAP BACK? 2019-11-16
abc7.com New blaze burns along 405 Freeway near Getty Center... 2019-10-28
abc7.com CA to require abortion medication at colleges... 2019-10-13
abc7.com Placido Domingo resigns from LA Opera amid sex harassment firestorm... 2019-10-02
abc7.com TV personality, driver dies trying to break land speed record in jet car... 2019-08-28
abc7.com Man paddleboards from San Fran to Hawaii in 76 days... 2019-08-26
abc7.com UPDATE: LA deputy confesses to fabricating sniper shooting... 2019-08-25
abc7.com TESLA driver appears FAST ASLEEP as car zips along at 70 mph... 2019-08-23
abc7.com 5.0 Mag Quake Shakes Death Valley... Developing... 2019-08-22
abc7.com TSA agent fired for passing You ugly!!! note to traveler... 2019-08-17
abc7.com Navy fighter jet crashes; Search team dispatched to Death Valley... 2019-07-31
abc7.com https://abc7.com/drone-with-fireworks-strapped-to-it-is-found-on-dtla-building/5401910/ 2019-07-17
abc7.com Massive crack opens in earth... 2019-07-08
abc7.com https://abc7.com/live-64-earthquake-strikes-mojave-desert-usgs-says/5378574/ 2019-07-04
abc7.com F-16 fighter jet crashes into warehouse in California... 2019-05-16
abc7.com Weed smuggling arrests at LAX skyrocket following legalization... 2019-05-13
abc7.com Police chase ends in suspect breakdancing... 2019-03-20
abc7.com Home security cam catches prowler licking doorbell for 3 HOURS... 2019-01-08
abc7.com Revenge porn scandal rocks LAPD... 2018-12-22
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