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abc13.com Columbus statue toppled, burned, thrown into lake... 2020-06-10
abc13.com NHC raises storm chances in Gulf to 80%... 2020-06-01
abc13.com UPDATE: SPACEX mission takes giant step forward ahead of historic launch... 2020-05-19
abc13.com https://abc13.com/6116774/ 2020-04-20
abc13.com Video highlights how spit from talking travels in air... 2020-04-18
abc13.com Patient released in San Antonio later tested positive... 2020-03-02
abc13.com Single bullet sends 7 to hospital after man fires gun in Houston flea market... 2020-02-24
abc13.com HORROR: Dogs found eating body of owner who hadnt been heard from for days... 2020-01-23
abc13.com Deputies confiscate 200 animals found in home... 2020-01-22
abc13.com STUDY: Caffeine may offset holiday weight gain... 2019-12-26
abc13.com STUDY: Naps good for heart health... 2019-09-10
abc13.com Worshipers flock to mysterious crying Virgin Mary icon... 2019-09-10
abc13.com 7 shot at SNAPCHAT house party in Houston... 2019-08-17
abc13.com Galveston officers on horseback seen leading handcuffed man with rope... 2019-08-06
abc13.com 5.4 MAG JOLTS... 2019-07-05
abc13.com Sex drought all-time high... 2019-05-22
abc13.com Report: Neck cracking caused 28-year-old to suffer stroke... 2019-05-02
abc13.com HORROR: Woman killed after falling into meat grinder at work... 2019-04-24
abc13.com Aliens? Strange light spotted in Texas... 2019-02-13
abc13.com Let us in! Angry fans rush doors, get pepper sprayed after rapper postpones show... 2019-02-12
abc13.com Houston mayoral candidate brings wheelbarrows of manure to meeting with press... 2019-01-18
abc13.com Bored firefighter accused of setting homes on fire... 2019-01-03
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